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Plant-based baking company established a bakeshop here in summer of 2019. Makes daily varieties of vegan donuts and a few other treats as well as serving bagels, sandwiches, and soups. Open Wed-Fri 7:00am-6:00pm, Sat 7:00am-5:00pm, Sun 7:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by JulieEA


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23 Oct 2023

my absolute fav

i've tried most of their doughnuts and have liked all of them, the blueberry old fashioned is the best ive ever had! the breakfast burritos are massive but completely scrumptious!! the gluten free doughnuts are great for a cakey fix, i'm not gluten free and i enjoy them every time.

Pros: whole place is vegan, gluten free options



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14 Oct 2023

Take out

Ordered on line while driving into Missoula, not realizing it’s take out. Luckily they do have an outdoor counter height table. Portions are huge, and not something you want to try eating in the car 😂. Once in the storefront you can’t help but buy at least one more thing!
We had the Vee’s Supreme Crunch Wrap and Queen of the Rodeo as a wrap and a few donuts for later! Definitely comfort food and everything was delicious. When in Missoula next, we will definitely visit again!

Pros: Sweet and savory options, Variety of options


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22 Sep 2023

A paradise for the junk-food vegan

It's a shame I discovered Veera on my last day in Missoula! Huge delicious doughnuts, and no shortage of savory breakfast/lunch options! I had a breakfast crunchwrap, which was DIVINE. I have no problem with vegan junk food, so if you're like me, this is the spot!! And if you prefer to be more health-concious, Green Source next door has plentiful healthy vegan options.

Pros: Big portions, Crunchwraps!

Cons: Closed on tuesdays/wednesdays


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23 Jul 2023

Worth the stop

Passing through on a long drive from Utah to Washington, VEERA was 15 minutes out of the way but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for vegan donuts. I got the GF chocolate peanut butter and holy smokes i savored every bite. Delectable. Very sweet. Just perfect.


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28 May 2023


We love visiting Missoula because there are so many vegan options. Veera did not disappoint! Their selection of vegan donuts were amazing and their breakfast hit the spot! If you’re looking for a breakfast with lots of fresh green veggies I would recommend going elsewhere. Although they did have a low carb option, they don’t really have a lot of super healthy options.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-28

Pros: Vegan selection , Low carb, high protein options, Atmosphere

Cons: A bit of a wait for our food but definitely worth , Not a lot of fresh, healthy options


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31 Mar 2023

Best donuts ever

Amazing donuts! The have seasonal ones too. Got this one for Xmas😄so cute and mouthwatering for sure

Pros: Many 🍩 options , More than donuts on the menu


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06 Jan 2023

Vegan Paradise

Not only do they serve amazing vegan donuts, but they also have an entire menu of delicious vegan breakfast sandwiches.

Pros: The entire menu is vegan


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23 Dec 2022

So good! I can’t stop thinking about their breakfast sandwiches!

This place is so good. Ordering ahead works great. The doughnuts are huge and one could satisfy 2-3 people. Great flavors. Amazing options!

Pros: All vegan, Delicious and huge vegan doughnuts , Amazing vegan breakfast sandwiches


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14 Nov 2022

Can a restaurant make you cry (in a good way?) Yes!

On a drive across the country, I looked up vegan options in Missoula when I was about an hour away, I called, spoke to the nicest person who was willing to plan the perfect meal with me over the phone and have it ready when I pull up (which was gonna happen right at their closing time). As soon as I arrived and got out of the car, I saw the mural of Kurt Cobain and started to cry. SO beautiful! And everyone inside was incredibly kind and friendly. I drove away with a full heart and a bag full of food, took one bite out of the Vee Burrito, and started crying again (to be clear: I'm not a crier). It was delicious beyond the perfectly balanced ingredients and warmth on a cold day, it was made with love. The old fashioned blueberry donut for dessert (and breakfast the next day - don't judge) was perfection! I'm not gonna say I wish I lived in Missoula so I can eat here regularly, but I do wish I could transport myself back here more often than not.

Pros: Friendly service , Delicious sweet and savory options, Good vibes


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24 Oct 2022

WOW!!! HUGE & delicious

The donuts were absolutely delicious & HUGE!!! We were not prepared for how big these donuts were, or how delicious they were!!


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21 Oct 2022


Wow, can’t believe it’s all vegan! I had the taco meat crunchwrap and some kind of mint chocolate cheesecake-filled doughnut. Both were HUGE, the crunchwrap was greasy but delicious, and neither could have been remotely good for me, but… Wow. If you’re in Missoula, don’t miss getting a donut from here!!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options., Fair prices

Cons: Not very healthy


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01 Sep 2022


Doughnuts that surpass those you find in “vegan cities” like Portland and Seattle. Huge portions of tasty vegan comfort food. Fast, friendly service. Veera is a real gem!


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23 Jul 2022

Hot food > Doughnuts

Their hot food selection is great. Really filling, sometimes too big but whatever considering limited options in Missoula. The doughnuts tend to not be fully cooked through, probably due to the size of them being a child's head.


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20 Jul 2022

Great donuts

A great selection of 100% vegan donuts. The staff was great as were the locals who stepped in to help us decide what donuts we wanted. They also have other breakfast and lunch options.


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16 Jul 2022

Fantastic little donut shop and cafe

Went for the donuts, came back the next day for some tasty breakfast. Large variety of vegan and gluten free donuts. Good quality espresso coffee as well, hard to find in America!


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01 Jul 2022

Savory Sandwiches and Delectable Doughnuts

I ordered the Space Cowboy sandwich, which is organic spinach, a hash brown patty, a Beyond Italian sausage, tofu, Follow Your Heart cheddar cheese, and Vegenaise on a toasted English muffin. It was greasy, but good. Then I ate a Veera doughnut, which is their signature French toast tossed in cinnamon sugar and dusted with powdered sugar. It was divine, but too much, especially after the sandwich.

Pros: all vegan

Cons: no seating


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29 Jun 2022

Absolutely amazing breakfast

I can't say enough good things about this place!!! I thought VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland was the best but Veera doughnuts are better hands down. The space Cowboy sandwich was so filling and perfect.


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20 Jun 2022

Plant-Based, NOT Vegan.

Their donuts are amazing! They use Impossible, Just Egg, and Beyond - all of which are not vegan as those companies use(d) animal exploitation. Impossible and Just Egg tested on rats. Beyond regularly conducts taste tests against animal corpses. Most of Veera's food can use substitutes, though. For instance, I love getting the Vee's Crunchwrap Supreme with hashbrowns instead of Impossible crumbles.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-20

Pros: Delicious donuts that are huge., Food is filling.

Cons: They use nonvegan ingredients.


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23 May 2022

Can’t beat it

Wonderful donuts and food. Open early, too!

Pros: Must try, great donuts and food.


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07 May 2022

Best vegan sweets in the country

If you are vegan or not, you are gonna wanna stop in and try these sweet treats!!!
They also make amazing food and if you are lucky enough to be around Sunday night they offer late night grub. Order early, and be patient😉

Pros: Best vegan sweets, Incredible vegan food, Friendly staff

Cons: Donuts are too big sometimes (they can be a lot)


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26 Mar 2022

My favorite donuts I’ve ever tried!

Delicious donuts, and they have gluten free options too. If you’re in town when they are doing Veera after Dark definitely try it.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-26

Pros: Large variety of donuts , Gluten free options , VAD on Sunday nights


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20 Feb 2022


We’ve had vegan donuts from all over the US, Veera’s are absolutely the best! The hard work of the markets and pop-ups around town have paid off. We’re so glad to have this option when we are in town. Also, very accommodating to prepare the tasty savory items without the fake meat. Overall personal favorite will always be A New Level, such great flavors!


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30 Oct 2021

Apple fritter is the size of my head

Loved both the sandwiches and donuts! The savory donut that they use for the space cowboy is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Also liked all the Halloween themed donuts. 10/10 would come back again!


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06 Oct 2021


Yummy donut s and a good gf selection as well!


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05 Oct 2021


The best vegan doughnuts anywhere! Theres not an item that is not delicious!


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05 Oct 2021


Have visited several times and never disappointed. The breakfast burritos are amazing and the huge selection of donuts is overwhelming- hard to choose which to try!

Pros: Large burritos, can add extra protein , Huge selection of donuts, Great coffee

Cons: Close too early!


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26 Sep 2021


My meat-eating, self professed breakfast sandwich connoisseur friend called the Space Cowboy breakfast sandwich possibly the best he’s ever had. I was blown away by it myself. I’m also not big into donuts, but trying one of these donuts is worth it. It’s hard to believe they are all vegan! We loved everything we tried! I totally recommend this place!

Pros: Killer savory options, Decadent donuts, Great Missoula atmosphere

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