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Serves meat, vegan options available. There are 2 sections to this place, ristorante and taverna. The restaurant menu has vegan ravioli; the taverna has vegan pizza. Bruchetta and sorbet are also vegan suitable. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-14:00, Tue-Thu 15:00-22:00, Fri 15:00-23:00, Sat 13:00-23:00. Closed Sun.

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First Review by SeitanSeitanSeitan


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25 May 2023

Don't bother

On the website the menu had several vegan starters, like antipasto platter and bruschetta, but when we arrived to the restaurant, the printed menu had only one vegan starter option (olives). That was quite a disappointment as we had looked forward to the starters. So we skipped the starters and took a vegan pizza (Sandra). Even though I like quite salty food, the pizza was way too salty even for me.

Service was also extremely slow even though it was a regular thursday night. We would have liked to order desserts, and even picked the menus from the counter ourselves because the server was too busy to serve us, but we got tired of waiting for ther server to pick up our dessert order so we just payed to the counter and left after waiting for what felt like an eternity. Can't recommend!

Cons: Website had false menu, Slow service, Too salty pizza



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10 Mar 2023

Nice pizza

At luch time there was just one vegan option, a margherita. But i had to ask to change mozarella to vegan cheese. It was really good though and the salad bar was big and delicious

Pros: Good food

Cons: Not lots of options


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01 Jan 2020

Vegan power (or powering down)

I’m really sorry to give this 💩 evaluation but must give it. This was our 4th visit here, earlier this was a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ place, but this night was a real downer.

We arrived 10 minutes before our reservation was due and we were expecting to have to wait a bit before seating, but didn’t expect the wait to be over 20 minutes as it now turned out to be.

After we got to our table we read the menu and noticed the restaurant serving a fixed menu for everyone that night with some vegetarian and vegan tweaks. This was good because two of our group of four were vegans. We had also mentioned this when we made the reservation. So after we had sat down and after 30 minutes of waiting, our orders were taken. After maybe 45 minutes later the starters arrived, though one of them was not vegan so back it went and a correct one was delivered. The “meat” starters were okay, but the vegan versions were just some anti-pasti from jars, olives, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts etc.

After starters maybe an hour later the mains arrived. We all had ordered the same vegan pasta. Sadly they all were slightly too undercooked, ravioli was too thick with almost no pumpkin filling. A huge disappointment. We returned most of them back to kitchen nearly untouched.

After the pasta about 25 minutes later the desserts arrived. “Normal” version was okay but vegan option was sugary icy soup (used-to-be-sorbet), nearly inedible.

So the food was bad and poorly done.
And we noticed the same going on with some other tables as well, people had to wait long time, they didn’t get what they ordered, their checks were not correct, etc.

Our table was being served by 3 or 4 waiters. They could not answer our questions about what the vegan options included, especially one arrogant male waiter just shrugged his shoulders and answered back: “it’s veggies“.

My suggestion is to lose the [censored] attitude, listen to your customers, make good and simple food and keep your promises. Italian kitchen has so many good vegan possibilities, I can’t understand how you can not get it right?

Pros: Great g/t

Cons: Slow, Wrong food delivered, Food was bad tasting


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22 Dec 2018

Skip it

Went here in a rush - my suggestion is to skip it unless you’re loaded and don’t mind wasting money on average food

Pros: Location is good, Average to good cozyness factor / ambiance

Cons: Way to expensive for what you get, Service was too slow even


Points +76

01 Dec 2018

Lovely bruscetta

Had bruscetta and ravioli and they were delish. The staff was very friendly. Could have more vegan options.

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Only few vegan options


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29 Sep 2018

Two quite different restaurants

I came here for the vegan ravioli and discovered this was served at the upstairs restaurant. However, when I sat down it became apparent that the ravioli wasn't on offer because the menu is seasonal and the waiter didn't know the difference between vegetarian and vegan and offered me pasta containing egg. HOWEVER downstairs is nicer (cosier, cooler, less formal) and does nice vegan pizza, so I went there instead!


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29 Jul 2017

Vegan ravioli in Helsinki!

Yummy vegan ravioli and bruchetta in the upstairs restaurant. Really nice views and atmosphere in an old building. Really nice place to have a dinner in Helsinki.

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