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VSDC is a nonprofit organization. It runs the DC area vegan meetup group. See webpage for events in metro DC area.

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First Review by Lettuce Muncher


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10 Feb 2023

Great Vegan Organization!

I’ve been a member for years. VSDC promotes a vegan diet and lifestyle with tons is social activities and educational outreach. It’s an all-volunteer org, so plenty of opportunities to get involved and make like-minded friends.

They have a GreenRewards discount program for members at participating vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-10

Pros: The mission is 100% vegan , Lots of activities , Very welcoming



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Mostly Veg
26 Nov 2021

47th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

We attended this event yesterday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in DC. Amazing food! Wonderful conversation! The keynote speaker was Bruce Friedrich, the CEO of the Good Food Institute.


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20 Jun 2020

Join this compassionate Vegan organization & receive 10% off @ many restaurants

I've been a member of VSDC and vegan for over 25 years. They have always been very helpful with advice on vegan nutrition and interesting activities such as restaurant visits. All activities are vegan and Beth does an amazing job with the book club!

If you have a membership you will receive 10% off at quite a few vegan, vegetarian and veg friendly restaurants and stores etc. So it quickly pays for itself if and you are supporting an important organization that helps people, animals and the planet.

And if you're thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan they're very understanding and are glad to help you.

Updated from previous review on 2019-01-16

Pros: Very helpful people, Great book club, Did I mention the 10% off!

Cons: Nothing


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07 Sep 2010

They are passable

VSDC is ok but they refused to go vegan at their functions. Even some vegan members of the group thought that exploiting animals was ok at gatherings so they don't offend the carnists and vegetarians. They do help out within the community and help sponsor events but it is very sad they won't go vegan or at least adopt a policy of strict vegetarianism

Pros: sponsors a lot of events

Cons: refuses to be vegan


19 Sep 2013

I just wonder why there was any debate about being vegan at their functions? Why would animal products be ok in any situation? There is nothing clear about saying non-vegan stuff is ok and that we should worry about accommodating carnists and vegetarians, food wise. Promote veganism and don't be wishy-washy because it doesn't help animals.

If you properly define veganism and be confident about it people will take you seriously and want to know more. When we make excuses for people and call them vegan when they aren't there yet it makes a joke out of it and hurts animals in the end and people give up easily but if we are honest we will be better off.

Lettuce Muncher

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04 Aug 2010

Request a vegetarian guide.

I had them send me a vegetarian guide to DC and recommend this as an option. I wish the guide came with a map because I am unfamiliar with the area but it still helped. Since Happy Cow limits the veg-friendly locations I used this to find other places to eat. Each suggested restaurant has information on whether they have a veg menu or can accommodate and even if you need to make sure the fish sauce is left off (I skipped those places).

Pros: Helpful Guide, Informative

Cons: No Area Map

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