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Delivery of weekly vegan meals created by a vegan chef. See webpage for menus and ordering. Est. 2019.

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First Review by heathermcdill


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16 Dec 2022

Consistency and quality control issues

I've been an herbivore whole life so you can have confidence in this honest review. I only see positive comments about this business which is misleading because that contradicts my experiences over the past 1.5 years. Its important to know the deal unless you want to roll the dice and give this business a try.

The concept for Vegan Taste is great and I had high hopes, but I’m bummed every week. Whenever there is a problem, their excuse is “we produce thousands of meals each week.” It is clear they have quality control and consistency problem they can't seem to fix due to making thousands of meals. Seems like the meal service got too big and quality is suffering.

- Meals with 1 or 2 pieces of the main veggie or protein.
- Too many hard garbanzo beans in lots of meals. They love Garbanzos.
- Unnecessarily Small portions on some meals each week.
- Tiny pieces of bread with a meal.
- Pre packaged baked tofu but uncooked.
- Pre made Beyond burgers instead of something unique.
- Their curry's are dry, pasty and bland.
- Very hard, rubbery tortillas for tacos. I have to use my own their so bad.
- Semi-Hard uncooked brown rice.
- Too much oil when no oil is requested.
- Repeating meals to many times.
- Consistency in quality.

The main thing this delivery service is good for is people that are to busy to cook or go out to eat. Other than that, I can't recommend Vegan Taste until they fix their consistency and quality control issues.

Pros: Convienence, Variety, Vegan

Cons: Quality, Consistancy, Redundance



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01 Jun 2022

Best Delivered Meals Anywhere

I have never had a bad meal. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck eating the same thing, but your taste buds will thank you. New tastes, new spices all the time.


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Mostly Veg
02 Aug 2021

Cancelled after several issues within first 2 weeks...

At the recommendation of a friend i decided to try out the weekly subscription service. I encountered my first issue immediately where they forgot to send the menu with reheating instructions... No big deal, I email them and they send it over.

Next I realize they forgot to include tortillas/bread for two of the meals. Again I call and Bill the manager apologizes and offered to credit my next week's billing $10... Doesn't really fix the fact that I still gotta go out and buy tortillas/bread, but whatever.

Fast forward to today, the week my discounted sub kicks in. They flat out don't deliver my food...

I get in touch with Bill again who apologies, mentions it's an oversight and that he'd refund me for this week and get me back in rotation next week.

This doesn't fix the problem that I didn't prepare any food for the week or go shopping because I was relying on the service I paid for to provide my meals.

Bill doesn't really seem to empathetic and just states there's no food to deliver for me this week. I took my refund and cancelled my service moving forward.

Too many issues in too short a timeframe to continue on. Bill was relatively nice, but it doesn't fix the incompetence of this business. Would not recommend.

Pros: Food tastes good

Cons: Unreliable, Lots of errors, They don't read comments.


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16 May 2021

Kinda life changing.

I am a busy professional and never make time for cooking. I found myself eating out a lot or just skipping meals because I was too busy. This really changed everything for me. This isn’t one of those services where they just send you ingredients and a recipe and you do the rest. Everything is made and ready to go. You just heat and eat! It even has reheat instructions and even by popping in the microwave for 2 minutes, it tastes like it’s from a restaurant. There is also very minimal waste. Can’t recommend enough!

Pros: Amazing food, Very easy to use, Minimal waste


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03 Apr 2021


We have have weekly deliveries from Vegan Taste for almost 6 months now and every meal has been a creative, tasty masterpiece.. we love the food, everything the business stands for and happy to know that our subscription might also help a homeless person eat a nutritious meal.

Pros: All vegan, Affordable , Convenient

Cons: You can’t get second helpings

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