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Small family-run vegan fast food café serving foods like falafel, veggie burgers, wraps, muffins, seasonal desserts, coffee, and freshly squeezed juices. Uses fresh and mostly local ingredients, some of which are organic. Can provide no-oil options. Owned by long-time environmental and animal rights activists, with a motto of "change your diet, change the world." Accepts donation for the Skopje strays. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:30pm, Sat 11:00am-6:30pm. Closed Sun, Wed & on national holidays. Call ahead for hours.

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First Review by Veganastas


Points +60

21 Nov 2023

Delicious, friendly, lot of choice

Good service, excellent food, nice conversation with the owners, would love to come back!

Pros: Lot of choice, Friendly staff, Flawless English service



Points +572

09 Oct 2023

Small restaurant with great selection

Small store with great selection of burgers, sandwiches, salad and desserts. The butget burger was tasty and consisted of a good composition of ingredients. The fries were crispy but unfortunately with a little too much mayo and ketchup. With a price of the equivalent of 3.50€ absolutely recommended. The staff was very friendly and the preparation was fast.


Points +194

25 Sep 2023

Nettes kleines Bistro aus Überzeugung

Ein kleines Bistro, das übrigens auch schon vormittags geöffnet hat. Das Personal ist sehr freundlich, spricht sehr gut Englisch und arbeitet aus Überzeugung. Wir hatten einen Cheeseburger und einen Falafelburger. Als Nachtisch ein Tiramisu. Es war sehr lecker, aber nichts besonderes.
Hinweis: Es ist nur Barzahlung in mazedonischen Denar möglich.

Pros: Leckeres Essen, Freundliches Personal

Cons: Ein Angebot an traditionellen Speisen wäre toll, Nur Barzahlung möglich


Points +255

21 Sep 2023

Nive burger joint

I had the smokey cheeseburger and it hit all the right notes!


Points +30

17 Sep 2023

Absolutely delicious

The place is very cosy and the staff very nice. The seats inside are comfortable and I like the atmosphere very much as well as the decorations, especially the framed images on the wall. Price wise also really good, I ordered the protein portion three patties, a lemonade, and a Snickers truffle; it cost 530 dinars (43 RON/≈ €8) and I really felt like it was worth it. The food came quickly and it was absolutely delicious. Will definitely come back when I return to Skopje. It was literally the best food I've ever had in a restaurant :)♥


Points +40

06 Sep 2023

lovely restaurant with delicious burger

it was a lovely, small restaurant with very friendly staff. The prices are good. Fries and the smokey burger were delicious. They offer a lot of different meals, such as sweet crepes, cake. slices, smoothies, fries, sandwiches, burgers...
Highly recommended! Go vegan!

Pros: taste, price, a lot of different meals


Points +70

06 Sep 2023

Great food for little money

This restaurant is an awesome place with very delicious food for great prices.


Points +73

21 Aug 2023

Super fresh!

A small place in the centre of Skopje. We sat outside for some breakfast. We ordered 2 smoothies and 2 juices. It took a while, but since everything was super fresh it was worth the wait. Also the food ordered was really tasty and fresh. Would definitely recommend!!


23 Aug 2023


Points +2568

16 Jul 2023


Food was dry and a bit bland. I won't be going back. Nice they have a vegan restaurant in skopje though


Points +55

12 Jul 2023

Really tasty

It was nice to find a vegan place in Skopje. I had a snickers slice which was absolutely delicious. The smoothie had potential, but it was a little bit watery. As with everything in North Macedonia, it was very cheap and I wish I'd had the appetite to try more of the menu!


Points +106

04 Jul 2023

Nice fries, not sure about the burger…

My felafel burger seemed as if it was a frozen one, not homemade and it wasn’t fully heated so it was pretty gross and I couldn’t finish it. Toppings and bun were good. 3 stars are mainly for the fries which were home made and very good, and the price was good. Staff weren’t super friendly so I didn’t feel very welcome, but it was ok.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-04


06 Jul 2023

Dear cccc,

Our burger mixes as well as sauces are all house made (our original recipe).

We make the burger sauces from nuts and seeds, and they are all raw - so have to be kept in the fridge along with the fresh salad before service. We do try to keep the balance though by freshly baking the patties and charring the bun per order. In your experience, that balance was obviously off and we're sorry for it.

The owner.


Points +960

27 Jun 2023


Very cute place and very nice people. The food is so delicious. I had a cheese burger, everything was divine, the bun, the patty, the sauce… For dessert I had the chocolate crepe which was very good but huge so I took half back in a doggy bag. No wifi and no credit card but they accept Euros bills and give you back the change in the local currency which is very convenient.


Points +53

26 Jun 2023

great food, lovely people

They have amazing food, and a lot of options for Macedonia!!! It tasted amazing and the staff is really nice. The atmosphere was nice and you could see that they’re really passionate about veganism!

Pros: Great food, Nice people, Many options


Points +25

26 Jun 2023

Hurry up….

I’ve been this place before and then the service/food was excellent - totally *****, but today they had A house full and my hamburger was cold and french fries not cooked enough. I hope, they keep quality, even they have too many?? customers.

Pros: Nice, cute terrace, Smoothie was perfect

Cons: Hamburger cold, French fries undercooked


26 Jun 2023

We are sincerely sorry for your negative experience. We do our best to maintain our standards and quality of service as it's clearly visible from the seven 5-star reviews in May/June on this platform alone.

It was a full house today all at one time - that's true, and mistakes sometimes do happen despite our best efforts.

Just curious, why have you not given us that 5-star review when you visited us the previous time/s?

The owner.


27 Jun 2023

FYI, I wasn´t member for this Happy Cow community at that time.

The customer


Points +108

17 Jun 2023

Incredible food and lovely service

Amazing food with really lovely service. The burgers and desserts are delicious, this is a must-visit place!

Pros: An amazing menu, Lovely and friendly service , Really affordable


Points +671

09 Jun 2023

Really tasty and excellent service

Staff are so friendly and obviously care about their food. Had a double soy burger which felt more like a chickpea burger but was amazing. Good fried and everything was good size portions


Points +614

05 Jun 2023

Great Burgers and Service

So glad we came across this. I had a falafel burger and it was delicious! Great size and the fries were tasty too.
Fresh orange juice went down well.
Friends had a double soy patty burger and a single cheese burger and they loved it too.

A friend took home a tiramisu and snickers dessert not had any but I can imagine it will be good.

The service was the best! The friendliest people went out of their way to support us with any questions about the place.

I felt so happy to have come here and if I am ever in Skopje again I will be sure to visit.

There is an English menu which was welcomed for us. Just for awareness it is cash only. Highly recommend


Points +2280

20 May 2023

Casual burger joint

Fully vegan, solid food and friendly service. They speak English and have an English menu. Their veggie burger is yummy, fries are standard skinny and the Snickers slice is absolutely Divine. Highly recommended. They also make fresh juices and serve beer. Limited seating both indoors and outdoors as it is a small place.

Pros: Snickers bar, Veggie burger, Friendly, helpful service


Points +11

Mostly Veg
18 May 2023

Lifesaver in Skopje

Great food, not too expensive!


Points +266

08 May 2023

Delicious food, including dessert

There were several different burgers available, I chose the vegeburger which was tasty, my wife had the falafel burger which wasn't quite so good. However, the salad was stunning, the sauce used made it one of the best salads I've ever had. The toilet was fine, and the place generally was clean. Very quiet on a Monday, I hope it gets busier later in the week. Far more than just a cafe - the owner is also a city Councillor who promotes vegan ism more widely. Very worthy of support, and great desserts too.


Points +410

04 May 2023


The food was tasty, I had the cheeseburger with fries and was a good portion and got full. They don’t have many options as it’s only burger patties. The place was a bit messy and the toilet was nasty tho.

Pros: Tasty, Friendly staff

Cons: A bit dirty, Not many options


Points +107

01 May 2023

Nice place

Great variety of traditional food and cakes and very friendly staff


Points +1211

11 Apr 2023

Animal rights and food

The place is small but fine.
The staff was friendly and spoke English. Menu was also available in English.
The options didn't seem too varied but I found something I enjoyed.
Had the burger (with veggie patty) with fries, which tasted well.
I really appreciated the animal rights posters on the wall.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-11


Points +134

05 Feb 2023

The vegan truckstop of your dreams.

Imagine a greasy burger joint but it's in Skopje and it's vegan. Old school, inexpensive, big serving, anti-hipster, truckstop-type burgers with plenty of pickles, double patty options (mix and match, too), sauces and plenty of fries. If that sounds unappealing it's because you're wrong - the food's delicious! Staff are always having a joke, though service isn't always fast. Limited seating, but over a dozen visits the place never filled up (locals appear to prefer takeaway). Not a lot of drinks options and the fridge never seems to be on for some reason. Plenty of vegan propaganda on the walls. They offer a small range of tasty desserts, such as tahini-and-chocolate slice.

The main downside is that it's closed on weekend and closes early (5ish) on weekdays.

In-house music is always a local radio station's very random, mostly Anglophone 80s-20s pop-dance mix. The shop's ringtone is Tagteam's "Whoomp there it is", which I can't believe anyone in Macedonia even knows let along chooses for their ringtone. Just adds to the great atmosphere, really.

Pros: Big, cheap, delicious

Cons: Not amazing hours, sometimes slow service, limited seating


Points +58

30 Dec 2022

Nice place, tasty burgers

If you're looking for a vegan place in Skopje, 365 Kitchen is a very good option. They have three different burger patties (we tried two of them and liked both) and extremely fair prices. Part of the staff seemed a bit annoyed by our appearance in the beginning, but was friendly, later on. We would recommend the place.

Pros: All vegan, Not very expensive, You can pay in Euro

Cons: Part of the staff not very welcoming, You cannot pay by card


Points +242

25 Nov 2022


Nice small place. Really enjoyed it.

Pros: Tasty , Clean, All vegan


Points +25

16 Oct 2022


Everything is vegan and simply amazing. Best burgers, falafels, toats, and sweets.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Pleasant workers

Cons: None

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