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Vegetarian restaurant serving healthier fast food. Menu includes vegan wraps and burgers with falafel or seitan, quinoa salad, pizza with vegan cheese and zucchini spaghetti. Has chia pudding for dessert. Order online and pick up in person. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by LukasundMaura


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29 Sep 2022

Amazing burgers, heavenly smoothies

We were so happy to find this little gem in Bitola! We ordered the B.P.M. burger and the falafel burger. We asked both of them with extra patties and the Thai peanut sauce, which was the right choice. The burgers were huge, definitely enough for 2 hungry travelers without any side dishes or extras. They were both delicious, nicely balanced, and we were so happy about NOT having overly salty and sharp flavors, or oil dripping everywhere. A truly harmonious burger-experience! We also tried the purple and green smoothies. The purple one was nutty and silky, the green one had just the right amount of sweetness and a vibrant, energizing flavor. We peeped inside the kitchen zone and everything looked very clean, organized. Also, the owner was very nice and friendly, he took the time to chat with us a bit. He told us that he's closing down for the season but if he reopens in the spring and we are in the area, we'll definitely come back for more. We're just so happy that we found this place after eating so much of the same stuff in the area - a perfect dinner experience!

Pros: Many vegan options to choose from, Very generously sized burgers, Great value



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23 Jun 2022

Sadly a little disappointing

The quinoa salad and zucchini pasta have gone off the menu so not really healthy choices left now of burgers, falafel, seitan gyros or pizza. On my first visit they had no pizza and I had falafel with Thai peanut sauce which was pretty good. 2nd visit they had no seitan burger or gyros or pizzas (so none of my top 3 choices off the menu). They did have reheated slices of pizza even though someone was taking a freshly cooked one away (it was the last of the ingredients I was told). A long wait for anything to be made too so I took 2 pizza slices even though they looked unappetising and indeed they were not great and still cold after a quick microwave.
The green smoothie also tasted odd, couldn't quite put my finger on what it was but not one of the listed ingredients. But the energy balls were great!

Pros: Mostly vegan run by vegans, lovely staff!, Only veggie place in Bitola, Good range of tasty energy balls

Cons: Ran out of things and long waits, Healthy options gone, Precooked pizza slices not tasty


05 Jul 2022

Thanks for coming and supporting us, the only vegan place in Bitola. We are sorry about the service what you got but in that period we were catering in another city and those who were working are our friends who heartilly helped us to be open in that period. Sorry again and you are always welcome🙏
Darko (the owner)


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17 Sep 2021

Did not like the seitan burger

Normally I don't really like to give out low ratings especially when it concerns vegetarian/vegan places but I did not like the seitan. It had a very soggy texture, nothing like I am used to. Maybe the other options are better but I would advise against the seitan burger.

Pros: Quite cheap, Vegetarian food in Bitola

Cons: Seitan was not how I would like it to be


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01 Sep 2021

Great food

The owners have lived in Sweden / Australia and can speak English well. The food was really tasty and filling. I've tried the chia pudding, the falafel wrap and the claq burger. Definitely recommended! As the previous review states, there are only standing tables.
Location on happy cow is currently (1st Sep 2021) wrong, it's on the main pedestrian boulevard at the southern end

Pros: Maaany vegan options, Nice staff, Great food


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08 Jul 2021

Best (and only) vegan place in Bitola

The owners are very friendly and accomodating. The food was really great and we enjoyed everything on their menue😄Would definitely recommend!

PS: It's only takeout and no seating outside. Just standing tables.


08 Jul 2021

Thank you for your comment 🤗 we will have seating outdoor very soon. Please come again 💚🙏

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