Small cafe along Deptford High St offering coffee, cakes (has vegan, wheat-free), in addition to sandwiches and brunch food like falafel, bagels and hot dogs. Previously at 142 Deptford High St. Food is all vegan but reported to serve drinks with dairy. Open Mon-Wed 08:00-15:00, Thu-Fri 08:00-22:00, Sat 09:00-22:00, Sun 10:00-16:00.

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First Review by FloGraceB


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11 Nov 2023

Excellent punky diner

This is one of those places where everything's vegan but you can have dairy milk in the coffee, so happycow lists it as vegetarian but when it comes to the menu - it's all vegan.
Decent price, very tasty American diner style food. Burgers, loaded fries, etc. I had a chicken burger and chili loaded fries and they were both delicious. I also had the first ever "corn dog" of my life - only heard about these through American TV and never found a vegan one so had to try it. It's good! But it came preslathered in sauces when it should have been bare with sauces for dipping really.
Still, lots of food for £20 and all really tasty, and the place has a kind of punky vibe. I'd definitely go back here.



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23 Sep 2023

Banging breakfast baps

All vegan punky cafe.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-23


24 Sep 2023


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16 Jun 2023

Yummy stuff

Pleasantly surprised with the quality, taste and standard of this place despite it appearing to be another “fast food” menu. It’s the little details in flavour and ingredients that help set it apart from others. Definite care and attention is a part of the ethos here and the casual atmosphere and friendly staff helped make for an enjoyable experience. Probably one of the better “junk food” places I’ve been to in all my years. Would return if in the neighbourhood.

Pros: Interesting take on common themed menu, Care and attention to quality and taste, Laid back friendly atmosphere

Cons: London prices, No table service so listen out for your number


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16 May 2023

Good snacks and nice atmosphere

It's a nice place which is almost fully vegan except for the drinks.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Good place to sit down and work, No non-vegan food

Cons: Not fully vegan despite listed as vegan here, Not a lot of options, Great prices for London


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05 May 2023

Loaded with flavour

Very relaxed, easy place to be with vegan comfort food. I got the loaded fries and they have heaps of stuff on them and delicious.


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02 Apr 2023

Expanded menu!

Tried some of the fries & seitan from the new expanded menu! Took slightly longer than bagels, but still not a massive wait.

Poutine was very good!

Tasty as always, if you’ve not been then defo try!

There’s only one toilet, it’s gender neutral!

I’ve actually been back a lot, always so good!

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-04

Pros: All vegan :), Lots of options


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31 Mar 2023

A New Favourite

How have we only heard of this place recently when it's clearly a local institution!? The place is listed as vegetarian but all the food is vegan - they just have the option of dairy milk for coffee customers. The food was DELICIOUS too - homemade 'no beef' burger patties, seriously good value breakfast options, two excellent beers on tap, unbelievably tasty brownies, cakes and pastries and POUTINE! Granted, the poutine wasn't quite as good as the poutine that used to be on offer at The Full Nelson down the road ( which has sadly now closed😢) but it was still scrumptious - it maybe just needed some more 'curd-like' cheese rather than blocks of vegan cheddar to really hit the spot. Nevertheless, the all round atmosphere, food and beer offerings and friendly and helpful staff make this a great place to whittle the day away, we loved it - it's also dog friendly, an added bonus. Well worth a trip to Deptford to sample :)


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10 Feb 2023

Popular vegan eatery/coffee shop

Comfort food, such as burgers, fries, chili cheese fries, poutine, seitan wings, battered cauli “bombs” and onion rings. Diners pick up their food when their number is called. Some sweets available, including a warm brownie. Coffees and cold drinks available. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Eatery can get busy, with longer waits for cooked meals.
Brunch menu until 3 pm, including bagels, sausage rolls and loaded hash-browns. Main menu from 12 noon. Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4-7 pm.
I’ve had the Big Poppa, the chili cheese fries and the breakfast bagel, and they’re all pretty good.

Pros: all vegan


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22 Oct 2022

Breakfast bagels worth going back for

If I'm ever in the area I have to go back to The Waiting Room! Still haven't made it for dinner but their breakfasts are incredible. I've had the chicken and classic ones, both delicious and always make me think I should order a second! Lovely coffee and great service too.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Cool vibes, Great coffee


22 Oct 2022

Looks amazing, added this to my list to go try those bagels, thanks for the review!


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25 Sep 2022

Now even better, serving tacos in evenings!

We used to go to The Waiting Room when it was just a cafe and loved the coffees and bagels. But now it has an evening taco menu too! We had margaritas, chilli nachos and several tacos, including the special. They were really good! The margaritas were cheap and too delicious - maybe stronger than they seemed! Sit outside in the garden if you can.
Addendum: we had lunch here again, and I just had to add a note about the great Bloody Mary, great coffee & great subs. Have anything with Deptford Death Sauce - it’s the best.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-13

Pros: All vegan, Everything is delicious , Lovely chill vibe

Cons: Only open thurs-sat for evening tacos, Cheap margaritas may lead to a hangover


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23 Jul 2022


Would give 4 stars if The Waiting Room was fully vegan.
It was OK. A bit too grubby-chic tbh. I can see other people love it, but sorry to say - I just thought the food was alright. Friends loved the hard rock/heavy metal music. Couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it had a bit of a manic vibe.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-23

Cons: Uncomfortable seating


09 Jan 2023


11 Jan 2023

@princessvegan - Good to hear that they are now fully vegan, they used to be a vegetarian cafe with vegan options.


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20 Jul 2022

Favourite place!

The best atmosphere, vegan pastries, subs, tacos & margaritas! LOVE ❤️

Pros: The best atmosphere, The best menu, Honestly, the best margaritas I've ever had

Cons: NO CONS, only love


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05 Jul 2022

My favourite place!

We love the waiting room. Our dog is so used to going inside whenever we pass that he automatically pulls that way. Cheers guys for the amazing coffee and food over the years.

Pros: Coffee is amazing, Food is amazing , They are Dog friendly


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02 May 2022

Rad vibe, excellent food, lovely service

The Waiting Room has been on my radar for years now, I was stoked to finally try it! What struck me the most was the variety of people in there, there seemed to be a lot of regulars that the staff knew well and were having a laugh with. The atmosphere is great, I love how it’s decorated and the choice in music was top notch.
I had the chicken sub, I really enjoyed it! The bread was gorgeous, the fake chicken is delicious. I tried a bit of a Philly cheesesteak too, which wasn’t as nice, but still good. I also got an oat flat white and a peanut butter brownie to go - the coffee is great there. I’ll be heading back to try the rest of the menu! Really recommend it!


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28 Mar 2021

Can’t go wrong with the waiting room

Always a friendly welcome and great service from the staff. Delicious vegan food and great coffee. The perfect combo!

Pros: Fully Vegan menu, Great coffee, Good atmosphere


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22 Aug 2020


Best vegan bagels I’ve had. Great community atmosphere . Great food

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Great coffee, Good atmosphere


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28 Jan 2020

The best in the biz

You literally can't go wrong with this place - brick lane bagels, amazing hot dogs, trashy sammies - it's all incredible. It's also super fairly priced and the coffee is the best in the area (made with Oatly, of course). I've taken loads of omni pals here who always love it, too. A total winner.

Pros: Delish and well priced.

Cons: Difficult to get a seat.


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13 Oct 2019

The best in South London

Can't go to the big city without stopping here.

Lovley people, right next to the station and the food is too good to describe. Never over priced and never a let down.

A must visit in South London.


Pros: Choice, Locaion, Cost

Cons: You want to try everything, You want to try everything, You want to try everything


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14 Sep 2019

Nice looking place but deafening noise

Nice looking place but noise deafening


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31 Mar 2019

Love this place

The vegan hot dog was delicious and the coffee was excellent! The staff were really lovely. They now take cards.

Pros: Vegan alternative for everything on the menu , Fast service , Great staff


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30 Nov 2018

Deptford Delicious

This is definitely my favourite cafe in the world.

It's handily located just over the road from Deptford train station and within easy walking from Deptford High Street bus stop and a little further from Deptford Bridge DLR and bus stop.

Originally opened in 2011, it moved to a dew doors down and is refurbed in Nivember 2018. It has an idiosyncratic style, largely influenced by it's strong links with the tattoo parlour a couple of doors down "Kids Love Ink". It's a focal point for artists and musicians as well as those in need of a cup of the best coffee in Deptford on a break from bargain hunting in the market. Service is always friendly and courteous.

They totally get the concept of vegan (many items can be veganised upon request).

Their standard blend coffee is Union Revelation and they are soon to introduce guest coffees and filter coffees.

It gets busy at breakfast and lunch times particularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays (market days).

The loyalty card gives holders every 7th and 14th hot drink free. Get on down there!!!

Pros: Great food to eat in or take away, Relaxed vibe, Vegan options and cakes


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18 Nov 2018

So busy n for good reason

I got a muffin (the last one left) but there were lots of other options too!! So busy it was difficult to even find a seat despite it being pretty big. Not expensive either - yay !


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30 Jul 2018

Classy, quick, affordable, and delicious.

Came to The Waiting Room on my way out of London and it might just have been the best food I had during my stay.


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23 Mar 2018

quick and friendly service

I got a wrap on my way back to central London. The staff helped me decide and they made it quickly enough that I still got my train. The falafel wrap was good but it included a lot of sauce. Personally I am not that much of a saucy girl.

Pros: lots of good choices, fresh ingredients

Cons: too much sauce in the wraps (for my taste)


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17 Mar 2018

great food, great vibes

Love this place. It’s tiny - ten seats - and has a real relaxed, happy vibe. Tons of pop culture decoration, and the food is super good - so many vegan options, and everything is at minimum vegetarian. I had the Spicy Maiden bagel and an oat milk latte. Will be back for sure.

Pros: lots of vegan options, hearty flavourful food, helpful, friendly staff

Cons: we think they should make the jump & go full vegan


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05 Mar 2018

fell in love with their hotdogs!

Very cosy place for a snack or a cake. Interestingly broad choice of hot-dogs, and decent quality! They also have a wide selection of bevarages and drinks, with the unforgettable chilli chocolate. Good and affordable.


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16 Jan 2018

Spoilt for choices

I had a bagel and it was filled to the brim. The price is also very reasonable and you will be overwhelmed with all the options they have. Everything can be made vegan

Pros: Affordable, everything can be vegan

Cons: Will Be nice with more seating space

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