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Cozinha vegetariana. Has six vegan mains on the menu as of Mar 2019. Previously located on Rua Augusta. Reported to be moving to a new location Sept 2019. Please update HappyCow of changes.

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First Review by Merciless666


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11 Mar 2019


It’s a pity that they serve the food in ready-made portions in plastic and warm it up in the microwave. Terrible.



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12 Dec 2018

Good food

I really liked the food. However there was not a lot of options


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11 Jul 2018

good buffet for R$30

Basically a buffet as many in Brazil offered but just a vegan version of that. Lovely food.


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02 Mar 2018


Cozy place, good food, nice attendants
Just not something I would remember

Pros: Whole vegan

Cons: Nothing special


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02 Apr 2017

Muy buena opción

Me encanto. El lugar es acogedor y la comida es muy buena. Totalmente recomendado.

Pros: Buen precio

Cons: Necesitan experimentar con otros sabores.


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15 Jul 2016

Muito saboroso

Comida muito saborosa, atendimento pra lá de simpático


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30 Jun 2016


Great range of food. 30 reis for all you can eat. I had to ask for the all you can eat, it wasn't offered. But the food was great and free tea aswell. Highly recommend. Best in Sao Paulo so far....

Pros: Good value, Great range of food

Cons: Not clear that there is an all you can eat price


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06 Jan 2016

EXPENSIVE (read my updated response/review below)

I was excited to find a vegan restaurant just a 5 minute walk from my hotel, but that was where the excitement ended. Buffet style and everything looked good and fresh. The food was OK, but the price was astronomical. The price is figured by the kg. One plate of salad and one loaded plate of black beans and brown rice, tofu w/carrots and green beans and a side of rosemary potatoes + a small bottled water was R$75...$20!!!

The problem is that the plates they use are HEAVY...about half a kg empty! I've since read here that there is an all-you-can-eat option, but no one informed me. They just weighed the 2 plates and charged the exorbitant price! Had the meal been half what they charged, I still would have considered it a bit pricey, but at R$75($20) it was outrageous.

If there is an all you can eat option, then they should have just charged for that.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 04, 2015

Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 04, 2015

Pros: Fresh food, Tasty, Good location

Cons: Pricey if not taking all-you-can-eat


06 Jan 2016

Upon revisiting Vegacy, there is reason to upgrade my previous rating and review.

This time I was privy enough to inquire about the all-you-can-eat buffet price. I was greeted with a smile by a friendly young lady who spoke more than adequate in English. She informed me that the all-you-can-eat price is 30 Brazilian Real... About $7.50

There are lots of fresh salads and vegan selections and I was able to eat more food this time for about 60% less money than last time...paying by weight.

No reason to opt for paying by weight unless you are an extremely light eater. One plate of food by weight will cost about the same as the all-you-can-eat price.

Everything was fresh and tasty and I will not hesitate to return again


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18 Nov 2015

Tasty and Confusing

Ate lunch here today. Tried eating here yesterday at about 5pm, but it was closed... I'm not sure what the actual hours are, but the ones listed on here are incorrect.

All-in-all, the food was very good... particularly the black beans, which were possibly the best I've ever had... They had a couple different types of chunks in them... both delicious... I think one was mock-sausage, and one tasted like a marinated soy product... a little denser than tofu.

As someone else on here mentioned, there are two sauces that look like they could be sour cream and a creamy avocado dip. They aren't. They are very sweet. Kinda ruined some of my food with those.

The saucy stuff that almost looks like a bean soup is very spicy and delicious... I think it's some kind of salsa.

Tabouli was good, cooked veggies were good, gnocchi was OK, greens toward the beginning weren't that good.

This place is expensive for São Paulo. I had a plate of food... somewhat full plate, but not at all stacked... and went back for a little more beans and rice, and had a water. It cost the equivalent of $13.

The people who worked here were nice.

There is wifi here that works pretty well.

Pros: black beans , wifi

Cons: price , white and green... stuff...


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21 Oct 2015

Delicious buffet

Lots of delicious options. Especially loved the aubergine and soya with amazing melted vegan cheese! There are some dips that look like sour cream and guacamole but they are actually like whipped cream - they would go really well with dessert!


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17 Mar 2015

Very good and completely vegan

I visited Vegacy on a recent trip to Brazil (March 2015) and was impressed. The buffet offered a per kilo option on a Saturday afternoon, and the price was very reasonable. The food was generally tasty, although I didn't care for the beet balls (my own personal taste - my dining partner loved them). The salad was fresh and there were several hot foods in the buffet. They had some delicious chocolate truffles, also vegan. I wanted to go back to try the soja burgers but didn't have time this trip--will definitely visit it again on my next trip to Sao Paulo. I highly recommend this restaurant. It was a little hard to find and we walked right by it before realizing that it's on the second floor and the entrance is a flight of stairs. The hours listed on the Happy Cow site may not be correct - when we were there it closed at 4 pm on a Saturday, not 6, so check.

Pros: Tasty food, Reasonable price, Pleasant decor

Cons: Not open for dinner


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07 Dec 2014

Convenient, but salty.

I came for the lunch buffet a couple of times and paid for the food by weight. Both times i found my meal to be way too salty, but it was the same everywhere i ate out.

On my first visit the music was some hardcore-punk played very quietly through a bass heavy hi-fi. There was no music on my second visit. Maybe the speakers had given up by then.

Pros: Inexpensive, Friendly

Cons: Too salty


Points +30

23 Apr 2014

Great and divers buffet!

I loved the buffet. Ate there almost daily when I was in Sao Paulo. The food is really fresh and good, and not expensive at all.

The service was sometimes poor... forgetting things, not cleaning the tables, not smiling people... could work on that. More important than the ambience.

Pros: Great buffet, Quality food, Inexpensive

Cons: Service, Ambience


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30 Mar 2014

Simple but good

The self service buffet (lunch) has simple but nutritive and delicious dishes.
At hight, there are some hamburguers and bakery candies ttah look like the omnivore ones.
They have even vegan Capuccino!

Pros: Peopple committed to Veganism, Good cakes, hamburguers ans snacks, Near SESC Cinema

Cons: It does not open all nights of week


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25 Feb 2014

Gone downhill since they moved uphill

My first visit since they moved location and dramatically cut their opening hours. It's no longer focussed on fast food options - now it's really just about the buffet.

The buffet is heavily soy focussed with no hot vegetable options, the meagre salads looked so wilted and scary that I dared not try them, and the tabasco had that cloyed dried-on rim of cheap Anerican diners that refill their ketchup bottles. Ew.

As for what used to keep bringing me back here, the veggie dogs? They've doubled in price since they moved.

So I won't be bothering again. Another one bites the dust.

Original review:

I have been here a dozen times this year, only once for the lunchtime buffet which was very good and at R$16 the cheapest around (Vegethus is R$26 by comparison, and not significantly better). I usually come here as there are few late afternoon or evening options - most of the buffet places are lunchtimes-only - and this place does veggie burgers and other street food all day. Best value by far is the veggie dog - at R$5.50 it comes in a bed of mashed potato (!) inside the bread roll, with various sauces, and covered in thin potato chips.

One guy there speaks excellent English, and all of them are friendly, albeit a bit fierce-looking with all their tattoos.

Updated from previous review on Sunday August 29, 2010

Pros: not many any more


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12 Nov 2012

best food, best value

Vegacy became my local eatery - either for it's vegan burgers or the lunch buffet - either fixed price all you can eat (18 reals in Oct 2011) or pay per kilo (one loaded plate is about 17R) Their desserts were delicious but often ran out (because they were so popular!) The buffet selection is fresh and freshly-made and had some great regular staples (rice and feijoada) and different dishes every day - extensive cold salad variety, different hot food, quiches and tarts, lots of tofu, beans, soja protein, selection of sauces/oils and grains, coffee (americano) on tap and choice of cordials (very sweet)included in the buffet or drinks bought separately (other coffees, juices, fresh juices, beer). Sells a few vegan products (soaps, chocolates, bars), cupcakes and cakes, t-shirts.. staff extra lovely and food DELICIOUS!!!
It's a real favourite :-) Highly recommended! A favourite with non-vegan locals too!

Pros: excellent food, lots of variety, friendly


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15 Aug 2012

Good Vegan Dessert & Fast Food Like Food

I was here in July 2012 and I really enjoyed the food.

I never made it to the buffet but I had their Açai juice drink, their hamburger and their desserts.

I ended up eating here several times because I found the food to be good. The staff is nice and the location is quaint. They even sell Vegan home care items like soap and toothpaste so a great stop of you forgot something or ran out of something and you don't want to fair the drugstore.

I know I will be stopping by on my next trip to Sao Paulo.

Pros: Good Food, Location, Price

Cons: Small Space, Hours


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25 Nov 2011

Big Disappointment

This place turned out to be a big disappointment. We first went for lunch, but were late for the buffet that we had heard so much about. Then we went for dinner, since it is one of the few veg places open for dinner in the jrdins area. However, they really have just 2 items for dinner... burgers and hot dogs, with fries. We ordered the burgers with fries. It took a long time for the burgers to come out, and when they did, the patty was cold, there was no dressing of any kind, no salad or any other accompaniment. On top of it, it was quiet bland and without flavor. The fries never arrived from the kitchen by the time we were ready to pay and leave. The ambience too is very unusual. There were a couple of older gentlemen sitting and watching TV in a corner that resembled more like a living room.

Cons: Quality, Flavor, Choice


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23 Nov 2011


Um ótimo lugar para frequentar, atendimento de qualidade, pessoas simples, simpáticas e humildes, sempre muito prestativas. Tanto as refeições quanto os lanches e salgados oferecidos pelo estabelecimento sao ótimos. Um dos melhores lugares para frequentar quando estiver com vontade de experimentar comida boa e um ambiente agradável.


Points +98

28 Oct 2011

best brazilian restaurant ever!!!

I went in 2010 this place, in the new location, they have one of the best vegan buffets of Brazil, with a variety of meals you can take from healthy food to the junkie fast food, for a really good price, the place also have a small place which sales snack bars, candies and things like that. The kids working out there are really nice by the way. Highly recommended for vegan hardcore kids


Points +239

08 May 2011

Sao Paulo's finest?

We love Vegacy. we ate there everyday. Lunch buffet is inexpensive and has lots of variety, and healthy options. on the menu you can always get the fast food things like burgers, hot dogs, sandwich....we tested every single dish from the menu and none of it was dissapointing.
everyone eats there. from businessmen in suits to heavy tattooed people. it is a place where you get good food for a good price in that area. so thats why everyone goes there. one of the owner is a tattoo artist and he knows most of the people that hang around there. also always some straight edge kids there.
there is no aircon but they have few fans. next time they will make renovations AC definately comes. there was only one guy really speaking a good english but even if he wasnt there we were able to get the right stuff.
an all time favourite in Brazil is Açai. some berries thats taste might remind you of blueberries and hey have it in glasses with straws as thick shake or in a bowl with banana and granola(muesli). thats better than any other dessert. its very nutritional. it is so popular in brazil that you can nearly get it everywhere.


Points +111

08 May 2011

Vegacy Rocks

We visited Brazil this summer for a conference in Recife and on our way home to Canada stopped in Sao Paulo for 3 days. I had printed out the list of restaurants in Sao Paulo before we left home and our first day in Sao Paulo headed out to find Vegacy as it was so close to our hotel. We got there late but they were still accommodating and served us dinner even though I think we got there right before they were closing, we had veggie burger and fries. It was a great atmosphere and wasn't far from awesome shopping places. We ate at Vegacy again on our last day in Sao Paulo before we had to leave and attended the lunch buffet, it was delightful and extremely affordable and I recommend it to anyone who lives in Brazil or is visiting! Check out Vegacy!


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03 Apr 2010

Wholesome vegan food.

I had been at Vegacy for some snacks but today was the first time I had lunch. I could eat very well, there were nice warm foods ("feijoada" - Brazilian bean stew -, leek soufflé etc.) and enough salads. There are some fruits too and fruit juice included on the price.
On a personal note, I was pleased to be able to eat anything I wanted without worrying about what it was made from.
It is quite cheap too (actually some other vegetarian restaurants in SP have not so fair a price). R$16 (US$9) on Saturdays and R$15 (US$8.50) on week-days.

Pros: good value, wholesome cousine


Points +74

16 Sep 2009

Burguer delicioso! / Delicious burguer!

Os hamburgueres de tofu defumado e de grao de bico sao deliciosos. O bufe no dia em que fomos (quarta-feira) era feijoada e nao era tao gostoso quanto o burguer.

The smoked tofu and the chickpea burgers are delicious. The day we been there for lunch it was feijoada day, and we didn't like it as much.

Pros: Delicious burger!, Nice location, Fair price.

Cons: Could have a more warm lightning


Points +195

20 Oct 2008

lovely made food...

one of those places, that only serve lunch.
But it's in one of the nicest parts of Sao Paolo.
The staff seemed to be punkrock based and very kind. don't remember the food so much anymore, since it's been a while when i went there. But it must have been nice enough to take a business card with me and add it in the happay cow...questions?

Pros: nice area, friendly staff, cheap as hell

Cons: closes too early

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