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Veganz - Schivelbeiner Strasse

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Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany, 10439

Established Jul 2011, this is a vegan supermarket that features hard-to-find vegan delicacies, bulk items, and much more. Hosts lectures about the vegan diet and raw diet. On premises is a cafe, bistro, bakery and delicatessen where vegans, raw foodists, allergy sensitive, and healthy eaters will dine on plant-based and raw treats, both sweet and savory. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-9:00pm.

Reviews (31)

First Review by beatlebum

Perfect! - Edit

This is my local Veganz market. It's in a convenient location accessible by major public transportation (U2, Ring-Bahn, M1 Tram) just off the shopping High Street (Prenzlauer Allee) of trendy Prenzlauer Berg. They are an exclusively vegan grocery offering a variety of products including dry goods, canned goods, frozen goods, unpackaged bulk goods, ethnic ingredients, pet food, personal care products and cosmetics, beverages (including beer and wine), household products, etc. - all vegan! They always bring in new products, German and non-German, and set up tasting stations around the store to help introduce people to the products that they sell. The staff are friendly and helpful. The prices (when comparing prices between the exact same items) are on par with the average Bio Markt (organic grocery store) and in many cases even more affordable (I often avoid buying certain things at the Bio Markt, Reformhaus (the German version of the old-fashioned healthfood store) or at the supermarket, because I know I can get them cheaper at Veganz). They often have specials and clearance on items that are drawing near to their "Sell By Date" (especially in the refrigerator section) - I love that and make good use of it! They even have their own line or "house brand" that is also moderately priced (where else can you find 100 grams of {extra tasty both in flavour and texture} vegan gummybears for 1,29 EUR?). Kaiser's Supermarkt and Netto Marken-Discount have special sections where they sell the products they get from Veganz with the Veganz logo hung overhead; and there is such a section at Rewe without the Veganz logo. I have only been to this one and the one in Friedrichshain. The only differences I noticed were that the Friedrichshain location had a bigger produce section, more outside seating and a larger freezer section; and the extra seating for the Goodies café is upstairs instead of next door. I've never been to the brunch, but it always sounds enticing with it being prepared by recognised vegan chefs and offering creative dishes. This place is a godsend!

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-02

Pros: Tasting stations to familiarise people w\ products, Convenient location, Discount on items near their "Sell-by Date"

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Love it!! - Edit

Lots of vegan comfort foods, smoothie mixes, etc. The could be a bigger veggie section, but those can be bought in so many other places. I'm just happy to have a store where I can get Gardein, Tofurky, and Fieldroast in Germany, even if I have to travel from Dresden to get it. They also have their own branded products that you can find at DMs all across Germany, and there are usually samples in store to taste.

Pros: All the vegan goodies!, No need to inspect labels

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A must see !! - Edit

Going to this 100% vegan shop totally made my day and more...

1- Location : 5/5 This shop is located next to 4-5 other vegan shops. It's definitely a vegan heaven.
2- Service : 5/5 People are super friendly and you feel at home around all those vegan vibes
3- Food : 4/5 A large choice of vegan food ! Although there is a stall with fresh organic fruits and veggies I would like to see less processed food and healthier food.
4- Price : 4/5 Some vegan products I know where way cheaper than usual in this shop
5- Decoration : Vegan vibes, activist atmosphere : perfect.


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Vegan dream - Edit

Being in a shop where you don't have to read the labels it is just amazing. A lot of options, fruits, cereals, sweets, cheese, cosmetics, seitan, and things for dogs and cats!!

Ah! and a vegan bar inside too, where you can buy cakes and drinks. I had one and it was not so good for me, but I had to try another ones.

I wish there is one Veganz in every city.

Pros: lot of options, products from USA, vegan panflets and flyers

Cons: some things were expensive

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A little vegan paradise :) - Edit

I regret I no longer live in Germany because there were so many interesting faux meat & cheese & dairy products I would've loved to have tried. Alas, I was limited in what I could practically take back to the USA. Very nice staff. Allowed me to take pix for my friends here at home. Before shopping & photo-snapping, I started in the bakery with a coffee and pastry. Really happy I made the trip to see Veganz. I hope they become a staple throughout the world. :)

Pros: Highly organized, neat, tidy, TONS of options, Bakery in the store

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Great cooperation between the shops! - Edit

After having bought shoes at avesu (which is next to it), we went back to Veganz because we had received a voucher for a drink. I then had a raw chocolate drink which was very good. I loved that they offered orange and lemon flavored water for free!

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The vegan shop in Berlin! - Edit

Veganz is the vegan supermarket of Berlin: they have so many products, faux-meat, vegan sheese, icecream, spreads, sweet, and so on. And you don't have to check the ingredients! Prices are relatively fair, and staff is friendly. Higly recommended to go there to buy vegan food. In France, we have few similar places but they do not have fresh vegetables, whereas Veganz has. I find that great too!

Pros: very wide range of products, 100% vegan, have fresh vegetables, near a vegan coffee and shoe shop

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Looking forward to Veganz in other cities too! - Edit

The title says it: I want to see vegan grocery stores like this in many more cities worldwide. Including North America someday.
Plenty of choice of prepared vegan foods, also fresh produce, body care products, even beer and wine. Fabulous.

Pros: choice - all vegan

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I hope one day every store is like this - Edit

It was a blessing to live within walking distance to this fully stocked, fully vegan supermarket. It is pretty expensive, no doubt, but you can get anything you have ever dreamed of here, and a few things you didn't even know existed. They have many, many different kinds of vegan cheese, vegan milk, vegan sausages, every kind of meat and fish substitute, vegan ice-cream, chocolate, gummy candies, even vegan caviar. There is also baby food and pet food. I wouldn't come here for produce, as, while organic, the selection is very limited.

Pros: Has every vegan thing imaginable

Cons: Expensive

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Vegan heaven! - Edit

This place is heaven for vegans. It feels strange to be in a shop where everything is vegan! Wish I lived in Berlin and could stockpile the amazing range of vegan ice-creams, cookie dough, faux meats and DAIYA (!!!) that you can't find in the UK. Discovered loads of new brands. The cafe connected to the shop is amazing - we visited a few times while we were in Berlin. A must visit!

Pros: They stock Daiya!!

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Vegan supermarket - Edit

Totally vegan supermarket with a small cafe (with take-away bagels etc.) On Saturday they offered a great brunch with so many options we could not try them all.

At Veganz you can buy almost everything you need, household products, books, frozen pizzas, Wheaty sausages, No Muh cheeze, Tofury products, Tartex, ...

Pros: Versatile, Cafe and take away, Brunch

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Having met the owner and his manager, I can tell you that this chain of vegan supermarkets is the most exciting business to happen to the world! These briliant people have created a mega store concept that will continue to attract vegans and non vegans alike! The uniformity, the cleanliness and the fact that they are good business persons who treat their employees as equals, is just what is needed to make this world wide awareness happen! They are ethical people who care about animals, the earth and our environment and they have created a wonderful place to shop, learn! With restaurants and culinary centers and shoe shops, and film screening and books, etc. this is the world wide, history making endeavor!! Way to go amazing Jan and Sebastian!! We are so honored to know you!

Pros: VEGAN, entirely!, Use fresh local farms!, Owner is ethical vegan

Cons: zero cons

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Cool store, hard to find items - Edit

This store has items that are often hard to find in Europe, so that's really nice. However, you pay for it - that's for sure.

Nice to find an all-vegan store, though. That's a big plus. And it's easy to find.

Pros: All-vegan, Vegan grocery store

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super vegan market - Edit

Everytime I'm in Berlin I try to go to Veganz.

After years of searching I finally found a peer vegan chocolate paste to Nutella!! I let some non-vegan friend trying Nutella and the Valsoia-Nutella with the result that they could not find the regular Nutella.

I know that this has nothing to do with the shop but I really like to go to a super market and can be conscious that everything is vegan. Furthermore, they have a great range of different ..of course vegan products.

I like it alot!

Pros: lot of products, staff, there are mostly vegans..

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Shop til you drop! - Edit

There might be bigger vegan supermarkets elsewhere in the world, but this is the biggest one I've ever seen. Wow, what a choice! As others mentioned here, it's quite a relief just to go shopping and not having to read all the ingredients. The shop has fresh fruit and vegetables, all kinds of frozen food, cheese and sausages, baked goods, desserts (ice cream!), sweets, spread... basically everything you could expect in a "regular" supermarket, but all-vegan. And it seems to work, there were quite a few other customers. Hoping for more places like this!

Pros: big selection, all-vegan

Cons: too far away from where I live

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Would come every day... - Edit

Of course they have a lot of stuff you also get in a German Bio-Shop. But that makes this place a one-stop-shop for vegans. However, the icing on the cake is the bigger selection in chocolate, in Gummibears (best non-gelantine GBs I ever had in my life). And recently they also added the best vegan parmesan in the world (at least for my taste; Parma). The cafe is on top and serves amazing cake (peanutbutter-chocolate tarte for example), I would appricitae a more sophistaced smootthe selection - if they even plan to extend (only two tables in the cafe area).

Pros: Bigger vegan selection, U.S. imports, Great cakes

Cons: Cafe too small for all the cake

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Huge Selection, but a bit pricey - Edit

I love this place: you can just go in and know that you don't have to scan the labels because everything is a 100% vegan. The food choices are organic as well as normal but everything is GMO free which is a plus. You can get almost anything there except maybe spelt seitan powder but hey - that's just spoiled little me talking. This is the place to splurge when you want to reward yourself and your refrigerator. Since there is a cafe attached you might as well indulge on some wonderful vegan cake selections or a multitude of sandwich choices. This is not the place to save money, but I think it's well worth it.

It's a shame that it is in hoity-toity Prenzlauer Berg, a place filled with negligent, self-righteous parents who allow their untrained offspring to mill through the aisles dropping and groping things. But that's not the fault of the store - it's society! There will be a branch opening in Warschauer Strasse soon which means I won't have to spend a 40 minute bike ride getting there and it won't be so posh!

Pros: 100% vegan, everything you want, and more

Cons: in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, a bit pricey, no close public transport

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relaxing - Edit

I don't know how else I could explain the sensation I had entering in a vegan supermarket... I think relaxing is the right word! I could finally buy whatever I want without looking obsessively the ingredient list! Unfortunately I had to come back to Rome and I couldn't buy all the gorgeous things in the fridge..

Pros: all vegan, great choice

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All vegan shop - a little pricey, though - Edit

What I like most about this shop is the wide range of raw products and fresh fruit and veg which is mostly local or comes from small cooperatives or is fair trade. I'm happy I don't have to order raw products online anymore, I just go to Veganz instead.
Sometimes, it's nice to get a pice of vegan cheese as well and I understand that special stuff like that costs a bit of money, but products you could get in any other organic supermarket such as LoveChock, spreads etc. are just so much more expensive here than elsewhere I don't see a reason to purchase these things at Veganz.

Pros: lots of raw products, wide vegan product range, 100% vegan

Cons: partly too pricey

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Vegan supermarket! - Edit

I was so excited for my family's trip to Berlin as I had read about the first vegan supermarket in Europe and couldn't wait to visit... We were not disappointed! Lots of treats we're bought, some great vegan jerky which was smoky flavoured and chewy, and lots of chocolates and gelatine free gummy bears (my favourite). We were only visiting for a few days so didn't buy more than just treats and snacks, but the place is so well stocked with cheeses, faux meats etc. We also tried some vegan salami and faux turkey slices which were great, and then sat in the park over the road and ate an entire tub of cookie dough soya ice cream!

Pros: Vegan supermarket, Cookie dough ice cream, Gelatine free gummy bears

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You bet I was excited. - Edit

I haven't seen many vegan grocery stores, but this one was the biggest. I could not stop shopping, it was basically like heaven. Although most of the food is relatively expensive, it's definitely worth going there. They have pretty much everything that fills a vegan heart with joy. Fruit, veggies, Beans, Noodles, Rice, all average vegan products but also! Vegan cheese, Coconut Ice Cream (been looking for that FOREVER), a bunch of cookies, vegan nutella, chocolate and my new favorite thing: speculoos.

Best parts: Vegan books, DVD's, flyers, cosmetics, soap & stuff, make-up etc.
and it's right next to an amazing bakery that has the same name!

Everything is 100% vegan.

Pros: AWESOME SUPPLIES, Vegan information everywhere, next to vegan bakery

Cons: quite expensive

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nice shop but expensive - Edit

I'M a vegan from France always trying to find new vegan food.
As I went to several places I can swear that it is a pretty expensive one.
however it does have a loot of option but pricy

Pros: lot of things, nicely placed

Cons: pricy

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a shop and a cafe in one - Edit

I love this place! They have my fav millet-balls with hungarian spices, so yummy! basicly you can buy in the shop everything you need if you are vegan. the staff is friendly, the athmosphere is light and nice.
the little bake-shop/cafe has some wonderful cakes, supergood bagels! and the soft-ice-cream is superb!

Pros: a lot

Cons: nothing

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Small but good - Edit

The shop is smaller than I expected but it is, of course, a pleasure to buy groceries there since everything is vegan. They have a wide range of items which are hard (or even impossible) to find anywhere else in Germany. Other vegan items (which you can find in a lot of other supermarkets) are missing though.

Pros: all vegan

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Good Store, OK Cafe - Edit

Two parts: Store, Cafe. The store has some items I have not found anywhere else in Berlin, such as Daiya cheese. The focus is on prepared foods, not on ingredients (wheat gluten, etc.) The store also carries lots of fun things and practical enviro things (menstrual cups, etc.). The prices are not cheap, but seem to be on par. It's a great place to drop a chunk of change and enjoy not having to read every blessed label. Four cows. It's not a 'superstore' as some people here state (at least to an American), but it is on the larger side for Berlin.
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 24, 2011

Pros: hard to find items, all vegan, nutritional yeast

Cons: not cheap, chain-market feel

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Happy to see one more vegan superstore. - Edit

Yes, I say one more because, sorry to tell, it's definitely not the first vegan supermarket in Europe... Vegilicious in Dortmund opened a bit before them and is also 100% vegan.
Anyway, very nice store, wonderful pies and cakes, some products a bit pricey if I compare them to some other vegetarian/vegan stores in Berlin (some soya milk brands that you unfortunately can't find in Veganz are nearly twice cheaper in some other stores). I'm happy to see that they sell some products I still had to order on line but they have no vegan razor blades and very few other cosmetics are missing. Don't take me wrong, I may sound a bit negative but I'm not, time has changed and it's great to see that some pure vegan stores open now in Europe too !
Oh, yes, also, finally an organic store in Berlin selling lemons per kilo and not by piece !

Pros: Excellent food, Nice assortiment, Friendly and good looking staff

Cons: Some products a bit expensive

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All the vegan treats you could want! - Edit

Veganz is the greatest supermarket! They have anything you could need, whether for cooking or for a quick prepared meal, and you never have to check the ingredients to make sure it's vegan because everything is! I had a small problem with the beets I bought because I'm sure it said red beet, but when I went to make borscht it turned out white! Oh well. But everything else I've bought there has been great. They could maybe add some fun vegan clothes or something if they had space but the grocery aspect is spot on. And I went there when they opened and got a free Veganz organic cotton bag, which I love and use proudly

Pros: all vegan!, Dandies!, Purely Decadent!

Cons: not super central, too much to splurge on

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