Vegan supermarket in Berlin. Features an assortment of more than 2,500 plant-based foods as well as everyday items. Est. in 2013 right next to the East Side Mall and the Warschauer Bridge. Open Mon-Sat 08:00-21:00. Bistro closes 7pm.

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First Review by vegan_ryan


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01 Oct 2023


They have so many vegan products, including products without packaging, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, ice cream, cookies, soap and some fresh baked goods!!
It is amazing not having to read all the ingredients!



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20 Sep 2023

Great croissants 🥐

This vegan supermarket has everything you need. Fresh produce and every item on the planet but in a vegan version. They have fresh pastries, bread and hot dogs. Even vegan pet food.

Pros: Friendly staff, Fully vegan, Lots of deals


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27 Aug 2023

Vegan supermarket

I get happy when I see a fully vegan supermarket. It has lots of vegan things. Liked this place.


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17 Aug 2023

Amazing supermarket

Amazing supermarket with so much of everything you could want! Very close to the u bahn and tram stops. I bought some great looking chocolate and a Vegan vanilla pastry, which was so delicious! Its great to find somewhere where I don't have to try and scrutinise labels in German for hidden “speck” or other meat products.(In Germany in the 1990’s there seemed to be “speck” in everything!). So much choice, such a shame I did not have a fridge in my hotel room, or I would have bought a whole load of stuff to take back to the UK! Also great vegan sushi and Japanese vegan restaurant on the first floor and a vegan shoe shop (closed when I went).

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-17

Pros: Chocolate selection, Fridge selection , Great pastries

Cons: All good!


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16 Jul 2023

Has everything you could need!

So many cool vegan alternatives! Super fun to see what’s on offer as someone not from Germany. Got some chocolate covered marshmallows that were delicious. Wish I could have taken so much home with me, maybe next time!


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15 Jul 2023

Fully vegan grocery store

The first fully vegan grocery store I have ever been to, and it felt like a dream come true.
I do know the Veganz brand for some years and always liked their products, but getting inside their shop made me feel overwhelmed. Among the wow factors was fresh vegan chees section. They sell products from many different bradns also.
And as a plus, you got a fully vegan Japanese restaurant on the second floor and a vegan shoe shop in the same building.
I really wish those stores started to pop up all over Germany and Europe.

Pros: Everyting, Best variety of vegan food I have ever seen , Easy to find


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30 Jun 2023

Everything I wanted

I was looking for vegan things I can’t find in the US, specifically quark, but I saw they had vegan Nutella, ice cream, plenty of snacks, and cheeses as well. This quark was so good I wish I could take it home with me. I’d love to have this brand in the US.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Soy based fermented quark 😍


30 Jun 2023

I’m in Berlin as well and this place is on my list!


03 Jul 2023

The whole neighborhood of Friedrichshain is full of vegan gems 😍


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16 Jun 2023

Top place

I wish more towns and cities had a Veganz. This is a great shop that sells a very wide variety of vegan products. We particularly enjoyed their baked goods.


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15 May 2023

Everything is vegan!

I go there almost every time I visit Berlin and just love the opportunity to find some new, or elsewhere hard to get vegan products.
This time I mostly went there to search fore some vegan egg alternatives for a tasting, and I was not disappointed!

Pros: Huge selection , All vegan

Cons: None!


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10 May 2023

100% vegan supermarket

For the pleasure of being able to test so many vegan products and to realise the multitude of possibilities that are available to us. 🫶

Pros: All

Cons: Prices are still quite high for some products


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18 Apr 2023

Nice selection of all vegan foods

It’s great to be able to support a shop that’s fully vegan for food shopping. Had a good selection of vegan products, including a great range of bio vegan spreads. Also bought some delicious FairAfric chocolate which I hadn’t seen before.

A downside was that quite a lot of products were in plastic and it wasn’t clear whether the unpackaged foods and fruit/veg was bio. Only a bio, vegan, zero waste shop would be more amazing than this!


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16 Apr 2023


Loved this place


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13 Apr 2023

a dream come true

fully vegan supermarket with everything you ever wished for. they even have a fresh counter for fake meat and cheese. they have no package bins too.


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12 Apr 2023

Fully vegan supermarket!!

This is the biggest vegan supermarket I've been to and it was very exciting! They had a really great selection of products, including a range of nuts, fruits, cereals, sauces, sweet treats, drinks, meat and cheese substitutes, and even dogfood and cookbooks! They also had a bakery section and a deli section which both looked amazing. I like that they also have their own range of products as well as stocking other vegan brands. We bought a range of products including a Terrys Terra Vegane Carolina BBQ sandwich which was really delicious and a Veganz own brand wafer chocolate bar, which I also enjoyed.

I'm very jealous as we don't have any sort of vegan grocery shop this big in London!

Pros: Fully vegan supermarket, Great range of products, Also has a shoe shop and sushi restaurant on site


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26 Mar 2023

An absolute dream for vegans

A fully vegan supermarket selling literally everything you could ever want or need as a vegan. They even have a deli, package free section and beauty/hair and laundry products.

Pros: Fully vegan

Cons: Expensive


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27 Feb 2023

All vegan supermarket

Unfortunately I don’t have a Veganz supermarket at my place

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-27


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29 Jan 2023

stressfrei Einkaufen

Super große Auswahl, für jedes Budget etwas dabei.

Pros: Große Auswahl , Teils Verpackungsfrei , Frischetheke


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02 Jan 2023

Love the variety 😍

I was looking for vegan marshmallows for a long time and could find a lot more in this store without "wasting" a long time looking into the ingredients like in a normal shop


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01 Nov 2022


I love shopping here whenever I visit Berlin!

Pros: Great variety of vegan items, Snacks and food available


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29 Oct 2022

Great little place

Really enjoyed my visit here and all the other businesses around it that offered great vegan food and goods😄Definitely worth the visit as the area is great too


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24 Oct 2022

Great find

Just stumbled across this place!! What a gem! Looked round for ages and got some bits. Very impressive - definitely support!


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09 Oct 2022

It’s an all vegan supermarket what more do you need?

Got many nice things from this place! My favorite, however, were the materials for this bread with cream cheese and vegan lox!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-01


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28 Sep 2022

Love this shop ♥️

Wauw i want to buy everything😁we bought chocolate, miso paste and a special smoked tofu. I'm super excited to try all of it out.


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11 Sep 2022

Good find

This place is right next to my hostel and I'm so grateful! The croissants are tasty and it's so great to have so many options nearby

Pros: Loads of cool stuff


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06 Sep 2022


Great supermarket, a paradise to the vegans!!
The cafeteria next door, Goodies, has a lot of options and staff is very kind.


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03 Sep 2022

Great shop for vegan specialties!

Love to go there when I crave vegan comfort foods or looking for new vegan products! They have a goodies café inside and now also a fresh cheese desk.

Pros: Lots of vegan products


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27 Jul 2022

Great store for vegan products

Has everything you need for a vegan lifestyle. The cafeteria next-by is also great.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-27

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