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Est. June 2019. Offers many dishes including pizza, burgers, sushi, stews, salad and ice cream. Reported open July 2020. Suggested to call ahead to check hours. Open Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00.

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First Review by Federclown


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25 Sep 2023

Underrated vegan restaurant

I've been to Vegan E multiple times and have tried Aubergine dip, Pizza, salads, smoothies etc. Everything was tasty and homely everytime. The service was quick and friendly.

Definitely worth a visit!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-25

Pros: Food, Service

Cons: Ambience could be better



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19 Sep 2023

Cozy place to eat vegan homemade food

Cozy, affordable and fully family-run place to eat. Plethora of cuisines, including Italian, English, American, Asian. Kids menu available! Friendly staff 😊


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19 Aug 2023


The restaurant is pretty hidden but a real find! The owner is really nice and they make food that is so special and very tasty. It sure is not for everyone but i myself really enjoyed it.
Special thanks to the owner for lending us his umbrella as we might have drowned in the rain without it. :)

Pros: very friendly, Hazelnut Pizza, Lemonade


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03 Aug 2023

Ok, all depends on the dish you order

Fish and Chips was good. Samosa was good. The other dishes just had to much salt. I found it so salty, even though it’s suppose to be more of a healthier option vegan place. It really didn’t have much flavour to be honest. Feel really bad for saying this because the staff was really really nice.

Pros: Friendly staff, Some good dishes

Cons: Salty, Lack flavour, Bit dated


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Non Veg
20 Jul 2023

Awsome vegan food and very friendly staff

Had a lovely vegan spag bol.
As a carnivore, I can honestly say this was absolutely lovely. Def recommend.

My friend enjoyed the place so much she had two meals 😃

Pros: Friendly staff, Spag bol

Cons: Not really any dislikes.


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16 Jul 2023


almostvegan_london on Instagram unpaid never sponsored own honest reviews no ads
West Brompton/Fulham 10/10

Mac and cheese 10/10 Fish and chips 9/10

I loved this place! It's a small, cute, friendly and fully vegan restaurant. Yes, I was far from home. It was a 45 minute drive in traffic. But it was worth going to! I had to get a takeaway as I was in the area but needed to get back and battle traffic! Very thoughtful place, even the tap water had fresh mint in it.

Mac - This was creamy, cheesy and quite light. This is how it should be!!! Smothered in peppery sauce, not dense or gloopy at all. Doesn't have the weird foot smell some vegan cheese has that I can't stand. The bacon was smokey and a great addition. Yum! I would actually travel just for this!

Fish & Chips - Tempeh in seaweed, with Potato Wedges and Tartar Sauce. The wedges they make fresh so they were soft/ crunchy, Herby and peppery. Fish was tempeh which had a bit of fishyness not just from seaweed but a marinade. It wasn't extremely fishy which I was happy about. I don't know much about fish but it was kind of tempeh from the sea. The tartar sauce was very tangy a bit vinegary with some herbs. It needs the sauce it is served with as tempeh is quite dense and it adds a zing.

I was hoping to try the lasagne but it was still in the oven so I was a bit early. I don't mind, nice to know things are freshly cooked! Next time :)

Pros: Friendly, Vegan everything, Man and cheese


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30 Jun 2023

Really good vegan food

The food is really good but there is still room left for improvement. The pizza was very crispy and hard to cut. The fish & chips were tasty but didn’t look or taste like fish at all. Not even a little bit.

Pros: Auswahl


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29 May 2023

Fake fish tacos!

We had such a delicious meal! I was skeptical about the avocado houmous but it was so good, as was the smokey aubergine dip. The fish tacos were our favourite though, would highly recommend. Also loved the raw lasagne, the sauce was lovely. A great meal! And

Pros: Lovely staff


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20 May 2023

Decent and okay

The guy who ran the place was very nice and helpful. Service was good, but the food was definitely lackluster except for the dessert. My husband got a vegetable stir fry. It was way too salty and had a little too much cumin. It wasn't very good. My dish was okay. I got the raw lasagna. It was made with eggplant, and it seemed like some zucchini. It was decent, just not something I would rave about Then we got the raw cheesecake. That was delicious. It seemed to be made with coconut cream and slices of pineapple, pear, dates, and some chunks of fresh strawberry.
That dish WAS something to rave about.

Pros: Excellent service, Stupendous raw cheesecake

Cons: One dish was a bit too salty


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16 May 2023

Hidden Gem 😊

We LOVED everything - starters, mains & the saffron rice pudding is to die for! Smoothies & Turkish Coffee delicious too! Would highly recommend a visit 😊

Pros: Excellent personable service, Saffron rice pudding , Delicious fresh homemade food


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02 Apr 2023

Great place in West London

Homemade and cooked food, friendly staff, delicious food, great prices, good portion sizes, all in all I recommend :)

Pros: Lots of items on the menu, Friendly staff, Home cooked food and vibe


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10 Feb 2023

Good menu, good food

First visit, I had the fish tacos (two, £8), made from tofu and seaweed, mayo, sweet chili sauce. I’d like to try lots more on the menu: mac-n-cheese, pizza, milkshake…

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-10

Pros: all vegan


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22 Jan 2023

Delicious home cooked vegan food.

This is a friendly, family run business, around a 6 minute walk from West Brompton station. The menu is huge and the food is fresh and delicious. Was very quiet when we visited on a Saturday night which was very surprising. #Veganuary

Pros: Huge menu, Friendly staff, Very reasonably priced

Peter Kalmstrom

Points +88

14 Nov 2022

Friendly, professional service and good food. Excellent hours.

I was very lucky to find this place and enjoyed my too short visit a lot.
Will certainly be back!


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03 Oct 2022

Very good!

Big menu and delicious food


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24 Sep 2022

Amazing food!

They have a big menu so it's hard to choose, I got the fish tacos which were amazing and the mac n cheese was delicious too. Definitely would come back again!


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20 Aug 2022

loved the food

i had tempeh fish & chips; the tempeh came out wrapped in nori and fried and was really tasty, and the potato wedges were hot and crispy. the restaurant had a big “family” vibe with classical music playing, which wasn’t my thing at all, although i can’t fault a restaurant for that.
i think the waitress might’ve been new — but we all start somewhere :-)


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Mostly Veg
19 Aug 2022

Another missed opportunity.

Poor food quality and places furnishing depressing.

Pros: Lots vegan options

Cons: Depressing ambient


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18 Jul 2022

Small family business

A very small, friendly family business. Please bring lots of time and joy to the restaurant. Opening hours are phantasy, so call before you come, especially before noon, it might be closed. All vegan, incl. full british breakfast, spaghetti bolo, pizza, etc.. Around half an hour from King's Cross, less from Picadilly Circus, easy to reach w/ one change f/ subway (metro) to bus. Interesting part of town that you may not see under different circumstances. Be very, very, very, very clear what you wish to order, they are a bit confused (e.g.: black coffe = black = no milk; two salads = two salads, not one, etc.). Be patient. Fancy jelly dessert w/ banana and kiwi, see photos, pls.. Old-school vegan, no fancy stuff.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-18


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09 Jul 2022

A littl gem!

Doesn't look like much from the outside but once I side it's airy, relaxed, and friendly. We had two different pizzas and the chicken fingers - all were delicious! Lovely to have proper homemade v gan food and doesn't clear out your wallet 🙂 will definitely return next time we are in London!

Pros: Delicious food, Super friendly service, Relaxed atmosphere


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09 Jul 2022

Very interesting and good food!

One of the best things is that there is so many variety.
To keep the quality consistent is art!
Compliments to the chef😉

Pros: Vegan, Different cuisines, italian, western, indian, Seating inside, good opening times, multi payment


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30 Jun 2022

Delicious food!

We had a great meal at Vegane! What a great find. The menu is extensive. I highly recommend the lentil soup. The service was excellent, we were given a warm welcome and we were frequently checked on to make sure we were doing ok. All dishes that we ordered were great. In addition to the soup, we had Mac and cheese, aubergine Parmesan, and Chana masala. You cannot go wrong visiting this restaurant! We hope to be back.

Pros: Extensive menu , Food made fresh , Friendly staff

Cons: None!


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21 Jun 2022

Soooo nice

Really love the food here and the owner is really kind and creates a welcoming atmosphere. I would say however to call ahead as I’ve come here before and they weren’t open at the suggested opening hours (checked on Google too).

Pros: Options, Affordable , Friendly

Cons: Opening hours arbitrary


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06 Jun 2022

Lots of variety

Our favorites are the garlic bread and lasagna😄


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14 May 2022

Delicious food!

Great food, large portions and friendly service. Huge menu and all the food is vegan; what's not to love 😍

Pros: Delicious food (all-vegan menu) , Great portions , Friendly service


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26 Apr 2022

Great food!

The food definitely tastes better than presented. I agree with some of the other reviews, that having the sauce in the side would be my preference. We had the fysh and chips (made from tempeh), chick’n burger with fries and strawberry milkshake, and the saffron rice pudding. The fish was super tasty. The seaweed really worked with the fermented taste of the tempeh. The milkshake was amazingly good!! We are frequent milkshake drinkers and this was one of the best I have had. My partner wasn’t that keen on the chick’n patty, but the rest of the burger was great!

Pros: Large menu choices, Very friendly owner

Cons: Please put sauces on the side


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14 Feb 2022


Not allowed to give one star, overpriced for the taste.
Called a vegan restaurant but they have halloumi and feta cheese.
Over sauced, killing any other flavours


15 Feb 2022

The halloumi and feta cheese can be made vegan as well. Over price? Where did you compare to? Compare to Mcdonald?

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