Vegan dessert shop serving pastries and milk teas, with vegan milk or dairy milk. Accepts custom cake orders. Moved here from 238 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu. Open Mon-Sun 12:30pm-9:30pm.

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First Review by Knauji82


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05 Nov 2023

Good tea and desserts

All around taste good and vibe is good! Close to parking.

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23 Sep 2023

Chocolate plum brownie!

I got there an hour after they opens and they were already out of the milk tea. So I will have to try it next time. But the chocolate plum brownie was outstanding!!


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18 Sep 2023

Amazing cafe

Definitely try their milk tea and orange caramel cake, super delicious!!


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14 Jul 2023

Amazing fully vegan cafe 💖

Absolutely delicious cake and a good soy milk cappuccino. Super good! And the cafe is very cute inside. I spent around 12.700 for a cappuccino and cake.


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03 May 2023

the cakes are delicious

the chocolate cake and banana bread are very good. espresso coffee too. I recommend you to go there. the restaurant is located near the Ewha university and there are many vegan options in the surrounding area. both sweet and savory

Pros: Everything vegan , Chocolate cake , Espresso


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10 Dec 2022

Relaxing cafe

They have a great range of cakes. I've tried almost all of them, but the apple crumble is hands down their best cake. It's lightly spiced with apple pieces and a crumble topping. Not too sweet, just perfect.

Like many other cafes, if you order a latte it will come sweetened, so be sure to say something beforehand if you don't want vanilla.

They also make bottled milk iced tea that you can grab from the fridge.

If you want to dine in you have to order a drink, this is pretty common with cafes here as people usually sit in cafes for hours to work or study.

I love their music and the vibe is perfect and cosy.

Pros: Nice vibes, Great selection of cakes, Delicious


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13 Nov 2022

super yummy

I’ve tried the peanut butter chocolate brownie and the non-dairy milk tea, both tasty and i really enjoyed! (picture shows half the brownie)

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17 Oct 2022

Great cake, in a jazzy atmosphere

Quiet and cute spot, the owner is kind.The cake was fluffy and the milktea tasty. I will defenetly come back.


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23 Sep 2022

Too much sugar

I ONLY tried the Earl Grey Milk tea and I couldn’t finish it as it had way too much sugar in it. I asked about how the cakes were sweetened and she said raw sugar (still sugar). I feel she should have warned me that this drink was also full of sugar and veered me away from it.


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18 Sep 2022


I had high expectations for this place after reading the reviews. But I could not enjoy the plum chocolate ganache which had a dry and hard texture. The cappuccino made with soy milk was a bit sweet and good overall.

Pros: Lots of dessert options, Good drinks

Cons: Cake was dry


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09 Sep 2022


We had the peanut butter brownie and the red velvet cake. Both were good, but a little bit dry, maybe, and not as sweet as I personally like my cakes. I think it's a great choice to go here if you like something that's not overly sweet. The peanut butter brownie had a nice, rich, dark chocolate taste. The woman working there were nice and we could easily communicate in English with her. The policy of having to buy a drink when eating there makes the price increase quite drastically, so that's a little bit unfortunate. I would come there again but probably do a take out. I appreciate the wide range of cakes available!

Pros: Many options, Easy to communicate in English, Nice interior

Cons: A little bit pricey, Policy of having to order a drink when eating ther


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09 Sep 2022


We stopped by on Thursday evening, the store was empty but they still all of products
We got peanut butter brownie and strawberry red velvet cake.
To be honest I wish I had chosen sth else in stead of the red velvet cake, it was good but I had different expectations. The atmosphere were very nice and the lady there speaks perfect English.
There is plenty place to sit however if you want to eat in the cafe you have to buy a drink per person

Pros: Peanut butter brownie, Big variety of cakes

Cons: Mandatory beverage per person


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04 Sep 2022

Good brownie

I tried their peanut butter brownie and it was very nice.
The café looks cute too, but I don’t really like their policy of having to order a drink if you want to eat there.


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09 Aug 2022

Best cakes

I absolutely love their desserts: I tried a bunch of cakes and everything is delicious. Their cakes are dense and tasty, not too sugary (which is rare in South Korea) and mostly don’t put cream on top of everything. The peanut butter brownie and the apple crumble cake are to die for. So glad such a great place exists near Ewha.


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02 Aug 2022

Best Apple Crumble Cake!

I stopped at this cute place and had a hard time choosing from the variety of delicious looking cakes. In the end, I decided to go with the apple crumble cake and it was fantastic! Perfect texture, perfect sweetness and flavor combination. I will definitely be back again soon!


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14 Jun 2022

Amazing café

I'd say that this is my new favourite café in Seoul! I only visited once until now but I'm really amazed by how good the café was! The soy latte was really delicious and the coconut butter scone was the best scone I had so far😄It was warm and it came with some strawberry jam on the side!
The prices are also good compared to other vegan cafés in Seoul and the atmosphere is calm and cozy. I'd definitely come here again😄

Pros: Amazing food and drinks, Calm and cozy atmosphere, Good prices


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13 Jun 2022

cakes are very big and yummy

the cakes are really good and big which makes up the high price a little bit. we were taking our cakes out as we were not into drinking anything but it seems to be policy that you have to order one drink per person in order to sit there… ridiculous.

Pros: all vegan cake shop/café 🥹

Cons: you HAVE TO order a drink to sit inside


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13 Jun 2022

Amazing cakes

Cute little shop,
Delicious cakes!

Pros: Really tasty, Cute interior

Cons: You have to order one drink per person , If you want to eat in there


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05 Jun 2022

Good for takeaway

Recommend the red velvet cake and the brownie. These two are very good, the others are just so-so. My big complaint is that every person in your party has to buy a drink to sit in the cafe, regardless of how many pieces of dessert you purchased (which are more expensive than the drinks)

Pros: A few cakes are quite delicious

Cons: Forced to buy drinks, Staff , Uncomfortable seating


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03 Jun 2022

delicious dessert

everything i’ve tried here has been fabulous. their cakes are also served at another cafe in seoul, which is nice cause they are really good.


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26 May 2022

All the love

The options here are few but they are all amazing! My favorite is the coconut banana cake :)

I think the cake is fairly priced for the portion! But the no milk milktea (while delicious) is pricey.


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04 May 2022

Perfect location, amazing desserts

They have the best cakes!!!!! Trust me, you won’t regret visiting this cafe. It is so close to the university and has a perfect location to grab coffee or small desserts with friends. My favorite cakes are the plum brownie and orange tea cake(100% sure it is not the accurate name). This store is also plastic free.


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25 Apr 2022

Delicious pastries, lovely staff

I love this place! Vegan milk and so many yum vegan pastries.


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18 Mar 2022

Brownies that make me feel at home

I had the peanut butter brownie twice and texture of it reminds of of the ones I used to make with my grandma. I went back a second time to get another brownie! I look forward to trying the other desserts!

Pros: 100% VEGAN, Perfect amount of sweetness


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Non Veg
06 Mar 2022

I've had vegan before-couldn't tell this was one of em

I expected 'lesser' quality since 'vegan' use limited ingredients, however, it didn't have that 'hollow or fake immatryingvegan' kinda tastes but rich and 'worth-the-trip' quality. will visit if this place comes to Gangnam area

Pros: can't tell this was for vegan

Cons: not in gangnam


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21 Jan 2022


Veganique has the best vegan cakes! I have been vegan for a little over eight years so I have tried a handful of really outstanding vegan cakes over the years but Veganique takes the cake (hehe)!

This place is magical. The first cake I tried was the strawberry jam red velvet cake. Every bite is a luxurious experience. I was ahhh-ing and mmm-ing and closing my eyes and moaning and groaning and then decided I should take my cakes to go from then on hahaha

After trying the strawberry red velvet cake I had decided that that would be my favorite - that is until I tried every other cake they offer. All of the cakes are outstanding and special in their own way. Can I say I have a favorite? Well, if I absolutely had to choose I would say the strawberry red velvet and the green ganache cake are my faves but they're all perfection. I need to try them all a second and third time before deciding and saying definitively. 😉

I came here nearly every day while I was in Seoul for winter break (I would have come every single day but forced myself to try other vegan bakeries which I regretted because they don't hold a candle to Veganique). On the last day I had nice little conversation with the owner's mother who is very sweet! I will be back next time I'm in Seoul and will cry when I leave South Korea.

If you want to have a high-quality, tongue tantalizing experience, come to Veganique - you will not be disappointed!

earl grey milk tea - seriously the most perfect beverage, it's dangerously good
strawberry jam red velvet cake - perfection
orange caramel tea cake - oh my
peanut butter brownie - got this to-go and decided to microwave it. I suggest you do the same!
green ganache cake - Wowzers!
apple crumble cake - perfff
earl grey crumble cake - oh yes oh yes
coconut butter scone - wow, yes yes yes yes
plum choco brownie - mmmm yum

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01 Jan 2022

Really good!

My favorite is the coconut butter scone, but I’ve definitely enjoyed everything I’ve tried! It’s nice to be able to get vegan milk tea. And it’s in a super cute neighborhood too!

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