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First Review by Mimi710


They are a coffee shop, which also serves vegan pastries. On the weekends, Fri-Sun, they bless us with the addition of food specials and soft serve ice cream, the latter of which I didn't get the chance to try. :(

I called on Sunday to double-check that they were open and serving brunch. No phone-in orders allowed; it's first come, first served until they run out.

The brunch special came with 2 fluffy, buttery blueberry pancakes, sausage, scrambled tofu, and cornbread. Oh. My. Gosh. This little coffee shop is blowing full blown restaurants out of the water! Pancakes were a 10! Scrambled tofu, which is always generally meh (to me), was a 10! (I am fairly certain that they put potatoes in their scramble to give it that winning taste.) The vegan sausage was good; I'd give it a 7. The cornbread reminded me of the water-bread that my friend's granny used to make back in the day. Some grannies used buttermilk, others used water. This place serves an excellent version of the water cornbread.

I also grabbed a handful of sweets before leaving. Chocolate Caramel Truffle, Apple Danish, and a piece each of Raspberry and Strawberry Cheesecake. These people play no games. Their cheesecake has made it to my top 2 for best vegan cheesecakes ever. Everything I had was beyond amazing. So impressed!

My only regret is that they are so far away, and I don't know when I'll return to the Bay area. Someone needs to sponsor and fund their expansion.

Reasonably priced, excellent, superb food. Parking is more like, "good luck with that," but that didn't stop me from going back to grab more cheesecake before I left town. Limited seating inside. A few seats outside.

All in all, don't leave the Bay area without trying what this place has to offer.

Pros: Delicious food!, Amazing vegan cheesecake!, Very reasonably priced

Cons: parking

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Fresh baked goods, 100% vegan! - Edit

This place was packed on a Sunday afternoon.
Laid back atmosphere, dogs allowed.
It smells deliciously of coffee, and their coffee is really good!
The pesto dayia roll and the strawberry cheescake cup were amazing!
They also sell vegan ice cream scoops, delicious!

Pros: all vegan!

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Timeless cafe is amazing. I love it. The chocolate peanut butter cake is my favorite thing in the world. Only downsides: smells strongly of coffee, which may or may not be your thing, and has few soy-free options.

Pros: omnivores can't tell it's vegan, amazing food, customers are all extremely attractive

Cons: i'm allergic to soy and they have few soyless opti, reeks of coffee

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Timelessly delicious, Vegan on the down low - Edit

Best desserts I have had outside of my own kitchen, or my favorite Houston baker, Sinfull Bakery! Sweet and savory vegan deliciousness on the down low, since Timeless bills itself as really a coffee bar, with food.
What food it is! Had the green onion & potato frittata - savored til the last bite. Ordered the sausage empanada to go; good cold on the plane ride next day.
Desserts, where do I start/end? Cookies, cakes, pies, small bites, gluten-free available... Chocolate options abound, along with chocolate's BFF, peanut butter. Peanut butter cups traveled well, too, though might be different in summer heat.
Looking forward to returning next trip to the east bay for the weekend specials, chicken & waffles, biscuits & gravy, & the soft serve.
All Vegan, all the time.
Full disclosure, I am not a coffee drinker, so went here solely on recommendations for delicious vegan food. One of my sons brought baked goods from here to party we attended while I was visiting the East Bay Area, so we'd have vegan desserts to eat. Awesomely good!
So I had to try it, and it was worth the drive over. Lucked out and found parking right out front, though it was early afternoon, so post lunch rush.
Crowded even then, though not a long wait.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly staff, Delicious food

Cons: Parking, Moderate to expensive, Small space

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This is the most intelligent vegan bakery - Edit

Nowhere is it labeled "Vegan", still it delivers the most impressive bakes and coffee you can imagine.

We went this morning and had the Pizza bun and Broccoli and cheddar quiche.

We are going back in a few days to eat more. It's that good.

Vegan explorer (Swede in London with awesome taste buds)

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Timeless cafe - Edit

Well here it is its not a restaurant in the traditional sense it's more of a cafe roastery wonderful dessert all vegan and from time to time they do have an entree or two on the menu I love the coffee and lattes and my personal favorite empanadas I also would recommend getting a bag of there tide roast coffee ah man its good all in all its a great place to get a good cup of coffee and vegan pastry and hang out

Pros: Coffee, Deserts

Cons: A little hot inside

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One of my favorites - Edit

Full disclosure, I live within walking distance to Timeless and I take full advantage of that. I'd say I am there 2-3 times a week. They do the best soy lattes in the Bay Area and their chef, Violet, is a genius. True, there have been some things that I wouldn't order again, but I've rarely been disappointed with their food. Friday is pizza day and the chicken pesto is my favorite. Another favorite is the Buffalo chicken sandwich and I'm a huge fan of the southern breakfast served (at times) on Sundays (their Sunday brunch rotates, but I follow them on twitter to find out what they are serving). I don't usually like grits, but theirs are so yummy! Lately, I've been loving the frittata, but only when it is made with hash browns.

On the sweets side, I am a big fan of the tiramisu cupcakes, the strawberry shortcake and the key lime pie. Their scones are very good (especially the fig and walnut), but I find some of their coffee cakes and breads to be a little too sweet for my taste.

The staff is terrific, especially Sam, Alana and RJ, the owner. Occasionally when I am there, someone will come in and order a regular latte (expecting milk). The staff will tell them they only do soy and almond milk and if the customer tries it and doesn't like it, they will give them their money back! Who does that nowadays?

Pros: Excellent lattes, Yummy food, Friendly staff

Cons: not enough seating, can get noisy when it is crowded

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Awesome pumpkin pie. gluten free - Edit

This pie was so darn good that there was no conversation while everyone enjoyed it. I know it gets old but even my non vegan friends were oohing and aahing! It was well worth purchasing this from a cafe that makes them on site with a great deal if pride!!!!!!

Pros: Texture, Flavor, Beautiful presentation

Cons: That I can't eat it every day!

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It's all vegan!!! - Edit

I don't think I'll ever tire of the experience of walking into a place with a case of amazing desserts and knowing I can order ANYTHING!!! They had a ton of great looking stuff so it was very hard to choose, but I ended up going with a "chocodile", which was like two pieces of chocolate cake with frosting in the middle, mmmm. We also tried two of the chocolates, salted caramel and peanut butter, and both were excellent. My husband also got a coffee/float drink, and even though I don't usually like coffee I enjoyed that too (the huge scoop of ice cream helped I think :-). The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back, it's a ace you could easily spend an afternoon; although if I did I would probably end up eating about 5,000 calories worth of baked goods! They don't advertise as vegan anywhere that I could see, but when I asked when I got there the guy confirmed- yep, all vegan. Heaven!!

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Dissapointing Breakfast - Edit

Keep in mind I don't drink coffee- my review is based solely on the breakfast selection, or lack there of rather. I was so looking forward to the "chicken" & waffles someone commented on, and when I arrived I realized they only have ONE breakfast option and ONE lunch option each day. Today it was oatmeal with Quinoa. Uhh, what? Again, I'm not a coffee drinker which is the main focus of this place, just don't expect much in the way of meals from this place.

Pros: Nice people, Reasonable prices, Nice Neighborhood

Cons: The food

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Amazingly delicious - Edit

Wow. Totally love that small cute little place. Today's lunch special was the spinach wrap quesadilla. Had yummy mushrooms, red peppers onions and daiya cheese. For dessert we had the strawberry cheesecake and my hubby ate the carrot cake cookie.

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One of my favorites - Edit

I absolutely adore this place. I once went there 3 times in a week and it takes me about 45 minutes to get there from my home. I would be there all the time if I lived closer. Their food is that good. One thing that I do recommend is that you follow them on Instagram (@timelesscoffee). They post what they are serving for the day which I find very helpful since I don't live around the corner.
On another note, I have not had a meal here that was not amazing. I almost always try to show up when they're serving Chicken n Waffles for Sunday brunch. They make the best waffles I have ever had. I've also had their chicken pot pies, french toast, pizza, cake, peanut butter cups, and salted caramel cups. These are all things that I would definitely eat again...and again. They have friendly staff and the neighborhood they're located in, Piedmont Avenue, is really cute. I definitely encourage you to visit this place.

Pros: Chicken n Waffles, Desserts, Friendly staff

Cons: Can get crowded

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id love to go back again - Edit

Everything was so good. I had ordered the blueberry coffee cake, tea cake, chocolate chip cookie, brownie, and the Mac n cheese. The only thing that wasn't so good was the brownie. It was a bit bitter, but the chocolate chip cookie made up for it. My favorite was the tea cake however.

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Best Soy Latte Anywhere - Edit

This is my favorite coffee shop, period. Amazing treats! The coffee beverages are made traditionally, and not doused in sugar. Coffee beans are freshly roasted on site as are the baked goods and chocolates made on site.

Pros: Staff is friendly, Coffee/food is the best, No extra charge for using a CC to pay

Cons: Small venue, small tables, Limited power oulets (wifi?), Music is not ambient, a bit much at times

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Best chicken and waffles in the Bay - Edit

As many have already pointed out, this is the best cafe in the Bay area. Violet and her team of bakers make desserts that absolutely crush -- twinkies, chocodiles, thin mints, gluten free pumpkin cheesecake, peanut butter cups, and the best bearclaws I have ever had. On Sundays, they do brunch. Go the first Sunday of each month for the best chicken and waffles in the Bay. There is also bruch on weekdays. The barbecue chicken pizza and the pot pies are both great. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I hear from the coffee snobs that it's awesome and roasted in house in the giant roaster in the back of the spot. NOTE: this place is all vegan on the down low. There is no dairy or eggs in any thing, but I don't think the word vegan appears any where.

Pros: chicken and waffles!, sweets, sweets, and more sweets., super friendly staff

Cons: not a lot of seating. can get crowded.

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Best Cafe in the Bay! - Edit

I am a huge fan of Timeless for many reasons . . . walking distance from my house, all vegan menu, almond milk mocha is yummy, and my favorite desserts so far - the chocodile, peanut butter chocolate brownie, salted caramel cupcake and the strawberries and cream cake. So many choices, it's hard to choose just one! Love the staff and they even welcome dogs! And for all those folks complaining about wifi, I say use your cell phone or head to the library. This place is for face to face interactions with some wonderful folks!
Updated from previous review on Monday September 23, 2013

Pros: Excellent Coffee & Desserts, Good Value, Friendly Staff

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Excited, then disappointed... - Edit

So, I was surprised by my reaction to this place because it came highly recommended as a great little coffee shop, with tasty things, that I could hang out and do some work in. I got a thumbprint cookie, a slice of coffee cake, and a peanut butter cup for $10.

1st disappointment- Out of the three sweets I got, the peanut butter cup was the only one that was worth finishing. The coffee cake was mediocre (the crumble topping the best part), the thumb cookie was okay (but I had asked if there were nuts in it, and one employee said almond meal. It in fact had chunks of walnuts in it, which weren't visibly through the glass case or really until I started to break my first piece off. Needless to say, I saved those two things and gave them to a friend who met me later. The peanut butter cup was good in flavor, but had a bit too much chocolate to peanut butter for my taste. I like peanut butter cups to be pretty balanced in amount of chocolate and peanut butter filling.

The best thing I got there was a chilled organic apple cider, made by a company called Bernie's Best in Yorkville, CA.

Another employee, a male, seemed a bit irritate by my questions- Is everything vegan, do you have wifi, are there any vegan friendly places nearby with wifi? Unfortunate.

Another disappointment- no outlets and no wifi, so I ended up at a Bubble Tea place to do work...

Pros: all vegan, tasty apple cider (made by another co.), some nice and patient staff

Cons: mediocre treats, no outlets or wifi, some less than patient employees

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amazing vegan coffee shop - Edit

OMG, I love Timeless! We stopped in with two friends who are locals. The owner RJ and the staff remember all the locals and their favorite drinks. Such a great neighborhood place. The coffee and bakery are fabulous too. We both got iced lattes which were served in cute Mason jars. I got the cheesecake and Dirk got the chocodile. Amazing and so tasty! There are tables inside and outside which makes for great people watching. I'm sorry that I didn't get to try their Sunday brunch. Next time! I wish LA had a place like this.

Pros: vegan coffee shop , desserts, great staff

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This place is a MUST - Edit

We have a vegan coffee place in Las Vegas, but it does not compare to Timeless Coffee and Bakery. The selection of items from bakery to food is unbelievable. This place was the busiest place on the street and for good reason. The coffee is awesome, the food is awesome, the portions are perfect for any appetite and you will not be disappointed.

If you are in the Bay Area, this place is a must visit. We had a Southern Experience being offered which was biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, grits and greens. It was the most delicious breakfast I have had in a long time and to find this place in Oakland, what a FIND!!!

When in the Bay Area you can rest assured we will be back to this place again and if you are in this are, you MUST visit this place, your experience will be like none other.

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Go to Timeless! - Edit

The folks that run Timeless are devoted to great coffee, great food, and to providing a great atmosphere for folks to connect and enjoy it all. And it's working.

Go for lunch during the week and brunch on the weekend. Have a scone and a latte in the morning and an iced coffee in the afternoon.

I can't say enough good things about Timeless. Just go and experience it for yourself.

Pros: Excellent vibe, Friendly staff, Proper coffee

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Oh Timeless, I love you! - Edit

This place is great! The coffee is high quality. The desserts and pastries are high quality. You can tell that the owners put a lot of love into this place. They do a brunch on Sundays. (Come early if you go, it gets crowded and the lines are really long.)It's also a wi-fi free zone which is a nice break from other coffee shops. Think of it as Timeless Cafe in that the time will pass as you get wrapped up in conversations with your friends. Everything here is a bit pricey, but it's worth it.

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FoodAndLoathing 27 Mar 2013 - See, I feel incredibly SAD that this place has no wifi. All I want in this world is a place where these is wifi, coffee, and vegan food, but it would seem that the Bay Area does not want me to be happy. Every place with vegan food has no wifi, even a COFFEE SHOP. I always end up going to a non-vegan coffee shop, getting coffee with soy milk, using their wifi, then when I get hungry I have to either leave or get a plain bagel because they're out of hummus. If Timeless had wifi, I'd be pretty much throwing money at them.

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