Vegan and organic store with a takeaway food counter, open since Mar 2015. Stocks various vegan food like faux cheese and meat as well fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, and some cosmetic products. On weekdays it sells take-away food like soups, salads, pizza, and quiche. Open Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-19:00, Sun 12:00-17:00.

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First Review by Anna H


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29 Sep 2023

Lovey shop

I pop in here every time I am in the area. They have great stock — and I love the quiche they sometimes have in the fresh food section.



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25 Mar 2023

Quite some vegan cheese alternatives

Nice little shop. A bit of fruit and vegetables. You can also get some cakes and other fresh food here.
I've buyed some vegan cheese alternatives here.
A bit expensive here and there.

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03 Mar 2023

Interesting vegan alternatives

This is where I tried vegan alternatives for the first time, like vegan ham and non-dairy Nutella.
Basically you can find anything your heart desires here. The wallet's the limit.

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Pros: Wide range of vegan goodies


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02 Feb 2023

Chouette magasin

Un magasin oĂč tout est d’origines vĂ©gĂ©tales.
Ce qui est intĂ©ressant c’est le fromage violife et d’autres sortes de fromages que l’on trouve difficilement ailleurs.

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Pros: Tout est végétal , Différents fromages disponibles

Cons: Cher pour certains produits


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14 Jan 2023


great. loved it


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05 Nov 2022

Nice vegan store

This place seems to have everything you might need as a vegan. From frozen meat substitutes to all kinds of ingredients for cooking to plenty of sweets and lots of skincare products as well.

Behind the counter they also have some sweets. I got a brownie which tasted really good, not too fudgy, not too sweet, and the nuts added a nice bite.

Pros: Everything you could need, Delicious treats


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08 Oct 2022

The dream

How amazing it is to do grocery with no need of worry about checking list whether a product is vegan or notđŸ€©
There are many many things to choose from, salty and sweet, in bulk and frozen, snack and cans, soo many veg cheeses and much more.


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15 Sep 2022

For all your vegan needs

I usually come here if I’m looking for some specific vegan food items (and end up grabbing many good snacks at the same time). They have a good selection of vegan cheeses and meats. Definitely a staple for vegans in Brussels!


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01 Sep 2022

Just wonderful 💚

How awesome to have a fully vegan store. Most of the products are organic, and there is a great selection of all kinds of plant based alternatives, such as cheese, pizza, yoghurt, milk, even tuna and salami!
If you are vegan this is your heaven!! No more label checking and worrying that the tasty stuff you see will contain animal products. Lovely place. Also super cosy! And very friendly people :)


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28 Jul 2022

vegan shop

Lots of cool vegan options that you can't find in regular grocery stores. They also have some fresh vegan pastries near the register.

Pros: vegan options


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09 Jul 2022

Excellent vegan shop!

Friendly staff, good products, and super helpful!
Exited to visit again?

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Pros: Super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable , Lots of different cheeses and other products , More being re-stocked than shown in the photos


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19 Mar 2022

Lots of vegan food

A lot of food and options you can’t find somewhere else! Thank you for having such a wide offer

Pros: Wide offer, Fair prices


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13 Aug 2021

Large variety of vegan stuff

If you are looking for something vegan in particular, you will probably find it here.
From cheeses to ice-cream to cosmetics, the store is not large but they do have a nice selection of vegan products; and even some fresh croissants.

Not to be missed if you are in the area.

Pros: large variety, friendly staff


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28 Apr 2021


Its crazy to think there is only one vegan shop in Brussels, but luckily its a very good one. Large selection of products, also fruits and veggies and some home made bakery and pizzas, quiches. You can find here many things very difficult to get anywhere else in Brussels.
Check my full reviews on my Youtube channel Israel V trips:

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01 Feb 2021

Lojinha fofa💚

Muitas opçÔes tanto de comida quanto de produtos de limpeza.

Pros: Produtos de higiene pessoal, Produtos de limpeza, Lanches para viagem

Cons: Alguns produtos são caros, Preços nem sempre são claros


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22 Nov 2020

Amazing shop

Amazing shop with not only essential food (veggies, fruits, pasta etc.) but also amazing alternatives to meat and cheese. The shop itself has a great cozy atmosphere and the staff has always been nice. If you are a vegan in Brussels, don't miss this place!


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26 Oct 2020

Boutique 100% végane

Beaucoup de choix, avec fruits et légumes.


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10 Oct 2020

Everything is vegan

You can find everything you need to cook!
Nice people!


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13 Jun 2020

Nice shop with rare products

This shop is very nice - be careful when you enter or you will end up buying everything! They have a very wide selection of vegan cheese (the main reason why I've visited the shop), vegan meat (sausages, burgers, bacon etc..), beauty products and fresh baked cookies and cakes.
The prices are fare, for certain products (like some cheese), lower than online or other shops.


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17 Jan 2020

Vegan heaven

A small all-vegan grocery store in the south of Brussels. They have a lot of things that are difficult or impossible to get elsewhere in Brussels. Every once in a while I like to grab some nut cheeses there, the brands & types on offer tend to differ every few months. Bought a camembert like cashew cheese there a while ago that was simply incredible, I was stupid tho and I didn't write down the brand tho, hah...

One thing to keep in mind tho, is that it is quite expensive, even compared to the bio-shops in the area that have similar products. On the other hand, at least it's a place where you do not have to worry about checking labels for non-vegan ingredients! And just looking at what they have on offer is an eye-opener in terms of what is available!

Pros: Nut cheeses, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive


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23 Dec 2019

Vegan oasis

total gratitude pour ce lieu oĂș l’on peu tout achetĂ© sans regarder ĂĄ la loupe chaque ingrĂ©dient,
C’est le vegan paradis, un vrai oasis


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03 Nov 2019

Super !

Chouette magasin oĂč je passe dĂšs que je me rends dans les environs ! Beaucoup de choix !

Pros: choix, 100% vegan

Cons: cher


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21 Sep 2019

Good selection of products but not for poor people

This is a store where you can find all sorts of vegan products, even those hard to find like nutritional yeast. The downside is that the prices usually are very high. Not always, for instance you can find large packages of cheese for a lower price than what you have on other places, but still most products are beyond my purchasing power.

Pros: Lots and lots of vegan products

Cons: Expensive


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08 Jul 2019

Nice concept, but...

Being an all-vegan store is awesome. But the prices are not well indicated and there are products whose real price doesn't match the one indicated on the label (and you can only realize that after purchasing, since the cash register doesn't show the price). Also the attendant could be a lot more attentive. Sorry to say, but I was disappointed.


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17 Apr 2019

Best all vegan store in Brussels

The owner is super nice and always up to give some recommandations, great to chat to as well. They have plenty of vegan cheeses, fake meats (even got the Beyond Burgers) and cosmetics too. They also have fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, seeds etc.

Pros: 100% vegan, Great fake meat selection, Kind owner


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01 Mar 2019

Nice food, unfriendly staff

Nice vegan food selection but super unfriendly staff. I didn’t closed the door well and the sales man started yelling at me.


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20 Feb 2019

Oh my god

I should never be allowed here since I end up spending all my money on vegan cookies, candies and ice cream.. heaven on Earth

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