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Vegan restaurant located on the grounds of Chulalongkorn Hospital, close to the entrance to Royal Bangkok Sports Club. Features an extensive menu of contemporary and healthy plant-based dishes, desserts, and beverages including fresh juices. The kitchen makes the food from-scratch including the tempeh and curries. Sources fresh produce directly from farmers. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the hospital's foundation. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-7:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by MichaelWaters


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01 Mar 2024

Wonderful food

The food was wonderful and the staff as well, the two ladies were very nice. We enjoyed our oyster mushroom spaghetti and avocado&tempeh wrap. All was really well prepared and very tasty!
Definitely recommend it!



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24 Jan 2024

Nutritious, healthy but lacking flavour

This place looked pretty in the pictures online but when we got here, although the space was bright and attractive, the menu was a bit boring and samey. I am bearing in mind that the business has a focus on nutrition and therapeutic food, but in the late morning, when I wanted something light, very little on the menu appealed. We started with drinks, which actually did look refreshing: instead of the more reliable butterfly pea flower soda I tried a red fruity one. While it was a beautiful red colour, it literally had no taste, and was indistinguishable from water. We ordered a tempeh dish - not exactly what I wanted but perhaps better than other menu items - and an avocado wrap, made with a tortilla and cut into segments like sushi. Neither of these were very exciting. After we made our way through these I was still hungry so ordered the spaghetti bolognese, which was marginally tastier and more appetising. Finally, I has the fruit and yoghurt cup, which I’d had my eye on from the start. It was the best thing we had, but still not quite as creamy and nutty as I might have hoped. I understand nutrition is the focus here - the cafe is located in a hospital - and I want to support its mission to improve people’s health with food, but in terms of appeal, I was left a bit cold by the menu here.


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24 Dec 2023

Tonklar Facai

We do recognise that we are from Australia and the vegan food there is great, but the food here was not good at all to our taste. Maybe it's a Thai thing I'm not sure. The tempeh was not flavoured so tasted grose, Vegies were boiled, bland, and the broth was sweet like everything in Thailand TOO MUCH SUGAR! Purple rice bland no flavour. The spring rolls were uneatable, they had seaweed in them and paired with a creamy passion fruit flavoured sauce. Was just weird and horrible. We were the only customers bar 1. Don't go.

Pros: Fast service, Food was hot, Dessert ok

Cons: All of our dishes were not good, Tasted bad, Not recommending


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Non Veg
21 Dec 2023


It’s my third time trying vegan food and this is better than expected! The staff are nice and the food is really good!

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-21


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16 Dec 2023

love it all💗💗

มาใช้บริการอาคารนวัติบาลแล้วเจอร้านนี้พอดี แม่ชอบมากค่ะ อาหารไม่มันไม่หวาน อร่อยดีค่ะ


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09 Dec 2023


I only had one dish and it seems unfair to judge a place on just that but my tempe stir-fry wasn't good. Weird flavours. Also a lot of the items on the menu weren't available - they had stickers on them which suggests it's a permanent unavailability. A bit pricey considering small portions.

Pros: Yay for vegan eatery in hospital, Good philosophy, Nice staff

Cons: Weird flavours, Unavailable items, Pricey


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30 Nov 2023

Good for all

I love this shop so much.


Good staff.

Clean area.

Love here. I will recommend friends and relates to come here.

Pros: Delicious , Clean, Friendly staff

Cons: Quite expensive, Quite broad area, low quantity of tables


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16 Jul 2023

Best place in Bangkok

Great place for tasty food AND they really know their way around healthy food. We will be back for more… Don’t miss it while in Bangkok. Really worth it.
Located inside a hospital but easy accessible.

Pros: healthy vegan food, amazing recipes , great variety


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04 Jun 2023

Such a GEM! Must try!

Absolutely love the concept of this restaurant. The menu is so large, yet the food is so fresh and healthy. The presentation of their dishes is beautiful. The dishes are super creative and health-focused. The venue is super pretty, relax and natural looking. The staff is so friendly, even though their English is limited. Prices are very cheap for what you get (think Western style but Thai prices).
I went there twice and had an amazing experience!
The only downsides are that the restaurant is located at the entrance of a hospital and that they close rather early (7pm, last order at 6:30pm).
Some dishes were very good, and some others were ok but not mindblowing either. Thing is, the menu is so extensive and the prices so cheap that you can afford to try out a lot and have fun with it.
100% recommend!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-04

Pros: Super fresh, health-focused, Large selection of Thai food (authentic/revisited), Beautiful venue / Friendly staff

Cons: Closes early (7pm), Location is at the entrance of a hospital


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27 May 2023

Good price and quality

Nice little restaurant a lot of choice

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-27

Pros: All vegan , Lot of option


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24 Apr 2023

A definite recommendation

I've no idea how this is listed as $$$
I had 4 dishes and a drink, which were all really nice and freshly made. For less than 600 Baht. I would definitely return the next time I'm in Bangkok.

Pros: Good value , Delicate flavours


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02 Mar 2023

Healthy plant based food

A quick glance at the menu and you can tell these guys are serious about creating healthy vegan and plant based food. Nutritious ingredients throughout, with the dishes sounding vey exciting. We had a quick stop en route to the airport but managed to try three dishes. The chickpea Thai style curry, air fried spring rolls with passion mayo, and a local Thai dessert with pumpkin and coconut milk. Could not fault any of them, packed full of flavour and presented thoughtfully. It’s super close to Ari BTS so convenient even if you’re staying / living elsewhere. Well worth a visit.


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01 Mar 2023

Fresh, healthy, variety of foods

We had the tofu with tamarinde sauce and the recommended Thai rice dish, and 2 different kind of tempeh dishes. They have a very big menu, difficult to choose from😉It was all very fresh and good. Very nice people here. Doing their utmost best to serve you. The food was very good. The tempeh wasn’t really our taste but this is personal.

Pros: Fresh, healthy, all vegan, Big menu with a lot of health info, Fresh juices

Cons: Big menu😉


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23 Feb 2023

Nothing wow

The place looks nice (aesthetically), but unfortunately the taste is nothing out of this world.

I had a salad, which was lacking dressing as it’s not enough what they give you.

They also don’t speak English so it’s hard to explain them whether you want a spicy dish, so I ended up asking for chilli on the side.

Also the baked spring rolls were just not it. I was with 3 other people and no one could actually like them. That Wakame inside is just not tasty

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-23

Pros: Nice design

Cons: Expensive, Not super tasty , Small portion


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21 Feb 2023

Average tasting food, but excellent place

I ordered 6 dishes and desert and spent 1,300 baht. Nothing special here. Too spicy even after requesting no spicy. Lovely atmosphere inside snd outside. Wonderful service. Beautiful menu. I will not go back because taste is number one in my life.

Pros: Outdoor seating lovely, Great staff, Decor

Cons: Not flavorful, Too spicy


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04 Dec 2022

Healthy vegan food

Love the variety of vegan dishes. All menus are created with nutrition and health in mind for all health goals.


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Mostly Veg
05 Nov 2022

Just wonderful!

Huge menu of amazing, diverse dishes, all Vegan and fresh. Drinks are especially good as well. Excellent, gracious service. A delight we will return to.

Pros: Wide range of hot and cold dishes, soups, and more, Healthful, Delicious

Cons: Multiple menus a bit confusing


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02 Nov 2022

Avocado salad

Loved their spicy avocado salad

Pros: Healthy vegan options , Delicious

Cons: Small space


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24 Oct 2022

Best vegan wonderful options

Everything we eat was delicious!!!

Pros: Lots of vegan wonderful options , Very tasty , Very good service 👍


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25 Aug 2022

Worth the little extra

Very nice small restaurant with green atmosphere. The menu has many many many choices and is a mix of traditional and modern. Even extra information about the advantages of some ingredients like tempeh, tofu, avocado and more. Menu also shows many whish criteria like low calorie, low sat fat, low sodium, high protein and more. Food quality is high and nothing is really fatty.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-25

Pros: Extensive menu, Criteria menu (low fat/low sugar/high fiber etc), Grand atmosphere

Cons: Little more expensive than others, No bear or wine


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Mostly Veg
18 Aug 2022


Awesome food and huge menu of vegan food

Pros: Great vegan menu!!! 🔥, Good service , Amazing food


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09 Aug 2022

One of my favorite restaurants in the city

Super nutritious and yummy food here at Tonklar Facai. Everything is made with care and packed with goodness. We particularly enjoyed the Thai desserts. We look forward to visiting again soon. Highly recommended!


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Mostly Veg
30 Jun 2022

Great little vegan place

Good selection of Thai and international vegan dishes. Had a tasty spaghetti bolognese with plant-basdd mince.


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25 May 2022

Great food and vibe

It's a cool little Cafe. Health forward. A bit of a western approach on Ayurvedic food approach. Food is medicine! That's what they serve here... soul food for mind and body

Pros: All vegan, A lot of raw foods, Ayurvedic/Holistic food


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24 May 2022

Fresh & Healthy Vegan food!!

Lovely little cafe that serves freshly prepared healthy vegan food!

Extensive menu with everything made in house from scratch, really tasty! Really nicely presented as well..

Nice bright interior and very friendly staff.

About a 15 minute walk from Siam BTS

Will definitely go back for sure, recommend!

Pros: 100% vegan


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19 May 2022

Amazing selection!

The food was spectacular and the selection was so big we could have spend hours choosing. Great place for vegans!


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10 May 2022

Innovative and healthy

The menú goes into detail of the content ofe every meal "high Fiber" "high protein" and all the meals are very well balanced in macro and micro nutrients. Out of the four dishes we ordered our favorite was the pesto pasta and my personal favorite was the cake desert, a steamed carrot and pumpkin cake that was not heavy at all, very hearty and delicious, i will definately come back!

Pros: Innovative , Healthy, Delicious


11 May 2022

Damn girl, I want to come to Thailand and feast with you


13 May 2022

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