Build-your-own noodle meal with emphasis on fresh vegetables. Choose your ingredients (vegetables, tofu, faux meat, noodles), then the staff cooks it into a one-pot soup wonder in just minutes. Or have your order served dry. Style is a blend of East meets West, with modern design concept striping the space down to the bare essentials. One of several cafes in Taipei. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by JureXhurMesiqiMesec


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05 Sep 2023

Fresh ingredients and tasty

I visited here in 2019 and loved my noodle bowl. You choose and gather what veggies, protein, noodles, spices, and sauce that you want. You then give them to the staff who cooks everything for you. I thought it was delicious.



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25 Jul 2023

Handy but too much plastic

Had been up Taipei 101 and was glad this was available to easily get to afterwards (B1 level of 101 Shopping Centre), closes at 9pm but was able to get food at 8.50pm. Had been thinking about the delicious sesame miso sauce since having it at another branch.

It's good, it was nice to try a different noodle and different veg, plus rice balls, but it does seem such a waste of plastic! Customer choice could be done on a notepad or iPad instead!


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18 Jul 2023

Fresh and healthy vegetarian noodles

This place was fun! There is lots of plastic packaging as people have noted before, which is a shame, but Taipei seems to be pretty hot on recycling so I'll convince myself that the plastic is recycled...

We both went for ramen by choosing the corresponding metal tag, and then loaded up on tofu, soy meat, vegetables and lots of mushrooms.

The broth had a really nice flavour. I wasn't expecting much given they cook the noodles a bunch of different ways, but it was very refreshing and felt like a healthy dinner. It was about 400 NTD, so about £10 for us both. This was more than we'd paid so far for dinner but still felt pretty good value.

Pros: Fresh ingredients

Cons: Plastic packaging


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11 Jun 2023


I saw the good reviews about this place, and was perfect for me after visiting the sky lounge. It seems to be the only veggie place at Taipei 101. After seeing that every portion of ingredient is packed in a separate bag of plastic I decided against this place. It just doesn’t make sense to cause 4-5 plastic bags waste for just one dish.


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06 Jun 2023

Life Saver at Taipei 101 Food Court

Simple but great concept. You pick ingredients like shopping at a grocery and have them cooked upon payment.
You can choose more of the ingredients you like. Just pay for what you pick.

Pros: Simplicity, Range of options, Great taste

Cons: Can get pricey if you don’t watch out.


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26 Mar 2023

delicious and cool concept

just the plastic packages are a bit offsetting.


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26 Mar 2023

Tasty and fun

The idea is fun and the food is delicious
Just one thing… the order generates too much plastic rubbish 🥺


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06 Jan 2023

Comforting bowl of noodles, add your own toppings

Enjoyed shipping for my toppings from their wide selection. Their broth is really comforting. The condiments made everything extra special.


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04 Sep 2022

I love VegeCreek

Awesome concept and very fresh and good quality.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Loads of plastic


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01 Jan 2022

Fun concept, pricy and a lot of plastic packaging

The concept is great, you get to pick all your favourite ingredients and noodles for your vegan noodle soup, but everything is packed in plastic and it's quite pricy as well, compared to other food outside these chic places. Soup was still super satisfying.


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11 Dec 2020

Expensive but quick

If you fancy a quick meal and warm soup in winter time, this is the right place to visit. You can pick whatever veggie into your soup,it’s a shame that they use plastic bag on every package on their shelves. The broth is excellent!

Pros: Fresh material , Quick

Cons: Expensive, Too much plastic


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27 Feb 2020

Create your own hot pot

You can choose from various fresh ingredients and create your own hot pot. Very yummy and healthy.
Only 4 stars because of the plastic wrapping. Otherwise I would give 5.

Pros: Taste + healthy.

Cons: Ingredients are wrapped in plastic.


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03 Jan 2020

Yummy herbal noodle soup

Get to make your own noodle soup bowl. Fresh ingredient. Great service. Ate here twice during our short visit.

Pros: Quality, Service

Cons: Noisy during peak hour


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29 Dec 2019

Portions Vs price

Pick and choose off a shelf what you want in your meal, and put it in a bag. Bring it to the counter and they make it into a meal. Bowls were huge for price paid. Can get creative with bowl. Limited seating

Pros: Lots of options, Quick service, Creative options

Cons: Limited seating


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16 Dec 2019


Food concept is interesting.

Pros: All vegan options

Cons: Expensive


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22 Oct 2019

This is the review you need to read

Yes, it's pretty arrogant to call this review the one you need to read. But I feel that the other reviewers miss the point or just explain it in one or two words. At Vege Creek it's more about the concept than about the food itself and no one explains this.

"Vege Creek" is a unique concept. At first glance, the restaurant looks like a shop. It has a big cooler full of plastic bags containing vegetables. One could easily mistake this for a health shop. In fact, it works as follows: you take a green shopping bag and collect all the ingredients you would like to eat. Don't forget the little metal bar, it describes which kind of noodles you like.

Then hand over the bag at the cashier and pay. You won't get the bag back. Instead, it goes to a kitchen (in plain view and actually connected to the cashier's place) where your ingredients will be prepared. In return for your payment you get a receiver which will beep and vibrate when the food is done. Alternatively you can watch how the food is prepared (mostly cooking, I did not see any frying) right in front of you.

Everything is placed in a bowl and a tasty broth is added. Finally, you can add dried seaweed, sesame seed and some other garnishing. Take the bowl to the central seating place and eat.

For me, this is a brilliant concept that should be available anywhere. There's no menu, because the customer decides exactly what he/she wants to eat. Even though the chef prepares countless meals a day and works like a robot, in my case she did a wonderful job. The vegetables still had a strong bite and the broth didn't dominate the entire flavor of the meal.

Now you know how it works and what to expect. Pick what you like and enjoy your ideal meal. Five stars every time!

Pros: your ideal menu every time, decent quality ingredients

Cons: be careful not to choose too much, sit in a (very busy) central place


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19 Oct 2019

hungry traveler heaven

great concept, you choose ingredients for your soup and then add some seasoning, portions are quite big, nice lunch option


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02 Sep 2019

Tasty Customizable Noodle Soups!

Fresh ingredients with so many custom options you can try keep trying something new each time you visit! It’s in busy Taipei 101 but the wait time wasn’t too long even during peak lunch time. Pretty inexpensive for a fresh vegan place in Taipei.

Pros: Fresh vegan options., Biodegradable plastic. , Accepts credit cards.

Cons: Seating may be limited.


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27 Aug 2019

Holy wow what

It was so delicious! The concept for customizing your meal is so creative, i’m still amazed at how cheap it was!

Pros: All Vegan, Cheap, High Quality

Cons: none


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03 Aug 2019

Huge portions!

This is an awesome concept for a restaurant! The soup was so great that I went twice in one day. The veg selection was more limited in the evening so the earlier the better! It was still delicious.

Pros: Build your own bowl , Huge portions, Good value

Cons: Limited seating, Busy food court


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Mostly Veg
27 Jun 2019

Love it !

Lovely noodles with choice of fresh vegetables

Pros: Like the taste, Love noodles and there are more then 6 varieties, Fresh vege

Cons: Not easy to locate, it’s at B1 inside food court


Points +720

06 Jun 2019


Great food when visiting Taipei 101 building. Portion of noodles is HUGE and price is reasonable.

Pros: Tasty, Convenient location, Big portions

Cons: Minimal seating


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24 May 2019

Great but lots of packaging

Here you pick the noodles and what veggies and mock meats you want. It's very good and you pay per ingredient. Each serving of ingredients is individually wrapped unfortunately. You go to the counter with what you want then sit down at a table in the hall.

Pros: All vegan, choose what you want, tastes great

Cons: Packaging of ingredients


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04 Apr 2019


I really enjoyed my meal and the broth was very delicious. I paid 205 and was very full with a big bowl of food. Fresh ingredients and helpful staff.

Pros: All vegan, delicious, good sauce selection


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01 Apr 2019

This is amazing!

It was so fun to go along and pick all of the ingredients we wanted. So many options! Loved the toppings too.


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30 Mar 2019

This needs to be a thing around the world!

This concept is just amazing. I went a little nuts and just put one of everything in my bag for them to make my noodles up with. The broth is really tasty. So much flavour. Obviously being underneath Taipei 101, it is a little hectic, but can’t fault this place at all.


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10 Jan 2019

Good soup

Great find in B1 of the Taipei tower 101. Soup was tasty. You can end up making it a bit pricey depending on how much you want to add into the soup

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