Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant - Jordan

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4/F, JD Mall, 233-239 Nathan Rd, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Traditional family restaurant, has elevator access. Seats over 200, from single diners to banquets. Take away booth on the ground floor. Jordan MTR Exit C1. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:30pm.

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20 Reviews

First Review by comida

Go Here for Dim Sum - Edit

I've been here for morning Dim Sum and for lunch a few times. I much prefer the Dim Sum experience, so that's what I'll talk about.

First of all, note that when I've been, no one spoke English. I had to get by with my basic Mandarin (even though it's Hong Kong and they speak Cantonese, I don't). They're also a Buddhist place.

It's a typical Cantonese dim sum experience: wash your plates with hot water/tea (this is common in South China/HK - a pot of Jasmine tea is automatically provided to you at the start for a small fee), you flag down a waiter, and the journey begins.

The dim sum menu is in English/traditional Chinese and you write what you want on the menu and send it off. They split items into small, medium, and large items to help you understand how much to order. Most things stay the same, but the menu changes from time to time. I've really liked their (giant) "chicken" dumplings, their char siu bao (BBQ "pork" dumplings), dumpling cordyceps soup, and dim sum classic - mango pudding. While the lunch/dinner menu has clear markings as to what has eggs and what doesn't, the dim sum menu is less clear, so fair warning to those who don't eat eggs.

The place can get super crowded, even though it fits, like 100 people. I've had to eat outside of the restaurant on tables they set up just because of how crowded it can get.

To get there, it's near the Jordan station in Kowloon. You have to look for a place called "三德素食" (3 Virtues Vegetarian) It's in a place just around the corner from the station on the 3rd floor. They have a tiny stall on the ground floor of that building that sells snacks, should you want to carry something for later.

Go here for the experience of eating some great dim sum in the part of the world it was born without having to worry about eating any meat.

Pros: Great Dim Sum experience, Tasty food

Cons: No English-speakers, Can be a bit much for the unfamiliar

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Cantonese dim sum - Edit

The menu are easy to read and they list if eggs are added to the dishes. We really like their dim sum selection. Note: get the boiled peanuts instead of the sugary pineapple. They automatically put it on your table when you sit down. They give us free wet napkins. So ask for them if you need to.

Pros: food, service

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Good food but not service - Edit

We visited this restaurant for lunch, and we liked it enough to return. Everything was great for the first time, but the second time we had to wait for 40 minutes for our order of desserts. It was not a busy time. This is the reason why I give this place four stars. The food was delicious.
We visited their snack counter almost every day to grab breakfast.

Pros: Authentic Buddhist cuisine

Cons: Service can be slow and inattentive

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Three Virtues - Jordan - Edit

This branch of the Three Virtues Restaurant is almost identical to the one in North Point. It is equally busy, the menu is the same and the organization of the place is very similar as well.

I would recommend especially the dim sum selection, which is not available all day long and the fried rice with pumpkin and taro.

There is also a take away store in the ground floor of the building which is also a part of the restaurant where they sell some desserts and mock meats which is quite convenient if you want to grab a quick bite on the go.

Pros: Great food, Take-away store

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another Buddhist restaurant - Edit

By the time we visited the Three Virtues we were already getting used to the Buddhist cuisine of Hong Kong. As well as the usual present few monks and the unsolicited tea.
We still weren't explained why there is a second kettle with hot water. Or why people washed their chopsticks with the tea (that was explained later by local friends).
I managed to find an interesting dish of mushrooms and lily flowers which I really loved.
Other than that, the restaurant was not significantly different than many of the others.
My wife ordered rice dish with tomatoes and faux meat, which I would not recommend (not a fan of the fake meat concept).
Updated from previous review on Monday March 28, 2016

Pros: location, found a tasty dish in the menu

Cons: too many faux meat options

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Tasty takeout - Edit

My mom brought me some takeout from this place, so I can't comment extensively on the restaurant itself.

I had an assortment of mock meats, all of which were pretty good or very good. There are many places in HK that serve these types of dishes, and this particular one wasn't especially memorable. As such, I'd say it's not worth going out of your way to dine here (based on my limited sampling). Still, I would recommend popping in if you are in the area.

Pros: Variety, Good value

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great local experience - Edit

We've eaten here several times over the years when we pass through Hong Kong, it's always busy and full of locals. We've mainly eaten the dim sum (ask for the English menu when you are waiting to be seated) which is always a good 'lucky dip' kind of option as we're never sure what we'll get.

Number 21, the bean curd roll stuffed with vegetarian crab meat in Portuguese sauce turned out to be a winner (it's a mild curry sauce

Pros: full of locals, tasty dim sum, quick service

Cons: desserts are too super sweet for us

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Three Virtues Vegetarian - Jordan, Hong Kong - Edit

I returned here on Weds evening this week as part of a group of 25 (the Meat Free Hong Kong meetup group). It seemed to go very well indeed with positive feedback. My thanks to the restaurant for their help in making the event so relaxed and enjoyable.

Some observations about this restaurant:-

1) The Comment below about this restaurant being, "all mock meat". I suspect there's some exaggeration crept in from the reviewer in their moment at the keyboard. Saying this place though "is all mock meat", I respectfully feel obliged to say is mis-representative. The menu for this place is kind of normal for one of the mid range family restaurants in HK. The menu is long and extensive and there's plenty mock meat in there if that is what you want. If you don't want mock meat though, order some of the non mock meat dishes. To illustrate the point I have upload some pics that were taken of the dishes ordered on Wednesday.

2) This place is big (200 seats?). It was very busy & clearly is very popular.

3) Someone in the group left an iphone behind in error. Staff and management were fab in looking after the phone til contacted and helping the owner get it back the next day.

I'm not saying its worth traveling distance for as there's a lot of places like this dotted all over HK. If I was around this area though I'd be happy to eat here again. Thanks again to restaurant for hosting us for a great meetup on Wednesday.

Updated from previous review on Sunday November 02, 2014

I lunched here today. I produced my piece of paper that explains what I prefer to eat and not to eat as a vegan. That seemed to do the trick going by what the waiting person said (her English is miles better than my very basic Cantonese), the message seemed to be understood.

I plumped for a starter of (wait for it), "Dumplings stuffed with Ling Zhi mushrooms and cordyceps militaris in superior soup". For main I had monkey head mushroom & strawberry in sweet and sour sauce. Both were fine.

I've no complaints with the place. The food was OK, staff were helpful and nice, the vibe was OK. I'd be more than happy to eat here again.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 10, 2015

Pros: Vegan friendly, Big choice menu

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Yummy! - Edit

The restaurant did seem to be a bit expensive, so I aimed for a take away box from the first floor booth instead. It was heavy on mock meats and quite oily, but it had some really interesting options, so it was nice to try and really tasty (I was really hungry). I actually liked it so much that the following evening I came to get another take away.

Pros: Tasty and cheap, Good location, easy to find, Very popular among locals

Cons: Heavy on mock meat, Might be too oily for some people, The lady did not speak any English

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Cheap takeout - Edit

I only visited restaurant's booth on the ground floor, so I can't say anything about the restaurant itself. But the takeout option was really nice and cheap for HK standards - 34 hkd for a box full of all kinds of fake meat. It was enough for two people to get full. What is missing are vegetable options, so I can imagine getting tired of their takeout after a while.
The staff didn't speak any English, but the person who bought before us ensured us that everything is vegan.

Pros: cheap, variety of fake meats, good location

Cons: no vegetable dishes, no English

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Not Happy :-( - Edit

It was all mock meat! I felt so bloated and heavy afterwards.
Good luck when ordering, they have the most difficult time understanding english

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Stevie 11 Jun 2015 - Hi there,

1stly thanks for contributing to happycow. I wonder if I politely and constructively may be able to tempt you in to reconsidering your review a little?

1) "It was all mock meat!"

Is there maybe some exaggeration crept in there? "All" mock meat? I've added some pics of some dishes from my latest visit. The group of 25 diners I was in wouldn't put up with "all mock meat". I'd also be curious to know more about why that made you feel "bloated and heavy" since mock meats tend to be made from gluten and / or soya is what I've been led to believe. Of course though, I'm humbled to learn new things everyday.

2) "Good luck when ordering, they have the most difficult time understanding english"

Is it not a little unfair expecting the world to speak English? Impressive as the HK education system is, maybe there's people in HK who weren't given the opportunity to develop English language skills? You could also try to learn even a few words of local language? Anywhere in the world, its terrific how well even a few words is always so well received. Alternatively of course, if it's vital everyone speaks English to you when you holiday, you'll have a much better chance if you stick to USA, Aus, NZ etc.

If you do decide to visit HK again, feel free to come and dine with us in the Meat Free Hong Kong meetup group. It'd be nice to meet you.

My apologies for intruding if none of this interests you.

Best regards,

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I should have trusted other bad reviews - Edit

I brought some non vegetarian friends with me to try this place that i was really hoping would be good despite reading other reviews to the contrary like below. Well, the service was indifferent and unsympathetic in cantonese and english, and the food was miserable. We tried 5 or 6 dishes, some of which came to the table cold, some of which were soggy. One of the dumpling dishes was okay, the rest was sub par for paying 80 hkd each. I wanted to like the place, it is a good location and there are not many veg dim sum places but unfortunately I can't recommend it, especially not when Hong Kong is full of better cheaper options. Keep looking elsewhere.

Pros: Location

Cons: Bad food, Bad service, Overpriced

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Stevie 11 Jun 2015 - Hi Moregreen,

Your comment....

"Hong Kong is full of better cheaper options"

Is it possible you could advise where you are recommending as better cheaper options please? I'd be delighted to check them out.


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Inedible - Edit

This was the first place we came to on our first ever trip to HK. As carnivores we had always loved yum cha so we were really excited to try the vegetarian version in the most authentic form. We knew this was not a natural food destination and that it would probably contain MSG but were willing to cast a blind eye for just one meal for the value of the experience.

Until the food came, that is.

What can I say... just not enjoyable. A little MSG we were willing to accept, but this was so heavy I actually found a granule of the stuff in my food. Because of the strong reliance on MSG all the food pretty much tastes the same. And there are hardly any vegetables, just the same mock stuff they cook up in god knows which factory.

Probably the worst vegetarian yum cha we've ever tried. Kind of scared us off the idea of trying it again so we opted for a la carte in decent non-vege restaurants for the remainder of our trip and had much more success.

Pros: real yum cha vibe

Cons: MSG hell, mock meat centric, not enough veges

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Stevie 11 Jun 2015 - Hi Eatinggreen,

If I may politely and calmly suggest...

If you have such an aversion to a particular ingredient in your food, how about specifying that to the waiting staff? A hotel receptionist would be able to write it down for you perhaps? Or how about one of the online translation tools? You then help waiting staff to help you?

Also your remark...

"scared us off the idea of trying it again so we opted for a la carte in decent non-vege restaurants"

What a shame. There's a lot of all vego eateries in HK. If your enthusiasm to eat in all vego places is so fragile, that of course is entirely up to you just like anyone else to decide on what your priorities are.

Best wishes for the future,

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True Cantonese Cuisine in Authentic Setting - Edit

Three Virtues offers an honest version of the true Cantonese (Hong Kong) Cuisine in a truly Chinese traditional setting. The selection is excellent, the presentation lovely, and the taste - heavenly. Dining among the boisterous groups of families is an experience worth having on its own. Dim Sum, a typical Cantonese breakfast/lunch dish, are served at lunch. Prices are reasonable and dishes are meant for sharing. A satisfying meal for a couple would cost HKD 125.

While this cuisine has become so popular as to represent for many what what "Chinese food" means, it is sometimes inaccessible to vegetarians and vegans due to its heavy reliance on animal-based products. In the grand tradition of Buddhist dining, Three Virtues does away with most animal foodstuff and renders faithful Cantonese dishes using mock meats, fish and shellfish products. Nothing on the menu contains any of these products, and the occasional dishes that include eggs are clearly marked.

Menu in Roman letters with sometimes amusing English translation is available. The stuff speak little but Cantonese, but the friendliness of the servers (and fellow diners) helps overcoming any language barriers.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of a nondescript building, a short walking distance from North Point station. The entrance is recognizable by the food stall located on the street level. Three Virtues is one flight of stairs up.

Pros: Selection, Presentation, Friendliness

Cons: Only for those who seek authenticity

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Good veggie option - Edit

The nice thing about HK is the number of veggie options. This is very similar to the Lite Vegetarian with a couple of differences. Restaurant is massive and means atmosphere is lost a little but the staff were incredibly helpful. Food pretty much the same as light option round corner. So would choose one although we enjoyed both. Portion size is large and we seriously overordered by mistake. Worth asking waiter as reccs were good.

Pros: Staff, Portion size

Cons: Size of restaurant

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I was in Heaven - Edit

After spending several days in Hong Kong subsisting on veggie sandwiches and fruits, and feeling like one myself, I took the MTR to the Three Virtues Restaurant, ordered a Vegetarian Dumplings in Soup, sipped a little when it arrived, and immediately realized what life was really about.

Easy to reach: Get to Jordon, take exit C, turn left, cross a taxi stand, until you see a pair of elevators on the left (they are before the next street, just after a bakery and what looked like a grocery in the basement).

Inexpensive: Green Tea HK$ 6, Veg Dumplings HK$ 18.

Nice ambience, friendly service.

Pros: Tasty, tasty, tasty, Convenient location, Inexpensive

Cons: None that I could find

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Excellent Dim-Sum Selection - Edit

A really nice restaurant.

Excellent dim-sum selection.

Family run - they have another location in North Point, Hong Kong Island.

Jump in the elevator which opens right onto Nathan Rd. & ride up.

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Good eats - Edit

Took a friend here who was scared of not being full from veg food and he loved it. We got crispy taro, noodles, dumplings I believe...all was delicious.

This restaurant also gets very busy and can be quite noisy, though that does not bother me.

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Delicious - Edit

Went there on my first night in Hong Kong. Had noodles and peppers stuffed with waterchestnuts. It was delicious, the fake meat was exceptional. I will certainly go again.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, Nice staff

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Full of locals and full of excellent food - Edit

We had dinner here twice last week, and the first time we ordered way too much for four people. There menu is in Chinese and English, with dishes which contain eggs clearly marked. They have a take-away counter on the ground floor, with the main restaurant being upstairs. Heavy on the mock meats, but we managed to order stuff without it. Special mention goes to the rice steamed in lotus leaf.

Pros: Easy to find., Large menu., Very good food.

Cons: Quite noisy when it's full.

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