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4202 E Busch Blvd, Tampa, Florida, USA, 33617

Inside Natural Detox shop you will find this primarily takeaway vegan food deli offering southern home-style cooking. Find deli salads, sandwiches, hot foods, smoothies, and snacks. Limited dining area inside for seating. Deli food and indoor dining area stops at 6pm. Listed with Doorstep Delivery. Open Tue-Sat 11:00am-9:30pm. Owner advises that days and hours are subject to change at any time.

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Reviews (23)

First Review by tmchin

One of Best Restaurants in Tampa - Edit

I discovered this establishment just driving around one day. I was welcomed like family. I am now good friends with the owner and her husband. The food has always been superb in my opinion, I have never had something there that I didn't like. Pat, the owner is very good at making sure that her customers are satisfied with their food. She has no problem making something new if you are unsatisfied with your meal. The water alkalizer that she owns is state of the art, I have never seen one as advanced as hers. Pat has quite the selection of beverages, chips, and various vegan grocery items as well. I will forever be a regular to her restaurant, I always enjoy my time there. My mother and close friends are also big fans of Vegan Take Out.

Pros: Selection and Taste of Food , Low Prices, Treated Like Family

Cons: Distance from my house

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Not at all what I expected - Edit

I went to visit this spot cause a business client of mines recommended it, said the food was amazing and the owner was nice. Was I in for a surprise when I came in the place I was a little thrown off by the setting but the husband of the shop asked if he could help me. I advised I was interested in seeing the food they have on the menu and he directed me to a board of the food for the day. I was really confused cause there was really no details as to what was the ingredients in the food. So I went back to the husband and told him I have a few questions, wanted to know if everything was vegan (cause menu said chicken and shrimp) and he advised me yes so my next question was is there soy in the food (as I need to know for health reasons), he was not sure so he had to ask his wife. He went to ask the wife and she clearly was aggravated with the question and even gave me a little attitude saying she doesn't know what is in the food, "interesting" is the thoughts in my head. So she asked me do I know Gardenin and I am like yeah so she takes me to the fridge and shows me the product she is using and says I don't know how much soy is in the product (however this was not my question, I just wanted to know if soy was in what I wanted to order and if so I would have ordered something else) then she advised well you will have to get the quoina burger and at that point I was turned off and did not want to give this place my last penny so I left. Its too bad cause I really was looking forward to this being my go to place as it is right around the corner from my business but I would not recommend this place and I will not ever visit again.

Pros: Convenient location, Variety of items on the menu

Cons: Customer Service, Detailed menu with descriptions , Organization

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Natural Detox Pat Thank you for your constructive criticism. I apologize for your terrible experience visiting our establishment. We always greet our guests by finding out what we can help them with. It is usually easier to guide guests to our retail section which we have in the freezers. We have four merchandisers full of product as well. Maybe our guests are curious about our vegan food. Maybe they need detox products or alkaline water.

We pride ourselves on being an eclectic shoppe offering a variety of products and services for mainstream and vegan community. We have a small dining area in order to promote socializing and comradery in the area. Most of our guests love it. It would be boring if all the stores were just alike, don't you think?

It seems you were put off by the regular names of food listed on the white board. If you had looked up my menu in the photo area of Happy Cow, you would have read my disclaimer pertaining to offering a normal experience for non-vegans and vegans alike. My guests can rest assured they will not consume any animal products including dairy and eggs. If you do not consume seaweed or yeast, this is not the place for you.

When you asked my husband if the food was, "Vegan," he replied yes. Then, you wanted to know if how much soy was in the food. My husband confronted me and yes, I was a little put out. I am not a nutritionist. Nor do I claim to be one. I approached you and I replied to your request. I stated four more times I could not define the amount of soy in, "GARDEIN," Product or any other products. I am well aware of all ingredients in my food.

I brought you to one of our, "FREEZERS," to show you a "GARDEIN

This Vegan Shrimp Wrap is Fyaaahhhhh - Edit

I just finished eating the best vegan shrimp wrap!! It was toasted with vegan mozzarella, grilled vegan shrimp, kale spinach and onions! And to top it off, I had this CRACK (super-duper-delicioso) dipping ginger miso sauce!!

Pros: Excellent customer service; food was fresh and mad, Very relaxed and friendly environment, Great tasting food that is healthy

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Back and better than ever - Edit

I love this place. I have been here a few times. The smoothies are yummy and the food is tasty and made just how you like it. This is where you come when you need a little break and some home cooking. The menu is all vegan and she has fantastic deals on a small assortment of vegan groceries. It's not especially quick because she likes to make stuff fresh and customized. If you're in a hurry, call ahead. Also, while there is a standing menu now, there are usually a couple items not available or not readily prepared. Don't let that stop you, she won't let you get away hungry. I would also say it's more healthy for the soul and spirit than conventionally healthy for the body. It's not all raw and whole foods but you can find those things on the menu also. A lot of stuff is organic too. you can also get Gardein and once they have fryers back up some fried stuff too. I can't wait. :)

Pros: loving & friendly atmosphere , prices, yummy food

Cons: sometimes out of stuff, not always consistent (who cares), not super quick

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Great Find!! - Edit

I was visiting Tampa from Orlando and in search for a new vegan places to eat. I found the Vegan Detox & Nutrition shop so I decided to stop in for a quick lunch.

I had a great chat with the owner Pat. She's super sweet, friendly and genuine. Customer service at its finest. The shop is cute and has everything you need. Her homemade Mac n cheese is to die for. She even heated my food up in the oven when I mentioned my hotel didn't have a microwave. How nice was that!!!
I'll definitely be back.

Pros: Awesome customer service, Great prices, convenient location

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Vegan Take Out - Tampa - Edit

After placing a quick call to verify hours, we visited and we are happy that we did. Pat and her husband Tom are friendly and welcoming. The shoppe is small with a couple of tables and chairs. The deals on groceries were good, i.e., a 5 pound bag of Daiya cheese only $10.00 or a gallon of Vegenaise for $25.00. There are seasonings and spices, Gardein, Beyond Meat, mock tuna and mock salmon all priced at or below competitor prices. Pat is willing to order items for you not on hand. The food in the cafe is really yummy - vegan comfort food. Pat offered us many samplings and was happy to make us something not on menu for the day. The atmosphere is laid back - other patrons coming in and being introduced to us which was nice. The owners are fine tuning their hours and days of operation, so be sure to give them a call before you go.
Updated from previous review on Monday October 27, 2014

Pros: Good Deals on Groceries, Nice Staff

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Unhappy - Edit

I read all the great reviews for this place and decided to try it. My husband and I stopped in... and no one was in sight. The door dinged when we came in, so I assumed that someone in the back would come out in a minute or two after they finished whatever they were doing. So we walked around for several minutes talking and trying to find a menu.

There was no menu to be found, and the store was so cluttered and poorly organized that I wasn't sure what, if anything was for sale. There was furniture in strange places and racks with nothing on them. Nothing seemed to be labeled with a price either.

After about 10 minutes of hanging around no one ever came out of the back, so we left.

Re-reading the reviews it seems like the place rarely has a menu, which is not appealing to me at all. We will not be back.

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Natural Detox Pat Dear LorinWinter:

I am so sorry about your recent visit to my store. I would like to know what date and time you arrived. No one is ever in my store for 10 minutes without me knowing about it.

As far as a menu goes, it is posted on the white board you must have missed when you walked in the door. It is in plain sight for all to see and has been there for sometime. Another white board displays the smoothie menu.

Everything is priced in the store that is for sale such as retail food and drinks. New stock was being put out if your visit was in the past few days.

We have been rearranging lately in an attempt to make the place more appealing.

We always have a menu for those unable to create their own dishes. Most of my guests like to be in control of their food choices and have been enjoying the freedom for 3 years.

Please feel free to contact the store for a complimentary meal on us as a way to apologize for your inconvenience.

I really want to know when you were in the store without us knowing it. We will go through our disk again when we know the date and time of your visit.

Again, thanks for bringing your comments to our attention.

Natural Detox Pat

LorinWinter Hi Pat,

I appreciate your response. My husband and I came by last Saturday around 11:30 or so. I guess we missed the white board, I just asked my husband he didn't see a white board with a menu either. We only remember seeing a white board on the floor next to the counter for smoothies. (Which I have to admit seemed an odd place to put it.) Nothing for actual food though.

Good luck with your rearranging, and I am glad you have a customer base who enjoys being able to create their own options.


Great place to eat! - Edit

Very welcoming place to eat. In addition to being vegetarians we do not eat any onion nor garlic yet Pat was more than willing to cook something up for us. And it was delicious!
We will visit again and bring friends!

Pros: Flexible, Amazing, Service

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Love Being Here - Edit

The food is excellent, the atmosphere is very friendly and you are like family.

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Great place, great friends - Edit

I happened to find Pat on Happy Cow but I passed her shop almost everyday. She doesn't always have a menu but will make what ever you want out of the fresh produce she has. She is incredible to talk to and a really great energy to be around. I wish I would have stayed in Tampa longer and been able to become a regular.

Pros: Great place to sit and chat, Warm friendly service, great vegan fare

Cons: May have to wait a few minutes, No Menu

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Animal Friendly & Delicious - Edit

I stopped by Vegan Take Out on my way home from school during lunch. I met Pat, a delightful inspiration, who seated me and offered a soup sampling. I ordered the French Onion soup and was pleasantly surprised when she suggested vegan provolone. Not only was the soup and bread amazing, but the whole place made me feel at home from the decor to the convenience of wi-fi. I will most definitely return.

Pros: completely animal friendly, tasty food, free wi-fi

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Absolutely Delicious Vegan Food!! - Edit

I happened upon Vegan Take Out maybe a year ago when leaving Busch Gardens with my brother, (who is vegetarian). We were just driving down Busch Blvd and he said "Hey a vegan take out place! Wanna give it a try?". I'm not vegetarian but I tend to eat that way often and prefer to eat healthy and mostly organic. We were greeted by Pat who is a wonderful and warm woman. She made the most amazing vegan chili with vegan sour cream, (you would never know it was dairy-free except for the fact that she makes all of her food vegetarian/ vegan). She even introduced us to other patrons enjoying the calm, relaxing atmosphere. She really makes her establishment feel inviting. If I didn't live in Sarasota I would absolutely be there more frequently! I have since introduced my boyfriend to Vegan Take Out and make it a point to stop in whenever I go up to Tampa. I have never been served a dish that wasn't absolutely delicious and the prices are very, very reasonable. Plus, my body feels good after eating there because it was made healthy and with love :)

Pros: Delicious, healthy food for a great value, Warm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere, Wonderful people, treat patrons as family

Cons: I wish I lived closer to Tampa!

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Better than being at home - Edit

Vegan Take out, simply put.. is the best place on this planet, it has the welcoming feel of grandmas house, the down to earthiness of hard working group that knows their roots. But what makes this place into these things is Pat and Tom who own the place. It's a mecca of only good times sitting around a table enjoying talking about life and all it's goods, bad's and in-between while also feeling comfortable that you are in the company of people who can relate to all aspects of life but also help sooth that adult back into that child innocence that was thought to have gone to somewhere else and thought would never come back. Pat serves of some of the most creative, delicious awe inspiring dishes that leave you full but also feeling good, feeling just right. And it's a gathering of all people here, from all places and experiencing true unity. So take away the facts that are already set, like great prices, cleanness, abundance of items not found in many places, all these great things which vegan take out has, put them aside for a second and realize that this place is so much more, this is a place you will want to call home, these are people that will make you feel like you in the arms of the most warm hug you've ever felt, most gentle atmosphere that leaves your muscles relaxed, you head unwinding, and your sense of perception gazing into twilight gardens of youthful utopia. Simply put, this place is heaven if there was one.
Updated from previous review on Friday December 20, 2013

Pros: great people, honest people, real establishment of peace

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I have been coming to Vegan Take Out about 2 years and I love it. I came here for the alkaline water and I ended up doing the major ionic foot bath sessions. I began changing a little of my diet and I feel much better. The vegan food is really good and love the smoothies and I just had hibiscus flower tea. Wow! Really good.

You have to think on your feet here. There is no menu. There is plenty of food choices. Independent thought is at work.

I am sitting here with my brother and friends listening to an "OPEN MIKE" singer. Nice deal, Ms. Pat!

If you want a really laid back homey place to chill out and eat, Vegan Take Out is it.

Pros: Clean, Fresh Food, Great Prices, Family Atmosphere

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Reviewer Avatar


I thought I would check this place out. Tried for the first time Friday night. I didn't know what I was getting into. There was a karaoke machine and a couple of people singing and having a great time.

I haven't been in a health food store like this before. Real homey and a lot of friendly people.

The owner kept serving a bunch of food. Had the Italian Sausage, (coconut-jasmine brown rice colored yellow), and my standard smoothie.

It was really inexpensive. Food is standard American Fare but vegan.

I stopped by today and had Gardein Chickin Breast, Steamed Broccoli with Daiya Melted Cheese and that Coconut Rice. Then I ended eating Brown Sugar Brownies with Chocolate Fudge Frosing.

It was really good. The whole meal was $9.99. That was their special today. This is a new conce[t to me. No menu. Just ask owner what she has and she'll put something together for you.

Great place to hang out.

Pros: Very friendly staff, Very clean store, Totally vegan food and goods

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Pure Excellence - Edit

I just moved here from Brooklyn, NY I stumbled upon vegan takeout just from riding by. I went in and I mean I was truely AMAZED! I just began my vegetarian diet and am very new to things and Pat the owner was soooo helpful. I mean the atmosphere was pheonominal so homey so comfortable right at home. I was there almost 4 hours. Not only did I get a great experience a better knowledge and advice on the vegan diet and dos and don'ts. I had an excellent lunch wrap made by Pat herself and an amazing smoothie. The place is extraordinary I mean theres so much to learn talk about see and do and just relax I sat down with other customers old and new and we just sat around a table and ate lunch together and chatted away. I was truely a beautiful experience I felt right at home and it was very welcoming. I feel much better about my move here in Tampa FL knowing I have a great place to go to close to home to get the nutritional things I need as well as a social atmosphere. they even do a game night every friday for customers with kareokee food games and fun. I couldn't of asked God to point me in a better place than vegan take out Thank You.

Pros: not judgemental, welcoming and helpful, great service and knowledge of products

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Great Food. Unique Atmosphere. - Edit

Never been in a place like this before. There is no menu, so you have to ask what they want to make today (spoiler: they'll make anything and the food is amazing)
Highly recommend. Great atmosphere.

Pros: Atmosphere. , Food. , People.

Cons: what's a con?

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Awesome - Edit

I went to this restaurant and had the best time like being with family. This is the 1st restaurant and 1st time I actually loved the vegan sausage vegan chili and that night came back and had a vegan burger. I actually love it and I am so happy to have found this restaurant, it is a god send. Really, pat the owner is like the most awesome person I have met on this journey of being vegetarian and with her help will move on to being a vegan. I learned so much about healthy items, detox and many other things. cant wait to eat here over and over again and try many other things. Also every friday night is karaoke night and is so much fun stop singing the blues and sing for supper it is hilarious and so much fun we stayed till late. we jammed and sing for quite sometime go check it out you will love the food and fun.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 08, 2013

Pros: friendly as heck great hours, excellent food, such a great vibe in the place

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My wife and I decided to use Vegan Take Out for our family get together. The event was for 30 people and it was fantastic. The salad was a work of art with star fruit, pineapple, jack fruit, arugula, kale, spinach, tomato, etc., blueberry homemade dressing, stir fry, pasta, cold pasta salad, brown sugar brownies and pecan tassies. Can't get any better than that.

The food was fresh and you knew most of it was organic.

If you are looking for a great vegan caterer, go to Vegan Take Out. The owner will work with you and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Pros: Clean location, Mom and Pop Operation, Great Prices

Cons: Not open 24 hours a day, Needs to be franchised, Can't be duplicated

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Great food - Edit

First time visiting restaurant. Very friendly owners/staff. Great food, pumpkin soup was great! I highly recommend and will be back for lunch/dinner.

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Suprisingly good! - Edit

I wish I'd know about this place sooner. They serve some great vegan food. I was thrilled with their savory pumpkin soup and a beautiful salad with arugala, tomatoes, olives, starfruit and more! It was all very fresh. Others tried their various types of stirfry over coconut rice and remarked that they enjoyed it very much and especially liked that the coconut flavor really came through. I was too full for dessert but took some home and was glad I did! The brownie in chocolate sauce was a chocolate lover's delight! The blueberry-banana cobbler and peach cobbler were also quite tasty. It's a quaint little place but perfect for grabbing a quick tasty meal. They also have some very limitd organic produce available for purchase at extremely reasonable prices. Check it out!

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The. Best. Ever. - Edit

Pat is a one woman show and a magical chef. She has a rotating menu of daily specials.
We had a "chikin" stirfry with broccoli, sugar snaps and freshly roasted cashews. This was all served hot over coconut basmati rice The whole thing was peppered with mustard seeds and full of AMAZING flavor.
We also had a pumpkin soup which was literally the best soup I've ever had. Warm, savory, pumpkiny. YUM.

Pros: delicious, friendly, local

Cons: zip, zero, zilch

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Vegan Take-Out Rocks! - Edit

This one place where you can get great vegan food like Vegan Chili, Vegan Pumpkin Soup, Vegan Black Beans and many other delicious entrees and desserts. You can't go wrong stopping in at one of the best places in the Tampa Bay area for excellent vegan food. Try it - you'll like it.

Pros: Excellent Food, Great Value, Friendly Staff

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