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Veganerie Bakery - Mercury Ville

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4F Mercury Ville, Chitlom BTS, Lang Suan St, Bangkok, Thailand,

The flagship location of this vegan bakery, est. 2013 on the 4th floor of Mercury Ville department store. Offers a large range of vegan pastries and sweets in addition to coconut ice cream and coffee drinks; waffles and granola in the morning. Added also savory meal dishes. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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Reviews (67)

First Review by eric

Best cinnamonbun EVER - Edit

Verry nice lite cafe at the 4th floor of Mercey ville. The cinnamon bun is the beat ive ever tasted even before going vegan ! !
It's a MUST GO for every vegan in bangkok

Pros: All vegan, Gluten free options, Nice service

Cons: Only 4 tables

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Best food in Bangkok - Edit

We absolutely loved this place when travelling through Bangkok this month. Made a nice change from what other local vegan eateries were offering. Amazing for deserts, breakfasts and takeouts we thought, but could also go for an evening meal. Staff were knowledgeable and friendly. A little on the pricy side, but so very worth it. Would go back in an instant. Please bring one to Liverpool, U.K!

Pros: Different, alternate menu, Good location

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Yummy food but expensive and small portions - Edit

For sure this was a heavenly vegan treat in Bangkok. It was easy to find and so many options. We had a couple of savoury dishes and waffles/cake. All of the food was delicious but It was expensive for the portion sizes. My pizza was tiny. They also forgot our waffles until we reminded them 15-20 mins after ordering, and we were the only customers!

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Reviewer Avatar

Heaven - Edit

Well how can you fault this place, everything looks tasty, I love my sweet desserts so its heaven for me, the food tastes good, its a nice place to go for a treat, prices are expensive though, no wifi I believe. Nice friendly staff.

Pros: great desserts, good menu, friendly staff

Cons: expensive

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best for desserts - Edit

The Veganerie is my go to for something sweet in BKK. No where else in Thailand can you find a better selection of vegan desserts. Sadly, I can't recommend their gluten-free cakes. I had one that was quite dense, dry and crumbly and for the price you pay it was disappointing (if you're gluten intolerant and want something sweet, I suggest the almond chocolate pancake at Ethos--would happily eat that everyday). Their cakes of the glutinous variety are much more satisfying if a bit typical (but you really can't be too choosy with your western vegan desserts in Thailand). Their coconut whip is excellent and they have a variety of other sweet items including dessert smoothies (the Thai tea one was perfectly balanced) and sweet waffles. The Veganerie also offers a range of savory breakfast and lunch items, but I found my choices (American breakfast, breakfast burrito) to be small portioned and underwhelming. The Royal Pantry included a generous amount of food, but you can easily find somdtam (papaya salad) on the street for far less money though you'll need a bit of Thai to negotiate vegan modifications. I was expecting a creative, fusion dish, but it was simply raw vegetables, rice noodles and the papaya salad on the side.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-08

Pros: completely vegan, greatest variety of desserts

Cons: pricey , Small portions

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Most decadent dessert ever - Edit

Come here! The bakery is a little 4th-floor cafe in a luxury mall. I ordered the DIY waffles (230) - 4 different kinds of waffle, 2 different sauces, 4 different toppings and 2 kinds of coconut ice cream. Enough for breakfast the next day, and so decadent!

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Outstanding! - Edit

Really enjoyed finding this little oasis away from the meaty madness of the big city. The Raw Pad Thai was ridiculously fresh and tasty and nutritious. The smoothie was great. All at reasonable prices and nice setting, considering it's in a shopping mall. "100% vegan" goes the slogan. Heart-warming ;-)

Pros: Good range, Quiet

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Welcome to vegan heaven - Edit

If you're ever in Bangkok you must go to this place. Compared to the "normal" Thai places it may seem a bit expensive but it's worth every penny. I went there a couple of times and it was delicious. Perfect for a sweet breakfast or a little afternoon treat. The waffles are heaven!!! If you're looking for acutal lunch/ dinner options check out their other store "Veganerie concept", also definitely worth a visit!

Pros: All vegan, WAFFLES

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awesome pizza, tasteless brownies - Edit

The pizza with "cheese" and "sausage" was amazing! Really tasty and the dough was really interesting. The brownies were pretty tasteless and you could tell they didn't have a lot of sugar (wouldn't buy again). The chocolate fudge cake was ok. The soft baked matcha cookie wasn't really soft baked, but still tasty.

Pros: 100% vegan, Good pizza, Pretty healthy

Cons: Tastes healthy , Brownies is pretty tasteless , Chocolate Fudge cake was dry...

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A coffee shop of the future - Edit

Veganerie has quite the reputation, even as far away as the UK, and I've always planned to go when we visited Bangkok. Despite having a lot to live up to, I absolutely loved our meal there! My husband and I shared a chocolate banana waffle and a Caesar wrap - something I'd never have gone for myself, but was out of this world. It was a pity we were the only customers most the time we were there, as I want places like this to be heaving with vegans and non-vegans - it has to be a model for what coffee shops will be like in the future, when cruelty-free becomes the norm. (I've written a more extensive review on my blog, where I talk about the adventures our little vegan family are getting up to, having packed up lives in London to travel in Thailand, if you're interested in stopping past: Veganfamilyventures.com)

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well, I think it is overrated - Edit

They have a good choice of vegan dishes and cakes and cookies, that is true, but honestly, I am a bit disappointed. I read all the reviews here and was excited to try a few things, but none of them was really good or amazing.
I tried the extra dark brownie, the oatmeal raisin cookies, the red velvet cake and the choc fudge cake.
Choc fudge cake: ganache was good, but the bisquit or whatever it was, was really poor :(
extra dark brownie was not good, texture was missing and it was way too dense.
my bf is a chef, which is why I might be a bit picky. but overall I was rather disappointed

Pros: good choice of vegan dishes and sweets

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Delicious - Edit

This is a great place for anyone (vegan or not) with a sweet tooth. The worst part about coming here is the wide array of choices you have. It was really hard to decide on only one thing. I ended up having red velvet waffles and a strawberry cheesecake milkshake, all of which was vegan. Prices are a little high, but having said that it is well worth it

Pros: Choice, Amazing sweets

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great find!!! - Edit

Portion sizes are kind of small but the food is amazing and unique. Also note that they stop cooking at 9 pm but you can stay there till 10 pm and still order items that are already made.

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Delicious - Edit

Cakes are really tasty and every single one looks too good to be skipped! Had a really hard time choosing between them, I eventually picked the Red Velvet Cake, a must try. The "Bakery" which is just a small display is located in the EmQuartier, a more upper-class shopping centre so the cakes are not the cheapest, a slice is between 120 and 140 Baht. But you have to treat yourself from time to time

Pros: Delicious , Freaking Vegan Cakes

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if I could give 10 stars I would!! - Edit

AMAZING vegan bakery !! you have to try the frappucinos/milkshake things .. I loved how they put coconut whipped cream in the drink and it was a thicker almost hard ball of cream.. so so delicious..

Pros: great vegan options delicious yet still affordable

Cons: none!!

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Best waffles ever - Edit

If you're vegan - or even if you're not - you must eat here when in Bangkok! I have only visited the Mercuryville branch, though they have another branch now as well. The Mercuryville branch has a wide selection of cakes, bars, waffles, shakes, and breakfast items. I liked everything I have tried, but a few of the items from the case were ever so slightly stale (but still yummy). I'd recommend the waffles or the freshly made items - they are to die for.

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Delicious welcome treat - Edit

I love Thai food and had been spending my trip eating much curry and noodles - awesome. But sometimes a girl needs waffles. And a big caramel shake. They were very delicious. I also got a berry crumble slice to take away. I wish I had more time in Bangkok just so I could have eaten here several times.

Pros: waffles

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Don't know what everyone's raving about - Edit

I was so excited to eat here from the reviews and someone's recommendations, but was disheartened firstly by the prices - it was pretty much the same high prices for small vegan cakes as back home (UK), so we got a slice of carrot cake and one of banana bread, but they were both really dry and not particularly tasty. Had the epic looking vegan brownie milkshake but it was super cocoay and I honestly just didn't really like it, which was a bummer considering how much we'd spent. I guess we really should have tried the waffles based on everyone else's reviews :(

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Waffles!! - Edit

Extremely delicious waffles - they are supposed to be somewhat healthy, but you wouldn't believe it! Will fill you up and make you cry because they are so good. The only bad thing is that you can't try more because one dish is more than enough. I wanted a shake as well but there was no way I could have both!

Pros: Service, Taste, Presentation

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Best waffles in the world!!! - Edit

You have to try the waffles! Any of them are great! Also the icecream! Passionsfrukt was amazing! Do not miss out on this place o your in bangkok!

Pros: Waffles, Icecream, Friendly staff

Cons: None

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every bit as good as you expect from the pictures - Edit

The food here is a sweet tooth's dream!!! I went there three times. The chocolate shake thing was ridiculous as was the banofee waffles. Tasted scarily non vegan. So so good. Go and you won't regret it!!

Pros: amazing food, great presentation, fast service

Cons: none

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Should be listed as a vegan restaurant - Edit

Listing simply as a bakery is misleading and does not give this place the justice it deserves. A welcome respite from the mock meats, the oil, or the questionable street foods of Bangkok, Veganerie is heaven to a fat western vegan or anyone who might be craving a vegan waffle! Difficult to choose just one, everything I have tried has been delicious. They are adding a dinner menu and items such as vegan pizza.

If you are in Bangkok this is a not to be missed restaurant!

Pros: Best vegan desserts in Asia?

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Amazing vegan desserts - Edit

As we came with our VegVoyages tour group, they provided us lunch as well which included salad, lasagna (so delicious!) and waffles from a buffet along with a dessert each. We got the red velvet cake and chocolate cake. Delish, but we also tried someone else's cheese pies. Mind blowing good. And they have ice creams, drinks, pastries and snacks to go. Dirk got a Nutella Frappe to go as well as chocolate granola that was amazing. Veganerie is a must go if you are in Bangkok. You will not be disappointed.

Pros: all vegan bakery, everything is amazing, fantastic owner and staff

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wau - Edit

Too good to be true, but it was true! :)
A Lot of sweet stuff. But it is full of sugar, so you will be fully energized after, is it a good think or not you decide. It tastes so good :D

Cons: sandwiches also please

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So glad this exists, have ordered the chocolate fudge cake, pumpkin pie cake and red velvet cake with cream, all vegan and all delicious (especially the chocolate cake!). Ordered one of the smoothies with fruit and vegetables and it wasn't what I'm expend, I'm a fan of quantity and what came out was half a cup of juice with some fancy berries and oats on top - probably not worth it unless you're into that gourmet stuff.

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eat it while it's fresh - Edit

I ate here two days in a row while staying in Bangkok. First time I stopped in for takeaway, having heard that they do a decent soy coffee. I grabbed an iced latte and the pumpkin brownie. The brownie (more of a goldie!) was pleasant - moist but still somehow light and fluffy with a slightly spicy caramel flavour. I wouldn't get a milk coffee from them again though. It was super weak and milky and I suspected they use my least favourite brand of soy milk - So Good - which I later confirmed.

The next day I went back and had a black coffee which was fine coz you can't really get that wrong and the pizzookie which was amazingly decadent. A hot cookie (which I think they might bake fresh for you!) topped with your choice of ice-cream (I picked sweet potato), oat crumbles, fresh strawberries and bananas, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. I thought the combo was a bit wacky but it worked a treat - the textures balanced really nicely.

I had to grab a few takeaways, of course. I went for the extra dark choc brownie and the red velvet cookies. I ate the brownie on the plane home. It had a nice rich flavour but the texture was a bit heavy and dry. It went down fine with a coffee though. I tried to eat the cookies the next day but they were inedible. So...if you want my advice, go in and order something from the menu that's prepared especially for you and eat it while it's fresh.

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I love this place! - Edit

The best bakery for me! My favorite desserts - vegan cinnamon roll, passion fruit and choco-banana ice cream. They are have large selection desserts and drinks (ooh vegan strawberry cheesecake smoothie!!!). Soon in menu vegan pizza with vegan cheese =)

Pros: All vegan, Delicious and beautiful desserts, Good staff

Cons: Expensive

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Amazing Vegan Bakery - Edit

This place is just amazing. Some of the best cakes and desserts I have ever eaten - the banoffee pie and waffles are incredible! I visited every day during my stay and could not fault anything - the service is friendly, the place looks great and I dream of this place opening a branch in London! Can't wait to return.

Pros: Delicious cakes, desserts and drinks, Friendly Service

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Being able to come to Veganerie was truly wonderful. I've never experienced vegan desserts like this. In fact, I was so excited, as it was my second last day in Bangkok, that I ordered nearly everything on the menu! Good thing I was with my parents (and that they did "take-out"), because I went a little overboard with the desserts here. We ordered iced mochas, apple crumble with green tea ice cream, brownie sundae with banana ice cream, red velvet waffle with coconut almond ice cream, and for take-out, red velvet cake, cheesecake, carrot cake, cinnamon roll, chocolate chip cookie, pumpkin brownie, and fudge brownie. (Yes I know, it's a lot. I spread it out over three days and three people, so I suppose that justifies it a bit!) The location is easily visible on the fourth floor of Mercury Ville, and it's right off the sky train, which is convenient. The desserts were incredibly decadent, without being too heavy or overly sweet (so there's always room for more ;)). I was actually quite surprised by that! I was initially skeptical about their "low fat" and "low sugar" claims, but to be honest, I think I believe it. And not in a bad way; the desserts were still delicious, just not sickeningly sweet or overly heavy in the stomach, which is always nice for me! The homemade vegan ice cream has a light texture and a nice flavour. And all the cakes and pastries I got to take out were still delicious the next day and the day after. Overall an amazing experience, and I wish I could go back already. I'll definitely have to make another trip to Thailand one day, and when I do, I'm most definitely coming back to Veganerie (multiple times, if I can help it)!!!

Pros: AMAZING Desserts, Light Texture and Not Overly Sweet, Healthy Vibe

Cons: Too Many Delicious Desserts :)

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Vegan sushi and ice cream! - Edit

I was very excited to finally have green tea ice cream/frappe while in Asia. It was delicious and pleasantly presented. Their new vegan sushi is also impeccable. I had an omnivore with me and she claimed that this was the best sushi she's ever had! A little pricey (similar to prices back in America so I'm okay with it) but well worth it. Staff is helpful and friendly.

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100% vegan bakery! - Edit

Definitely worth the trip. They have an extensive dessert menu (milkshakes, sundaes, parfait, waffles) as well as cakes straight from the counter. Everything looks so beautiful and tastes great.
It's a 'premium' cake bar, so the prices are quite high for Bangkok, but that is their style and they put a huge amount of effort ensuring you get the most for your money - the portions are also big.
They are proud to be vegan and have a couple of leaflets and signs around promoting veganism :)

Pros: Vegan and proud, Big portions, Friendly staff

Cons: A little pricy by Thai standards, No Wifi

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ok vegan sweets - Edit

I really appreciate what they do, but I didnt really impressed with their sweets. (I had been working at a vegan restaurant before and the chef made really delicious vegan cake, so I will be tough on writing a review about vegan sweets)
I had vegan chocolate cake and vegan cheese cake. both were ok. I would go back there when I feel like having some vegan sweets.

Pros: vegan cakes!!

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Best deserts ever. Bring an empty tummy! - Edit

They have my favorite deserts. Cinnamon buns, cakes, waffles, icecreams... Most of the dishes are damn big, I suggest you share a dish or bring a real empty tummy!

My favorites: Matcha frappe and red velvet scones

It's run by a nice vegan family, specially the mother is very dedicated about veganism!

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vegan dessert paradise - Edit

This is one of the most sophisticated vegan dessert bars I've seen in all of Asia (and the world come to think of it!). The range is fantastic, the taste is great, and they've mastered the art of the not-too-sweet dessert. A must have Bangkok experience.

Pros: large range - ice cream, cream, not-too-sweet, high quality ingredients

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What a fantastic place to enjoy high quality vegan bakery items, varieties of coffees, ice creams!! Neat place to visit. All of their products match with their claim –premium bakery, so is the case. They use high quality and healthy ingredients.

Their shop reflects true passion of owner family towards voiceless animals – Mr. Sittikun, Dr. Kittikoon and Ms. Jajah. It was good to find they do use some of ingredients like Vegan Honey are made at their home itself to provide good quality.

Structure and decoration of this premium bakery shop is sheer elegance. Beyond all of these, what I have sensed is presence of positive energy, positive vibes floating in this premium of bakery shop. It feels so positive and good to be there in person.

I being a Vegan activist and founder of Indianvegan.com and Facebook group of Indianvegans, feel so honored and thankful to owners for giving me opportunity of doing some activism to promote Vegan diet at their shop. It was so good to spent time at the spot with their customers.

I wish and can also sense that these young entrepreneurs and whole Veganerie team would make VEGANERIE brand an International Vegan bakery brand in days to come.


Cons: NONE

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Huge selection of most amazing sweets - Edit

Unfortunately I only had the chance to go there once as I was passing through Bangkok, because I would have loved to try a lot more of their menu as they offer a huuuge variety of fruit breakfasts, icecream bowls, waffles and other desserts. It's almost too much to choose from! But I'm sure everything is as delish as the brownie and matcha latte I've had.
In my case the service was very welcoming and cooperative. They also offered me to try bites of their desserts in order help me choose what I wanted.
Definitely worth a visit whenever I'll go back to Bangkok!

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Amazing Array of Vegan Desserts! - Edit

Veganerie's variety and deliciousness rivals the best bakeries in vegan havens such as NYC or San Francisco. The photo menu make it incredibly hard to choose between all the waffles, cookies, ice creams, and other incredible options. The staff were quite nice too - my wheat-sensitive partner accidentally ordered an item that wasn't GF and the staff offered a free GF cookie to make up for it.

This is a little on the pricey side but well-worth it for a treat in Bangkok.

Pros: Delicious, Lots of variety

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amazing food - Edit

When in Bangkok, you should definitely have breakfast at the Veganerie! You can choose between so many delicious vegan treats, and honestly, I went there a few times and everything I had was delicious. Plus, the staff is really friendly and so is the owner, whom we had the chance to meet and who let us try thheir vegan bread. Could not have wished for more :) I love their vegan chocolate granola and the vegan cinnamon roll. Can only recommend the place!!

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Good Vegan pastries, but need better customer service - Edit

Like the cakes, cinnamon rolls, ice creams & waffles. Some very nice options. Customer service needs to improve.
They started a customer rewards, where you receive mark for every 200 baht spent, but then changed it for 200 spent on pastries only. I don't think it fair, because I've spent lots of money there and have recommended to friends... And it's quite expensive.

Pros: yummy, nice atmosphere , 100% vegan

Cons: poor customer service, changed rewards plan and not fair, expensive

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Simply Brilliant - Edit

Unbelievable. What I'd give to have a place like this in my home town! The coconut ice cream is delicious. I also had a chocolate fudge brownie. Amazing. A must visit if you're in Bangkok.

Really easy to find, just get off the BTS at Chit Lom and follow the signs to the big Mercury Ville, it's attached to the BTS. Then once inside, just take the escalator up to the 4th floor and there it is.

Cash only, which is a shame, but that's really the only downside I can think of.

Pros: Amazing vegan treats, Great Ice Cream, Really nice staff

Cons: A bit expensive for Bangkok, Cash Only

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delicious - Edit

Great desserts, very sweet. No savoury offerings as yet. The boss was obviously not around so the 5 women behind the counter were reluctant to clean the recently emptied tables and restock the crockery or look up from their phones. If you are a coffee aficionado go elsewhere - my almond milk latte was both scolded and burnt. Desserts were amazing though!

Pros: tasty, all vegan

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AMAZING!!!! - Edit

Heaven on Earth! I don't even know how to put it into words. Everything is so delicious; not only does it compete with non-vegan food, it wins! The only bad thing about Veganerie is it's not in my hometown!

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Vegan heaven - Edit

If there is a vegan heaven, it is in Veganerie.

I have no words to describe this place - it is just sooooo good. Expensive, yes, but oh, every baht is worth it. Be ready to spend a lot.

I have been to a lot of vegan bakeries in Europe, but none of them were as good as Veganerie.

It's a must for a vegan in Bangkok.

Pros: Vegan heaven, Amazing cakes, shakes and cheesepies, Very friendly staff

Cons: Expensive..

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Great brownies - Edit

My friend returned from a trip to Bangkok and brought me a brownies from Veganerie Bakery, and they were fantastic -- soft texture, moist, with strong chocolate taste.

I also got to try the cinnamon rolls, which were okay -- good taste, not too sweet.

I'm amazed that everything they make is all-vegan.

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Amazing! - Edit

I have been staying in Bangkok for a few days and I am so happy that I found this place. Everything is so delicious, I went there everyday because I wanted to try the whole menu. They have gluten free and non gluten free cakes and cookies and some are even sugar free. Absolutely recommend to everybody going to this place when in Bangkok. The staff is also super sweet and especially patient when you can't decide ;)

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Love, love, love! - Edit

I've already written a whole blog post about how much I love this place but I wanted to review it here too. It's that good! The brownie sundae and the chocolate waffle plate were my favourite things, the whipped cream on both dishes was outstanding, the best I've ever tried by miles. The matcha slice was great too, it reminded me of shortbread. I also loooove that they make vegan bread which is almost impossible to find in Thailand. I tried the pumpkin loaf and it was perfect for a hotel room breakfast with peanut butter and jam.

Pros: Totally delicious!, Conveniently located, Epic whipped cream

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What about bread?! - Edit

As European eating vegan in Thailand there is one thing I miss - bread! My hopes were high when I heard about a vegan bakery. I've only been ones and sure the cakes looked fantastic! And think about having waffles! Next birthday or impress a dairy-provocateur: For sure I'll take them here!

But, I must say I'm disappointed. The bread is some of the worst I've had in Thailand for that price. It's spongy, too sweet (carrot loaf), don't hold together which is compensated by too thick slices. Without coffee it wouldn't go down early morning.

Pros: Location, Variety, Staff is great

Cons: Price, Catering only to down-towners

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Dessert lovers dream! - Edit

As a sweets lover this is the best vegan bakery I have been too. So many options, very professional decor and delicious. The desserts were not too sweet and seem to be low sugar as they say. I tried numerous things, my favourite being the waffles! The only thing I was not too keen on was the matcha latte, as it was a little bit too bitter. I hope this place takes off and can open in Australia one day!!

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heaven. - Edit

this place is like heaven. we ordered a banana loaf sundae with banana ice cream and a hot fudge brownie sundae. it was the greatest thing ever. so rich and delicious. we ended up getting cookies and a carrot loaf to take away with us. highly recommended.

Pros: friendly, amazing food, possibly the best bakery in the world

Cons: no wi-fi

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AMAZING!! - Edit

Since reading about this place on happy cow a few months ago, I couldn't wait to try it. I'm happy to say it met my expectations and more!
Absolutely amazing! they have got the look, feel, design everything down to a T.
To find a totally vegan cake shop/ bakery in Bangkok is a treat for any vegan, and especially one with such as this.

I tried the banoffe cake (delicious) and my partner had the strawberry/chocolate cake, we also took a slice of brownie away. I wish I had, had longer in Bangkok to try everything! I'll defiantly be coming again next time in this part of the world.
I must add that these cakes aren't your usual uninteresting slab of cake, often found in vegan cafes and health food shops. They are beautiful and delicately presented individually wrapper slice of cake, similar to those found at Paris bakeries or artisan cake shops. That normally as a vegan you miss out on, as they are full of cream, egg and other animal products. Luckily at Veganerie you can indulge! :)

Whist in the Veganerie I saw someone who looked familiar to me but I just couldn't place the face. We then got chatting, and after just a few minutes it became apparent I was talking to Eric, founder of Happy cow :) what an incredible coincidence that he was there at the same time as me and in Bangkok! Anyway, it was great to meet him and hang out together.
I was recently made a London ambassador for happy cow so it was a nice surprise to be able to talk in person.
Eric and I both agreed that Veganerie was fantastic and there wasn't really anything they could improve on, other than perhaps having WiFi for customers, and that's it!
I think this place really has something special. I hope to see one day a Veganerie in London, where I think it would be greatly received.

Pros: Excellent Cakes and sweets, Totally Vegan!, Great Location

Cons: No WIFI.

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Dessert Heaven - Edit

I am sitting in Veganerie eating the best chocolate brownie I have ever had. Rich, dense chocolate with amazing flavor.

I am now eating a combination of creamy Thai Iced Tea ice cream with passion fruit ice cream with banana slices and topped with a piece of signature Veganerie chocolate. Perfection in both presentation and flavors.

This vegan bakery is easy to find in the top back corner of Mercury Mall.

Every table is full at 2:16 PM, and there is a line of people ordering dessert.

I am not one who orders dessert often, but I had been hearing such great things about this bakery that I wanted to try. Veganerie has exceeded my high expectations, and I highly recommend this world-class bakery and ice cream shop.

Pros: Perfect desserts, gorgeous presentation, stylish restaurant decor

Cons: they could use a quieter Vitamin model

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Wow! - Edit

This was wonderful.
I had the Banoffee Cake, that was super delicious!
And the choc fudge cake -> yummi!
Didn't like the choc chip cookie.
But the Chocolate super fudge yummi extra long name Frappe was wonderful again.
Would like to move into the store.

Gett off the BTS at Chit Lom- Exit 4 to Mercury Center.

Pros: all vegan, delicious, Easy to get there

Cons: Mall -> very cool (Air Condition)

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A Dream Come True - Edit

This amazing place serves every kind of dessert and sweet thing that you can think of, the bonus is that it is all 100% vegan! A true dream come true. Love it all. Your problem will be deciding upon what to get, because you'll want to try it all and there is so much! Heaven!

Pros: Vegan, Huge choices, Central location

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So good - Edit

I couldn't understand why I was the only customer here. Perhaps it's being on the 4th floor of this rather quiet shopping mall. But it's so good.

I got the vegan yogurt strawberry chocolate cake, and being vegan has never tasted so good.

Mercury Ville is immediately at the exit of Chit Lom BTS station. Then head up to the fourth floor and you can't miss the illuminated sign.

The large number of staff (considering that I was the only customer) were friendly. There was a lot of choice and it all looked delicious.

What a treat.
Updated from previous review on Saturday January 17, 2015

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Heavenly Treats! - Edit

What would you fancy for? Cakes, cookies, waffles, pastries, smoothies, ice-cream and beverages.. All vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, low fat, less sugar and cholesterol-free! There are many varieties for a main meal dessert, after meal dessert, tea time, or whenever you want to treat yourself. Recommend! :)

Pros: Very friendly & attentive owner, Friendly staffs, Tasting samples available for all products

Cons: A bit pricey, Limited choices for tea

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Amazing! - Edit

Wow, fantastic! Yummy cakes, cookies, ice cream and a few healthier options - oh, and gluten free stuff! Almond milk and soy available for drinks. This was an awesome place to go for dessert on Xmas day! Had gluten free choc fudge cake and coconut ice cream.

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Friendly and very good stander - Edit

I have vist this place for first time in Bangkok and I already felt in loved with their foods and service.
Very friendly staff. take very good care of me and my family

Pros: Vegetarian , Friendly staff

Cons: Faster service

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Pricey but worth it - Edit

The place looks more like a coffee shop than a bakery. Everything they sell looks like it's been done to the point of perfection, and can seem a bit 'sterile' if you're used to more downt-to-earth places. However, Bangkok has little to offer to vegan dessert fans, and Veganerie seems so far to be the only decent (10+ items) option.

Prices of their cakes and shakes range from 120 to 160 baht but the portions are generous and easily make you full. I tried cheese pie and yogurt berry shake, and both were amazing. I wish I could stay in Bangkok longer to explore their menu more, but I have no doubt everything would be very good.

In addition, staff was very friendly, spoke good English and offered food samples when asked.

Pros: tasty, extensive menu, good location

Cons: a bit pricey

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So good! - Edit

Vegan bakery, they do cakes, desserts, ice cream, coffees, smoothies etc. the mall is quite small and swanky, as is veganerie! They have a small seating area and a few tables out on the mall concourse. The cakes all look amazing and incredibly decadent. I tried the red velvet layer cake which was perfection, with coconut and walnut ice cream and a black coffee. It was SOOOO good! Very indulgent and cost 200 baht, so not cheap but definitely worth it. Highly recommend!

Pros: All vegan, Decadent, indulgent and delicious!, Very high standard

Cons: Mall location is pretty sterile, Not the cheapest

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Vegan Sweets Oasis in BKK - Edit

I was so happy to find this bakery cafe on Happy Cow while planning our trip, especially after realizing how hard it can be to find a vegan latte in this city. The cafe is on the top floor of Mercury Ville mall, near the Chitlom BTS station (not on Google Maps when I visited). They have a very extensive menu of ice creams, smoothies, cake and cookies, plus coffee and of course all is vegan. We stopped here for breakfast and afternoon snacking several times and loved everything we had. They were also very generous to give out samples of anything you cared to try before you order.

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WOW- Amazing Find- All vegan Bakery!! - Edit

After reading about this place on HappyCow I rushed over and found that they had only been open for 2 weeks.
It was clear from the first glance that these guys are experienced and talented bakers. The presentation blew me away and left me not knowing what to order first. They offer 8 or 10 kinds of coconut milk based ice creams, about 5 or more cakes/pies, cookies, brownies, and a variety of sundaes and shakes as well as coffee. I had some samples of a few items and everything was yummy.
I opted for a matcha frappe which was perfect and not overly sweet. It included a big scoop of the matcha ice cream which I liked a lot.
I also had brownie and slice of banana loaf. Both were good and had a moist, creamy consistence, not too dry.
I hear they bake daily and also offer breakfast options. I'll definitely make it back there before I leave!

Pros: ALL VEGAN, Yummy treats, Nice place

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