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The Veggie Grill - Downtown Portland

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508 SW Taylor St (at downtown), Portland, Oregon, USA, 97204

Opened May 2012. Casual vegan cafe originating from Southern California. Offers a variety of veggie burgers and sandwiches, hot plates, plus salads, sweet potato fries, kids menu, and desserts. Has Wi-Fi. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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Reviews (54)

First Review by crewumiami

quick and tasty - Edit

I cannot WAIT until the day veggie grill announced they're coming to Boston. I had a super tasty sandwich while visiting Portland, and would love to see this type of establishment out east. Who doesn't love a good vegan fast - food joint?!

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Yummy stuff - Edit

I had the Chicken Seoul Bowl and my husband had a southern chicken sandwich with barley soup. We shared the buffalo wings.
Everything was very yummy - especially the wings. I also had home made strawberry lemonade and a chocolate pudding. I'm not sure how they made that pudding dairy free, but it was sensational. Hubby, who is not Vegan, gave everything a thumbs up. I wish there was more on the menu that did not have processed vegan meat substitute. This seems to be a trend in Portland. I'm Vegan - I don't actually want to eat stuff pretending to be meat. Having said that, it was yummy and the staff were friendly. Would go again.

Pros: Quick, Clean and bright, Yummy

Cons: Not enough non meat-substitute options, closes at 9pm mid week

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So tasty - Edit

I was surprised that food from a vegan chain could taste this good! I had the Seoul bowl with Chickin' and it was delicious! I look forward to visiting the one in Bay Area closest to me when I'm back home.

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Excellent Vegan Fast Food! - Edit

Ate here twice on our recent trip to Portland, & enjoyed both meals. Ate the "cheese"burger both times. Also enjoyed the Mac & "Cheese" as well as mashed potatoes/cauliflower (not sure which) w/ gravy. Wish we had a Veggie Grill at home in Virginia!

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Great Fast Casual Place - Edit

Veggie Grill is a completely vegan, fast casual place with a large menu. I think it is comparable to Native Foods. Its fusion cuisine with bowls, entree plates, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. My favorite thing is the buffalo wings, as an appetizer, or in their b-wing salad. Yum!
Several things I have gotten there have been good, but not great (banh mi salad, seoul bowl) , but they have a great selection and my experiences have been enjoyable. I like the veggie chicken they use in many of the dishes.

Pros: Large, all vegan menu, Buffalo Wings

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Great stuff! - Edit

As a burger lover this place just sounded too good to be true. It is a great place, and the food is amazing. One thing I do have to say is that the items on their menu are high in calories, so if you are trying to keep a low calorie diet do not eat here everyday. But I still am a huge fan of this place! Two thumbs up from me.

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delicious - Edit

Really good vegan food. Mostly impressions of non vegan food, like burgers and mac and cheese. I got the grillin chickin sandwich and it was really tasty. My mom got fish tacos and said they were good too. The Mac and cheese was also delicious, but I was so full I couldn't finish it

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Delicious, affordable, super friendly! - Edit

I do love the Veggie Grill. Yes, it's a (small) chain, but I often choose it over other places, because they just do everything right. It's delicious, all vegan, comfort food and healthy food are both available, and the staff are uniformly super friendly, in both Oregon and California.

Pros: Delicious, Super friendly, Affordable

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Incredible! - Edit

Love this place! The menu is quite extensive. I tried the Grilled Quinoa + Veg Burger, and my friend had the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin'. We also had the Crispy Cauliflower and the Cauli-Mashed Potatoes + Gravy to try. Everything was amazing! My burger was honestly the best burger I've had in my life. Would be excited to go here again and again to try more of the menu. Highly recommend this place! Staff were very friendly as well.

Pros: Multiple iced teas to try. Amazing!

Cons: None!

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Seol Bowl with Stake - don't try - Edit

I'm excited about everything about VeggieGrill, but disappointed by their this season pick. I tried Seol Bowl with Stake - don't try, it's COSTCO frozen Vegetables Patties of cheaper quality! I don't have to pay $11 for this hotchpotch item. I will come again and try other items as I love "freshness food concept".

Pros: Staff is awesome , Greatest number of healthy food choices , Clean and high Energy Hangout place in Portland

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Vegan fast food! - Edit

Went here for a quick snack after a light lunch, had the cauliflower-mashed potatoes and gravy and it was pretty good! Wish I wasn't so full or else I would've tried more menu items. It was sort of surreal walking into a fast food type of place and having it be vegan but it was all in all a pleasant experience!

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Wow amazing vegan fast food! - Edit

This was our first stop in Portland. I got the buffalo wings which were pretty heavy, so I took half away but soo good in a junky, American kind of way. The hot sauce was quite over powering! the ranch sauce on the side was a nice counter-balance. I also got the crab cake burger which was really well done which came with fries. It was really good!

My partner got chicken with mash potatoes and kale which was very nice. The potato was so creamy!

We shared a choc chip and walnut cookie for desserts which was a nice big cookie and tasted so fresh and was nice and soft. Reasonably priced, we took leftovers home because servings were quite big.

Pros: All vegan, American style fast food

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Meh - Edit

We liked the menu, but the flavors were pretty blah, and there was too much oil. I had higher hopes for a chain that was getting so much buzz. If I ever go back, I won't get the portobello sandwich. Still feeling it over 24 hours later.

Pros: Menu looks promising, outdoor seating was nice, Cashier was nice

Cons: Too much oil

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Idaho Vegan Approved - Edit

We don't get to eat out a lot, so when we come to places like Portland we go crazy. This was a great restaurant with even better food! We had the Cheeseburger, Chickin Tacos, SantaFe Crispy Chickin and everyone loved it. Stop here for sure!

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Best in Portland - Edit

I have been to this location multiple times. They really hit the mark with smiling help, great management, and fabulous kitchen staff. The store is bright and clean and a happy place to be. My favorite meal is the Crab Cake sandwich with the Stawberry Lemonade. The texture and the flavor of the "crab" is dead-on. If you are in the pearl district, don't miss this gem.

Pros: Great food, Excellent service, Affordable

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quick good portions good price - Edit

They are quick consistent between locations. Kids and us enjoy every meal. Good prices with large portion sizes make sure you get the strawberry lemonade with you meal. Short walk from portland paramount hotel so makes for a good primary and fall back when everything else seems to far.

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Fast food chain, with a twist - Edit

Spent two weeks in Portland in a hotel just two blocks away. Even my omnivore friends were seriously surprised over how good vegan food actually can be (duh) and as this was for most their first "encounter" with this fare I'm happy it was at Veggie Grill as the quality of the food, taste, speed we were served and portion size were all top notch!

Food ranges from salads to burgers (where you can choose from a more or less healthy side dish..)

Beverages. All from free water, ice tea to wine and beer for those who fancies alcohol.

Rather typical fast food interior (only downside).

Not a big fast food eater but if I ever get the cravings I know where to go!

Pros: Quality, Price, Speed

Cons: Interior

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Vegan Fast-Food - Edit

True, it's a chain, but, if it's gotta be a chain, why not be a vegan chain? I've been to these in SoCal, and they are what is to be expected: good quality, vegan food freshly and quickly prepared.

The salads, sides and appetizers are focused on fake meat and fried items, but, boy are they good. The deep fried portobello mushrooms are fabulous. The fries are among my favorite vegan fries. The desserts are vegan, but nothing gluten free. The food bowls are fun cornucopias of fresh ingredients that are raw, lightly seasoned or roasted. Grains are present but minimal compared to the veggies and proteins.

Most people here tend to get the fake meat burgers and sandwiches, and of course, the nachos. Who doesn't adore nachos?!

Add some sriracha or Mexican hot sauce to your meal, and you're pretty set to go here. Prices are reasonable, and you can box up your items easily with to go boxes at the fixings and beverage bar.

Pros: all vegan, diverse menu, gluten-free marked

Cons: chain, raw-limited

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Awesome as always - Edit

Having been to Veggie Grill's many other locations, I knew what to expect. This was awesome as always. But when are you going to expand to my home town??? Quality was delicious. Kale was yummy. Everything I could hope for. Yum!

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Some surprisingly healthy options for fast food... - Edit

The short version is -

They've got a variety of faux-meat dishes and other options which are healthier and aren't as heavy. Decent prices, pleasant atmosphere and staff.

See my review of the Seattle location for more details. The Portland and Seattle locations appear to be similar enough to generalize between them.

Pros: Pleasant, Reasonably priced, Some surprisingly healthy/tasty options

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Pretty cool place! - Edit

This place is similar to Native Foods. They serve a lot of salads, burgers, and sandwiches which are made pretty fast so I guess in a way it's like vegan fast food. The food is pretty tasty and the location is like a block away from pioneer square.

Pros: Tasty food, Fast service, Cool location

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Veggie Grill is awesome! - Edit

About six months ago I became vegan. Found Veggie Grill and it is my and my children's' favorite restaurant. We have been several times and each time the food is exceptional. Excellent flavors, interesting textures and beautifully presented. Thank you!,

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Great Food That Whole Family Loves - Edit

Whenever we have visited Portland, we have visited Veggie Grill many times. Great options that even my sometimes picky kids love as well. Aside from the good food, the staff is extremely friendly.

Pros: Great Options, Friendly Staff, Central Location

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What? - Edit

I was a bit confused by this place. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but felt odd about it.
I always check menus online before I go somewhere new. This place seemed very commercially fast food like online and it put me off a bit. We were in a rush one night for dinner so we decided to check this place out.
The food was fresh and came out fast. The cashiers were helpful and knowledgeable about the food. I just didn't like the "McDonalds" feel of the restaurant, menus, and décor.
Our food was great. I got to try an interesting vegan seafood burger and my husband had vegan fish tacos for the first time. The kids menu item that we ordered for our son came with huge portions.
While the food was pretty decent, the rest of my experience made it hard for me to want to return. Maybe if I'm in a hurry again I'll try this place. I wouldn't actively seek it out though.

Pros: Decent prices, Good portion sizes, Interesting menu items

Cons: McDonalds feel, Good but not great

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Excellent vegan options, friendly and fast service - Edit

We ate here on a short visit to Portland. The staff is very friendly and there are a lot of great vegan options. I had trouble deciding on what to have as it's been a long time since I had so many items to choose from. I chose the Bayou Chickn sandwich, which was great and doesn't have nearly as many calories as you would think for the size and flavor. My mom had an avocado salad, which was also great. We also enjoyed the root beer. The price is very reasonable and the location is clean. This is more of a fast food cafe than formal restaurant; it's great for lunch or dinner.
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 10, 2014

Pros: Vegan options, Service, Price

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nice place, diverse menu options - Edit

Really good food in a nice atmosphere - otoh personally I don't like the meat/chicken taste-alike (there are several choices like this).

All you can drink tea/limonade beverages, for a single fee.

Food seems to be pre-prepared (very fresh nevertheless), so it's hard to get ingredient changes.

Pros: Vegan, yummy, Atmosphere, All-you-can-drink beverages

Cons: Pre-prepared

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Vegan Paradise - Edit

Relatively inexpensive, delicious food with good variety, fast service, and a convenient downtown location. Essentially a vegan version of "UFood Grill" and other similar fast food-ish, healthy-option restaurants. The buffalo wings, fried "chickn'" sandwich, and sweet potato fries are great-- all food that's hard to find a vegan version of. The mashed cauliflower/potatoes and gravy are good, but not a perfect mashed potato imitation. The prices are slightly higher than the decor and front counter ordering would suggest, but the food was great and I would highly recommend it for a casual dinner.

Pros: delicious food, inexpensive, excellent & efficient service

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Reliable and yummy vegan food. - Edit

I enjoy Veggie Grill. It was a great stop during a day of sightseeing in downtown Portland. I had the crispy chicken wrap with the coleslaw...I'm in love with their coleslaw.
Very clean and contemporary inside. Friendly staff. Great choice for a quick and delicious vegan meal.

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Such a great place! - Edit

I dined here on my way back from Seattle. The menu was great. A variety of healthy fare as well as fried American diner style. The All Hail Kale salad was delicious as well as their Spicy Buffalo Wings with ranch dressing. Mac and cheese was tasty as well as their cookies. Pretty much everything was delicious. You can really put on the calories in this place or eat healthfully depending on your mood. Fantastic modern cafeteria style decor. They even have a self serve area for to go containers. I highly recommend this place if you want quick yummy food. My omni boyfriend really enjoyed this place too.

Pros: Tasty food, modern clean cafeteria atmosphere, quick and convenient

Cons: none

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Splendid cuisine - Edit

Set in bustling downtown Portland, the Veggie Grill is a respite that caters to those with discrimating tastes. With a large and varied menu that is pure vegan, there is much to choose from. I had chickn tacos which were tasty and healthy. The staff are a cut above other establishments in their friendly service. I hope to return in my future trips into Portland.

Pros: Large menu, Well prepared dishes, Great service

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Loved this Place - Edit

My first question to the staff was "What items on the menu are vegan?" I was blown away when she said everything was vegan. Hallelujah! I had the Chik'n tacos and they were delicious. I also had a side of cauliflower with gravy and I loved it. I could eat just that as my main course and been very happy. I also had a bite of the pudding and the carrot cake. Both were fabulous. Vegan food fast and the price is right. Don't miss it.

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Veggie Grill - Edit

LOVED the food at veggie grill. The atmosphere was great too. I liked the fact that it's all vegan and that they use less oil then most places.

Pros: Fantastic tasting food, Friendly, clean

Cons: Not close enough to my house, need live foods

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Greatest food ever. Crispy chicken, cookie, bbq tofu, mac n cheeze, mousse, carrot cake, mashed potatoes. Clean awesome decor. Staff all friendly n cheery. Love love love. Its worth a drive. Also kale salad wasnt bad for someone who loathes kale.

Pros: love, love, love

Cons: none

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Veggie Yum! - Edit

I've been to this place twice since it opened, and was very happy each time. The first time we had the V-Burger and Santa Fe Crispy chicken. I thought the V-burger was way too meat like, but my newly vegetarian husband thought it was amazing. The crispy chicken was quite tasty, and although deep fried, was not greasy. We upgraded to onion rings, which were amazing and the first non homemade onion rings I have had since going vegan over a decade ago. We had the chocolate parfait for dessert and it was awesome. My 9 month old made a huge mess, but when I asked for a broom, no employee would give me one, instead claiming it happens all the time and that is what they get paid for. I was very impressed with the atmosphere and service.
This time we ordered the Pappa's Portabello and the Buffalo Bomber. Both were amazing. My husband is not a mushroom fan but he loved the burger. The Bomber is not too spicy. We subbed for onion rings again, and with one drink the meal was $25.00 with no leftovers. They were again nice to my baby and the atmosphere was nice, but cold.
If you sign up on their website for the GrillClub you can get a free dessert (do this right before you go as it expires quickly).
I don't ever eat fast food, so it can be a bit overwhelming eating so much grease but my husband LOVES this place and I enjoy it. Will definitely be returning.

Pros: Great Service, Onion Rings, Kid Friendly

Cons: High cost for upgrades, Air Conditioning, brrrr, Parallel street parking

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Fresh, Friendly & Vegan - Edit

My husband and I eat at the friendly, informal Veggie Grill often, since it serves excellent vegan food and was nice enough to open in our neighborhood. At lunchtime, it attracts people from nearby offices, and some of them may not realize they're eating vegan--the food sounds that familiar and tastes that good. The decor is simple and cheerful, giving the impression of a nice fast-food place, but that's where the similarity to McD's or any of the others ends. Meals at Veggie Grill are made of fresh, plant-based ingredients and completely free of cholesterol, animal fat and trans fat. The chefs at this California-based chain have developed great recipes for an array of veggie proteins--no-meat chickin' (including blackened chickin' and buffalo wings) and veggie-steak in various forms, from burgers to barbecue. Today, I noticed a "crab" cake sandwich on the menu. And if you're hankering for the cheese you no longer eat, VG's plant-based cheeses and creamy sauces are as good as any I've had. I love the kale they serve on many of the plates, sandwiches and salads. It is uniformly tender, bright green and flavorful. There's a small selection of soups and desserts too.

Pros: All Vegan, High Quality, Reasonably Priced

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Fantastic! - Edit

First impression was how light and airy the place felt--very pleasant. Staff were incredibly nice and friendly. Food came out quickly--we ordered the All Hail Kale and B-Wing Salads, with a side order of Sweetheart Fries. All were outstanding! Even if you think you don't like kale, you'll love the All Hail Kale salad--it's that good. The B-Wing salad did have a nice little kick to the B-Wings, but nothing that couldn't be handled by anyone. The sweet potato fries were delicious--came with a chipotle dressing which was wonderful.
All servings were big, so unfortunately we didn't go for the desserts, but we did get to see the chocolate parfait, and only wished we had the room! Next visit...

Pros: Excellent food, Healthy, Bright and friendly

Cons: --, --, --

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tasty food - Edit

At corner of SW Taylor St. and SW 5th Ave. Soup, salads, chili. Can have sandwiches and burgers on a bed of steamed kale or in a wheat tortilla rather than the wheat bun. Chickin' and Veggie-steak: seasoned and marinated veggie proteins, made with soy and wheat that are organic and non-GMO. Also tempeh. I had Bayou Chickin' on a bed of steamed kale, $8.95, and upgraded to Sweetheart Fries with chipotle ranch for $2.25. The fries are sweet potatoes (yams to Canadians). I liked the blackened aspect of the faux meat, knowing it was done on a vegan grill.
Three desserts: chocolate chip cookie, chocolate pudding parfait, carrot cake.

Pros: tasty food, all vegan, friendly service

Cons: faux meat isn't to everyone's taste

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The food was outstanding. I was there for a week and I had most of my meals there. On top of the GREAT quality of the food, the staff was AWESOME and very VERY friendly and helpful. You must go to this place and have some healthy, tasty food and GREAT service!

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Tasty, affordable food downtown - Edit

The staff here is very friendly. We were greeted with chicken wing samples that were absolutely delicious. We order a plate, of couse and they came with a blue cheese dip. Bonus!

No sooner we sat down, the waitress came to bring us our wings, a papas portobello burger (with aioli and garlic) and a big kale salad that we could not finish. the food was a little on the greasy side, but pretty tasty.

Somebody from the staff came to ask us how we liked the food amd after a quick chat he gave us two complimentary pieces of carrot cake. Yums!

There are apparently a bunch of these restaurants in Southern California and three more in Oregon, and they are opening one more in San Jose next week.

Highly recommended!

Pros: Decoration, Friendliness, Location

Cons: Greasy

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Ajolote 07 Jul 2012 - I have to post a response/follow up to my own comment. I went back to Veggie Grill today and ordered a cup of chilli and the urban plate? Neither onw of them was greasy and they were both very tasty. Great food!

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Great For Families - Edit

I have been to this Veggie Grill once, with my family of five. The kids were very satisfied with the kids menu items, and I was very satisfied with the variety and quality of adult food, too. I particularly loved that I could order my "sandwich" on a bed of kale instead of a bun, since I'm not such a huge fan of lots of gluten and carbs. The drink choices were awesome, too, offering a couple kind of lemonades and a few different iced teas. Finally I don't have to have the "soda or not" conversation with the kids. The lemonades were delicious and easy enough to add a little water so the kids weren't overwhelmed with sugar. The atmosphere was really great for my family, too; the staff was kind and attentive and I felt my kids were welcome, but it wasn't a crazy screamy free-for-all like some kid-friendly restaurants.

Pros: kid-friendly, tasty, lots of greens!

Cons: over-air-conditioned

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When visiting a new place, I always make it a point to find vegan places and this was a place I have gone to twice now and the food is great. The spring salad mix, was by far the best salad I have eaten. The wings are tasty and fulfilling and cant get enough. The carrot cake, was a bit small, but so moist and tasty that it makes up for it!!! The staff is just amazing and they make it a point to explain the menu if you have never been. I will trying out some other items before I leave...but this is a must go to place!!

Pros: great value, great staff, healthy

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