Chinese vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan since the 2000s. Offers extensive menu of vegetarian/vegan versions of traditional dishes as well as dim sum items, priced per dish. Food appears to be mostly or all-vegan. Fried rice, steamed buns, fried rolls, different mock meats, pan-fried dumplings, and much more. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-9:00pm.

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21 Aug 2023

Nice hole in the wall- cash only!

Not much to look at but food is excellent. Great vegan dim sum and nice peaceful respite in the craziness of NYC Chinatown

Note- cash only

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-21

Pros: Great selection of dim sum, Good soups , Inexpensive

Cons: Hard to find, Decor is suspect, Cash only



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19 Aug 2023

not super flavortown

Came in for dumplings and bean curd on a busy night in chinatown, but this place had no wait and in fact no other customers in the restaurant. The dumplings were pretty fair — I sampled 3 different kinds and liked the taro ones best. We ordered spicy tofu and vegetables, however, which came with absolutely no spice or seasoning besides salt, and furthermore, they had no chili/hot sauce to give us to spice it up after the fact.

Pros: quick service, lots of options

Cons: lack of sauce


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31 May 2023

Large Veg Menu

Had a variety of dim sum. All good to very good. Quick service. Inexpensive.

Pros: Food, Speed of service, Amount of choices


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21 May 2023

Varied and extensive menu

We tried many dimsum items as well as the mock duck.

The mock duck was very good

The turnip cake was flavourful, but I would have liked it crisper

Did not like the shrimp dumplings

Pork bun was too glutinous and didn't have enough filling.

The spring rolls were good.


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02 Jan 2023

Veggie dim sum classic

I've been going here for 20 years and it never disappoints! When you want that savory fried dim sum experience done vegan this is the place to go. Other places are better for entrees but no one beats the dim sum here.

Pros: Turnip cake (fried), Taro treasure boxes


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27 Dec 2022


so yummy. recommend the turnip cakes, rice rolls. szechuan mock chicken was okay. would try the pan fried dumplings next time


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29 Aug 2022

Cannot go wrong! Go here

Wow was so surprised by their great variety of dim sums. the lovely server helped me choose from their great menu they have to offer and was not disappointed. They had a good veggie variety which is always very important for me


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20 Aug 2022

Lovely dumplings and buns

We had a variety of different dumplings and buns, five small dishes was just the perfect amount for two people to share. The sesame paste buns were my favorite! The food could have been a bit more spicy, next time I'll ask for medium spicy and see what happens.😉


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17 Aug 2022

My favorite

I love this place. I have a feeling that low ratings come from people who order the wrong items lol. My go tos are the pan fried dumplings, spring rolls, mock duck, bbq pork, turnip cakes (a new texture for some but woah they're amazing), and the rice rolls with Chinese kale. Literally my order today. Mix your own condiments on the side. I mix soy sauce, chili oil, hot mustard, and vinegar. I went today and ordered this exact meal. I'm so full and happy. Go.

Pros: Delicious , Cheap, Small plates so you can eat it all

Cons: Some dishes are just fine, Experience is a plus


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05 Aug 2022

Huge servings, lacking flavor and care

If you want a lot of food and you’re not concerned with how it tastes you might like this place.
We were disappointed by the lack of flavoring and fillings for most things. The BBQ pork bun was 90% dough, and the sticky rice in lotus leaf was almost entirely rice inside, with a few token bits of water chestnut.

Just seemed like they didn’t really care what their food tasted like.


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22 Jun 2022

Shark fin dumplings

We had the "shark fin" dumplings, rice flour rolls with vegetarian (vegan) mock ham and coriander and lotus root cakes. We liked everything, the lotus root cakes were my favorite though. However it's fatty food :-D. We found it a good and filling alternative to all the ridiculously expensive NYC restaurants.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-16

Pros: many options , creative food


22 Jun 2022


22 Jun 2022


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18 May 2022

Rather underwhelming food and unpleasant staff

Dim sum overcooked and stuff annoyed by any request. Lot of vegan options though


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28 Mar 2022

Good food!

The restaurant looks pretty authentic, so I was intrigued. The food was very good and I definitely recommend it, but the staff needs to be a bit less entitled.


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11 Mar 2022

Favorite restaurant ever

You can get like way too much super delicious food, be over full, stuffed to the point of gluttony with delicious dumplings and when you get the bill it’s like $24


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30 Jan 2022

A long term favourite for some very filling Dim Sum

This is not your posh dainty Dim Sum house but a more hearty and filling cheap Dim Sum place with lot's of vegetarian variety. They have a completely vegetarian menu but portions can be a little big so this is a great place to go with a group of friends so you can have lot's of flavours to share.

I've been going to this place on and off when I'm in New York since 2006 and I always make a visit when I'm in town. For lot's of vegetarian choices and a filling Dim Sum meal there is no where better.

Pros: Enough options for many many visits, Friendly staff, Great value


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18 Dec 2021

Great food…a lot of variety

The restaurant was open when other restaurants weren’t, so the hours are great. They also have such an extensive menu with so many options, you can’t get bored with the options.

Pros: An incredible amount of variety on their menu, The food was sent out quickly after ordering

Cons: The cups, utensils, plates are all plastic/paper , They only accept cash and their ATM doesn’t work


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30 Sep 2021

Everything here is vegan ❤️

Everything here is vegan even though it says vegetarian in the name. I love the food.

Pros: The best vegan dim sum


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19 Oct 2020

Longtime Favorite

I love this place - it's like a second home. I've probably been coming here for 20 years. The people are nice, the food is good, the prices are perfect... Favorites include: monk dumplings, watercress dumplings, mock duck, Singapore noodles, sticky rice in lotus leaves, congee, Buddha's bean curd rolls, etc.


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31 Jan 2020

Really disappointing

I was so disappointed by this place. I'm not too bothered by bad service, and all the bad reviews of this place only gave them because of the service, but I'm here about the food.

The food was so strange. The weirdest dim sum I have ever had. They put rice in all of the fillings, as a cheaper way to substitute the meat (this was in addition to the fake meat in the dim sum). My partner and I got 5 dishes and got incredibly full because everything had so much rice in it. The flavours were also really unusual, with barely any vegetables in the dim sums (despite thinking that we ordered ones with vegetables in them). We got the prawn dumplings, spinach dumplings, BBQ pork buns, dim sum, and fried dim sum.

Worst part of it all was that everything came out COLD in the middle 😭😭😭😭

1/5 of the menu had "run out" when we got there, which was fine because we arrived at 9pm.

For people thinking that this is "authentic" dim sum... Wow you are seriously missing out on some amazing food by going here.

Pros: Lots of cheap dim sum, open late

Cons: All the dim sum had rice in them


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28 Dec 2019

Bad food bad service

We did not enjoy the food. We ordered pork bun, shrimp dumpling and Cresent dumplings. The shrimp dumplings and Cresent dumplings were both tasteless, and apparently made from the same fillings. The pork buns were better, but the filling is very small compared to the bun. The staff was a bit rude and annoyed that we stayed for too long, keep signaling we need to leave even though there were plenty of seats. Would not recommend.


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23 Dec 2019

Simply delicious!

We ordered way too much food and loved everything we got. Dumplings and buns are the showstopper and there was a good selection of veggie and mock meat options. The wontons were crispy and delicious. The fried rice with veggies hit the spot. Our favorite dish was the mock shrimp dumplings though by far - perfectly done. Great place to bring a group. Will be going back again with friends.

Pros: Tons of options, Good quality, Good prices

Cons: Cash only


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24 Nov 2019


Rude, grim and tasteless. No stars


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16 Oct 2019

Pretty good dim sum

The fried dumplings, lotus root cakes, and lotus leaf rice roll were brilliant, spinach dumplings, and shark fin soup dumplings were just ok, will definitely return though.


16 Oct 2019


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20 Sep 2019

I now frequent this place because it's so good

I don't know why there are so many negative reviews on here. The staff was very friendly, but their English is limited. They told me everything on the menu is vegan, but you may want to ask just in case. They immediately serve you tea once you sit down, which I love. And the times I went the place was empty which is also really surprising.

The menu is huge, and if everything is vegan like they said, wow! What I do is order a few of the small dishes ($5) on the small menu and share it between people. You can feed two people to the point of being full for $15 which is super cheap for New York, especially vegan New York.

I really think more people should go here. It's now my favourite restaurant in NYC.

Some of my favourite dishes: sweet and salty dumplings, mashed taro treasure boxes, pan fried dumplings, mock roast pork buns.

Pros: Lots of vegan options (they told me all of it was), Tea! Quiet atmosphere, Very cheap (if you order off the small menu)

Cons: Underappreciated


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07 Jul 2019

Great flavors

Have always loved dim sum and it was a treat to find a place where I could eat most anything on the menu. Traditional dishes like "shrimp" (seitan) dumplings and "pork" buns, and other vegetable dishes. All tasty! Great location in heart of Chinatown.

Pros: Great variety, all tasty!, Affordably priced!


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19 Mar 2019

Despite what they might say on the phone, they do NOT take reservations.

Don’t come here expecting anything approaching normal levels of service or politeness. I made a reservation over the phone, only to arrive the next day and be told they don’t take reservations and it’s walk-ins only. We ran into another party in the lobby that had been told the same thing.

It was a big disappointment. The food itself was decent.


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18 Mar 2019

Feast yourself with little money!

Authentique food, delicious, cheap, abundant! Everything is great.

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