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Vegan Planet

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Av. Andres quintana Roo, Mza.1 Lote 4.4 Sm.45 x Av. Del Sol, Cancun, Mexico, 77507

The entire menu is vegan, and some dishes are raw. Modern decor. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Raw, Western, Juice bar, Mexican

Reviews (37)

First Review by aprocopio

Minus one star for service - Edit

When I see word "vegan" in places name, I have an expectation that waitress will know very well what they are serving. Unfortunately in Vegan Planet I didn't get that. But what I got was rather good mexican dishes. Not as bland as in many other places in neighbourhood but in any way as good as Sirena Morena. Service was quite bad but the worst thing was that the prices for few things were higher on the bill than in menu. I didn't talk about it with waitress because it was only few bucks but it's worth noting. Without service problems it would be 4 stars.

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awesome full of choices vegan restaurant - Edit

So many options that you don't know what to eat. Everything we tried so far was good or excellent.
for the vegan cheese, the pizza and the sushis...
Light is very dimmed for a restaurant, gives an interesting atmosphere.
Friendly staff and really reasonable prices
Will come back for sure

Pros: lot of options, prices

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Excellent enchiladas - Edit

The enchiladas were amazing - absolutely delicious and filling. I ordered raw vegan cheese, kombucha and a coconut milkshake to go, all were very good, but I suppose slightly underwhelming compared to the enchiladas.
It's a sit-down restaurant, a step up from other veggie places in the area, but still not formal by any means. Good, friendly service.

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A reason to live in this town ! - Edit

This vegan restaurant makes it worth to visit this city.
the menu is outstanding, enough choices to come back everyday,
also the many shakes are just incredible , like everything else on the menu.
definitely a paradise for vegans .
never expected to find such a 5 star vegan place in mexico.
big big surprise !
this one is high on my favorite list !
great staff as well.

Updated from previous review on 2014-04-25

Pros: excellent vegan raw menu, fairly cheap priced, great centre location

Cons: absolute no cons!

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Great Vegan Food - Edit

After experiencing a terrible dining experience in one of the 5 star resorts, we ditched our hotel and stayed downtown. After the bad experience in resort, we were not expecting to find such a vegan gem as this place. The food was inventive and flavourful. The owner is a lovely guy and enjoyed talking to the customers. I hope this venture expands to even more locations.

Pros: Vegan, Raw, Good Value

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great - Edit

The smoothies are really good and the chocolate cake is just delicious. They have air conditioning in case you are wondering, the Manu is very large and they have from Mexican to all American food. Coffee is really good too

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Vegan Restaurant. - Edit

100% vegan so obviously plenty of choice and nothing to worry when ordering. I don't have any complaints although I was also not impressed. Everything seemed good just nothing special. The menu and dishes seem very "americanized" as is the case with many tourist oriented restaurants in Cancun.

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Variety and Tasty! - Edit

Although difficult to translate, the choices and food were great!! Also so accommodating to restrictions of no onions, so you know they make everything fresh as you order. The menu has so many options, you can come multiple times and still have variety. Even if the food is bland, they have spicy sauces! The cheesecake was delicious!!!

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fantastic food... great people - Edit

My husband and I went to the Vegan Planet for a Sunday lunch. They had some local families there, so we were the only tourists at that time :)
We ordered 2 main dishes from the Mexican list on the menu. The food came out relatively in no time and was excellent. A real taste of Mexico!
For desert we ordered the cheesecake and a chocolate cake (made with coco powder mixed with Avocado!!!) with an ice cream scoop.
Both was soooo good!!!
Even though this restaurant is in the centre of Cancun and not in the hotel area, take a taxi if needed, 'cause you have to try it at least once

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Totally With the Drive - Edit

We rented a car and drove 25 minutes. Back again today. This is one of the best raw food experiences ever. Even my meat eating husband enjoyed the food enough to come back with me the next day. Super clean and excellent service too. Totally worth it and priced well too

Pros: amazing food, tons of options for vegan & raw, super clean and very fair prices

Cons: 25 minutes from our hotel in Cancun Sandos Luxury , We need this place in Castle Rock Colorado

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Sadly, I was unimpressed - Edit

I have to be honest; I'm baffled by all of the "best" "amazing" and "must go" and "even by NYC standards" comments.

Yes, for vegans in Cancun, it's a pretty solid option. Yes, the food is... fine. No, it's not amazing, incredible, or wonderful. It's serviceable.

First, it's a bit of a pain in the ass to get to, a decent ways out a very wide, very busy street (Q. Andres Roo). I guess most tourists would take a taxi, or bus. I walked from the main bus stop in Ciudad Cancun, and so had a big appetite, and unfortunately high expectations.

The service was wonderful: fast, friendly, pleasant.

The menu was easy to navigate, and I was delighted to have arrived on a tamales day (Friday and Saturday.) I got one each of the special tamales, and also the chilaquiles (think nachos.)

The tamales were fairly bland and entirely uninteresting, and swimming in bland red sauce.

The chilaquiles were fine, but nothing I couldn't make in a home oven easily. The portions of the flavorful ingredients (cashew nut cheese, crema, and guacamole) were so small that they couldn't save an otherwise bland dish.

I'm sad to say I won't bother going back. I mean, I'd go if friends or others really wanted to, just with much lower expectations.

Pros: all vegan, super friendly service

Cons: bland, uninteresting, inconvenient location for walking

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best vegan cheesecake - Edit

I would go to this place for the fabulous cheesecake alone. very friendly staff and great selection of all-vegan dishes both Mexican and international. try the macadamia cheese and the Enchilada. the dishes are also very pleasing to the eye when they are served.

Pros: all vegan in Cancun, great selection of food and d

Cons: can't remember coffee being served.

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Bland Mexican Food - Edit

We loved the Caesar Salad and would return over and over again for that alone. The owner was also very welcoming and nice and stopped to chat with us a little bit.

That being said, we were really looking forward to eating some delicious Mexican food and this fell short. The red sauce drenched on the enchiladas and chilaquiles tasted like plain tomato sauce so it wasn't even edible. We took two burritos to-go that were enjoyable but again not at all spicy. I also took the cheesecake to-go and it was too dense to be edible.

We will definitely go back but will avoid the Mexican section of the menu since we didn't care for it.

Cons: Slow Service, Bland Mexican Food

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What I Miss Most from Cancún!! - Edit

This place. Is Amazing.

I can't stress how great this restaurant is. The variety, the taste, the healthy options, it was magical. THE PANCAKES. I only wish it was a chain!!

Pros: Everything


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You MUST go here if you are a vegan in Cancun! - Edit

We went here 4-5 times in only a few days. Me and my boyfriend (who isnt vegan but very supportive) had dinner here one day, breakfast the next day, brought some friends with us for dinner again the third day (also non vegan people) and stopped by for cake and iced coffee the last day. All the food was amazing and SO fresh! And the staff were so friendly and helpfull. We actually had some problems with our bank the first night so we couldnt pay for our meal, but the owner was so relaxed about it and he trustes us to come back and pay the next day. It was a good excuse for us to grab breakfast, so we were very happy! And also we were dying to have another iced coffee (best one I have EVER had!)

We tried a lot of different meals, we ordened A LOT of food so we could share it and taste all the good stuff on the menu.

Day 1:
burger: amazing!
Enchiladas: amazing!
Falafel pita: actually not so good, the bread was very good, but overall i wouldnt recommend this one. It was a little dry..
Iced coffe "frapuchino" soo good! So much goodness for your money!:)

Day 2:
Pancakes: yum!
Club sandwich: superyum! (They make all their bread by them selfs so all the bread was delicious)

Day 3
Different types of pastadishes: very good!
Burrito: amazing! Hot and spicy!
Dessert: cheesecake: dreamy! And chocolatecake: powerfull dark chocolate so its a bit much to have by your self. Perfect for sharing. (But first try the cheesecake)

I really miss this place, if you Are ever in cancun, dont miss out!

Pros: amazing staff, amazing food, so fresh

Cons: a bit far from the hotelzone

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Best Food in Cancun - Edit

We ate chips and guacamole for 2 days and finally found a small vegan spot which was ok for one visit. We then decided to try Vegan Planet..the choices were endless, service super and the food itself was better than most! Going back for our last two dinners while here. It's 20 minutes by bus from the hotel zone but worth the trip!

Pros: Service, Food, Choices

Cons: Menu is not in English as well

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Outstanding chef at Vegan Planet Cancun Mexico - Edit

Happy, attentive staff helped Chef Miguel smoothly operate his first rate Vegan Planet restaurant in Cancun while he interrupted a photo shoot (pics to introduce his new menu items to an anxiously awaiting vegan public) in order to passionately describe the health benefits of his packaged superfoods I was inquiring about. It is extremely encouraging to someone like myself who is attempting to maintain a wholesome vegan diet while traveling (health purposes, I have overcome sickness with said diet, yay!) to witness his boundless energy & dedication. Tried many items from his generous menu during multiple visits and can recommend any of them. They all look, taste & smell great! Keep rockin' it vegan style Chef Miguel our healthier planet and myself thank you!!

Pros: Happy and attentive staff, Fabulous menu carry away&packaged superfoods, Outstanding chef!

Cons: none, they really have it together

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Excellent Vegan Restaurant, Even by NYC Standards - Edit

My family spent a few days in Cancun, and as is our tradition, we visited as many vegan and vegetarian restaurants as possible. This was by far the best one we tried in Cancun. The staff are very friendly and helpful, the place is very clean, and best of all the food is excellent. Everything is made fresh on the premises, and they use NO canned ingredients whatsoever. Everything is made fresh (not sure whether the is made fresh, but it was excellent nevertheless). The dishes we tried included the vegan queso, which was excellent, made from ground nuts of some sort, not quite like store-bought vegan queso, but addictively good. I had the alfredo pasta dish. Admittedly, I was a little hesitant to try an Italian dish made by a Mexican restaurant, but it was actually quite good. Very creamy sauce, and really well done. We also tried a burrito (very good), a few of the juices (also very good) and lastly, a couple desserts, the chocolate cake, which was outstanding and incredibly rich, and the cheesecake, which was one of the best vegan cheesecakes I've ever tried anywhere, and I think it was raw, so even better.

If you are there, ask for the owner, who used to live in the U.S., and apparently used to work for Don Imus. The owner decided to move to Cancun and open this restaurant, and wants to create a chain, including in the U.S. I sure hope he does, as I'd be one of the first in line.

All in all, if you are in Cancun, and you are looking for a vegan restaurant, and you only have time for one, this is the place to go to. We tried one other vegetarian restaurant, and it wasn't nearly as good, by a long shot. As I mentioned in my tag line, this restaurant is excellent, even by New York City standards. We will certainly be back again the next time we're in Cancun.

Pros: Excellent, clean tasty vegan dishes, Very clean restaurant, Very friendly staff

Cons: Menu has no english translation

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Good, not great - Edit

I liked going to a vegan restaurant that is favored by Mexicans, not just tourists. However, I found the food a little bland - it's simply hard to enjoy a burrito without cheese and was hoping they would add vegan cheese at least. The smoothies were great though.

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Must go! - Edit

My (omnivorous) boyfriend and I loved this place! We were staying at an all-inclusive resort whose food left much to be desired. At Vegan Planet, we were able to taste authentic Mexican cuisine veganized and at a great price. They had a variety of options from all around the world as well. The portions were very generous and all of the people who worked there were very knowledgeable and friendly.

Try and juice that has maracuya in it and their mole is delicious! Also yummy healthy cookies to go =)

Don't miss it if you're traveling to Cancun!

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Happy Cow in Cancun - Edit

The reviews are all correct--this place is amazing. Worth-a-trip-to-Cancun amazing.

Standouts: the gluten free Alfredo (I detest gluten free, but the waiter suggested it, and I trusted him. So, so glad I did), and the (also gluten-free) triple chocolate cake, suggested by the chef/owner.

We had two smoothies, an appetizer, two entrees and a dessert--far too much food (and we took half of it back to the hotel) and it still only cost about $50 USD. I can't believe how good, and cheap, this place is.

I've spent over $200/pp at Millenium in San Francisco, supposedly one of the best vegan restaurants in the world, and it didn't hold a candle to this place.

Pros: truly delcious food, outstanding service, CHEAP

Cons: none whatsoever

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Excellent ! - Edit

Evidemment ça n'intéresse que les personnes sensibilisées à la cuisine vegan ou végétarienne (même si ça devrait intéressé les autres de découvrir ça !), mais ce fût un vrai plaisir de dîner à Vegan Planet. Très bons conseil du cuisinier qui parle parfaitement anglais (même un peu de français) et vraiment un repas délicieux !

Pros: Bons conseils, Très bonne nourriture, Price OK

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El mejor restaurante - Edit

Cuidan cada detalle para la salud, el unico restaurante que conozco que toda su selección y manufactura cuida los detalles de los mas exigentes tanto en la preparación como en sus ingredientes, tambien tienen un menú crudo vegano.

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Amazing Food - Edit

We had an incredible dinner - special fruit juices, wonderful entrees, and delicious desserts. Great Mexican choices (mole enchiladas, quesadillas with macademia nut cheese, lettuce wrap tacos, sopes), but there were many other kinds of cuisine available - all vegan. Excellent service, the staff spoke excellent English (and Spanish, of course), and we bought a gorgeous loaf of whole-wheat bread to go. Took a cab from the hotel area for 200 pesos, but we returned by taking a 25 peso taxi to the Walmart bus stop and then getting a bus the rest of the way (10 pesos/person). We will be back!

Pros: Awesome food, Many choices, Incredible desserts

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the best place on earth - Edit

this food turned my day around. went there not feeling so good an came out feeling like a million bucks! their are so many verity's of Raw foods. plus they have made it convenient for the customer to take home super foods witch Vegan Planet packages up for you. The people are extremely kind an wouldn't hesitate to give u the shirt write of there back. its the only place I choose to eat while im in Cancun. couldn't ask for better food an friends all in one place.

Pros: great atmosphere, every thing you wont in a vig restaurant, the raw chocolates are amazing

Cons: not enough of them around the world

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Setting the standard in Mexico - Edit

I agree with the other reviewers in that is an awesome restaurant. I went here 3 times and had tried various raw and cooked dishes, desserts and smoothies. Everything was delicious. They also sell some nut cheeses, superfoods, t-shirts etc. Go here. You'll love it!

The map is not quite right. You need to keep going up Andres Quintana Roo and it is directly opposite the Outlet Centre.

Pros: Good raw options, Delicious

Cons: Can be a bit expensive

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Best Vegan Cuisine In the World - Edit

This is the best vegan restaurant I have ever been to. They only use natural and organic ingredients, as well as prepare their meals in healthy ways. Meaning, there is nothing from cans, no tofu, nothing fried. If you want, you can ask to go into the kitchen yourself to check it out.
Besides being very healthy, the food is soooooo delicious! The chef is a genius. Everything on the menu is just sooo good. They have really good drinks, and awesome desserts too (including ice cream ^.^). As well, there is a RAW vegan menu, and it's delicious as well.
Overall, it's an awesome place to eat if you want to eat something mind-blowing delicious, healthy and affordable.

And, the chef is awesome, his knows his stuff! He is a genius and he is really nice!

Updated from previous review on Thursday July 11, 2013

Updated from previous review on Thursday July 11, 2013

Pros: Natural and Organic, Healthy, Affordable

Cons: If you like meat, you won't find it here, If you like dairy, you won't find it, If you like fried food, this is not 4 u

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The secret ingredient is Love - Edit

This place is a Must Try for any vegan traveling in the area. The food is amazing. We ordered way more than we could eat (plus a couple of take-aways)just to try out a variety of dishes, I think about 9-10 different things altogether. Every. Single. One. was delicious. The service is top-notch as well. The chef (who speaks fluent English) is very nice and his skill is self-evident. Even omnis will not be disappointed.

Pros: Everything tastes great, Service is excellent

Cons: Hard to find

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este es el lugar!!!! - Edit

totalmente libre de elementos animales , no he conocido otro sitio como este
comida riquisima , totalmente saludable , ambiente armonioso , atencion especial para todos los comensales , vengan con toda su familia , no te arrepentiras ,

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Great place away from the touristic area - Edit

I found out about this restaurant, thanks to a local who heard about the new vegan restaurant in town. I was expecting something good, but I found something superb!

The food quality is better than most places I visit in Southern California, and even though the menu is not very large, the dishes they serve here, compensate for it. They serve many raw dishes, and all of their milks are made there. The almond milk was delicious! Desserts were great, raw vegan delicious! Smoothies are very good, and use many superfoods, something you do not found in Mexico every day. All of their menu is very healthy.

The service is outstanding. I had the opportunity of meeting the chef and the general director, and they both are very loving people, who really put love in to the food they prepare.

Very inexpensive, given that many products are organic, and restaurant in Cancun are generally pricey. I spent 22 USD on a dinner for two, we order sushi, raw tacos, macadamia quesadillas, chilli beans, chia limade, chlorella orangeade, and raw brownies. Everything was extremely good.

I hope I can visit this restaurant again in my next visit! I loved it!

Pros: Healthy cuisine, Great value, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited parking

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