Coffee shop, bakery, and roastery. Offers Sunday brunch. Note that croissants are reported to sell out very quickly. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by Mimi710


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28 Sep 2023

Best Coffee! Viva Timeless!

Timeless has such great staff, coffee, and vegan baked goods. Tell your friends, this place is incredible and ethical as well. Double awesome.

Pros: Great Coffee Beans, Baked Goods, Alternative Milk Selection



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25 Sep 2023

Good but definitely not what it used to be

Ten or so years ago I always made it a point to go out of my way while in San Francisco to go here and not sure I’ll make the effort anymore. The pastries used to be next level with hands down the best vegan donuts in the Bay Area. This visit shows that they seem to not have recovered from the pandemic which is unfortunate. The one donut they had tasted stale, while some of the other pastries we got were very greasy or flavorless. The coffee was still good though and the service was good despite other complaints that the baristas were rude. As much as I want to love and support as many vegan businesses as possible not sure I can ever justify the $70 round trip lyft ride over there again.


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09 Sep 2023

Sloths wore here

We usually don't mind slow service and often like it. It's a good sign a place is busy or perfecting their craft. Timeless is different. I last went to Timeless before getting my haircut across the street. I thought with 15 minutes to waste it would be safe. 5 people working. I was one of only two people with orders. It looked as though I was the 3rd drink ticket. It took the full 15 minutes to get an oatmilk cappuccino. 0 interaction except for my order. The people that work there are dower and just too cool. I would LOVE this place if the people that worked there has an ounce of personality to match the quality of the food and drink. Piedmont has so many cool places so I opt out. Harsh review but consistently dower.

Pros: good selection of pastries, yummy capps

Cons: Employees are depressing


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06 Jun 2023

Amazing pastries!

Amazing bakery with tons of different vegan pastries, cakes and drinks. The staff is very friendly and you can either take it away or stay there to eat.


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05 Jun 2023

All Vegan Coffeeshop in Oakland that is stellar!

Timeless has been on my radar for a long while & glad I finally made the trek to Piedmont to give it a try. My housemate is vegan & owns a Timeless sweater that was a reminder to get down here to give it a try.

My first association w/ Piedmont is by way of yoga teacher Rodney Yee who taught yoga in this neighborhood for many years before getting married to Colleen Saidman. Yee & Saidman relocated east to Sag Harbor, NY. It was in their yoga workshop years ago in Boulder, CO that I did my first drop back from standing.

Who knew that many moons later in Piedmont I would discover Timeless & is in my opinion the most amazing coffeehouse ever that just happens to be vegan. Timeless is a vegan coffeehouse located in the Piedmont neighborhood of Oakland that has superb hot drinks along w/ exquisite vegan baked goods.

Usually being vegan going to a typical non-vegetarian restaurant there will always be one or two items that are vegan so makes decisions easy. The opposite is true at vegan restaurants where you have too many options.

I started w/ the Broccoli Cheddar Quiche w/ Daiya Cheese for $6. It was packed w/ flavor & they used tofu as the base along w/ plenty of broccoli topped w/ Cheddar Daiya Cheese. It hit the spot & had a nice flakey crust. I paired it w/ a Rooibos Latte for $4.50. This was one of the best Lattes I've ever had. I am a big fan of Rooibos yet made into a Latte the drink was amazingly creamy & awesome.

There were many vegan baked goods that all looked great as there was so much variety yet settled on the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Slice for $4.75. It was quite heavenly & really hit the spot.

The one caveat is there is limited seating. Saying that Timeless is popular is an understatement yet was lucky to found a seat. I assume w/ a little patience & luck you will find seating as well.

I hear the vegan brunch is quite nice & will have to come back for that sometime soon.

Pros: All Vegan Coffeeshop in Oakland that is stellar!

Cons: No Timeless in SF yet


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03 Jun 2023

I have little to add

I feel like this place already has enough commendations to justify its prestige so I’m not sure if I can contribute anything novel. Simply, thoroughly delightful throughout.


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02 Jun 2023

Hard not to overeat delicious pastries!

Everything was great, hoping to make it back soon!


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02 Jun 2023

Vegan chocolate croissants & everything

Timeless is the best - their baked goods are outstanding. Weekend brunch is not to be missed.

True story - one time I was enjoying breakfast at a table shared with a stranger. There was vegan sausage involved in that breakfast, and scrambled vegan egg whites. He told me he'd been coming quite regularly - and I asked if he was vegan. He said no - and was then shocked when I told him all the food was vegan. He didn't see the signs or the website that said it was all vegan and felt "tricked." I believe that's the ultimate goal - serve food so good that non-vegans have no idea that it's not vegan.

Everything here is awesome.

Pros: Chocolate croissant, Almond croissant, Blueberry cheese danish


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27 May 2023

great coffee!

came here from a recommendation by a friend and they did not disappoint! the coffee was good and it was awesome to see the large selection on vegan pastries


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26 May 2023

Good baked goods and coffee!

Cute vegan bakery with delicious pastries and coffee!


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18 May 2023

Nice local coffee grab-n-go

Great bagel sandwich selections for breakfast and lunch. Just Egg, Violife, Impossible all options. Alternative milks are also readily available.

Pros: Great coffee, Many vegan options , Fast service

Cons: Wish there were more pastry options.


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04 Apr 2023

Awesome food

Every bakery or lunch item I’ve eaten from Timeless has been great.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-04


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21 Mar 2023

Nice place

We had visited the place, as they were nearing the closing time. But they were kind enough to let me place an order for togo. Will definitely visit again.
Ordered Tiramisu cake slice & some truffles (Raspberry & peanut one )
Mocha - was good enough.


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15 Feb 2023

Good but could have been better…

Arrived around 9:30 on a week day and while the line was long, it moved very quickly. We got an iced soy matcha latte, a vanilla soy latte, a breakfast burrito, a breakfast sandwich, and a sausage potato empanada. Everything was good, but a couple of improvements would have made everything great! My boyfriend said the soy vanilla latte might be the best he’s ever had! My soy matcha latte was good but not sweetened, once I added the sweetener it was better. Also, the breakfast burrito was good but overly salty…could have been great if not for that…hopefully that was just a fluke and it’s not usually that salty. The breakfast sandwich was also good but could have been great had they melted the cheese at least a little. The empanada was great just as it was…it came warmed up and it was delicious! Would have loved to try some of the sweet pastries, maybe next time!


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10 Jan 2023

Sets the standard for vegan coffee shops

The croissants, scones, tea cakes, cakes, pizza rolls, and similar pastries are amazing along with coffee drinks and beans and the classic breakfast sandwich. We go over and over for those items and it’s hard to match their quality anywhere in the world. Take all my money.

They do have some lackluster dishes though which are just okay, including doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, hot brunch items. I support them experimenting with different things but always recommend sticking to flaky pastries and coffee to ensure you enjoy an awesome treat.

Note: menu is almost exactly the same but can vary slightly across the 4 east bay locations.

You can also order cakes ahead which has made many a birthday successful for us!!

Pros: Croissants croissants croissants , Cakes , Coffee

Cons: Brunch items


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21 Nov 2022

Amazing pastries, lackluster hot food

I go here all the time. The pastries are world class. Incredible flaky croissants, donuts, scones, all amazing. Their hot brunch options though…man, they need to step these up. I just had a truly disgusting bagel sandwich for $10 with no seasoning or sauce, on what appeared to be a lukewarm plain safeway bagel, unmelted cheese…flavorless and seemed to have no thought behind it. Like something from the Fyre festival. Their egg muffin sandwich isn’t much better. My kingdom for a spicy aioli or some lettuce or anything!


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11 Nov 2022

They’re playing DOOM in here

They’re playing DOOM in here



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28 Oct 2022

Pumpkin spice season 🎃

Come in to Timeless for pumpkin spice season!! Their pumpkin cheesecake is absolutely incredible and creamy and the pumpkin pie is very well made. Usually pumpkin spice lattes are much too sweet and taste artificial, but the one here is SO good. A thousand times better than Starbucks, one of the best pumpkin lattes I've had in my life. Right now for the season they're also selling a "spooky assortment" chocolate box, and the cafe is full of cute decorations.

Also tried the double "twinkie". It was very sweet and dense, but it doesn't give that awful sugar rush typical of processed twinkies. The chocolates are pretty good too.

I enjoyed that they sell electric kettles, brew grinders, filters, coffee press, glass dripper, mugs, tumblers, and chemex coffee makers.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-28


28 Oct 2022

So thrilling to read that Timeless is still around! Timeless forever!!


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23 Oct 2022

Amazing vegan cafe

This is the best vegan cafe in Oakland! The pastries are stellar - my favorites are the everything cream cheese roll, the pesto roll and the funfetti cake. The coffee is also good too!

Pros: Funfetti cake, Pretty affordable, Savory options

Cons: No wifi


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09 Oct 2022

Good but not great!

I think I would like this place better if the employees were nicer and welcoming. They seem bored taking orders and recently forgot my order and acted clueless about it. I think the experience just sours my food and makes me not want to go here much.

There are lots of options, my fave is during Halloween when they make things extra cute.

Pros: Cakes pies and sweets!

Cons: Clueless employees


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27 Aug 2022

Overhyped but still good

I went to this location and the uptown one. The first time I got the breakfast sandwich, a cherry danish, and a golden milk latte, and the second time I got a slice of banana cream pie. The cherry danish was amazing, but everything else was just okay. I still think it's worth going, but maybe stick with the pastries.

Pros: All vegan, Good seating, Lots of locations

Cons: Pricy


13 Sep 2022


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10 Jul 2022

Original and Best

If I could give 6 stars I would! We come here whenever in the area. Delicious coffee and baked goods! Favorites include: pizza rolls, raised donuts, cheesecake, etc. They also do pies for the holidays you can order and the birthday cakes are well-loved by both vegans and non-vegans!


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05 Jun 2022

🌱 good vibes

outstanding plant based pastries! makes me happy every time ☯️


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14 Apr 2022

🎶Don’t Forget the Crumble, Don’t Forget the Treats 🎶

Highly recommend, this place is a VIBE! I had my order to go, they use sustainable/eco-friendly products and have a huge selection of ALL VEGAN pastries and truffles?! For us non-coffee folks, there is hot tea to complement the donuts and scones! 🤤 Super service and will totally return!

Pros: ALL VEGAN , Friendly staff/personnel, Cleanliness and Overall Rad Establishment

Cons: $3.50/Donut; but worth it IMO


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10 Apr 2022

Worth the hype

Everyone said this was the place to go when we were visiting friends in Oakland, and they were right. We got coffees, a pizza roll and a Twinkie (impulse purchase, but definitely worth it) the first day, and breakfast sandwiches the next day. I’m super impressed and would come back any time im in the area.

Pros: Delicious vegan baked goods, Great coffee, Cool atmosphere

Cons: Longer wait time on weekend


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06 Mar 2022

The best!

I love this place, great coffee, breakfast sandwiches, amazing pastries and cakes. I buy a lot of birthday cakes here for non-vegan friends and always a big hit. Also a nice location.


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01 Mar 2022

The Best Plant-based desserts not from my own kitchen!

The place to take non-vegans to convince them that vegan desserts do not lack anything! Timeless offers a mouth-watering selection of pastries, including: cookies, Danish, cakes, pie, donuts, scones, cinnamon rolls and croissants (now available every day; in butter or chocolate or almond or savory); usually a few gluten-free sweets as well. They also roast their own coffee and have a selection of house made chocolates/truffles. And, number of tasty savory treats, like "sausage" empanada and pesto-cheese roll, my person fav. ( think pizza dough surrounding pesto and melted cheese). There are also daily breakfast specials and brunch offerings on the weekend. For optimal selection, you may pre-order online the night before and pick up the next day ( and pile the croissants in your freezer). Seriously, I really do love this place; they did not pay me to write this!! Also, there are now 3 locations: Piedmont Avenue, Ashby and Webster; all in Oakland.

Pros: WONDERFUL desserts!, friendly service, creative seasonal treats(buche noel, pumpkin roll.

Cons: limited seating

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