Serves meat, vegan options available. Burmese food restaurant offering several vegan dishes, including: fermented tea leaves salad, seasoned ginger salad, house chickpea tofu salad, samosas, coconut noodle soup, and tofu curry with coconut rice. Previously at 833 NW 16th Ave. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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20 Nov 2023

Something different

I'm impressed with this place. It has so many delicious vegan options AND is really accommodating to food allergies. Downside is that it's pretty spendy. For dishes like the rainbow salad (which they de-glutenize for me by subbing wheat noodles for rice ones), which easily feeds me for two days , I can handle it, but for the smaller dishes... oof, I have to be really treating myself.

If you haven't gone yet, I recommend it highly.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-20

Pros: Unique, Very accommodating of food allergies, Delicious!

Cons: Expensive, No more cons; end of cons list.



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24 Jan 2023

Great Vegan Options!

Cozy spot for interesting vegan Burmese food including appetizers (try the samosas!), mains (curries and noodles), and dessert. Makes in-house Chickpea tofu. Regular spot for me and food is always delicious.


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08 Jan 2023

Vegan Options!

My wife & I ordered via DoorDash last evening as we were looking to try a new-to-us vegan/vegan-friendly restaurant & noticed the current 20% off $25 or more (up to $11 in savings) offer. We ordered three items, all of which were by default vegan & gluten-free: the Sweet Pumpkin Curry, the Eggplant Curry, & the Tofu Curry w/ Coconut Rice. Overall, we enjoyed the flavors of each dish (though the Tofu Curry was definitely saltier than we'd prefer), but the portions given the price (even with the online discount) were on the smaller side than what we're used to from similar Asian vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants. We'll keep Top Burmese in mind as a delivery option in the future as the flavors were unique & we appreciate they offer numerous vegan options, but for the price given the portions there are a number of other local restaurants we simply enjoy more.


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18 Sep 2022

Lots of good options but double check your order

Lots of good options and food was delicious but I ordered the tofu coconut noodle soup and they brought the chicken one by mistake, they were very apologetic and immediately comped the meal so made up for it as best as they could. Worth explicitly stating you’re vegetarian/vegan to reduce the chance of error


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06 Sep 2022

Good food!

We ordered take out from this place. Appetizers were amazing however the the noodle soup we ordered was just too salty. Quantity is amazing for the price. I would definitely go back and hope it was just one time thing with noodle soup.


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02 Sep 2022

Flavorful with Many Options

We have never had Burmese food before and will definitely be selling it out more in the future thanks to the dinner we had here. We ordered the tofu curry and the okra dish, they were both delicious. The tofu texture was excellent (not gooey), and the vegetables were all super flavorful and yummy. The coconut rice was also a must have (the garlic on top was amazing). They have an entire vegan section and we loved having many dishes to pick from. Overall great experience!


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17 Jul 2022


It is very hard to find Burmese food in Southern California. We were so excited to see this by our hotel in downtown Portland. The restaurant is very cute, and they had a lot of a amazing vegan choices. Highly recommending the tea leaf salad as well as the tofu curry with coconut rice. The samosas are also very good and they had some fun drink choices. If you are in the city this is a definite place to go, you won’t be disappointed!


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11 Jul 2022

TONS of vegan options! Chickpea tofu!

Delicious Burmese food with tons of vegan options. Wait staff is very friendly and attentive. We had 2 appetizers and a tea leaf salad.

Pros: More than half the menu is vegan , Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive


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08 May 2022


We had the tofu curry with coconut rice. I wish I lived closer to this place. It was so delicious!


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12 Apr 2022

Great food - but let down by errors

Really nice atmosphere and very welcoming staff. We chose to eat here after seeing the good reviews online.

Food is bought out by a very cute robot - that was a really fun and interesting touch!

We order two dishes, both of which were well presented and tasted great. The issue is that one (a tofu noodle dish) came out with a sign that read “chicken noddles” we flagged this and the dish was taken back to the kitchen to check it.

The hostess bought it back out and said it had just been labelled wrong and it was in-fact tofu, we carried on eating.

About 5 minutes later we were asked if everything was ok, we said it was great, the hostess then said “and that was tofu, not chicken yeah? I’m not just going crazy?”

I’m sure they were just being chatty but this comment made us feel a little sick, surely they know if it is or is not meat, and should not be asking us! Did they actually check? After a few minutes of shock we called them over and asked the obvious question “this isn’t chicken right? You checked with the kitchen” they assured us again that it wasn’t, but the damage was done. It’s hard to fully enjoy meal having felt a bit sick only seconds before.

Would I eat here again? Yes probably, but given our experience I cannot rate it higher than a three, which is a real shame given how good the food was.

Pros: Lovey venue

Cons: Incorrect labelling of food


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25 Oct 2021

6 stars.

A [censored] robot served me one of the best meals of my life. This place is the modern day Star Wars cantina without being schticky. The food is fire. The portion is right. The server was lovely, and the vibe is perfect.

Tofu was cooked right in both the soup and the noodle salad which is its’ own success story.

Will come here every time I’m near Portland.

Pros: It’s [censored] delish , R2D2 delivers your meal if you dine inside.

Cons: It’s 17-19 per dish but it’s [censored] worth it


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11 Oct 2021

Really good vegan options!

The Khao soi with tofu was so so great

Pros: Vegan options, Robot server

Cons: Not all vegan


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08 Aug 2021

Great little place!

I enjoyed the experience and the food. It is conveniently located in the area I was visiting. I had the fermented green tea leaf salad, chickpea tofu salad, eggplant curry, and the sweet paratha for dessert. It was a delicious and lovely meal.


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11 Apr 2021


Small place. Very cozy inside. Khao soi was really good😄 wasn't super crazy about the pumpkin curry but it was decent. Vegan options clearly labeled.


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13 Nov 2020

Favorite Portland restaurant!

I’ve never had Burmese food before coming here. The tea leaf salad intrigued me and definitely did not disappoint. I’ve ordered it several times along with the air fried paratha, samosa chickpea soup, and the coconut noodle soup with tofu; all stellar options.

Pros: Vegan dishes outnumber non- vegan options, Flavorful and filling

Cons: Serves meat


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25 Mar 2020

Wonderful Vegan Options

I would give this place five stars but Happy Cow doesn’t permit that if the establishment also serves meat. This restaurant was the highlight of a trip that unfortunately occurred during the height of Covid-19 madness. The food was only available for take out, but the restaurant was cozy during my wait, with lovely decor. All of their vegan options (which outnumber the non-vegan ones) are clearly marked. The samosas, khao soi and paratha dip were all amazing with unique flavors I don’t often find at other restaurants. The staff was super friendly and both my orders were prepared quickly. If you are a fan of Indian or Thai food, I think you will be pleasantly surprised here. Looking forward to a return visit next time.


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10 Dec 2019

Lots of vegan options

The food was good although rather bland but then much better with the spicy condiments they give you.

Pros: Multiple vegan options but does serve flesh

Cons: Flesh served even though totally unnecessary, Should be all vegan


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10 Sep 2019

Tiny hole-in-the-wall with a lot to offer

This is the best Burmese I've had outside the Bay area, and Burma proper. The vegan options aren't extensive, but the menu isn't extensive to begin with. The tea leaf salad here is an absolute knockout.

Only real disappointment is that there either they no longer carry a vegan dessert, or didn't when we were there. We saved room for it but were only told it was gone when we ordered.

Pros: hidden gem, amazing food, adorable

Cons: no dessert


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18 Jul 2019

Delicious, unique

Had the chickpea tofu, tea leaf salad, and side of coconut rice. All flavors were amazing! Please note: dine-in for dinner only, lunch is purely take-out.


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09 Jul 2019

Fantastically delicious!

I am SO glad that Top Burmese is now on Happy Cow! We had our first meal here on June 29. We had some great experiences with Burmese food in Boston, several years ago. After moving to Vancouver, we never thought we would find Burmese food again. Boy, were we wrong! Top Burmese is just that... top! Everything was incredibly delicious and they have great vegan/vegetarian items. We started with the Burmese samosa.. yum! The coconut noodle soup with tofu was out of this world. Afterwards, the tofu noodle salad was delicious! Only 20 minutes from Vancouver, we will DEFINITELY be back again!

By the way, if you want to eat in... make reservations. There are only two tables.

Pros: Delicious veggie/vegan options clearly marked, Super friendly staff

Cons: Only two tables for eat in - make reservations!

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