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First Review by Notre-Dame

delicious! - Edit

Hello everyone, I really enjoyed Veg'Art's Mexican pizza. Simple ingredients but super flavorful. I'm staying in Paris for another month and I will definitely return a few more times for the other options before I leave! I don't speak French and the waitress/staff were super friendly and helpful. Thanks Veg'Art!

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delicious pizza, great prices and service. - Edit

Came early on a Saturday evening. had a Toscane mini-pizza (certainly enough for 1 person) and a cider. Delicious. Definitely returning next time I'm in Paris.

Pros: all vegan , good prices, well located

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Costless and cramped - Edit

Damn these pizza's were delicious. Had the royale, gf had the Indian style, we were amazed by the faux cheeses and tofu variations. I get the other reviewers' beef with the interior, but don't let this stop you to go there. Perhaps the owner could redo the interior to make it more open-looking, but the stickers and leaflets are just a bit of activism, that should stay. If you wanna be vegan, then be vegan all the way or as far as you can.

Pros: Great pizza, Big ass meal

Cons: Cramped

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Great pizza - Edit

The pizzas we ate here were great, the vegan cheeses and meats were very nice. The atmosphere and decoration is not as nice, next time we'll do take-out.

Pros: Tasty pizza, Good ingredients, Nice staff

Cons: Decoration/style/atmosphere

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Good food, bad decor - Edit

The menu has a good range of pizza, pasta, salads and desserts; some of the pizzas are a little strange (there was a Chinese-style one from memory), but the vegan meats and cheeses used taste good, and give the sensation of eating cheesy pizzas which many vegans miss. The experience is spoiled somewhat my some very graphic and gory animal rights posters and flyers around the restaurant, some of which depict graphic self-harm. Since most of the clientele are presumably already vegan, this seems unnecessary, since we go to vegan restaurants to enjoy ourselves, not to be reminded of the violence of animal-based food, of which we're only too well aware. I suggest the management take these down and replace them with more positive material, and try to make the restaurant a more inviting place to visit.

Pros: Good range of food, Good pizzas

Cons: Strange interior decoration, Some very graphic posters and leaflets on the wall

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More pizzas like this - Edit

I didn't take a pic of the pizza, but I got the Royale one, size mini (7€), but with all of the ingredients it was really amazing and sufficient! Plus, the coffee there was great and not that expensive as the rest of Paris :D. Loved it there, I will return for sure!

Pros: pizza, reasonable price, centre of the city is close

Cons: it is very small and too hot in summer

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My mouth waters when i think back to this pizza - Edit

I had the pizza ratatouille and it was sooo good! Finally vegan pizza done right. Portions are quite large, my mom had a salad which was huge! My friend had the margharita type pizza (first one on the menu, don't remember the name) which i wouldn't recommend, very salty and otherwise quite bland.

Pros: Affordable, Tasty!

Cons: I'm a bit sick of ugly green walls in veg restaura

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marisascoff 09 Jul 2016 - Do you know what type of cheese they use on their pizza?

good stuff zucchinis and pizza - Edit

Good place for simple vegan dishes.
Every dish seems to be prepared "à la minute", so have one hour on front of you, as, at least when we were there, this little place (6/8 pax max), we had to wait 30' to get our food after ordering it. Slow, but good. Highly recommended for Vegan and those who wish to discover vegan simple and tasty food.

Only disapointement was the Tatin Tart, which had by far not enough apple into it.

Good choice of healthy drinks.

Pros: stuffed zuchini, friendly staff, quiet / small / friendly place

Cons: Tatin tart was not memorable

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Put Veg'Art on your MUST DO list - Edit

After years of being vegan and missing Italian pizzas done right, I lost all hope. Veg'Art restored my hope in vegan restaurants and vegan cheeses. Please, do yourself a favour and go to Veg'Art and order a pizza!

Pros: Authentic, Delicious, Inexpensive

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tasty toppings but... - Edit

Decided to try out this pizza place despite other reviews because I love pizza and can't make my own as I don't have an oven! A tiny place. The staff are economical with their smiles but I didn't find them rude, but a bit reserved and polite. The pizza took about 20mins to arrive, just starting to test my patience. My daughter ordered regular pizza base. I ordered gluten-free. We both had bolognese one. The toppings on both were delicious! Finely sliced vegetables, grilled just right. Tomato paste was good and a generous amount of 'cheese'. My daughters pizza was very good. Sadly my gluten-free pizza base had far too much baking soda in it for my liking and gave a horrid salty taste. As for value for money, I found it expensive. 2 large pizzas and 2 soft drinks = €37. The pizzas were big size. I could easily have shared 1 pizza and would have had room for a dessert and saved some pennies.

Pros: pizzas are vegan, toppings were tasty

Cons: avoid the gluten free base , expensive

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marisascoff 23 Jul 2016 - Hi, I was wondering if you recalled what the "cheese" was made of, was it nut-based?

thank you!

I don't understand how other people liked this... - Edit

I'll write this review in english even though I live in Paris. I was extremely disappointed when trying Veg'Art, because according to the reviews it was a good vegan restaurant -and hence, good vegan advertisement for omnivores. I'm afraid that despite my good will to appreciate it, the food was horrible, to the point that I was barely edible. When I say this I don't mean to insult the owner's effort put in her restaurant, but food this bad can only do a disservice for the message she's trying to promote. In the end we were quite creeped out, not only by the strange and frankly agressive decoration of the place, but also by the very (and I mean very) bad service. The waitress (owner of the place I think?) was extremely rude, and above all, very awkward, to the point that her silent staring actually made us uncomfortable. As for the food, the "pizza" was not even (re)heated, the tomato sauce was sour. The "cheese" was everything but cheesy or tasty at all, I'm really sorry to say that it was revolting, and even the basil was rotten! I really had high expectations for this place, but I have to be honest, it was a terrible experience overall. I hope this review does not come across as rude, I do not want to demean Veg'Art, as I'm sure they can do a lot better than this if they work on it. As a client, I'm just being 100% honest.

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Not a good gluten free option - Edit

I'll have to agree with some of the other reviews, but it was disappointing, food wise. The gluten free dough is simply awful and they just tossed some industrial ingredients together without even trying to cook something simple and nice with actual, fresh ingredients such as veggies (which is the base of any healthy plant based diet, DUH).
Stepping out of the food criticism, the place is obviously owed by animal rights activists, so in my opinion, they're around for the message more than the food, but if you want to do so, at least cook something tastier and cheaper (which is totally doable), than 17€ pizzas with indus ingredients.

Pros: nice location, vegan cheese

Cons: gluten free option, cooking in general

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good but too expensive - Edit

this place is very small but the interior is nice and the staff is friendly as well. I had the mexican pizza and the vegan chorizo was actually quite good considering the fact that I have a hard time with fake meat. all in all, it was a good pizza, although i've had better. the prices are also extremely high. I paid 15 euros for my pizza so i expected a big one but it was just normal sized lol i still recommend this place though

Pros: good dishes, friendly staff, it's just nice to have a vegan pizzeria

Cons: desserts are a bit bland, expensive

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Vegan gluten-free pizza in central Paris - Edit

I picked up a Veganita on the go and loved it! The other pizzas seemed overly topped with ingredients but the Veganita was just yummy, the big one perfect size for 1 person (8 EUR).
The place is very small and does not have a great cosy atmosphere so I would not recommend it for a tete-a-tete dinner, but it does the trick for a quick bite.
The art is not everyone's cup of tea...

Pros: Vegan gluten-free, Central Paris, Affordable

Cons: Lack of atmosphere, Small restaurant

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tasty! - Edit

I had read the reviews and was a bit nervous but decided to try it anyway as it was nearby. I had the quiche with salad. The salad was generous and the quiche was tasty. I also had the chocolate cream which was nice too. My partner had the Mexican pizza which he liked.

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Very disappointing - Edit

That pizza was barely edible, I ordered the Royal and it was basically a lot of really salty "cheese", paper thin "ham" and a few mushrooms and olives.
I could only eat half of it. The only thing you could taste was the cheese and its overwhelming saltiness. I guess there was some tomato sauce under it but I could barely see it let alone taste it.
It really lacked flavour and freshness. Add more tomato sauce and vegetables, chunks of "meat" at least thick enough to taste them and use the cheese sparingly!
My neighbours ordered a different pizza, it looked exactly like mine but with arugula pilled on top of it.
Frankly the pizza I make at home are far better than this and I'm not an especially great cook. There's also a vegetarian pizzeria at Chatelet who has a few vegan options and those are really good.
I wouldn't eat at Veg' Art again. It really wasn't worth the trip there or the money.
And as other reviews stated, the art is truly awful. Who wants to be surrounded by gory, death oriented paintings while they eat?!

Pros: Good service, All vegan

Cons: Bad pizza, Horrible art

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Disapointed - Edit

The "art" is hideous, we get it the owner is vegan and an 'artistes' but guys, we dont want to see horrible stuff while we eat...

Pizzas were good. But some basics ingredients like mushrooms or fresh tomatoes would have been nice :/

Dessert was not good, very small coco cake , that tasted like old cake forgotten on the shelves.

If you eat there order a pizza , dont look at the walls and buy dessert elsewhere

Pros: Price of pizzas, Vegan cheese

Cons: Hideous art, Lack of ingredients , Bad dessert

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great pizza - Edit

Adorable little place, very pro-vegan in their messaging. Very good pizza with house made vegan cheese. Nice servers. Good option for takeout. Reasonably priced.

Pros: all vegan and bold about it, yummy pizza, takeout and ability to take home leftovers

Cons: limited seating

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I'm so happy I finally came and tried this place. Being vegan in Paris is hard, especially pizza wise. I loved the pizza I had, it tasted like the last "real" pizza I had years ago. I loved the cheese, the texture, even the meat. It is a small place but the service is great (I loved talking to the host) and they even have organic wines!!!! Must go for vegans! And bring your friends!

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Tiny vegan pizza place in paris - Edit

We've booked for 13 people on a thursday night which means all the restaurant.

Unfortunately for us, the owner let people sit on the table reserved for us so we ended up 15 people sitting on the "big" table. It was quite funny but at the same time not breathing at all...
Too bad that there is only one cook downstairs otherwise we could have eat all together which wasn't the case.

The pizza are expensive but okay. Lot of soy used for the fake meat and cheeze.. Gluten free base is good and close to the traditionnal basic wheat dough.
Better to go there if you're only a couple of friends ;)

Cons: not much seating

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My first ever bolognaise pizza! - Edit

We went a few weeks ago and they said that they had changed the chef. We were very happy with the food, clearly the new chef has improved things (judging from the teething problems evoked in the April 2015 posts).

The only constructive negative is that, in agreement with other posts, the pizza bases could be more crispy.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday July 21, 2015

UPDATE 29-08-15: ate there last night and pizza base was much crispier :-)

Pros: Vegan pizza!!, Good value

Cons: Not much seating

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Best vegan pizza everrrr! - Edit

Genuinely the most amazing vegan pizza. Incredible vegan cheese.. I don't know how they do it! I wish I could eat this every day. Even friends of mine who aren't vegan said it was some of the best pizza they've had. (: An absolute must for any vegan visiting Paris!

Pros: lovely staff, amazing vegan cheese

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expensive but great pizza - Edit

I haven´t had many but that was definetly the best vegan pizza that I have ever tasted. I took the Royal Mini.
I think it´s quite expensive. 7€ for a mini pizza and 4€ for a muffin that really did not overwhelm me at all.
Still great to have a vegan pizza place.

Pros: taste (pizza)

Cons: expensive

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best pizza ever - Edit

This was a pleasant surprise. While trying to find the place we discovered a new vibrant part Paris with lots of young people drinking cheap (3 Euro per half liter) beer. The beer sold at Vegart cost a bit more but was very good.

The staff (owners???) weren't the friendliest we've ever met although they were not rude either. We were there on a hot summer day and had to ask them to put on a small fan which helped a tiny bit because the small restaurant was super hot.

It's unfortunate that the place is so small because given how awesome the pizzas are I think they will soon get very busy. My wife went so far as saying that these were the best pizzas she's ever tasted. I think the dough was just perfect and the vegan cheese spectacular. The waiting time was quite long but well worth the wait. We also thought the prices were very reasonable. We ordered the big pizzas which are big enough for most people. The small ones looked a bit tiny though. The large pizzas cost between 10 and 15 Euros which is a great deal in Paris.

Pros: great tasting food, good price, fun neighbourhood

Cons: cramped seating, can get too hot during summer

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simple but good - Edit

We ordered a couple of pizzas which tasted very good, pizza base cooked all the way through (not as per others' reviews). Music from tavern across the road wafting in made for a pleasant meal. The only down side was in the middle of a heatwave, there was no fan in sight so it was a little stifling, we would have stayed for desert otherwise.

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Royal! - Edit

I ate a "Royale" pizza, normal size, for lunch, and it was excellent. The dough is quite small but this is the European style and not the American one (I prefer it this way, I find it tastier). Shortcomings: the size of the restaurant (only ten people can sit in), the painting and pictures on the walls, and the sluggish waiter.

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Not far from Valhalla - Edit

I've hesitate to come after reading the first reviews here and on Facebook but not to come would have been a great pity! If I agree with previous reviews that the dough is undercooked, I find the topping very great, tasty and enough. I really enjoyed my dinner, with two pizzas (Royale and Valentina) and a chocolate mousse for dessert. The Valentina pizza is one of my favourite with its tasty pesto. No doubt I will come back again to try the other pizzas and desserts. If they can adjust the cooking of the dough, it will become one of my favorite place in Paris. The staff is friendly and they also offer a local and organic beer which was very good.

Pros: great topping, 100% organic and vegan, tasty, good desserts, friendly staff

Cons: dough undercooked

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Definitely worth a try - Edit

Firstly, I'd like to point out that this place is definitely something every veg*n should check out while in Paris, it's definitely trying to do the right thing, and the food is delicious in its own way.
Like others, I do agree that some of the food, especially the bases are somewhat bland.
The highlight, and the reason I recommend this place is for the cheese- it is absolutely amazing in both taste and texture. I'd go as far as saying it is better than the real thing. Who knows, you might end up loving it just for that.

Pros: Great food, atmosphere, Fast service

Cons: Don't expect 'traditional' pizza

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could be better - Edit

I wish I could give it 5 stars to support this initiative. I mean a vegan pizza place is a dream come true BUT as said in the other comments the result needs improvements.

I have tried all the different sorts there : Veganita, Royale, 4 seasons, Veggie hot, Bolognaise ; some of them twice and here is my conclusion :

- The pizza size is very small.
- The dough is dry and tasteless.
- There isn't much on some of them.
- It needs more veggies (a lot more)
- The veggies hot isn't hot at all (not even a little bit)

All in all the taste isn't there. I cook better pizza at home.

IMO, the recipe dough needs some improvements as well as the tomato sauce.

The melted cheese is nice and the fake meat as well but I buy them myself at the vegan world so if the dough and the sauce does't make the cut I'll keep on cooking at home and not try that place again.
Even if the owner seems very nice, it is hard to pay that price to end up with such low quality pizza.

For now, I'll give it a few more tries over the coming months to see how the cook adjust to it.

It would be a shame to see the only vegan pizza place in Paris close down.

Updated from previous review on Saturday April 25, 2015

Pros: nice staff, vegan pizza, organic

Cons: size, taste, price compare to the quality

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getting there - Edit

It's the first actually vegan pizza place in Paris and still very fresh and new so it gets a little newbie bonus from me.
The pizza was okay but was nowhere near the vegan pizzas I've had before. Just not much flavour in base and tomato sauce. Still very fresh though.
The staff was very nice either way and I hope they get better and more established by time.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 22, 2015

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So disappointing... - Edit

A vegan pizzeria in Paris, it is a dream that we waited for so long.
Unfortunately, the result is not up to our expectations.
The dough is bland and poorly formed, the tomato sauce is without character, the cheese industrial, like the faux meat. I do not think the owners are truly Italian and professionals pizza makers.

Pros: organic, friendly staff

Cons: expensive, small portions, bland

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