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MBK - Vegetarian Food Kiosk

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444 Phayathai Rd (at MBK food court, 6th floor, shop C.07), Bangkok, Thailand,

On the 6th floor food court of MBK (Mah Boon Krong) shopping center. Gets crowded and noisy. Some dishes are spicy. Uses MSG per report Apr 2015. Reported open, Oct 2016. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (44)

First Review by SallyP

Fast service, good variety, includes free Thai greens - Edit

This was a welcome haven in amidst all the other offerings. They have noodle dishes as well as rice+sides/sauces dishes. And the classical complementary Thai greens (long beans, cabbage, cucumber etc) that are seldom offered to Westerners in most places. Mock-meats too.

Pros: Variety, Tasty, Affordable

Cons: Hard to find

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meh - Edit

A few generic dishes that are pretty mediocre and not really that cheap... probably because it is in MBK. Some dishes are really spicy. The steamed morning glory stuff is decent. The atmosphere is pretty much what you'd expect a mall food court to be like.

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Decent Food for the Money - Edit

This place has some decent food- some options are better than others-- I did not care for them fake meat dishes at all as they felt a little gummy (something I've encountered in many vegan restaurants in particular areas of the world) but for the price this is a pretty great value. You get a large serving of food for about 50 bahts. The food was not nearly warm enough which was my biggest complaint.

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STILL OPEN -Good food in a busy shopping food hall - Edit

Hi I've dined here a few times. Its on the 6 floor food mall of the MBK shopping centre and is clearly marked as vegetarian. The food is good and you get rice plus a choice of two dishes for 50 / 55 TBH. The food is tasty and varied and is great accompanied by a fruit juice from another stall. In this food hall there is a system where you pay money for a pre paid card which you present at the food counters. You can get a refund on any money you don't use on the card. Easy to get to by the sky train ( National Stadium station)

Updated from previous review on 2014-04-01

Pros: great tasting food, inexpensive

Cons: busy and noisy food hall

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Fast, cheap and cheerful - Edit

This is an awesomely convenient and affordable place when you're shopping downtown. It's shop C.07 (not C8) on the 6th floor of the MBK Centre. There's a variety of dishes that you can point to, and a plate with rice + 3 selections comes in at around US$3. The ladies are cheerful and the food is filling and satisfying. Cool!

Pros: Fast, Cheap, Central

Cons: Crowded

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Good, quick meal. - Edit

Another reviewer commented that this food was regular mall food in terms of taste. I agree. It was nevertheless convient, decent vegan food.

Pros: quick, inexpenseive

Cons: not as tasty as jae food stands

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Cheap and fine - Edit

Good for a quick shopping stop but nothing to write home about. The staff didn't understand English so someone helped me try to choose something but I ended up with a bit of a mixture of odd flavours. Tasty enough but a tad spicy

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Good idea if you are doing your shopping - Edit

It's an experience, for sure! So many food spots in one single place! Actually, I looked for vegan food also in other areas of the MBK, and I found great vegan spring rolls at the main entrance, fresh summer rolls at the Japanese place on the 6th floor and steamed bread filled with veggies, taro, black beans and shiitake mushrooms always on the 6th floor.

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cheap and healthy - Edit

Quite cheap, I ordered a plate rice and you had the choice to add 1, 2 or 3 dishes to it - 45-55 baht. I got some fried greens, broccoli / cauliflower + other steamed vegetables, and a bean sprout dish with mock chicken- all was really tasty, definitely worth it.

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MBK - Vegetarian Food - Bangkok - Edit

Inexpensive, tasty all vego food. If as others are saying its all vegan then it seems difficult to argue with for some cheap eats if you're in the MBK shopping mall.

It was pretty busy when I was there this evening.

Pros: All vegan, Tasty, Inexpensive

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I love this place! - Edit

I've eaten here so many times and love it. Maybe my favorite place for vegetarian Thai food in Bangkok. It's not fancy, but so tasty, and filling. And just 50 baht for two choices with rice.

To find it, go to the Food Island area on the 6th floor. It's a food court with stalls all around the sides. You'll have to go to the cash counter and put money on a card that you'll use to pay. When you're done, go to the cash counter to get reimbursed any amount you didn't spend. The vegetarian stalk is number C. 07 (there's a number to the left of the name of each stand, as written in the signs overhead, and they are in numerical order).

There are other stands in the food court with vegetarian options. For example, there's an Indian stand, and Smashed Burger has a vegetarian burger. But I have not tried them.

Pros: Lots of delicious choices, cheap

Cons: Food court atmosphere. No names on dishes (just po

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Amazing thai veg food - Edit

I like this place so much: for 55 baht you have rice with 3 big curries for your choice. Coming here 4 times a week - always different dishes. By default food not so spicy but you can use very hot toppings and sauces. And unlimited greens/veggie for free.

Pros: Really tasty, Quite big choice, Free greens and veggie

Cons: A bit noisy in hot hours

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not so good ! - Edit

Well... it's chip ,50BTH for a meal , but was to much spicy and sweat .
I'm totally not recommended going to this place !
you can find much better places here , you must try "Aria" place ... 5*s it's expansive but worth it .

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Can't go wrong - Edit

It's cheap, it's Thai, it's vegetarian. It's also a buffet in a shopping mall.
There's better vegetarian food in Bangkok, but if you temper your expectations then this place is great for a quick lunch if you're nearby.

If you can arrive earlier, then it's better, because the food is still plentiful and fresh, so try to beat the lunchtime rush.

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Best vegetarian food in town - Edit

Me as a vegetarian obviously enjoyed the vegetarian stall on the 6th floor. It's great to see what you choose and to be sure that it is even vegan. Don't go to the international food court on the 5th floor, their you'll be charging a lot more for the same service and food. Much more relaxed than Terminal 21.

Pros: Cheap, Convienient, Tasty

Cons: A Food Court

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Inexpensive, not bad as Thai food goes - Edit

I checked it out before going to the movies today. They didn't have noodle soup unfortunately, but a plate brown rice and generous helpings of various veggies and mock meat weren't bad for 50 baht (that a usual price for frozen rice+mock meat in convenience stores).

Some stuff were quite spicy, but you know what you do when you try cheap food in Thailand (green veggies weren't spicy at all, my wife loved that -- pieces of red peppers in plain sight is a good rule of thumb).

They had about seven different dishes or so. Something can be ordered (but as I told they refused to cook noodle soup for me).

Oh, they also had nice fried cellophane noodles with cabbages, almost not spicy as well.

Pros: Price, Location

Cons: Variety, Food court in a mall

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Really amazing value - Edit

This is one of the many food stalls in the MBK mall in the food court on the 6th floor. Can be a bit of a challenge to find and negotiate what is the most hectic mall I've seen in Bangkok! You need to purchase a pre paid card at the desk (any money you don't spend is refunded when you return the card) before going to the stall which is about half way down the row on the left hand side, and called simply "Vegetarian Food". It is a simple fast food joint with a selection of ready made dishes to choose from. 2 dishes with brown rice cost 50 baht, which was really good value. The food was tasty and nutritious and I'd definitely return given the chance. Do go if you are in the area and want cheap delicious food. Don't go if you are looking for a nice atmosphere to relax in - it's a busy shopping mall food court: utilitarian not romantic!

Pros: Very cheap, Delicious food

Cons: Limited choice, Atmosphere

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Vegan Thai Cuisine - Edit

Very cheap! For 55 baht you get a serving of brown rice and 3 supplements to your choice. Large selection of ready-made dishes, you can order other dishes (the menu on the wall). Some dishes are quite spicy, most dishes are very specific as variations of thai cuisine at the vegan way. Very large portions! Payment on a special card, which you need to put the necessary amount of money for lunch, the remainder can be returned.

Pros: Very cheap, Large portions

Cons: Specific Thai food , Very busy hall

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brown rice with tasty cheap vegetarian curries - Edit

Not many restaurants in Bangkok serve whole rice. This one does. Another pleasant feature is a free tray of greens and cucumbers for self service that you can add to your plate together with condiments. My favorite curry is pumpkin.

Pros: brown rice, free greens, cheap and tasty, can get fresh juices at the same court

Cons: lots of stalls around smell strongly, noisy big busy food court, late afternoon poor choices left

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cheap Thai veggie food - Edit

This place is located in the food court of the MBK mall (6th floor). As of this writing the price was 50 baht for ride and two veggie dishes. Great price!

Food was fairly decent although they put way too much ginger slices in some of their dishes. The ginger slices is a Thai thing but these guys go way overboard. If you are like me and don't like ginger (or at least that much of it in one dish) then ask them which ones don't have ginger.l

In any case, overall this is truly an amazing deal for veggie food in Bangkok. Plus you can do some shopping right there at MBK!

Pros: amazingly cheap

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Recommended. - Edit

Nice Chinese fast food, pretty cheap (even if you can find a bit cheaper in Bangkok). There's a variety of choice.
The rice is not 100% white - that is a good thing to me.
I noticed people complaining about the noise (the space is large, there are a lot of people talking, other shopping and other cooking) but I never felt disturbed, it is as noisy as any usual mall in far east Asia.

Pros: Tasty food, Cheap, Nice portions

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my favourite - Edit

There are cheaper vegan food stalls in town, but I kept coming back to this one. MBK has its own exit from the National Stadium Skytrain station, then keep taking the escalators up to the top floor (which also has shops that are cheaper than the department store-like ones further down -- but bargain hard). The MBK Food Island no longer uses coupons, but stored-value plastic cards (exactly the same system as the Pier 21 food court at Terminal 21, at the Asok Skytrain station on Sukhumvit, although you cannot use the same card at both). Buy a card at a Cash Card Counter, then it will be swiped at each stall you visit and you will get your card back with a receipt showing your previous balance, the amount deducted for this purchase, and how much credit you have left. The vegan stall (C8) is slightly dearer than some others in town(rice and three choices 55 baht, against 40 baht at Pier 21 and several hole-in-the-wall vegan shops I visited on Thanon Pan and Suan Plu Soi 8) but I really liked the food here. Some other stalls in the MBK food court were also more expensive than elsewhere (mangoes and sticky rice 100 baht and 120 baht compared with a bargain 35 baht and 70 baht at Pier 21) and the fruit juices were also better value at Pier 21, but you can get a 600ml bottle of drinking water for 10 baht at MBK. And MBK is vegan, while you can never tell about egg at Pier 21. On my one evening visit to MBK there seemed less choice at the vegan stall than during lunchtimes. It doesn't matter if you load more money onto the card than you end up spending, as you get an immediate hassle-free cash refund of the unspent balance at the refund counters (separate from the counters where you buy the cards).

Pros: excellent food, vegan, friendly

Cons: not the cheapest, frenzied, raucous food

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Tastiest place so far - Edit

Easy to find, it's on the top floor of the MBK shopping centre, if you're going on the sky train then get off at the National stadium or the central station. Once there you just need to swop some baht for some equivalent value vouchers, then go get some! It's an international food court so there's loads of other types of food available, and there's an Indian place 2 shops down from the vege place, I'm sure some vegey food could be found there too.
The place itself is totally vegetarian, I'm pretty sure it's vegan too but there is no 'Jai' '17' flag so I'm not 100%. There is loads of great tasting options there, I've been there 4 times and it always tastes excellent, it is the best food I have had in Thailand, better than the regular 'Jai' places I've been. If you totally fill your plate with about 5 or 6 different types then it'll set you back about 60-70baht, which is just over 2 dollars.
It's a 5 star rating based purely on the food, neglecting the food court bit.

Pros: Awesome taste, Cheap

Cons: Food court scenario

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good for the price - Edit

It is what it is; mall food. On the other hand, it's verrry cheap and tasty and worth the 30 or 50 baht for a couple things with rice that you pay. Eat here once a week at least,

Pros: cheap, premade, fast

Cons: premade

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Cheap Quick Easy Tasty - Edit

It's brilliant. It's easy to find coz it's in MBK right by the station.
It's cheap. You buy coupons at the central counter and cash them in for food at the serving stalls. You will be staggered how much you get for the money.
We've been back to Bangkok a few times since our first review and always find this stall again for their reliable, cheap good food.
Their grilled tofu platter with pickled ginger is fantastic but actually everything is really tasty. Some dishes are quite spicy and you can help yourself to spicy sauces and chillis to add on top!
OK, it's in a brightly-lit shopping centre food hall and MBK is always busy and noisy, so it can feel a bit like being back in a school canteen but you will eat alongside Thai people as well as visitors and the quality of this place beats any UK Food Court fare!
As another reviewer suggests, we get a fresh juice from the stall opposite the veggie stand. All very cheap.
Updated from previous reviews Dec 2012.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Easy to find, Value

Cons: Busy canteen

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Vegan food stall - Edit

If you're stranded in MBK this is the place to eat. Good vegan food, but the surroundings is noisy. You can choose between different dishes in the stall, just point. Two different dishes with rice is around 50 baht (buy the coupons at the coupon desk). There is loads of spices to secure a hot meal! The downside is the location and the noise, but all in all a nice place to grab a quick lunch!

Pros: Fast

Cons: Noise

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Simple Vegan food in the Heart of Bangkok - Edit

The Vegan stall at MBK is a nice canteen style booth with about 8-10 dishes to choose from. They have a good selection normally including green curry, laab, tofu with ginger and Tom Kaa(white coconut curry with galangal)
Brown rice and 3 helpings(one helping is about one ladle of food) is around 60 baht. Ideal for a cheap charlie like me. It's a bit noisy but you can walk over to a slightly quieter(quieter not quiet) area of the food court. There is a nice fruit juice/ fruit shake stall at the food court too.

It's a food court so you need to buy coupons first and exchange the left over coupons afterwards.

Pros: Cheap, Convenient

Cons: Noisey Mall, Coupon system

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Excellent Food and Easy to Find - Edit

The food here was excellent and good value. Unexpected for a food court. Loved everything I tried and went back on more than one occasion. Note that before you can get your food you need to buy coupons from one of the stands. You can exchange any unused tokens for cash after you are done.

Pros: Fast, Excellent Quality

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Cheap, tasty, and noisy - Edit

Stall C8 on the 6th floor of MBK is still doing reliably tasty (and often spicy) buffet-style vegetarian food.

It's great value. Choose from about half a dozen pre-made dishes. Brown rice.

Get there early for both better selection and hotter (temperature) food.

If 45-baht meal there doesn't fill, try the dumpling stand just near the escalator to top up.

There's another stall (across the sea of tables) that does fresh juices, and one next to it that does fruit desserts.

Pros: Tasty vegan food, Great value

Cons: Mall food court is noisy and chaotic, Some dishes quite spicy, Food not always hot

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Mmmm, amazing mall food! - Edit

I actually got sidetracked coming here the first time and ended up in the veg stall on the floor below. I prefer this one, got there at the right time and there was some fantastic selection, really delicious authentic Thai veg foods in a similar style to Aroi. Like others have said, timing is important - if you get here late then pickings will be slim.

Pros: great Thai veg, spicy, convenient

Cons: in a noisy mall

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Vegetarian oasis. - Edit

I'm always courious if there's a vegetarian kiosk when I enter a mall's food-court in Thailand. This time, I knew it before, thank's to Happycow, great work by the way. The C8, 6th floor at MBK is still veggi. They offer over 10 dishes ready to eat. I was going for the pumpkin curry and the green thai-beans with tofu-balls. Costs me 45 Bath including rice. Nothing to complain about. Will be back.

Pros: Location, Price

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Get there early - Edit

I've been to Thailand a fair few times now and the wife and I love this place. It's a bit of an instituation for us.
It's a food court place but the food is nice. They do fresh noodles and soup there as well.
The trick is to get there early. If you're there around closing time, well it's like any other food court outlet.
Important thing is that it's nice and convenient. If you're vegetarian or Vegan and it's your first trip in Bangkok, head over to MBK first. Get your strength up and then go exploring.
BTW, the food court operates on coupons.

Pros: Food, Price, Location

Cons: Noise, Hours, Coupons

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One of my regular eating places - - Edit

A little Buddhist veggie gem in a huge "Food Court".

Shared seating - simple dishes - low prices.

I have eaten there literally dozens of times over the years - often with my children when they were young & I was based in Bangkok.

The place is quite clean enough / quite tidy enough for me.

The owners are a group of young Buddhists.

I have always has good / wholesome / nourishing / tasty food.

The customer base is local residents / local workers.

They serve food to hundreds of people every day.

You pay for the rice / hot dishes / soups - the salad items & pickles are free.

Tip - always take a few extra lemon / lime slices whenever you eat out in Asia & Squeeze them on salad / raw items - most places give them to you for free.

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Easy to find - Edit

Didn't much rate the food here. It's a bit 'take-away'. The place is noisy and crowded but is handy if you're shopping in the MBK centre (which is recommended as they sell everything you could possible need, clothes, watches, bags, without being at tourist prices).

Pros: easy to find, in the MBK Centre, cheap

Cons: not great quality, canteen atmosphere

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