Casual restaurant located across from Mariachi Plaza / Boyle Heights station. Offers eclectic menu of dishes from Latin American and other parts of the world. Items include breakfast foods, fried plantain, quinoa tabbouleh, tacos with nopal cactus, red pozole, tofu saltado, ghormeh sabzi, vegan enchiladas, potato taquitos, pupusas with beans, and vegetable soup. Tofu and mushrooms are available as extra add-ins. Beverages are watermelon aqua fresca, hibiscus flower tea, shakes and thai iced tea with optional almond milk. Reported fully vegan December 2021. Open Mon 12:00pm-8:30pm, Wed-Sun 12:00pm-8:30pm.

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11 Jun 2021


It was my first time so I had a lot of questions and needed recommendations and they were so helpful. I got the enchiladas with veggies and vegan cheese and it was SO GOOD. Great prices, too! I highly recommend this restaurant!

Pros: LOTS of vegan options , Friendly and helpful staff , Affordable


18 Jun 2023

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11 Sep 2023

So, So Very Good!

Loved the food, so tasty and amazing. Chill place with great service, right across the street from the Boyle Heights/Mariachi Plaza Metro train station.

We had the chips & guac (chips are so simple and so tasty!), the Anti-Chilaquiles (fantastic), and the Saltado (which I found incredibly delicious).

Everything is well-prepared and so, so tasty. The menu has so many choices.

We will be back, again and again.



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11 Sep 2023

Incredible! Go now if you haven’t been!

My husband and I stopped here in a whim when we were DT LA for an event- - everything we had was fresh, flavorful and delicious. What is incredible is that it is also really healthy. The owner told us about how he tries to cook without oil and how everything is organic. It tastes like fresh home cooked food - It literally could not have been better - I have eaten in all the LA vegan restaurants and I would say this is easily top 5 - note we took the train to mariachi plaza stop and it is right across the street !

Pros: Delicious , Flavorful , Traditional


11 Sep 2023

Thank you very much for reviewing un Solo Sol and highlighting what we are really striving for.


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09 Sep 2023


Made with care. All vegan and good for holistic health. Felt very good afterwards & the owner Carlos has great customer service 👍


09 Sep 2023

Thank you so much for your review. I am glad to read the holistic purpose behind the business was well-conveyed on your first visit.


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Mostly Veg
02 Sep 2023

Solid Healthy Latin+ Food

This is a great spot to come to when you feel you need some good quality healthy food with flavor. I think non vegetarians and vegetarians alike would enjoy the food here! Enchiladas plate was delicious as was the gormeh sabzi!


03 Sep 2023

Thank you so much for your review of .Un Solo Sol and all your remarks in it!


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Mostly Veg
01 Jul 2023

Fresh and heartful

What can I say, I felt love in the food. The fresh ingredients, the perfect crunch of the cucumbers, the wholesome notes in the salsas.

This is real food made with love.

Pros: Enchiladas, Pupusa


02 Jul 2023

Thank for your visit and your review! Hope to see you again soon.


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18 Jun 2023

Best in LA

This may be the best vegan restaurant in LA!! I’d give it 10 stars if I could. The food is excellent, and the staff makes you feel like you’re eating at a friend’s home. It’s a tiny “hole in the wall” type place across from Mariachi Plaza Station with the authentic flavors that location demands. The pupusas were the best I’ve ever had, the hot sauce was freaking hot, and the service made us want to hug the owner and the cooks! It was also hella cheap for LA!! I might go back again tomorrow it was that good!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-18

Pros: Delicious food, Service that makes you feel like family, Inexpensive af


18 Jun 2023


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05 Jun 2023


Worth it! This is my second time here. It is close to Adventist Health White Memorial. Last time, I ordered the enchiladas- delicious. This time I ordered the pozole and tacos mea. Soo good. Little family business with the taste of authentic home cooked Mexican food. Love this vegan restaurant.


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20 Apr 2023

Madre Tierra Eats in Boyle Heights

Wonderful service and fresh home style cooking - that I ate way too fast while I listened to the owner Carlos explain the beautiful mural by Rafael Escamilla (as the focal point of the establishment): Un Solo Sol.

It felt like such a special experience because Carlos took the time to explain the vision/art of Un Solo Sol but also acknowledged that art can be interpreted differently by others with their own life perspectives/experiences. It felt really special and I appreciated the candidness of the owner and even met the chef Mari.

Would recommend and come back, I even got to witness a vibey sunset with the LA skyline walking out.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-20

Pros: Vegan | Plant-Based (Unprocessed Whole Foods), Friendly and Super Attentive Owner/Personnel


20 Apr 2023

Aww! I rode my bike all the way there last year and they were closed, it looks soo nice!


21 Apr 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to review us! It was a pleasure to serve you. You did capture the essence behind our little restaurant. ❤️


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14 Apr 2023

Amazingly Fresh, Incredibly Curated

Overall, this restaurant exceeded my expectations. It has a quaint charm that is inviting and enjoyable. The food was phenomenal. Everything tasted like it was just picked from a garden. You don't get that sort of taste I feel like anywhere in LA. The service was prompt and helpful, the prices were affordable (especially for most if not all being organic), and there were a few highlights that really stood out to me. Firstly, there is a huge emphasis on the fresh aspect of things, but what I thought was very important was the dedication to health. Every option was curated in a way that assists your body in its ability to digest, absorb and enjoy every bite. For example the chips are baked and not fried, as indulging in fried foods increase the risk from free radicals, which can be harmful. The dishes were very low in sodium, which is completely over-done in the vegan cuisine, and everything was made in house. No impossible burger this, beyond beef that, just pure hand-crafted goodness that people seem to be missing lately. Being vegan or even entertaining the idea of a predominantly vegan diet can be difficult as everything is so heavily processed nowadays. Finding a place like Un Solo Sol that keeps prices low without compromising the integrity of real food was a pleasant surprise. We can't wait to go back and try something new! I highly recommend taking the trip just East of Downtown to enjoy authentic, fresh vegan cuisine. Cheers!

Pros: Unbelievably Fresh, Great Portions, Extremely reasonable price points

Cons: My stomach ran out of room


17 Apr 2023

Thank you for taking the time to review us, Musicman33.
You did summarize most purposes behind our menu.


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08 Apr 2023

An East Los Angeles treasure

Un Solo Sol is a very special place. The owner, Carlos, has a vision of a better world where humans respect the earth and share her gifts of love. We had taquitos, pupusas, pozole, and avocado toast. Everything was delicious, fresh, unprocessed, and perfectly seasoned. The pozole was the best vegan pozole I’ve ever tasted, and I tried several in Mexico City. If you’re ever in LA don’t miss the blessings of Un Solo Sol.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-07

Pros: Perfectly seasoned and delicious, Wide variety of Mexican and Salvadorean dishes, Positive vibes


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04 Apr 2023

Tasty and Clean Food

I really enjoyed both the service and food here.

The presentation of the dishes was well above average for a restaurant like this and the variety of food styles was a huge plus.

I really liked that many of the dishes here were low or no-oil, yet the food was still very tasty and fulfilling.

Parking looks like it could be tricky, but it has very close access to the subway station. I came on a Sunday and was able to park about a block away.

Pros: Healthy Food, Tasty Food, Good service, friendly owner

Cons: Minor: Parking...


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03 Apr 2023

Favorite place

No other place leaves me feeling so energetic and light!🌟
Beautiful art reflecting their mission.
Organic food inspired by naturopathic medicine. 🌎
I got the nopalitos first which has green cactus,prickly pear,!look it up! in its dry form used to balance insulin levels.🌵
The owner was so accommodating even tho I came in right when they were closing.👣

I am so grateful he gave me so many cool facts about the food I was eating!👀
I try to eat here every day, when ever I'm around.🪷
They don't even use any canned food.
Everything fresh and I love to see the love they put into every meal.
I got enchiladas today and I want to eventually try everything on the menu but the prickly pear dish was so amazing. Look...
I'm already thinking about my next order 😆

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-03

Pros: Something for everyone and large portions, Exotic dish you can't find anywhere else, Leave feeling healthy and fresh. welcoming service


03 Apr 2023

Thank you for your repeated visits already! We do appreciate your support. All the best for you!


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03 Apr 2023

Delicious Enchiladas!

Delicious Enchiladas with Green Sauce and Potato Taquitos!

Pros: Fresh guacamole made to order, Friendly Mom and Pop Restaurant, Excellent veggie stir fry too!


03 Apr 2023

Thank you so much for your visit and for taken the time to review us!


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02 Apr 2023

This is a very special place for vegans. 100% vegan menu!

Large menu of exotic cuisine dishes healthfully prepared. Don’t miss this place, it’s unusual and unique.

Pros: All vegan, Intriguing exotic cuisines, Mom and pop/homemade deliciousness

Cons: Parking can be challenging, but worth it!


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Mostly Veg
28 Mar 2023

Wonderful experience

Forgot that the spot I normally hit up in this area was closed on Mondays and happened upon Un Solo Sol. Owner(?)/chef was extremely courteous and friendly, gave us some recommendations. Ended up getting the enchiladas and Ghormeh Sabzi along with plantains. Delicious, filling and energizing. Will be returning

Pros: Variety, Flavors, Ambiance


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24 Jan 2023

Healthy and flavorful

Healthy and flavorful food, in an area that’s nice to walk around and soak up the culture.


30 Jan 2023

Thank you so much for your visit. Your much appreciated review reflects our sincere intentions with the type of food we provide to all of you.


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13 Jan 2023

Whole food prepared with love

This place is so delicious. I tried to nopalitos and the enchiladas. Both were fantastic. The owner was a gracious host and made us feel right at home. Thank you so much for a delicious meal and fellowship. #Veganuary


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25 Jun 2022


We were in the area and ended up stopping in for lunch. I had the enchiladas. Everything was delicious and very fresh. Guacamole was delicious. Will definitely be back.

Pros: Fresh, Delicious


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08 May 2022

Pozole, Pupusas, Plantains

I tried all 3 and was not disappointed
Pozole comes in green and red. I tried the green, and it was beautifully fresh and spiced
Pupusas. So many options! I got beans one on and loroco for the other. Both were great
Fried plantains for dessert with mango jam. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing that mango jam was. Made my day

Pros: Whole menu is vegan, Fantastic food

Cons: Parking is difficult; bring quarters


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04 Mar 2022

Healthy, interesting and tasty; nice experience

This place is a gem! I found it here on Happy Cow and this was my first of (I hope) many visits, although I live and work quite a distant away. There are many vegan options, which are simply vegan wihtout modification.

The food was excellent in taste and appearance, as well as made with healthy wholesome ingredients. The prices were excellent as well. I believe the lunch menue had nothing over $6. I enjoyed the Carribean Bowl ($6) which was black beans and brown rice with cooked banana (or perhaps plaintain). It had some onions and I found it quite filling. But having arrived ravenous, I also ordered a pupusa ($3.75) (kind of a stuffed pancake, which offered 3 different filling option. I choose loroco flower buds, which I was unfamiliar with, but quite tasty. So happy with all this, I just wanted more of this food. I I got the Fruit Bowl ($6), which came with a variety of raw nuts. I chose pecans, pepitas, and cashews.

(I went home overly stuffed and took a nap!)

My waiter, Carlos Ortez, turned out to be the owner. We had a very pleasant conversation, during which I learned that he was a mechanical engineer, who had a lifestyle change after experiencing being healed of physical ailments by healthy eating. When I return, I hope I get a chance to interact with Carlos again. BTW he seems to be well-received in the community. He told me that he's what I'd summarize as a community activist (not his words) and a couple people said a very friendly hello to him as they'd walk past down the sidewalk.

The restaurant is in a vibrant cultural setting that has roots back to the beginning of the City of Los Angeles. I sat at a sidewalk table across from the Mariachi Plaza with a view of the picturesque Boyle Hotel completed in the year 1889. The place is small with modest tables and chairs, offering indoor and sidewalk dining.

Wow! Come and enjoy!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-04

Pros: Excellent value, Good, healthy, attractive, wholesome, vegan food, Cool urban location

Cons: I ate too much! It's too good!


04 Mar 2022

Thanks for your visit and shoutout, jhouska! It was a pleasure to have met you. Likewise, I enjoyed our conversation.


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11 Jan 2022

Excellent frijolies

Frijolies were excellent so was the service. #Veganuary


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11 Jun 2021


It was my first time so I had a lot of questions and needed recommendations and they were so helpful. I got the enchiladas with veggies and vegan cheese and it was SO GOOD. Great prices, too! I highly recommend this restaurant!

Pros: LOTS of vegan options , Friendly and helpful staff , Affordable


18 Jun 2023


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17 Sep 2019

So yummy!

We went to un solo sol to celebrate September 16th and our whole experience was great. We ordered the red pozole with mushrooms and the tofu saltado. The food was really good and perfect amount and the service was amazing. We will be going back!


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01 Jul 2018

Friendly and delicious

Lots of vegan options. The papusas are so good... you have to try them all.


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14 May 2018

Great place, the food is very good

I love this restaurant, they have a lot of vegan options and is super tasty.

Pros: Vegan options, Great customer service , Tips are included

Cons: Bathroom is in the kitchen


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08 Oct 2017

hidden gem

In the heart of Boyle heights this place definitely does not disappoint.
Red Pozole w/vegan broth (thee best!)
Potato taquitos (as appetizer)
Guacamole and chips (as appetizer)
Pupusa plate (comes w/ fried plantains, beans and coleslaw)
Tofu Saltado (amaaaazing!)
Watermelon aguas (delicious!!)
Food was great, the menu says Latin Chinese fusion, not sure where the fusion is but the food was sooo flavorful. Pozole is definitely a tough dish to accomplish but this place has the flavors on point especially with the vegan broth. Parking is tough to find. But if your hungry you will find a place to park (remember at night the area is a little sketch) there was one server attending everyone the night I went and everything came out to perfection. The menu says no gratuity but how could I not tip when everything was more than I expected. Pozole. Just try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Pros: vegan options on every item , no gratuity (I still left a tip), Pozole

Cons: parking (across the street or metered)

The Gay Vegans

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18 Jun 2017

I love Un Solo Sol

I have been going here for just over a year and love this place. Close to my office so it's great for lunch, and Mike and I have made the trip on weekends. Lunch and dinner. My favorite dish is the enchilada plate with red and green sauce. Don't worry, the dressing on the salad is vegan! I also love that I can order a vegan Thai Iced Tea! The potato flautas are a great addition to your meal. Service is always friendly and hospitable, and although they are not all vegan they will definitely steer you in the right direction for vegan options.

Pros: Enchiladas, Service, Thai Iced Tea

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