Offers 3-hour guided walking tour through the colorful streets and cozy neighborhoods. Experience the city's culture with a local guide and mouthwatering food. Price includes vegan food and drinks. Please visit its website for booking info, or call +34-602434154. Reported closed December 2022.

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First Review by AdamProtz


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05 Sep 2022

Warning: this company is not contactable, not honouring tours

Look at Google reviews - this company is taking money and not responding to emails or website messages. Their phone is disconnected. I wish I'd seen the reviews before they got my money too. Leaving this review to protect others. Their site says they operate in multiple cities in Europe, including Barcelona. I personally was scammed with purchasing a Madrid tour that they didn't honour.



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15 Oct 2021

Vegan Tours Barcelona

This tour was much better than their Lisbon tour. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and had done a great job organizing the food tastings before we arrived at the restaurants. That said, the food was pre-selected by the tour guide and brought out timely. We went to three different restaurants and tried many local foods. It was a great time overall. My non-vegan friend was so shocked by how amazing the tour was and commented on it for days. Also, every restaurant gave us wine, so it was a boozy experience as well, which I was not expecting but didn’t mind so much. Of course, you can always choose to skip alcohol and choose a non-alcoholic drink. We really appreciate the additional recommendations provided by our tour guide.


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17 May 2021


good and goo


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13 Mar 2020

Fantastic tour and lovely guide

I enjoyed the tour and food a lot. It was all delicious and in the typical spanish style. Plus the guide was friendly and thoughtful and added even more fun to the experience.


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02 Mar 2020

Classic Food Tour but Vegan

I had a lovely time with the guide Martin and the other guests, it was a lot of fun to get to know each other our stories. The food was delicious and traditional (apart from the desert maybe, but still delicious), we had also vegan paella which is not easy to find.

Pros: Well organized and good amount of food, Prepared guide, Fun!


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25 Feb 2020

Very interesting and well planned tour

Great experience, I was not disappointed. The food was traditional and delicious and the atmosphere very relaxed. I think it can be a very pleasant experience for everybody, both veg and omni.


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24 Feb 2020

An experience to try

I felt this was exactly like a food tour should be. The guide was very friendly and talkative, she knew everything about the city and its vegan scene, which was so helpful for me as it was the first time in Barcelona. The food was delicious and there was a lot of variety too. Also the desert was amazing in the last spot. I was very satisfied at the end of it, I think it was money well spent and I will absolutely try it in a another city.

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-24


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21 Feb 2020

Very well organized, great route and guide

Very good value for money considering how wonderful the food is and the sheer quantity of it. They weren’t lying when they said we should come hungry. The guide was friendly and insightful in the vegan scene of the city. Finally, the wine was pretty good too, but luckily they don’t let you go to town with it haha!

Pros: Well prepared and friendly guide, A lot of food + some wine included

Cons: /


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19 Feb 2020

So fun!

There was soooo much food at every table! So amazing to be able to join different people and share an amazing time together eating super tasty food. Happy to have taken this tour and glad we had the super friendly guide we had. That lady deserves a raise, regardless of how much she makes!

Pros: Friendly and experienced guide, A lot of food


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25 Jan 2020

Vegan Paella

I ate paella once as a kid and since turning vegan I never thought I'd taste it again, but I did thanks to the tour! The Gothic quarter's streets, the guide, the rest of the menu; it was excellent as well, but my highlight was the delicious paella.


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23 Jan 2020

Useful and filling

We were lucky to be in a big group of six even though it was low season. Our guide took us in 4 places quite different from one another so there was a great variety of food, which I appreciated. I also came back in a couple of the restaurants in the following days since they are all in the very center of the city. I would highly recommend this experience both if you are going to stay in the city for some days or you are just having a quick stop in Barcelona. The price was fair considering the amount of food and length of the tour.


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17 Sep 2019

Good tour but check the amount of people on it

Great tour guide, ( Martin) but there were 11 of us there, and he was expecting 8. This obviously impacted on the amount of food available, and whilst I didn't go hungry I certainly didn't feel full afterwards. Might be an idea for the organisers to check, it did feel like 11 was too many, but food was great and guide fantastic and gave lots of recommendations for restaurants.

Pros: Vegan food, Good tour guide

Cons: Too many people , Not sure where we were at the end of the tour!


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17 Jul 2019

A must do for vegans visiting Barcelona!

Martin took us to 4 veggie/vegan restaurants with at least 2 different Spanish dishes and a drink (wine/juice) sitting down to eat in each of them and they really have picked the best dishes in each eatery to give you a taste of! (You will be full by the end of it!)
We wouldn’t have found these places or dishes by ourselves and having the local guide explain the culture and the history or the food and areas of Barcelona as we went around was great! He also gave us loads of other tips for his favourite places to go around the city.
Totally recommend this tour and you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy it.

Pros: Some off the beaten track restaurants, Expert picks and local knowledge, Very enjoyable evening


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29 Jun 2019

Useful, informative and delicious

Highly recommended tour, especially if you are not familiar with the city it should be the first thing to do when you go to Barcelona. The food was amazing, but what I appreciate the most about the food tours in general are the tips and advices from the guides, and Olga did an excellent job.


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17 Jun 2019

So worth it

The food was amazing and our guide too. We were full in the end and we had the chance to try out a lot of different dishes. The guide was really comfortable to be around, and she knew a lot about the city and the restaurants. Plus, we met another couple in the tour and it was fun to share our vegan experience with them. Cowspiracy united us all ahahah


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03 Jun 2019

First Vegan Tour

It was the 3rd time for me in this beautiful city, but it was the first time as a vegan and the traditional Spanish food is not really vegan friendly. I was quite excited to see what a vegan tour was like in Barcelona and I was not disappointed, it was delicious, and I think helped me get over omnivore food. I would recommend this experience for everyone, but especially for who is transitioning.


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29 May 2019


Lovely evening! I had this tour with my family and even my children were happy about it. It wasn’t tiring, the walking was pretty mild. The food was suitable for children as well.


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23 May 2019

Excellent Idea

The tour was very well organized, the amount of food was right and there was a bit of everything, from very traditional food, like tapas, to vegan deserts and Spanish wine. I think it’s great to offer a food tour for vegans, this are the kind of things that give me hope. And I love that this company organizes exclusively vegan tours, I think they really believe in what they are doing. Good luck!


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16 May 2019


We spent an hour to find this place!
Where's the address?
no any information on website.

Pros: None , -, -

Cons: Address details , -, -


21 May 2019

I don't think it is a place. If it's like the one I had in Rome it should be an experience, there is no adress.


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06 May 2019

Higly Recommended

Amazing food and Olga was lovely. It was great to learn about veganism in Spain and Barcelona from our guide. I was happy to repeat the experience in another city next time.

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-06

Pros: No worries, you just have to eat and chat, Mild walking , Delicious


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06 May 2019

Relaxing and Delicious

After a day spent visiting the city without stopping a minute it was just what I needed, chatting with a local while eating delicious vegan food and no need to rush.


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23 Apr 2019


Vegan food tour is the best way to spend your evening in Barcelona if you’re new in the city. Olga - the guide - is extremely friendly and easy going. You’ll get a lot of vegan food starting with simple local appetizers and finishing with an epic gourmet meals. You’ll finish the tour being full (trust me, I went there being really hungry) and totally satisfied after such a lovely evening.


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03 Apr 2019

Muy bueno!

Our host was really prepared (thank you Olga if you are reading!). I wish we had the tour earlier because the information she gave us were so useful and the food was such a dream. We enjoyed it very much.


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31 Mar 2019

Don't miss it!

Best way to get a first impression of Barcelona’s food and history. The food was unbelievable, I fell in love with the tapas and the concept behind it. It was a very pleasant experience, I would recommend it to everyone. And if you are traveling alone like I did, it could be a good way to know other travelers. This was my second vegan tour and I was not disappointed.


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Mostly Veg
27 Mar 2019


It was brilliant! The food, the atmosphere of the city and restaurants, they were all great and I finished the tour full and with a lot of useful information from our guide.


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20 Mar 2019

More food than we expected

The perfect way to start our vacation. There was a lot of food that was delicious too. Our
guide Martin was so thoughtful, making sure everything was ok. We all loved it.


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11 Mar 2019

Great food! Great time! :)

A great overall experience, the guide was very friendly and the food was delicious! A great way to spend our afternoon

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