Donut shop opened here since early-2017. Offers daily varying flavors like glazed, red velvet, chocolit, churro, and/or lavender chocolate. Vegan ice cream and soft serve also available. Majority of produce is vegan with the exception of some donuts thatcontain vitamins from animal source. Open Wed-Thu 7:00am-2:00pm, Fri 7:00am-7:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-7:00pm.

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22 Apr 2023

Dunkin Who???

Just by one of everything ✨ 😌 ❤

Pros: Yummy, Good price, good variety

Cons: needs more merch!



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10 Jan 2023

Delicious of course

Got the half dozen for $20, went on a Saturday around 1pm and was excited they still had almost all flavors left. Fantastic!


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01 Sep 2022


I got Ube, Strawberry Passionfruit, and Twix. Not sure why it’s called Twix since there wasn’t much caramel and no cookie, just a chocolate donut with chocolate ganache and a caramel garnish. It was a fantastic donut, but not Twix-y. I love the variety of flavors here. French Toast, Guava and Cream Cheese, Triple Chocolate, the list goes on. And the donuts are large in size and thicc.

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11 Jun 2022


All of their donuts are amazing, but the Cronuts are wow!!!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-11

Pros: Cronuts!


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26 Apr 2022

Pretty good

The donuts are pretty good when you get them fresh! But sometimes the flavored donuts are not very flavorful. I wish they implemented better ways to keep the donuts warm and fresh!😄

Cons: Can be bland , Not so fresh all the time


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27 Jan 2022

Vegan Donut Heaven

It isn't easy to find vegan yeast raised donuts. If you are anywhere within driving distance Valkyrie is worth the trip. Our family of five all loved our different choices of donut. It was such a treat! Delicious. Heavenly. Half dozen for $20.

Pros: Mostly vegan except one donut., Delicious, Friendly staff

Cons: Little expensive


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28 Dec 2021

Great vegan pastries

Love the variety, taste, and friendly staff.

Pros: Friendly staff, Giant tasty donuts


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30 Nov 2021

The Best Donuts In Florida

The title is definitely self explanatory. This place has phenomenal donuts and should NOT be overlooked. Definitely one if the best vegan stops in all of Florida

Pros: Quantity AND Quality, Fast Service, Large Selection

Cons: Expensive-ish


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29 Nov 2021

Vegan doughnuts? Sign me up!

These doughnuts are massive and just absolutely satisfy a sweet tooth. I know this location by the university does a student discount on Mondays for 3 doughnuts for $6 (make sure to call prior to going to ensure this is still in place). There are 1 or 2 doughnuts that are not vegan due to the toppings they put on them BUT 90% of the doughnuts there are vegan!

Pros: Large delicious doughnuts, Almost everything is Vegan, Specials + Deals


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15 Aug 2021

Best vegan donuts in orlando!!!

My go-to vegan donut place :)

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-09

Pros: affordable, lots of vegan options, friendly staff


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24 May 2021


Valkyrie has the best donuts ever!! The owner is amazing and loves listening to customer requests! Go Saturday for cronuts (croissant donuts), you’ll thank me later


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Mostly Veg
29 Apr 2021

Yummy yum yum get in my tum!

The strawberry cream and fruity pebbles ones are my favorite. The Boston chocolate did not fit my tastebuds. Wish they had espresso and ice cream but this is a doughnut shop and am not dissatisfied. I gave this a 4 star because the Bostons are what I am drawn to first...the cream was lovely, I just didn't care for the chocolate topping, like it didn't fit. All other doughnuts were good. We bought 15 doughnuts.

Pros: Cheap


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21 Mar 2021


Good service, good doughnuts. I’m not in Orlando often but I stopped by and was not disappointed at all!

Pros: Fancy shape, Taste soooooo good, Many flavor choices


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04 Feb 2021

Awesome donut shop

I have had donuts from some places that were way to sweet. This place is really great at not having items be over the top with sweetness. They are great in I know what to expect with my choices.


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27 Dec 2020

Yummy VEGAN donuts!

We were visiting and decided to make a stop to try the donuts.
I loved the Churro donut! And the glazed donut.....mmmm
All of their donuts are freshly baked:)

It would be awesome of they had more plant mylk options for the coffee. They only had soy😒

Other than that I loved it!


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01 Sep 2020


Took a trip to Valkyrie since we were in town, and fell in love! The only non-Vegan donut (and questionable to some on if it is or isn’t) was the fruity pebbles which my three year old got. The rest are 100% Vegan and amazing. They offer a student discount on mondays, teachers on Tuesday and first responders on Wednesday.

Pros: Vegan-only


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19 Jun 2020

Delicious and Unique Creations

These donuts are sweet and fantastic. They are always creating unique creations and offering student discounts.

Pros: Lots of options, Offers student discount

Cons: Limited hours, Sells out quickly


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28 Feb 2020

The. Best. Vegan. Donuts.

My favorite vegan donuts I've tried, i dont live Orlando but I always drive out of my way to get a box if I'm ever near by. Love all the fun flavors, they are massive so you'll certainly get a sugar rush 🤤


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01 Feb 2020

these donuts are incredible

holy cow. amazing donuts, and if you get there after they open the donuts are still warm!!


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11 Nov 2019

Best Doughnuts Ever!

I love coming here! These donuts are the best I've ever had. They are incredibly fresh, yeasty, and satisfying! Love the small business atmosphere too.


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31 Jul 2019

hands down the best vegan donuts I've ever had

I have been dreaming about going back to Valkyrie since my first visit in 2016. I've never had a fluffier donut - and they are square 😍

Pros: whole bakery is vegan , the donuts are affordable , they have tees and tanks in size XS


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10 Jul 2019

Decent Donuts

I love how many options there are at this place. All but the donut with fruity pebbles were vegan (Fruity Pebbles aren’t strictly speaking vegan). Taste-wise, I’ve had better donuts. Can’t compare them to any others in Orlando, but I highly prefer Voodoo Doughnuts, so if you’ve ever had those, there’s a reference point for you. But these are fluffy and sweet yeast donuts, so they’re still good. But that’s a personal preference, so if you’re nearby, grab one (or half a dozen).

Pros: Almost all vegan


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01 Jun 2019

Healthy sweet tooth

Great experience once I arrived

Pros: Employees , Selection , Location

Cons: Soft serve was down


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03 Apr 2019

Addictive Doughnuts

I buy a box of Valkyrie doughnuts regularly, at least 2-3 times a month. They constantly change their available flavors so I am always returning to try them out. My favorites are ChocoLit and the Orlando Cream.

Pros: Vegan, Doughnuts baked throughout the day, Flavor selection varies daily

Cons: Large doughnuts, are a bit heavy, Must be eaten fresh


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28 Feb 2019

some of the best donuts i’ve had!

I love this bakery because their donuts are just so yummy and they have so many amazing options! I also loveee the soft serve! would 11/10 recommend

Pros: everything!


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14 Feb 2019

Nice space, friendly service, quality doughnuts

While wildly superior to their non-vegan counterparts, we found the dough a bit dry. Nice space. Great packaging.


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16 Oct 2018

Great doughnuts!

As an out-of-town visitor, I’d heard Valkyrie was a vegan doughnut shop... but nothing in the store is labeled vegan. So I asked the gentleman behind the counter & he explained that they don’t call themselves vegan because on occasion they use a cereal topping that contains D3 (which is not vegan). But other than the cereal-topped variety, all other selections are strictly vegan. I appreciated the explanation, even though none of our choices that day were non-vegan.

We bought a dozen, eating a couple in the cute shop right away & bringing the rest to family who live nearby. I’m the only vegan in the group, but everyone loved the doughnuts! I’m actually glad I don’t live in the state, or I’m afraid I’d visit all the time!!!

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