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A nice small vegetarian place that offers primarily vegan juices, salads, soups and other healthy snacks to takeaway. The only item that is not vegan is honey, used in three smoothies. The menu is designed by a vegan dietologist. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by IMTasTakt


Points +900

11 Apr 2023

Great options to go

We needed a place where we could get our breakfast to go. The sandwiches were great! The smoothie with spinach was too. I had a chocolate smoothie which I felt was too sweet.



Points +23

Mostly Veg
23 Dec 2022

very nice!

staff are super friendly. the woman working gave me a few other items on the menu to try for free. the dessert she gave me (I think it was the pistachio mousse) really really good. i also had the broccoli soup & vegan cheese slice which were tasty.


Points +450

28 Nov 2022

Lots of choices

For takeaway it was very convenient and extremely fresh. We had a sandwich, a soup and a salad. Once again, staff is very friendly.


Points +46

24 Nov 2022

Best Juice

Great staff, fresh juice, nice philosophy, welcome to bring your own cup to avoid litter.


Points +75

Mostly Veg
12 Sep 2022

a vegan paradise!

Fresh healthy plant-based food for everyone! Smoothies, fruit juices, vegan pies and sandwiches. we had orange-mango-ananas juices, a mixed salad with quinoa, 2 pieces of veggie pies and we're happy!!! ❤Best place in Athens for healthy vegan food! Prices are fine (4-5€ for a smoothie/juice, for example)

please, notice there aren't tables or seats outside, you can only buy food to go. It comes in plastic and carton packaging but it's fine, they do their best.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-12

Pros: perfect location, in the city center

Cons: 4/5€ each juice/smoothie


Points +231

18 Oct 2021

100% plant-based health food

A lovely place with a food philosophy. When we went there, they had classical music playing, which created a really peaceful atmosphere. Sad that there weren't places to sit, it would have been lovely to stay. All food looked delicious! They had burgers, pies, raw bars, salads and other easy-to-grab foods. A lot of variety in the juices. They are not afraid to make them very sharp/sour if that is what the customer likes! A lot of other places prefer making juices too mild/sugary in order to please a large audience.

Pros: 100% plant-based, Great juices, Opening times

Cons: No seats


Points +40

23 Sep 2021

Delicious vegan sandwiches and pies

Amazing place with delicious food, and also the staff are very friendly. It's not only juices as can be suspected at first sight. They have some amazing vegan sandwiches and pies in a very reasonable price. We also tried their vegan smoothies which were incredible. Recommended.


Points +387

28 Jun 2021

Refreshing Juices

I didn't try any of the vegan food, only had the "Tropical Cool" juice which tasted very well.

Pros: Easy to find, Good English

Cons: A bit expensive


Points +245

15 Jan 2021

Vegan deliciousness

Delicious vegan soup, burger and juices!
Definitely recommend to try their chocolate-ish drink, is like a full filing meal by itself!

Pros: Many different options, fresh and yummy!

Cons: Not as cheap as we've been told

Toast and Avocado

Points +404

31 Jul 2019

Great juice bar

We had one of the green juices and really enjoyed it. Refreshing and tasty. People were also able to taste juices before choosing from the large selection. We also bought 2 sandwiches which were super tasty (I would recommend the nut cheese sandwich). Would recommend to others.

Pros: Refreshing , Good quality , Good price


Points +31

26 Jun 2019

Awesome juice

I just had a special made fresh juice and it was very awesome. Also very friendly staff.


Points +123

19 Feb 2019

Excellent place

Really delicious and healthy juices, but also nice salad bowl. Friendly service.Just be careful, some stuffs have honey.

Pros: Near to the center , Affordable , Nice people


Points +25

13 Feb 2019

Great Juices and Smoothies!

Great place to stop by for a quick juice or smoothie. They also have small snacks. The people are great and take the time to talk to you. Pricing is good too.

Pros: Juices, Smoothies, Price


Points +32

19 Jan 2019

Vegan juice bar

Fresh juices and they have lots of knowledge about fruits!

10 Jan 2019

I love this place.

Οι άνθρωποι που δουλεύουν, έχουν πολλές διατροφικές γνώσεις. Πολύ εξυπηρετικοί, τους λες τις ανάγκες σου και εκείνοι σου προτείνουν τεκμηριωμένα, επιλογές φαγητού, σμουθι ή χυμού. Εξαιρετικοί, δεν με έχουν απογοητεύσει ποτέ.


Points +375

02 Jan 2019

100% Vegan

I had a fantastically delicious super healthy beetroot, pomegranate, carrot, ginger juice!! In this vegan juice bar they also offer warm soups. Vegetarian sandwiches, kale chips and vegetable salad for take away. Fruit bowls, energy balls, cake. Everything is vegan. I will definitely recommend this place and come back as soon as possible!


Points +26

13 Aug 2018

The left option vegans

The place opens early hence providing good breakfast options, its a 5 min walk from Archeological Museum and offers great options.

Pros: Lots of options, Fresh


Points +75

30 Nov 2017

mood boosting stop

Fresh juice, unique blends, smiling staff... all you need for a quick pick me up!


Points +122

13 Oct 2017

Good smoothies

I had the Relax smoothie which was very tasty. It was a bit pricy (~4.50€) but it was delicious enough that I'm not mad about it.


Points +760

28 Sep 2017


Heaps of juice and smoothie combos to choose from! There's also an array of takeaway desserts, quinoa and dried fruit salads as well as sandwiches. Friendly staff and English menu available


Points +50

28 Aug 2017


Tasty and affordable. Fresh flavors, great for hot days.


Points +375

29 Jun 2017

Great cakes

Very trendy style, could be any old juice bar to go by appearances. But of course, it's not. I've only tried the cakes, but they get full honours with bells on. The chocolate cupcake with silken tofu chocolate 'cream' on top was particularly toothsome. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Pros: Vegan cake! And other stuff as well. Reasonable pr


Points +2166

11 Jun 2017

Smoothie heaven

They have a lot of vegan juices and smoothies as well as salads and other small snacks. Perfect if you just want something small on the go.

Pros: Healthy, Many options


Points +38

09 Jun 2017

juice bar

Amazing juice bar with many options


Points +50

30 May 2017

Vegan & Kid Friendly

Οne of our favourite juice bars. Fresh and delicious juices and salads. Ask for ingredients as some products contain honey.


Points +3099

20 Apr 2017

Great selection, very friendly staff!

We only fancied something sweet on our stroll through Exarchia and were delighted by this little shop. The menu is only in greek but the staff was very friendly to translate everything for us and we ended up getting a coconut/chocolate/apple pie which was absolutely fantastic. It was quite a large slice and cost 2.70 EUR, which is not too expensive at all, especially given that there was coconut sugar and coconut oil used and no white sugar or margarine!

Pros: Great products, Very helpful staff


Points +22

Mostly Veg
02 Feb 2017

Delicious and healthy!

Amazing fresh juices and smoothies! The chocolate smoothie is out of this world and the prices really good. A small oasis of freshness and deliciousness in the centre of Athens! I still haven't tried their vegan soups and snacks, I hope that I'l do it at some point soon!

Pros: Freshness, Quality, Price

Cons: Small, no tables

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