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45 Tulse Hill, Brixton, South West London, England, SW2 2TJ

Vegan restaurant and bar serving casual food and cocktails. Has a night club, speakeasy, and a cinema screen. Live entertainment and music on most Fridays and Saturdays. A 10-minute walk from Brixton station. Confirmed closed, Apr 2017.

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16/09/16 - Edit

We first visited VegBar earlier this year and were pretty underwhelmed, particularly with the service but we decided to give it another shot on 16/09/16 and I have to say that there is a huge improvement on our previous visit.

We ordered the Mozzfather burger, "chicken" nuggets and the chef made the "fish" without batter for my girlfriend and it was all delicious.

The biggest improvement for us was how passionate the staff members we spoke with were. The chef and manageress both talked at length about the menu, asking for our opinions and discussing possible future additions.

Upon leaving, we learned that the manageress and chef are both recent (and very welcome) additions and there are plans in place to refurbish the current decor over the coming weeks.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-17

Pros: Vast improvement on previous visit, Very passionate staff, Good food, clearly cooked with care

Cons: Decor needs updating (plans in place)

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Really dissapointing - Edit

I'm really not normally one to complain but I came away from Vegbar feeling really disheartened. I've been wanting to come here for ages and was really looking forward to it because of all the good things I've heard about it.

When we got there we were told to find a table and that the waitress would bring the menus over. We had been there a good ten minutes and we still hadn't got menus and two more tables had come in after us and been served drinks. After eventually getting menus, we got our drinks order taken but when she brought it over, she had forgotten mine. We had been waiting another twenty minutes for our food order to get taken while other people around us were being served when we were there before them.

We had been there an hour and our parking was going to run out so my boyfriend went to ask if they had any change because we only had cash, only then to find out that they had forgotten our order. At that point we then decided to leave because we felt like utter mugs sitting there waiting for something that wasn't going to happen. They gave us our drinks for free and blamed the poor service on being busy which they were when we left but not when we got there.

I love supporting vegan businesses and like I said, I've heard really good things about Vegbar and I'd like to think I'd give it a second chance but it won't be anytime soon.

Pros: It's vegan

Cons: Awful service

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Lots of choices, and great food - Edit

I absolutely love this place. They have so many options - not just salads! Change the menu often and they allow dogs! Plus, lots of great events in the evenings.

Pros: Not just salads, Lots of choice, Allow dogs

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decent food - Edit

I enjoyed my meal here but not dying to go back. Big portions but lacking something. Love the concept though

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fantastic vegan food!! - Edit

The food is excellent and the portions are generous. Very good menu with a lot of choices. Visited for the first time and will definitely go back again. We had the vegan fish burger, the tofish and chips and the blue nachos. It was amazing. Service is also very good.

Pros: Delicious food

Cons: Restaurant is cold in the winter and the food will

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Impressed - Edit

Visited for the first time the other day. Had a few drinks & then food. We ordered nachos & Mac n Cheese for starters. Both very good. Mains were the Vegfather & Tofish n Chips. Both outstanding. Chips were a bit too over seasoned and mushy peas pretty much a purée but those are the only complaints. Had a very chill atmosphere. Staff were so friendly. Would defo go back!

Pros: Excellent service , Chill atmosphere , Vegfather & Tofish n Chips very good

Cons: Chips a bit over seasoned , A bit cold in the restaurant

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nice - Edit

I went there on a couple of occasions and it was fine. The burger was great, the aubergine falafel not great (capers mainly), tofush n chips great, falafel great, onion rings so so. The place is casual but cool.

Pros: nice casual atmosphere, nice staff

Cons: not every dish may reach 5 out of 5 rating, but it

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Scarred from this experience - Edit

Visited this place for the first time and it went from bad to worse. When entering we were told to choose and table and come up to order at the counter when ready which we did, we then went to order our food and drinks.
First problem then arose when the teas we ordered were served in dirty glassware with grime stains all over the saucer it came out on, I then asked for a clean mug but was made to feel like I was in the wrong, this theme continued throughout the visit.

Then the first dish came out, a hot dog which was so over cooked and drenched in sauce when you picked it up it fell apart, then the chips and onion rings were overcooked and almost burnt, This was returned for a refund after having to explain why it wasn't acceptable and being made to feel like we were in the wrong. As there was nothing gave us confidence that this was a one of mistake, we didn't want an alternative or for them to make it again. So only one of us ate.

The second dish came out about 10 minutes later which was the jack fruit wrap, I would describe this as average and that is being kind. If I cooked this whole meal for myself I would have been disappointed in myself. It was mostly tortilla wrap, very bland and the chips were thin frozen fries which were overly seasoned and overcooked making them only really edible with ketchup.

The cutlery provided was so bad the knife was bending and too blunt to cut into a tortilla wrap! I decided to not bother asking for a refund on this one because they had been quite rude when I approached them to discuss the first meal and couldn't be bothered with the hassle, whilst it wasn't good, it was edible.

Someone compared this place to a vegan McDonalds in the reviews, I think that does McDonalds a disservice.

I try my best to support vegan businesses where possible, but I also think it's important that an effort is made on behalf of the business. I didn't see that any was being made here, the decor was poor, the staff seemed like they didn't want to be there, the food was overpriced and tasted bad, I usually like an open kitchen but in this case it just doesn't work. I wasn't expecting a Michelin star meal and thought I knew from the pictures what to expect but I didn't expect what I got.

Even though it's a bad review, it'll hopefully give Veg Bar an insight into what some people think, ways in which they can improve the restaurant and hopefully soon it'll be a better restaurant for it. Hopefully they look to improve soon.

Cons: Poorly made food, Decor, Felt a little dirty, like it needed a clean.

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Big disappointment - Edit

I hate to say it but I have visited this place 3 times now and it is by far the worst cafe I have ever eaten at.

Firstly, the decor is awful - dull lighting, no pictures on the wall, no plants, ugly chairs, grubby cutlery. There was a horrible musty smell in the room and our table was right by the toilets, which smelt far from clean. Tables were sticky and used glasses/plates were left on them. No music playing. It was definitely lacking any kind of 'vibe', and I actually felt like I wanted to leave after sitting waiting for my food and realising how dirty the place was.

There was absolutely no service at all... no greeting as we walked in, no offer of menus, no drinks menu - do they even serve any drinks apart from water???
No waiter or waitress to take the order... the whole thing was just bizarre and completely lacked any care or attention. I was really baffled that everyone else eating there didn't seem to notice this too?

Food was below average, took ages to arrive (around an hour) and was poorly presented - sloppy and greasy. Burger wasn't a homemade burger it was from a packet. Chips were just frozen fries and were cold as our food was sat on the counter for a long time waiting for someone to bring it to us. The side order came once we had finished the mains, with no apology from the 'waiter'. Oh and did I mention it was pretty expensive for what turned out to be a vegan version of Mc Donald's?! Terrible.

The whole experience was pretty grim and I seriously wish we hadn't bothered. Will not be visiting again, which is SUCH a shame - I am vegan and this place is a 1 min walk from my house... if it was better I'd be there all the time as I love to support places that cater for vegans and veggies, especially small start ups and independant places.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-12

Pros: Ok portion sizes, It is vegan, It is near my house

Cons: Horrible food, Awful decor, The worst service I've ever experienced

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Awful place - Edit

My fourth and final visit here was the cherry on the cake. I have continued to return to Veg Bar even though I have been totally disappointed in every single visit. Why? Because I want to continue supporting vegan establishments. The table we'd booked over the phone 5 days prior didn't exist, they didn't bother giving us menus... Directed us to various other people's tables to get our own menus. Starters came after the mains, at completely different times, many elements of our meals were left out, some drinks never even arrived. No apologies or even explanations, at all. Polystyrene cups. Unimaginative, cold food. I went on my birthday in January and there was no heating... They offered absolutely no explanation or warning about this- had to wear coats and scarfs inside. Wouldn't have mattered but had to wait an hour and a half for our food to arrive in the freezing cold. When we asked for an explanation the waiter brought us over hot cups of tea- we thought this was a nice gesture but we got charged for them at the end! We would've left if we'd had known this at the beginning! Once again they forgot most of our orders and many peoples meals and starters came after the rest of our group had finished their meals. There was a huge black hair inside my burger. This was before they started making you pay beforehand so we really had to argue to get the tea taken off our order and a discount for the hairy burger, it felt absolutely soulless and was an excruciating experience. This was before they made you pay before your food came- seems like a con that they've changed it now but at least we know why. I'd taken non vegan friends too- would be a good shout to set a good example no?

Pros: Vegan, Vegan, Vegan

Cons: Terrible service, Overpriced, No passion

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Underwhelming - Edit

This was my second visit to Veg Bar and sadly I found it very underwhelming. I'd previously been a few months ago after a vegan event in Brixton and the kitchen had sold out of everything except the 'Soya bean wings'. I'd enjoyed them and actually looked forward to my second visit there.
Sadly every dish was a disappointment. The stir fry was a very small portion and uninspiring, possibly one of the worst stir fries I've ever been presented with. Also, it had capers in it, which didn't really work, for my taste.
The 'Tacos Supreme', made from jackfruit was overly dressed in barbeque sauce and the actual jackfruit had a mushy texture. I know that jackfruit can work well in tacos and burgers as I've had it many times at other vegan restaurants. A friend I was with had the detox salad, again sadly not great.
The restaurant often tries to sell itself on the fact their food is 'Dirty vegan food', namely burgers, wings, fish and chips etc. However, the portions are small and it's certainly not fast food prices or fast food service. One group of people we saw, actually walked out due to waiting so long & we also waited a long time to be served.
A selection of drinks is on offer & we went for the beer. There were two different types of bottled beer & we found them expensive.
I probably would not return again to Veg Bar, unless I hear it's had some serious changes.

Pros: Location, Size of the Restaurant

Cons: Expensive, Small portions

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Fantastic... - Edit

Visited London for a weekend from Manchester and was recommended this place by a friend... the best food I've had in the UK for a while, and 100% vegan! Mozfather burger is fantastic, though I wish I'd had the to-fish in retrospect (had this as a side and it was beautiful). Wings were excellent also. Can't recommend it highly enough. Food was prompt, service was friendly, everyone who worked there seemed cool. And they have a Morrissey wall. Any place with a Morrissey wall is worth a visit.

Pros: Food, Service, Vibe

Cons: Bit of a walk from Brixton station (if I'm picking

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profound lack of care (except the chefs in the kitchen) - Edit

Last night was my 3rd trip to veg bar, and every time I hope that they've improved from previous disappointing experiences. Eating on a table of 6 our meals came roughly 30-40 minutes apart from one another, sides 25 mins after the main, and drinks 30 minutes after making the order (by which time it had been so long I'd forgot i'd ordered them). When we questioned this the server simply walked off without any explanation of apology. The food itself was great as always but the service really lets this place down, which is a shame as it seems like the kitchen staff work really hard and the service staff just don't care what so ever and would rather be elsewhere. I only live around the corner but constantly find myself traveling further into London past veg bar to eat in order to avoid another disappointment. As a vegan I go out of my way to support fully vegan/ethical restaurants that care about the world we live in, however veg bar has just become more and more disappointing each time I go. I think it says a lot that water is offered in styrofoam cups (a material which is terribly damaging for the environment) rather than glass cups which could be used again and again without causing unnecessary damaging waste to the environment, all because they can't be bothered to wash up possibly? Whatever the excuse is it is not acceptable in an apparently ethical restaurant.

Pros: food taste, chefs

Cons: service staff, long wait, use of styrofoam

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great food - Edit

Have tried many vegan places but the food just isn't right. Either too bland or too boring. This place is the opposite, amazing food, great vibe. Can't wait to visit again to try other items

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Great Place - Edit

The Burger is excellent even though it is so big the whole thing falls apart when you try to eat it. Use knife and fork. Desserts are to die for especially the Oreo cheesecake. Makes a nice night out as has a good atmosphere with music and drinks.

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Delicious Vegan comfort food - Edit

Burgers, wings, mac n 'cheese' and all vegan! Excellent service.

Pros: vegan, delicious, friendly staff

Cons: didn't have any wings when I was there!

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Disappointing - Edit

I was so excited to eat at Veg Bar, but unfortunately it was a let down. The Seitan wings were nice but everything else lacked oomph.
The mac n' cheese was watery and bland and my pulled jackfruit burger was in a sweet/sour sauce which lacked depth. It soon became sickly and the bun was very dry.
The portion of chips was huge, but they were nothing special either.
I was a little embarrassed as I took a non Vegan along, expecting great things, but we both went home unimpressed. Sorry! I really wanted to love this place, please keep working at it and developing those flavors!

Pros: Vegan, Nice Staff

Cons: Not nice enough to go back

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disappointing food - Edit

We traveled to London and used the happy cow app to find a vegan restaurant to eat at and came across the Veg Bar. We took a cab all the way to the restaurant and wished we didn't. The eating area was dirty and smelled like a musty basement. We ordered the sampler (chicken less nuggets, Mac n cheese and tofush and chips) and the double vegan burger and a chocolate brownie. The brownie was amazing and the best part of the meal. However, the fish was disgusting, the chicken nuggets chewy and the burger had no flavor and seemed like it was microwaved Boca burger.

Pros: dessert!!

Cons: location, not clean, no flavor

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Yum! - Edit

Great vegan food here and the chocolate mug cake, well I could have eaten about 6 mugs worth - delicious!! :)

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Amazing, fast food at its most Vegan! - Edit

We went on a Sunday afternoon while friends from the North were visiting me. the 3 of us had, "fish" and cips. the "burger" and the BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich. All the food was so nice and reasonably priced! Was expecting it to be busy, but it was super quiet and the staff were super friendly! Full view of the grill which is nice.

Pros: All the vegan food!, best for a good "fake away"

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Awful service. - Edit

Had a table booked for two, for a birthday. We arrived on time, I told them my name and then was told they had forgotten my booking and were asked to wait. No-one offered a seat or a drink (we waited over 10 minutes) Finally we were offered a table outside next to a massive bin! (Weirdly enough there were plenty of tables available inside)
Very disappointing. Staff member didn't even apologise! Shame, as locals we love to support local places. Oh well. Luckily London is full of lovely vegan places.

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Great Atmosphere, Great Food - Edit

Love the style, love the food. Everyone I have taken there in wake of its discovery has loved it too.

I've had the seitan wings, mac and cheese, FGV burger and BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich (always with a generous helping of chips!) and couldn't fault any of it! In fact, I devoured every bite enthusiastically.

The music and aesthetic is very nice and I once attended a gig in the basement which was a pretty fun experience too.

The staff are very welcoming, if a little disorganised. For example, from the few times I've been there, it's as if they haven't decided whether they want to do table service or order-at-the-counter.

The prices are also a little steep - though I couldn't fault their portion sizes and they do meal deals sometimes.

In spite of its faults, Veg Bar is my go-to vegan restaurant. It might the convenient South London location or the cool vibes or the delicious food, but it's always my first choice. I would strongly suggest you bring any curious non-vegan friends there if you want to give them a good impression.

Pros: Delicious food, Cool atmosphere

Cons: Pricey menu, Seems a bit chaotic

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Seitan nuggets at satan's prices - Edit

Love to see a vegan restaurant in South London, especially one that isn't health-focused, but they hiked the prices a few months ago and now it's £10 or more for a main. They're decent-sized portions but still a bit annoying.

The menu is very much hits and misses. American-style diner food: the seitan nuggets and burger and very good, the mac-and-cheese and a couple of the salads are eminently missable.


Pros: Good nuggets, Good location

Cons: Expensive, Hit-and-miss menu

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Shows promise - Edit

Had a delicious meal here with non veggie friends and everyone was most pleased with their meals, especially the burritos.
However, portions were small and prices were high. Did complain about the price of the salad, and to their credit, they did charge me less.
Service was friendly, but chaotic, with a number of items on the small menu being offered, then withdrawn, then offered again.
Hope they are able to smooth things out.

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Over priced for what you get. - Edit

I visited vegbar recently when showing some visitors around London. I have been meaning to visit vegbar since in opened, the pictures of the food I'd seen looked good and it was on this basis that we decided to eat here.

The staff are super friendly but the food just did not cut it.

The the seitan wings where bland and chewy and had the appearance that they'd been over cooked. The veg burger was ok but nothing special, the bun for example was just a cheap mass produced burger bun. This is fine if you are just grabbing one from a food stall or burger bar but both dishes came in at £11.50 and where served with frozen fries so that seemed a little too much for what you got. We decided to not bother with puds because none of us really enjoyed our mains.

We partly chose this place as one of my friends loves his vegan beer. on this night they only had one bottle left based on this the cost and the quality of the food I don't think we will be back unless I start to hear really good things about the place. I hope that this is only a blip and that things get better.

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Very good... but could do even better - Edit

What a treat to have a fully vegan bar/cafe/restaurant open in Brixton, after already feeling spoilt with Mr Cupcake down the road. I went here on a Saturday for a late lunch. The space is really nice and there is a simple menu to choose from without having to worry about what is vegan (the joys of an all-vegan restaurant). The food was very good, very tasty, and with unique offerings such as mac and cheese and seitan wings it's worth the pilgrimage if you're not local.

Now I hate having to say anything too critical, but I do expect vegan establishments to be of the same calibre as 'normal' restaurants - in that I can take my non-veg friends there and not feel bad that I am taking them somewhere sub-par. However on my visit my friend ordered the mac-and-cheese with fakin bacon, which was served to us without the bacon. We questioned this and were told they had run out. If we went to a cafe anywhere else and they just left out the bacon without advising first we would have had something to say about it.

Secondly, there was only one vegan dessert choice. I would have to assume again that they had run out of other options as one choice is no better than going to any other non-vegan restaurant. The place is reasonably new - I hope that these kind of issues sort themselves out over time.

It is also worth noting that the size of the meals are quite small for the price. However given the unique fare I can understand having to pay a premium.

Great place overall - definitely check it out! I hope this place does really well, (maybe makes a few tweaks based on feedback) and I am looking forward to going again.

Pros: Tasty vegan food, Vegan mac-and-cheese, Vegan 'junk' food

Cons: Pricey, Sometimes run out of menu items

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Good vegan food! -- updating review Sep-2015 - Edit

I am spending several weeks this spring-summer in London and have been happy to eat many times at this new vegan diner and will continue to whenever I’m in town. The staff are friendly and the food is all vegan, tasty and satisfying. There are vegan beers, wines and cocktails, as well as good coffee. I’ve attended the Saturday soul food brunch several times, pizza night, Mexican night and more. The Saturday 10 am-3 pm brunch – complete with rock-n-roll music – is a plate full of good food: mac-n-cheeze, scrambled tofu with black beans, hash browned potatoes and sautéed veg (eggplant, tomato, onion), biscuit with black-bean gravy, beans, greens and bottomless cup of coffee, £11.95. The regular menu includes small plates and desserts. I’ve had Kumara Kings (four patties of sweet potato and spinach jerk with pineapple salsa), Don’t Know Jack (three small tacos of spicy jackfruit and mushroom with almond and plantain sauce), pizza (Thursdays, three options, mine had broccoli, mushrooms and corn niblets with vegan cheese, served with a rocket salad, £7.50), burrito (Wednesday Mexican night, served with guacamole, red rice and wine), quesadilla (delicious!) and bean burger with potato wedges. All good, and served with a smile.

VegBar is also a venue for nightclubs and special events (there’s a space downstairs). Follow them to keep apprised.

Veg Bar is a 10-minute-or-so walk south from Brixton tube station (or short bus ride). As the previous reviewer said, go there!

Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 17, 2015
UPDATING my review from June-2015: Much of what I wrote above is no longer valid, since there has been a change of chef, menu, theme and atmosphere. When I went on a recent Saturday, it opened at least 15 minutes late. Best to confirm the opening hours with the restaurant. There is no longer a Saturday brunch plate or bottomless self-serve coffee, nor is the theme rock-n-roll; you just order off the regular menu. The mac-n-cheez was fine, served with spicy, skinny fries and some sauteed greens.

Pros: good food, all vegan

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