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Vegan database and creator of Halifax vegan guide.

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25 Apr 2016

Great Vegan Activist

Ashley makes great youtube videos and has an amazing personality on camera and does a great job to inform people about the ethical side of veganism

Pros: informative

Cons: none



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12 Apr 2016

The Vegan Peach!!!!!

Ashley has been my number one homegirl since 2011.
She is an amazing person and one of the many reasons she's awesome is because she's an ethical vegan.
She happens to also be the owner and creator of TheVeganPeach.com a.k.a. (The BEST vegan database online that i've ever used and trust me, that means a lot when I say that!) Even if her and I weren't close I would still say this. That's how great it is. She does constant updating to the website and all of her other social networking accounts to keep YOU in the loop of all things vegan and cruelty free. She does this for the love of it and she truly puts so much effort into what she does and it really shows. Check out her website and you will find vegan lists for food, clothing, make up, bathroom essentials, vitamins, drinks, candy, health care items, etc etc etc. you name it, she's listed it! BELIEVE ME, EVEN STUFF YOU HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF TO WORRY ABOUT AS A VEGAN, IT'S THERE! hahaha! On her youtube channel she has countless videos to help guide you through veganism involving animal testing, what to watch for in the ingredients when you're going veg, guides for clothing, dealing with being vegan in a non-vegan world etc.!!! Do yourself a favor, if you're going vegetarian and or transitioning to being a vegan, educate yourself through her youtube content, her website and so much more. You will be so glad you did

Pros: Abundance of knowledge!, Confidence booster!, Fun and so helpful!

Cons: NONE, NONE, we need more Ashley's in the world


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11 Apr 2016

To all my Peaches

Thank you endlessly for your support. I am so happy to be part of a growing community of compassionate followers. The Vegan Peach was created to help all those in need and continues to do so every day.

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