Est. since 2016 this vegan restaurant features a large menu of Vietnamese dishes. English is on the menu. Offers choices like steamed dumplings, chive cakes, noodle soups, rice paper rolls, fried rolls, tofu and mushroom hotpot, stir fried vegetables, fried rice, pad thai, and buddha bowl. On the beverage list there is passion fruit juice, mint soda, guava juice, and fresh coconut water. Plays traditional music in the background. Access via the alley on Le Thi Rieng St. Jan 20 reported change of ownership. Previously known as Phuc Quang Chay. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-2:00pm, Mon-Fri 4:00pm-9:30pm, Sat 4:00pm-9:00pm, Sun 4:00pm-9:30pm.

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First Review by kristinstrifler


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15 Sep 2023

Great food and lovely service

Came here during our stay and the food was so good. Such a large range of good on the menu and great prices! The people were so friendly and accommodating.

Pros: Food, Staff, Prices



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05 Sep 2023

Vegan pork and coffee

Not a great experience but was probably just because of what I ordered. I went to order the vegan pork, the server suggested I go for something else. Also it says rice is included in the main dishes but you have to pay extra. I ordered a coffee and it tasted of gone off milk and chemicals. The vegan pork came within about 2 minutes and was cold and soggy, so was definitely not fresh. I also asked for some fresh chilli like it had in the photo. The server said they didn’t have it but then I asked again and they brought it. I didn’t drink the coffee and they gave me 50% off the coffee which was appreciated.


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30 Jul 2023

Great place!

I came here a couple times while I was in HCMC. My favorite was the bún mám (in the picture).


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19 Jul 2023

Pleasant, enjoyable 😉

Food: All vegan, tasty, fresh, many to choose from.
Price: Very reasonable.

My favourite: vegan flan, just can't have enough.

Pros: Friendly staff., Good value dishes., Fresh and tasty food.


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03 Jul 2023


Very cozy place and friendly staff! Everything is homemade and food is great! They let me stay and work there for the whole afternoon, I’ll be back!


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29 May 2023

Good but not great

We were very excited to go here - it certainly has a unpretentious feel and a cool location. Our first disappointment was that roughly half of the menu was not available. Mot of the menu is standard fare, soups and vegetables. There were only a few dishes that seemed enticing enough to order.

We ordered:
Fresh Spring Rolls - very good
Tomato and tofu soup - very good
Vegan Shrimp - very difficult to eat, rubbery and covered with a huge amount of very salty old bay seasoning. Big disappintment.
Pork - good enough, but I have had better

The service was rather disappointing - we felt like the staff wanted to take our order and get us out of there as quickly as possible. Little to no English was spoken.

Overall, this was a good meal but we saw no reason to return. I notice other reviews mention a change in ownership- maybe this is the reason for it not meeting our expectations.

Pros: All vegan, Some very good dishes

Cons: Most of the menu is unavilable, Cold and unfriendly staff, Some dishes are almost inedible


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28 May 2023

New owners, new menu, new name. New restaurant.

Worst pad Thai I’ve ever had. Full of bizarre stuff like fake prawns and strips of banh mi style tofu. Edit: actually says on the menu it contains all that nonsense. But taste was still terribkfMy fault for seeing the name and not reading. I just expected pad Thai not some Frankenstein meal.

Gone steadily downhill since the new owners.
Definitely shouldn’t have kept the reviews from the old restaurant. It’s new owners, new name and new menu. Nothing to link it to the old one apart from the address.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-28


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25 May 2023

Delicious, pleasant and refreshing.

Great food, lovely friendly service, and a great atmosphere, all at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!!

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Comfortable


Points +16

12 May 2023

Tasty vegan food

Very tasty food and friendly staff


Points +41

10 May 2023

First taste of Vietnam

This wash first meal in HCMC and couldn’t have asked for a better start. Delicious food, really nice and chill atmosphere, the ‘hidden’ location is a plus


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08 May 2023

The food here is out of this world

My husband and ai had been traveling in Vietnam for 3 weeks and today is our last day here and we have to say that the food in this restaurant was the most delitious food we ever had.
We ordered 4 dishes and everything had different and special taste.
Tofu tomato sauce noodle soop was amazing! And our favourite dish was Vegan goat curry - the taste of this dish was out of thos world. I can't recomend enough!

Pros: Tones of vegan options!, Inexpensive


Points +120

18 Apr 2023

“pork ribs” amazing

I ordered the satay fried rice which was really good and my boyfriend ordered these vegan pork ribs- I tried some and wow. Try them

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-18

Pros: Fully vegan , Affordable


Points +656

17 Apr 2023

Great food and service

Everything was perfect


Points +274

03 Apr 2023

Soooo many options!!!

friendly, great food and they have desserts!!!

Pros: sooo many options, they have desserts and chocolate milk, very beautiful Decoration!!!


Points +470

01 Apr 2023

Delicious and cosy

Tiny restaurant, where you have to have the plan to go there, otherwise you won’t find it.
It was very delicious, drinks to sugary, but that‘s quite normal in Vietnam. 😜
Waitress was surprised but very happy for the tip. 😜

Pros: Only vegan, Creditcard accepted

Cons: Won‘t find it by surprise


Points +46

27 Mar 2023

Delicious food for small prices

The food selection is great and the staff also recommends dishes on request. We were not disappointed. The food was super tasty and the service was good. I can only recommend it.

Pros: all vegan, large food selection


Points +128

20 Mar 2023

Tasty and calm

Food was tasty, so many options to choose from
Chill atmosphere
Friendly staff


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Mostly Veg
01 Mar 2023


So nice and calm!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Lovely

Cons: -


Points +66

16 Feb 2023

Leckeres Essen

Leckeres Essen und die zwei Mädchen die die Bestellungen aufgenommen haben waren sehr süß


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04 Feb 2023

Local food at tourist prices

This is local food, aimed at tourists. The prices are therefore 50% higher than you'd pay for equivalent dishes in a local restaurant, and the quality is pretty average.

The service is pretty slow and not very friendly, and they don't provide napkins (just wet wipes, that you'll find when you get the bill that they charge for).


Points +54

03 Feb 2023


Everything was delicious :,( - i needed so much a vegan place during my trip to vietnam. Delicious!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Price is good, Food is fresh


Points +600

03 Feb 2023


Nice authentic restaurant with fair prices and great taste! Super grateful :)


Points +3776

09 Jan 2023

Wonderful Vegan Food. Wonderful Vegan Family!

Still wonderful and delicious food.
I love each dish. Still the best value vegan food in Saigon.
What a wonderful vegan restaurant in District 1, Saigon. In my 17 years eating local vegan food in Saigon, this place is up there with the best. Fantastic food. Welcoming staff and owners. Lovely ambiance. Probably the best value too. All this delicious food and drinks for only 235.000! If or when you are in Saigon, please visit this wonderful vegan eatery.
Out of 10 stars 🌟, this place gets 11!

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-21


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07 Jan 2023

Okay, aber verstehe den hype nicht

Restaurant war okay. Recht teuer und für hiesige Verhältnisse ziemlich geschmacklos. Hatte Nudeln mit Gemüse. Sauce war ein bisschen wie im europäischen Chinarestaurants und hatte nicht viel mit vietnamesischen würde zu tun. Chilis für irgendeine Form von Schärfe gab es nur auf Nachfrage. Dad essen kam nixht gleichzeitig, sodass man nacheinander essen musste. Schade


Points +69

19 Dec 2022

Don't understand the other reviews

In 4 weeks of Vietnam and everyday another vegan restaurant. This was the worst experience.

Pros: Angenehme Atmosphäre

Cons: Komische Auswahl , Wird wohl nichts gewürzt , Schlechteste Frühlingsrolle


Points +30

28 Nov 2022


Delicious food, tidy quiet atmosphere


Points +230

24 Oct 2022

Doesn’t live up to the hype

We went to the restaurant because of the many good reviews. It is located in a small alley and is relatively small. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed with the food. The dishes look completely different on the menu and some dishes are only available on certain days of the week. Unfortunately, the menu was also a bit cryptic for us. The food was also not convincing in terms of taste and price compared to other stores. Unfortunately, we could not understand the reviews on happy cow after our visit.


19 Dec 2022

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