Serves meat, vegan options available. Thai restaurant that has a special vegan logo (the "Thailand Vegan" symbol) on its menu indicating all the dishes that can be made vegan. Most vegan dishes can also be made gluten free. Vegan items include spring rolls, tom yum, tom khaa, red curry, yellow curry, panang curry and more. All the desserts are also vegan. Please note that the pad Thai cannot be made vegan and contains fish sauce. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00.

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First Review by LaPetiteVegane


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09 Sep 2023

Just don’t trust em

They had like 4 options. But received our food and my wife’s clearly had eggs. Admitted their mistake, They then made her plain jasmine rice. My noodle dish smelled like beef stock, but they still claimed veggie stock. There are so many other options in Budapest, personally I’d stay clear from here.



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13 Jun 2023

שרות ממש נעים ואמרו שאין טבעוני

אמרנו שבאנו בעקבות האפליקציה והמלצרית אמרה שאין כלום טבעוני

Cons: שרות נוראי. שאלנו מה טבעוני ואמרנו לנו שכלום


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24 Feb 2023

Nice diner

We had a great time here, nothing to complain about.

Pros: Nice staff, Many vegan options

Cons: Little expensive


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27 Dec 2022


lovely waiters and atmosphere and spoke wonderful english and understood our needs for being vegan and told us exactly what we could have & if we chose something that wasn’t vegan unknowingly they would point out it had fish oil in it or something else which was so helpful !! the food was so tasty and fiery (i’m sure you could ask for less spice). We ordered the vegan vegetable spring rolls to share(they didn’t have a lot of filling mostly noodles but we on the plate it came with they had some cabbage & carrots so i put them inside 🤣 didn’t bother me) & for mains two Phad kee Mao vegan (i did try and order the normal pad thai vegan but they said they used fish oil so i opted for this one it was moderately the same as a pad thai just spicier i did not mind at all DELICIOUS!!! we also ordered the homemade peanut sauce gosh we couldn’t get enough of that pure nuttiness with a touch of curry & heat to it perfect poured onto the phad kee mao & dipping sauce for the rolls . it does state on the menu a leaf or green V but always ask if they can make it vegan or not as they may have other oils or ingredients in it that isn’t vegan.

Cons: Wait time between meals, says V but had fish oil in some


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18 Oct 2022

ATTENTION! Foods are not even vegetarian!

We went to the restaurant, and even though I checked reviews here, I asked the Hungarian waiter about the so called vegetarian foods. Only one soup is vegetarian and vegan, that is Tom Khaa. And Phat Med Ma Muang was the only one main course they could prepare as a vegan dish. I wanted to eat Tom Yum soup and curry. But except Tom Khaa soup and desserts, ALL THE DISHES CONTAIN FISH/OYSTER SAUCE, and there is no option to prepare them without it, only Phat Med Ma Muang can be prepared without it. According to the waiter, Khao Niav Ma Muang is vegan. This is the sticky rice dessert. I can recommend it, just like Tom Khaa soup. It was delicious!

Pros: The waiter was very helpful, Tom Khaa soup was amazing

Cons: Vegetarian foods contain fish/oyster sauce


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29 Sep 2022

Good options

Loads of options can make most dishes vegan. Had the red curry was delicious. Spring rolls weren't nice.


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27 Sep 2022

Absolutely delicious

A lot of vegan options & very friendly staff!


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20 Aug 2022

Absolutely delicious

We had the raspberry-mint lemonades, spring rolls, Tom Yum soup, vegetable noodles (phad kee??) And wok vegetables with cashews (no idea of the name. All was absolutely delicious and I'd definitely come back!

The menu clearly marks which menu items can be made vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-20

Pros: Loads of vegan options when you ask for it, Lovely staff

Cons: Initially it was too busy so got turned away


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17 Aug 2022

Tasty food

Fried rice and green curry were both delicious, happy i went here and i will recommend!

Pros: Tasty, Nice service


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09 Aug 2022

Delicious thai food, 100% recommend

Absolutely delicious curries! Many items on the menu can be made vegan without issue and they are clearly indicated if you just mention it during ordering. We had the panang, green and massaman curries with white rice and all of it was absolutely amazing, very fresh, very well rounded, different levels of spice and all three a unique flavour. The food came super quickly, the staff was very friendly and super accomodating and despite other reviews, we did like the admosphere. They have tables outside but the street is too busy for us, but there's tables downstairs with bright lighting but comfy chairs, nice decor and a view into the kitchen, and there are seats upstairs with more dim lighting. Would absolutely recommend a visit here during your trip!!

Pros: Fresh yet very fast, Kind servers, Many clearly indicated vegan options


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07 Aug 2022

Excellent vegan food

Really great menu with lots of vegan options ranging from soups, curry’s, noodles and fried rice. Gréât service and friendly staff. Food was delicious and well priced. Definitely recocmend coming here for a vegan lunch or dinner😄

Pros: Vegan options , Friendly staff , Price

Cons: Not many people , Not so vibey , No other con😄


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18 May 2022

Authentic food

Perfectly authentic Thai food! I had the Coconut Soup and the Pad Thai and both was more then delicious!


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31 Aug 2020

Delicious tofu pad Thai !!!

You can turn plate for vegan. They had the label Thai vegan, so nice if you traveling with someone who is not vegan !

Pros: Amazing staff , Delicious food , Lovely place


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30 Aug 2020

Don’t eat here

We were very disappointed. The food is very bland and overpriced. We had a coconut soup as a starter, which was super watery and sour. As main we had wok noodles with vegetables ... and it was pretty much just that without any flavor whatsoever. I don’t like to nag, but you definitely should avoid eating here. And if you do: the Pad Thai can not be made vegan, although it seem the waiters sometimes sat so. Pad Thai sauce has fish in it!


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06 Feb 2020

Nice food

Good place to eat with meat eaters. I had spring rolls and pad thai with tofu. Both were lovely. Waitress understood my needs and helped me with the menu.


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04 Feb 2020

Okay food

Good if you are with a meat eater. Far from the best Thai I have had, but is good enough. Not cheap compared to other options nearby but not the worst price either. Just OK.

The waiter had to clarify with me what vegan meant which worried me. The menu said ‘ask for vegan’, if my memory stands correct 🤔


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27 Jan 2020

Standard Thai food

I was craving Thai food so I found this place. The menu had a vegan label next to all dishes that can be made vegan upon request. The staff were friendly and veganising dishes was no problem for them. I ordered the spring rolls (called something different on the menu) and they were incredible. I also ordered the pad Thai but that was just average. It would have been nice if they had pad see ew since that’s my go to Thai dish so I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have it. Overall this was a nice place. If you’re craving Thai it’s worth a visit but if you want a really nice and amazing meal then maybe go somewhere else.


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23 Jan 2020


Super easy to get recommendations for vegan food on the menu. I’ve already been to thailand twice and i have to say the pad tasted almost like the classic one. Well done! Good curry too!


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26 Nov 2019

Would not recommend

A lot of vegetarian options, and well marked with green symbol. But the food didn't taste good and there were no tofu. I had a red curry.

Pros: Friendly staff, Vegetarian options are marked

Cons: Food did not taste good


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24 Nov 2019

Tasty food.

Tasty food at Tom Yum, I’ve just had vegetable spring rolls followed by vegan pad Thai. They were accommodating when asking about vegan food. It was limited to only a few dishes however. All in all nice not to eat fried as there is an abundance of it here in Budapest.

Pros: Attentive staff, Tasty food, Rushed

Cons: Limited choice for vegans


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05 Nov 2019

Very nice

Really liked how easy it was to order vegan food from this non-vegan menu (it gets a bit draining to constantly ask). Staff were friendly, food was yummy, music was nice, price was average. Great if you are craving a little Thai. Only complaint is their use of an image of a tortured elephant on their place mats. It's 2019 people: Wild animals should be wild!


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01 Oct 2019

Great for vegan & meat eaters

Amazing food for all

Pros: Great options , Lovely staff, Tasty food


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21 Sep 2019

Lots of options & tasty food

I think more than 10 main menus were available in vegetarian, which is unusual. There were both fresh & rich, greasy options.


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07 Sep 2019

Good option to visit with meat-eaters

Tasty food, labelled well, clean restaurant.

Pros: Good portion sizes


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07 Aug 2019

Lots of vegan options

Really good Thai food with a clearly labeling menu, where most dishes can we made vegan easily. The prices were really reasonable and the portions were well sized. Definitely a great vegan option in the area


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03 Jul 2019


Ok food, but staff didn't seem to understand vegan despite clear labelling on menu. We ordered vegan pad Thai and realised it had egg in it. The staff said we should have asked egg to be removed separately even though we ordered it vegan, which made me suspicious they didn't understand vegan means no egg. They were quite brusque when replacing with an egg free pad Thai and were openly laughing at us. The replacement tasted very odd and smoky and we wondered if it had been cooked alongside meat. Wouldn't recommend for vegans.

Pros: Good selection, Clear menu

Cons: Bad attitude, Didn't understand veganism


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26 Jun 2019

Excellent food, pricier than most places

Really good menu, loads of options, tasty food but quite expensive considering everywhere else we’d been

Pros: Nice atmosphere , Delicious food, Lots of options

Cons: Slightly expensive

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