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Organic health food shop that offers daily vegan soups, main entrees, salads, desserts as well as fresh pressed juices and smoothies. Also runs an organic food co-op; receives fresh produce on Wednesdays. Previously located on Palm Ridge Rd, Nov 2014. Reported fully vegan early 2019. Confirmed closed with plans to relocate, Jan 2020 - please send updates.

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First Review by dtrisker


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11 Jan 2020

Made with Love!

My husband and I both loved our lunches! I had the untuna which was AMAZING! I didn’t want bread, so Nicky put it on a bed of sunflower sprouts with lots of fresh veggies on the side. You know when something is made with love, and this certainly was!! My husband loved his veggie panini. I had I bite and didn’t want to give it back! Not many vegan restaurants make everything from scratch. No cheap fillers here!! We will definitely be back!



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10 Jan 2020

Amazing quality

Great menu, wonderful staff, and the food was even better.


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31 Dec 2019

Extremely cozy and friendly place with THE BEST FOOD

Recommend!!! Extremely cozy and friendly place with THE BEST FOOD❤️


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22 Dec 2019

Delicious Curry

All vegan, cozy shop with a variety of seating options: window counter, couches, large and small tables.

Pros: Baked goods: cookies, etc., Great prices, Great portions

Cons: $6 toll to get to the island


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21 Nov 2019

Really good!!

I had the untuna sandwich and it was really delicious!! They had so many options I couldn’t choose but it was really good!

Pros: Good price quality rate


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12 Aug 2019

Good Sandwiches

It was super cute, the people who worked there were very sweet, and the food was good as well (the desserts especially). The only reason I am taking off one star is because the sandwiches were over packed to look nice, but they were hard to eat. They also put on the menu what was “coming soon,” (without specifying that it wasn’t something you could order) so only about half the menu were things you could order.


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11 Aug 2019

Honest Review

The food was amazingly delicious and the service good too! I warn people though that this place isn't entirely vegan and to ask questions if you have food allergies. There is honey in some baked goods and the gluten free bread has egg in it. I have food allergies and asked a lot of questions, but assumed everything I was being served was vegan. It is a good thing egg is not one of my 17 known food allergies as I was already eating the GF bread before it was discovered it wasn't vegan. The atmosphere is friendly, cozy, inviting, and again the food was delicious and generous portions. I would go back again as this place is the most vegan friendly in that area.

Pros: Delicious vegan choices

Cons: Ask questions about ingredients.


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07 Aug 2019


I stopped by Sanibel Sprout covered in sand and salt after about 6 hours on the beach. It was such a cool place, awesome vibe. I had a fantastic smoothie and a Coconut Bacon BLT, which was out of this world. I didn’t even know coconut bacon was a thing. It was so good. I got take out, and the presentation was really thoughtful. I wish was closer because there were lots of dishes and deserts I would love to try.

They did have honey on the menu, which isn’t vegan.

Pros: Lovely atmosphere,, paper straws,, unique menu.


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24 Jun 2019

Loved it!

Sanibel Sprout is one of our favorite plant based restaurants! So fresh, original and oh so delicious! Once we found this place (while on vacation) we had to go there everyday! We tried almost everything on the menu and it was all amazing.

Pros: Delicious, Fresh , Great variety


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19 Jun 2019


x The Sanibel Sprout is a super cute and delicious restaurant. The staff was very kind and we got our food within 10 minutes. We had a veggie grilled panini, an açaí bowl, a CBD water, and a snickers bar. Only ended up being $30, every main food was around $10.

Pros: Delicious food , Fast Service , Nice staff


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17 Jun 2019

Veganism Blossoms On Sanibel

I have been meaning to try out the Sanibel Sprout for years, and last Sunday (June 9th, 2019), I was very lucky to do so along with one of my best friends.

Between the two of us we ordered the following: Entrees - Coconut Bacon BLT & Veggie Panini; Appetizers - Mexican Salad w Walnut Meat & Vietnamese Pho; Dessert - Key Lime Pie.

All of the food was amazing, both in flavor & presentation. We both are vegans who dine out frequently, and can easily say it was one of the best meals we had in 2019 so far.

During our visit, we were also given some free samples of some smoothies they were making in the kitchen.

The Sanibel Sprout has a wonderful energy about the space, and is very visually pleasing and comfortable to be in.

I plan on going back a couple more times this year, with my friend having already gone back once since last week. I would recommend anyone to try this place out if you find yourself in the general Cape Coral / Fort Myers / Naples areas.

Pros: High Presentation Quality (Food & Space), Friendly Staff with a "Family" vibe, Fully Vegan Menu with Plenty of Options

Cons: A tad Expensive & 6$ toll to get unto the island., Small Space / raise challenges for a large party, A bit of a drive if you don't live on Sanibel


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20 May 2019

Fantastic Food!

We got the waffles and BLT to share and I was very happy with both! The atmosphere is calming and comfortable but not very spacious. Very naturally minded place.

Pros: Healthy options, Yummy, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Small


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12 May 2019

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the Sanibel Sprout

This place is adorable and welcoming. All the food is made in-house. It’s both delicious and presented with careful attention to detail. The Classic Burger was beet-y deliciousness (a bit messy, but that’s to be expected). The Blueberry Caravan is one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had. It’s ridiculously thick and intensely blueberry. Love this place.

You order at the counter and food is brought to your table when ready. Vibe is mellow.

Pros: Healthy food made in-house, Interesting and eclectic menu, Awesome smoothies


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04 May 2019

Always Amazing

This is a regular stop for us when we come to Sanibel! We love all the variety of options and feel spoiled anytime we get to go to an all vegan restaurant! This time we have the waffles, spring roll, and grilled cheese.

Pros: All vegan, Raw and cooked options, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options

Cons: None! Truly amazing dining experience every time!


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23 Apr 2019

Such a great spot!

So many different types of vegan food. It was absolutely delicious and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful!

Pros: Full vegan menu, Many options


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23 Apr 2019

Vegan,Healthy, Delicious!

I had the nachos, happy belly salad and tasted the BLT. All were delicious! Ambiance was was island casual, relaxed...

Pros: Lots of choices , Fresh ingredients


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14 Mar 2019

So yummy!

Loved the “BLT” with bacon as smoked coconut. Their waffles are amazing too. Never had a bad vegan meal here. Gluten free options too. Love love this place. It’s always my first stop when I visit my aunt in Ft myers.😄

Pros: All vegan , Gluten free options , No cane sugar in food

Cons: Slow to get food out sometimes but worth it


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07 Mar 2019


We went there and ordered four things and it was so much food. They were out of a few of their popular dishes like the lasagna and pesto, but we got the spring rolls, loaded baked potato, nachos, and Gaia bowl. They were all so good but so much food. The spring rolls are basically burrito sized. The loaded baked potato was awesome and had a great curry flavor. The cheese on the nachos melted nicely and the Walnut taco meat is super good. And the Gaia bowl was probably our favorite. Nice and light and fruity. This place is awesome. Love it.


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19 Feb 2019

DELICIOUS and nutritious food- tons of options!

Probably the largest vegan menu I’ve seen- especially on a small island. Brought my non vegan family and even they loved it. The food was somewhat healthy and nutritious, yet absolutely delicious and felt like comfort food. The baked potato was so soft. Everything was perfect! Highly recommend

Pros: Endless options , Reasonable prices , Unique options

Cons: No vegan mock meats made of soy


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17 Feb 2019

Hidden Gem

This restaurant with lots of vegan options is tucked in the corner of a plaza next to Bailey's grocery store. The vegan coconut "bacon" BLT was perhaps the best vegan BLT that I've ever ordered in a restaurant! I also had a juice which was tasty but warmer than room temperature. The Sanibel Sprout could benefit from having a cold pressed juicer especially since they are located in Florida. Aside from my group of 3, there were maybe 2 or 3 other customers but the wait for our food was excessively long.

Pros: relaxing vibe, lots of vegan options

Cons: long wait


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20 Jan 2019

Not Upfront about Animal Products

The owners of this "healthy" restaurant insist this place is "vegan" - however they do use animal products such as honey, eggs. They don't readily say this - you have to read the menu very carefully. This rather defeats the idea of a "vegan restaurant:. Why should one have to inspect the menu in a vegan restaurant to make sure it actually is vegan (and in this case - it isn't). When questioned about this the owners were very defensive and tried to justify their use of some animal products and that they were still "vegan". They even went on social media to publicly shame those who would dare question their right to be deceitful.


21 Jan 2019

This gentleman has never dined at our restaurant, never seen our menu, and trolled a social media post where we tried to honestly explain a stance of ours about using small amounts of honey, which we are now reconsidering, based on the suggestion of another customer. We use no dairy, eggs, fish, meat, animal products and consider ourselves vegan. We do not shame others, we encourage healthy debate, discourse, education and compassion. We have never every been deceitful about our products. We are plant-based for health purposes and vegan for the animals. Had he eaten at our establishment, met us and took the time to understand our position, read the information posted prominently at our cafe, rather than doing arm-chair radical elitist vegan internet arguing from afar, we might have had a constructive interchange of ideas and a kinder communication. We are now considering not using sustainable honey, which was only used in our health elixirs, and a few desserts. Perhaps that will settle all of this hostility. Nothing else on our menu of 35 food items contains honey,
but I don’t think anything would have satisfied this pompous and full of himself individual. We’ve been in business almost 10 years and have an extremely loyal following. We believe in full transparency and hope to get better every day. We are open to questioning and encourage folks to come in and learn about who we are and how we run our operation.


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20 Jan 2019

Over the top worth it.

Early evening dinner.

Coconut bakon BLT on huge slabs of toasted whole grain bread, excellent bakon flavor, fresh veg--highly recommend.

Grilled Geez w/ big slices of nicely roasted red peppers, oozed mozzarella with tangy arugula to freshen it up. Highly recommend.

Mushroom soup had perfect seasoning.

Staff were friendly, helpful, fun.

Pros: Great variety , Pleasant environs.


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19 Jan 2019

A vegan paradise!

An amazing joint for an island that is lacking in vegan options. Among my family, we ordered the coconut BLT, veggie panini, and curry, and they were all amazing. The vegan cheese has a great melt to it as well. Great service and passionate employees.

Pros: All vegan, Amazing tastes, Cozy ambiance


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13 Jan 2019

Yummy and healthy

I have been here a few times and I have enjoyed my meal a lot every time. My favorite was the BLT and the Kale salad is great too. My omnivore friends love the Grilled Geez sandwich. Will come back here again for sure and highly recommend if you are here on vacation. It may be less crowded than other restaurants on the island and I don't think the price is too much.

Pros: Great food, Nice atmosphere, Not too crowded


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17 Dec 2018


Simple decor but cozy and comfortable. The menu is huge and 100% organic and vegan! Although we were only two people, we ordered three entrees because the first two were so good. You must try the BLT!this could have easily been the most delicious vegan meal I have ever eaten. We drove over an hour to get there, and payed the $6 toll for the bridge, but it was worth the trip. We will most certainly visit again.

Pros: All vegan, all delicious

Cons: None


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02 Nov 2018

Great vibe

Food, coffee, juices were all so yummy! Friendly folks too. Waffles were so delicious. Hours are different than listed here. Thursday’s are 10-2 and Fridays are 10-7


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13 Jul 2018

Wish we had this yummy vegan restaurant in my town!

Friendly staff, many choices and 100% vegan! My BLT was a meal in itself.

Pros: all vegan, delicious coconut ‘bacon’, desserts to die for

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