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Rm 0260, 2/F, Bldg D, Chaowai SOHO, 6B Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, CBD/Guomao, Beijing, China, 100020

Founded in 2003 and has another branch in Tsinghua, this place offers an extensive vegetarian menu including a variety of mockmeat dishes. Organizes monthly free vegetarian cooking training salon. Directions: 300 meters west of JingGuang Center at East 3rd Ring, next to Central Park and Vantone Center. Take exit A of Jintai Xizhao station on subway line 10, turn right at first light, then turn left on first light, walk 200m to see Chaowai SOHO building. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

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23 Reviews

First Review by cyanibis

Vegan and Vegetarian prepared in the Bhuddist way - Edit

My favorite place in Beijing for Vegan and Vegetarian food because it’s an actual dining restaurant. The menu is extensive and it offers creative authentic Chinese dishes. It tastes awesome. It’s not your boring way of vegan/veggie places where it’s salad bar and it offers some protein shake with zucchini pasta. This spot is truly a Vegan Treasure with a great interpretation of Chinese cuisine. The staff are very spiritual and friendly. Did I mention it’s Super well priced!!!!

Pros: Authentic Chinese Dishes as if prepared by Monks

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Delishious and reasonably priced. - Edit

Everything's we ordered was great! Amazing mock meats and mushroom dishes.
Some dishes are sharing sizes but not clear from photos.

Pros: no onion or garlic , all vegan , well priced.

Cons: little hard to find

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Good vegetarian food - Edit

Similar to other Chinese vegetarian restaurants we tried, this one was also very good. They have an English menu but staff is a bit limited. The prices are also similar, it should have $$ instead of one. Portions were a bit small. Atmosphere was OK but a bit noisy when full.

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Out of this world! A favorite - Edit

This restaurant if my favorite in the world as I really like vegan asian food, especially chinese, but the real one, which is very very diverse with many types of vegan meats, many vegetable and mushroom dishes, soups, etc etc. They offer a great range of food, their especialty is vegan Buddhist chinese food, with no onion and garlic, they also have some thai food and other asian dishes. The flavors are amazingly rich and diverse, so whenever you go you must try as many dishes as you can, they are all very delicious, trust me. The place is great, impecably clean, the staff is friendly and very nice.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-01

Pros: Amazingly delicious food, Very diverse and rich menu, Nice atmosphere and very clean

Cons: None

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A bit hard to find, but excellent - Edit

Finding the Chaowai branch of Tianchu Miaoxiang 天厨妙香 was actually a bit tricky. I suggest you take the metro (line 6) and get off at Dongdaqiao 东大桥 station, exit D1 (exit D2 is under construction, once it is completed it will be even closer to the destination). Hujialou 呼家楼 and Jintaixizhao 金台夕照 (line 10) are also an option, but they are significantly farther. Once you exit the station, finding the Chaowai Soho building is quite easy, but finding the actual venue takes a little longer.

We had spinach and mu-erh mushrooms (菠菜蘑菇), eggplants on an iron plate (铁板茄子), spicy fake meat and mushrooms in a pot (吊锅杏鲍菇) and deep fried battered mushrooms (善果因缘), with organic rice (有机白米饭) and bamboo leaf tea (青青子衿 or 竹叶茶). Everything was very good, especially the fake meat with mushrooms.

I must say I am not fond of Shanghai-style cuisine (less spicy and more sweetish and delicate than Northern or SIchuanese cuisine), and I still prefer the food in Suhu (in Wudaokou), but the ambiance was cozy, the staff efficient, the food excellent, and (last but not least) the portions generous. Now to the Wudaokou branch!

For those who can read Chinese, the restaurant website (you'll find the link in the presentation of the venue) is actually very helpful. It showcases the menu and activities organized or hosted by the restaurant (cooking classes, conferences etc. most of them Buddhism-related) and offers a lot of information about the philosophy of the restaurant, which is not that common for Chinese restaurants in general.
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 14, 2015

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chinese diversity - Edit

The restaurant at Dongdaqiao has also two places, but they are next to each other (same building). Both are noble.

The menu is a little different from typical Chinese restaurant food, e.g. you can offer 'shanyao-soup' which I've never seen in any other restaurant before. The food is quite delicious. Though I prefer the dumplings from Suhu (vegan restaurant at Wudaokou).
The tastes of the drinks are very well considered. I recommend the first tea on the menu (it's with hawthorn)

If you empty your plate you'll get a stamp on a card. After six stamps you get a can of tea for free. After twelve a meal ( < 30 RMB).
Next to the entrance is a shelf with books and CDs (about Buddhism and the importance of vegetables) for free.

Pros: everything is delicious, calm atmospere

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Excellent choice - Edit

Very good Chinese vegan food. Eventhough is classified as vegetarian at HappyCow, people at the restaurant claimed the restaurant is vegan.

Food was very good, tasty, spicy, everything you could expect in Chinese food, but vegan!

We've about USD 12/person (Sep2013).

Pros: Food, Deco

Cons: Slow

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Good, - Edit

This restaurant serves Shanghai-style cuisine, which I enjoy. I have visited both of their locations, in Chaowai and in Tsinghua.

The food is ok, nothing to write home about, but it seldom disappoints. Some of the dishes are really salty. Vegans should ask to make sure that they don't get dairy by accident.

I have found that this restaurant is good for bringing in visitors new to Beijing - it's easily accessible, the food is tasty and staff knows some English.

Pros: good for bringing visitors, shanghai style cuisine

Cons: not vegan, salty food

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Classy, tasty, terrific - Edit

Located in Soho district, an upmarket commercial/retail area, it is housed in a modern commercial bldg, 5 min by taxi from Silk St Market (Y10). Modern decore, great attentive staff dont speak much English, but are receptive to sign language. Menu has pictures and English titles. Food very good, lovely presentation. No alcohol, but plenty juices. Best meal I have had in China in 3 weeks.
Michael Tait, Australia

Pros: Food , Service, Decore

Cons: No beer

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Good quality food - Edit

I visited Tianchu Miaoxiang for the first time last Saturday for lunch. It was a nice experience. We ate broccoli, home style tofu, popcorn style fake chicken with chili, and cold peanuts-coriander noodles and had fresh orange juice and chrysanthemum tea. Cold coriander noodles were our absolute favourite, but everything tasted good and fresh. It feels like they really use good quality ingredients.

Atmosphere is like in typical Chinese vegetarian, buddhist influenced restaurant. Very peaceful, clean and clientele of mainly local Chinese customers. Service was really nice and polite. They also sell some products there, e.g. different kinds of teas that they also have quite a good selection on the menu.

Pros: Tasty food, Good quality ingredients, No eggs used

Cons: Some dairy is used, Location in a 2nd floor of mall

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Good food, only one or two vegan dessert options - Edit

We were so disappointed to find out that almost all of the desserts in the back of the menu weren't vegan.

The atmosphere and location were nice (we went for lunch - I could see how it might be weird if you went for dinner). The sweet and sour fish was really wonderful. Dumplings were good. We also got the lettuce wraps (I don't remember exactly what they were called), which weren't great, but were ok.

We really liked the crunchy black beans they serve before the meal! Try them :).

All-in-all, the meal was fine, but we didn't feel compelled to go back.

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Delicious - Edit

I had dinner here a couple of weeks ago with friends and absolutely loved the food. I didn't much like the atmosphere, maybe better for lunch. It's hard to find, on the second floor of an office/apartment building, so too quiet at night. Not many customers, so the whole place was very hushed and more like a church than a restaurant. A lot of vegetarian restaurants are like this or used to be, but I'm more used to the usual, noisy places you find in Beijing. It would be a great place to have a quiet meal by yourself, with a book. But for a fun dinner with friends, not so much. Also our waitress was a bit too bossy - she insisted three times that we shouldn't order one of the teas we wanted and then told us to stop ordering food at a certain point as we would have too much. While I appreciate the idea of cutting down on food wastage, it's become a habit of mine to order extra and take the rest home for lunch the next day, so it's never wasted. So our first impressions weren't good. Fortunately, the food arrived and made up for everything. We had some spicy chicken, broccoli sauted in olive oil, dumplings and a couple of other dishes I can't remember, but we liked them all. It seemed lighter and healthier than some of the other vegetarian restaurants around town. I will definitely go back, but probably for lunch.

Pros: Delicious food, Cheap, Large and varied menu

Cons: Location and atmosphere, Preachy waitress

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pretty good - Edit

I like this place- I really do. They are really nice even if there is very little English spoken- my broken Mandarin got me around enough and there is a huge picture menu.

Some of the dishes I ordered were very good- I liked the sweet and sour fish a lot. And yes, the rice always seems to come late- but I asked some of my friends about this and they said that it is more of a tradition in Southern China to have the rice come with a meal- when I ate family style meals in Beijing, we never got served rice- just a different culture. But also, twice, my juice came out to me after I was almost done with my meal...I don't know- different way of doing things in different places. GREAT fresh juice though.

Some of the dishes have a weird after taste- I think it might be coriander that they put in a lot of the dishes? I'm really not sure, but it overwhelms some of the dishes- especially the spicy ones. It makes my tongue tingle.

I love the atmosphere. It is really clean and beautiful. I went there quite a bit. Really good prices for the quality of food and quantity.

Pros: good value, friendly staff, beautiful atmosphere

Cons: weird taste in some dishes

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Still there, still great! - Edit

As a HappyCow reader, I always look at when somebody last reviewed a place as indicator of if the place is still there and operating.

As such, I've got little to add to the other great reviews for this restaurant, but just wanted to confirm that it's still around and serving amazing (and surprisingly cheap) food!

It is a little hard to find, admittedly. You're looking for what looks like an office tower block where the ground floor is given over to eating establishments. The restaurant itself is actually up one floor from ground.

If I had one quibble it would be that my rice only arrived after I was half way through my bean-curd! Other that, no complaints.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Air conditioned

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... - Edit

we had a bit of trouble finding this place from the directions, as there about 4 different SOHO buildings! follow the directions and it is the SOHO building with a huge pink present outside.

however, we loved this place so much we ate there 3 nights out of 5 whilst in beijing. each time we had a huge feast which only came to about 40 yuan each (we are very greedy, so you can spend less if you have a normal appetite!) the food is fresh, delicious and satisfying, unlike some of the veg places where everything is oily and fried. i would recommend the dumplings as a side to your meal! also, they have a page at the back of the menu where you can choose from some 'staples' for about 10-20 yuan each, e.g. tofu over rice, noodles with tofu and vegetables, if you are really on a budget. amazing place, highly recommended.

Pros: cheap, delicious, good portions

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Great place! - Edit

Food was very good, and prices very low. This is one of the few places in Beijing that serves brown rice. The bathrooms are even clean!

Pros: good food, very inexpensive, has brown rice

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I may never go home again! - Edit

(I sent the following email to my friends)

Life on the planet as we know it, has been irrevocably altered.
And, in the familiar Yin/Yang "good news-bad news" construct:

First, the GOOD news:
Today, I found a VP2 style restaurant in Beijing!

For those of you who knew me in New York, you'll recall the
Chinese vegetarian restaurant, Vegetarian Paradise 3 (VP3), in
New York's Chinatown, which closed after Sept 11, and whose
remaining sister location, VP2, is now thriving on West 4th Street
in The Village close to New York University.

If so, you know what that restaurant represents to my life and
gastric happiness, so you can already appreciate the earth-shattering, life-altering significance of what I've just shared with you.

The name of this restaurant is Tianchu Miaoxiang Vegetarian Restaurant (Chinese name: 天厨妙香素食(朝外店); found it on happycow.net). Out of courtesy to those who aren't familiar, I won't get into too much detail, but for those who know, it's VP2 and then some! They've got a menu of about 20 pages, with all the mock meat, seaweed and veggie dishes we know and love, plus more stuff that exists here "at the source!"

The manager, Christina--as the only one on staff who speaks English--catered to me, explaining dishes, and making suggestions. (I think I'm in love.)

And finally, at the end of a sumptuous meal, which cost only 114RMB or about 16US, she refused to accept a tip--explaining Chinese culture and restaurant policy to me in the process. (A restaurant that won't accept tips! Can life get any better than this?? Tell everyone you know: Heaven's got a sign at the gate: "Cheapskates Welcome!")

BAD news:
Now, the bad news.
um...today, I found a VP2 style restaurant in Beijing, China.

This means--my dear, sweet, close friends and family--you who've made my life special for all these years, and who mean the world to me--this means, you will likely never, ever, ever see me again.


flap, flap, flap, flap, flap....
[the sound of a curtain fluttering in the breeze....]

from my blog: JamaicanInChina.com

Pros: great food, great service, great staff

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Great food - Edit

I went here with Chinese hosts, who suggested it after I told them I was vegetarian. We ordered several dishes, and while there were a few misses (just my personal taste) there were several standouts, including (authentic Chinese, but mock-meat) versions of sweet-and-sour chicken and Kung Pao beef. Definitely recommended.

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Nice place and food with good service - Edit

I read the reviews and decided to have dinner there. I ordered a mushroom soup and sichuan dandan noodle. The soup is really good. I can taste that is been boiled for many hours. The noodle is fragrant but a little spicy. Service was good, price reasonable and the place has a zen feel.

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Possibly best veggie value for money in Beijing - Edit

After enjoying a feast here, one of my thoughts: how do they charge so little for such good quality?

Great food, sweet service, pleasant atmosphere. No negatives to speak of.

And some very tasty, creative desserts - a rare treat for sweet-toothed vegans. :-)

My international credit card didn't work, so bring cash if you don't have domestic plastic.

Pros: Great, all-vegan menu, Good vegan desserts!, Very good value for money

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My favorite veg restaurant in Beijing thus far - Edit

Having lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA for seven years, I had a solid idea of what to expect for quality vegan Chinese Food. The food at Tianchu Miaoxiang is comparable to many of the non-veg restaurants I have attended here in scope and breadth of menu options, but tops them in presentation of meals. It also tops every other restaurant on the order of customer service. The staff speaks little English, but are very attentive and not at all loud.
I have been here four times thus far and plan to return this afternoon. I can eat very well (tea, soup, appetizer, and entree) for under 60RMB and have some to take with me.
The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable right in the middle of a SOHO building.
I try to avoid the numbing peppercorns which made everything I tasted afterward taste like detergent. If this sensation does not sound appealing, I suggest that you also avoid the peppercorns.

The offerings are huge and the potential combinations are endless.

Pros: English Language Menu, Very friendly Staff, Mock Meat dishes

Cons: Numbing peppercorns!

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Nice food and beautiful owner - Edit

Visited this place with high expectation since one of my friends went there and recommended strongly. I was first disappointed by its difficult access - it was on second floor of the building where the left has no exit! I was soon comforted by the tastful store decoration, later delighted by the great food. For sure they paid a lot attention to food tast and material quality. I was most impressed by one of the dishes named like "spicy fish", really dilicious. more surprise was thier price - I budgeted 800RMB for 20 some people, the actual bill was less than 500RMB. Encouraged by the great food and deal price, I chatted a while with the restaurant owner, a beautify young lady, and found out that she was previously an America Online employee, quit her job and opened her first vegertarian restaurant in 2003. This is her third store in Beijing. Good job! I will definately come back.

Pros: great food, good setting, nice service

Cons: poor access

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Awesome! Great food and service at very fair price - Edit

This has been at least the 7th vegetarian restaurant I tried in Beijing. I used to like Pure Lotus which has very good settings but really expensive prices. Now I believe Tianchu Miaoxiang is my favorite one. We had over 10 people the other day, ordered a lot of dishes, really enjoyed, and only cost less than 400 CNY. I will definitely return for their food and service. Before I left, I visited their kitchen, since they have "Open Kitchen" policy that welcome guests to visit the kitchen and inventory! It's my first time to see any restaurant in Beijing doing so...

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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