Historical shop producing the fermented vegan drink boza. Boza is served in individual glasses which you can drink at the tables, or buy a larger amount for take-away. Also sells other products like vinegar and lemon concentrate. 15 minute walk from Laleli-Universite tram stop. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-12:00am.

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20 Nov 2023

Worth the trip

I wasn鈥檛 expecting to like boza but found it really nice. Esp with roasted chickpeas on top from across the street. We combined the journey with a trip to see the Roman aqueduct not far away.



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09 Nov 2023

Must go

A traditional place with a great Boza, very beautiful and cozy location.


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05 Oct 2023

Vefa Bozacisi

Great local vegan-friendly drink to try! Don鈥檛 forget to pop across the street to purchase roasted chickpeas to add to your boza.

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14 Sep 2023

Taste good

first time having boza and love it

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14 Sep 2023


Never had boza before was good, wether you like it will 100% depend on your view of Boza all they do


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02 Sep 2023

A hidden gem in Istanbul

Perfect place to relax and enjoy the fabulous boza.


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27 Jun 2023

Don't miss these refreshing tasty drinks

Vegan Bozacisi is a beautiful place, nice to sit there while enjoying bosa and sira. These fermented drinks are very tasty and refreshing. I like bosa the most, tastes as a dessert (mix yoghurt and rice pudding without rice). The sira has red wine flavours. Only 25 TRY for one drink.

Pros: Refreshing and tasty drinks, This place has character., Cheap


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05 Apr 2023

Beautiful and historical place

Boza drink is fully vegan and delicious. The atmosphere of the place is great, very local.

Pros: Cheap and delicious


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03 Oct 2022

Traditional Boza Drink

Walk in, pick up a cup of Boza, pay, and walk out. We paid 20 lira for one cup, which given the previous reviews, I think we were ripped off a bit! Boza was delicious nonetheless and it鈥檚 definitely worth trying if in the area.


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28 Jun 2022

beautiful shop with beautiful drinks

my Turkish husband said the boza was delicious, I particularly enjoyed the 艧谋ra - a fermented grape juice


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01 Apr 2022

Excellent breakfast drink

I came here and was amazed about this traditional fermented local drink. It鈥檚 thick a bit sour and sweet, topped with cinnamon. I only saw locals around and you basically grab your drink, pay and go. It was 12 Lira at that time 03-2022 which was less than an 1 Euro, so very affordable. It鈥檚 close to the aquaduct but that was under renovations unfortunately 馃ぃ
Totally recommend going there.

Pros: Traditional beverage, Affordable , Many locals


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21 Sep 2021

Two fantastic desserts!

Tastes like a mix of joghurt and pudding, really tasty. Also try the sweets opposite to the shop, the helva is only for vegetarians because of butter in it but was really really tasty too!

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28 Aug 2021

Nice drink

Has a slight vanilla taste & is not too sweet.

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29 Jun 2021

Wasn鈥檛 sure what to expect, but delicious!

Can鈥檛 really add anything but I just wanted to leave a recent review. This place is still here and it is so good! Definitely a locals kind of place. Just walk up, order your drink and walk away.


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28 Oct 2019

Vegan boza

Delicious traditional vegan probiotic drink. Well worth the trip. Come check out the city aqueduct and come here on the way past. Cool historic building. A must!!!!!


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19 Jan 2018


陌 was so happy when 陌 found out Boza is vegan. 陌t is authentic, delicious and healthy. Actually you can find bottled boza everywhere, but to have a fresh one, with cinnamon on top, served in glass, just go to this place. 陌t is small and cozy, plus cheap.

p.s.: there are different brands of boza, you can find even cheaper bottled ones, but this brand is the best quality. Also fun fact for history lovers, the place is keeping the glass that Atat眉rk drank boza from.

Pros: delicious, authentic drink, cheap


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19 Mar 2017

Fav spot in Istanbul

Seriously, this is amazing! All you need is 10 min to stop in, grab a glass for 3TL, run across the street for some roasted chickpeas, and you're set. It's filling as well!


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14 Mar 2016


Worth the trek - boza is delicious, and the place is an institution. Buy a small packet of chickpeas at the place across the street to add to your boza. Yum!
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04 Nov 2015

Winter is comming

Boza contains bulgur water and sugar. they fermented with yeast(boza)
It served with ground cinnamon and roasted chickpea. These tastes suits each other

If you want to drink vegan winter drink without alcohol you can try Boza. and they also sell bottled Boza



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21 Jan 2015


Nothing much to add to the other reviewers, just keeping the reviews fresh. An exquisite drink. Kind of has the consistency of a well blended apple sauce, but slightly more liquid. Definitely worth a visit.

Cost is 3 TKL for a small glass.


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29 Nov 2013

An authentic taste of Istanbul

Boza is a very interesting fermented drink that could be described as something like a vegan yoghurt. It's usually generally available at winter time, but at the Vefa boza shop you can buy it all year round, when it's not available anywhere else.

The "drink" itself is unusual in that you might not enjoy it very much the first time you taste it. I didn't like it the first time I tried it since I wasn't expecting the combination of sweet and acidic flavours, and unusual texture. But now I really enjoy it. The interesting thing is that it gives an amazing energy/well-being boost, especially if you try it after a long day walking around the city. Just see if you can notice it after trying some. It was traditionally only served in winter due to lack of refrigeration at the time, but I think it's almost better as a refreshing drink/food in the summer.

The shop is also a mini tourist destination in itself - it's just a small place but it looks like it hasn't changed that much since the 1876 date when it was established. It's quite unique really.

A glass of boza (with or without cinnamon) is just 3TL, and you can sit in the place and drink it, or you can buy one of the larger containers to take-away (but they will need to be kept in a cool place. You can refrigerate it, but it may become slightly lumpy). You can also buy some sort of spiced Ottoman-style "sherbet" drinks and ice-cream etc., but the boza is the main attraction here.

The opening hours are fantastic - until midnight every day of the week, so you can pop in at 11pm on a Sunday night for your boza hit before going home :)

Note: Vefa also frequently have a stall in the Hippodrome area (with the obelisks) near the Blue Mosque during Ramadan and also other times when there are food stalls set-up for exhibitions etc.

Pros: Amazing nutritious vegan drink, Historically evocative shop, Extensive opening hours

Cons: Limited selection apart from main item, Area very quiet at night

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