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Serves meat, vegan options available. 1950s style American diner and soda fountain type restaurant. Vegan include vegan cheese for grilled cheese and veggie melt, seitan wrap, tofu scramble, soy ice cream for sundae and shakes. Open Mon-Thu 9:00am-9:00pm, Fri 9:00am-10:00pm, Sat 8:00am-10:00pm, Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by MaureenKoplow


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21 Oct 2022

Good Place if you don't mind kids

I usually go for breakfast for their vegan Betty's (pancakes) or their Tofu scramble. Both are good. You can't tell the Vegan pancakes from regular pancakes. Make sure not to get the powdered sugar and bring your own vegan margarine.

When ordering the tofu scramble, ask for the ciabatta roll or hoagie roll- they are the only two bread items that are vegan.

They have some vegan lunches also. I do like their seitan steak sandwich.

They also have either choc. or vanilla soy milkshakes.

The prices are good and the wait staff is good.

Prepare to have a lot of kids screaming during the busy times. They cater to the parents with kids crowd.

Covid made them pare down their menu offerings including the vegan ones.

Pros: multiple vegan options, soy shakes

Cons: They have taken some vegan items off their menu., Acoustics- especially when kids are there., They don't open until later 8:30 or 9 a.m.



Points +285

18 Jun 2022

Not vegan friendly, SO LOUD

First and foremost, they don't seem to understand how vegan works. Taking a vegan shake and adding non vegan candy to it automatically makes it not a vegan shake! They advertise it as a vegan shake but forget to mention that they're going to use mainstream, non-vegan candies as their toppings.

The Buffalo tofu was the nastiest tofu I've ever eaten! It was all fire, no flavor and very poorly cooked. The service was subpar and the acoustics were absolutely horrible. I've been there twice and, both times, left with a headache due to the horrible acoustics in the establishment.

I cannot recommend this place, as they are dishonest at worst or ignorant at best, in regards to vegan food and wouldn't wish the headache on anyone!

Cons: Loud, Ignorant about vegan food


Points +74

15 Feb 2022

Vegan Options Good

The vegan options are limited but good. I enjoy the vegan pancakes and cheese steak.

Pros: Great for a fix

Cons: Limited options


Points +152

20 Jun 2020

so so overrated

The service here is so slow, even when it isn't packed. Which it usually is. Kids like it I guess. The vegan milkshake was good, but everything else I've tried has been very underwhelming.


Points +61

11 Jan 2020

Good but not a go to

The Pop Shop is good for mixed company dining. The Cheezstreak was a nice option, but other options were limited.


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02 Dec 2019

Retro Vibes

Cool classic all American setting, and lots of variety on the menu...I had a major pancake craving but was very dissatisfied at the taste (soy). My s/o played it safe with a veggie melt. I want to come back and try the rogue scramble

Pros: Lots of Vegan options , Cool atmosphere

Cons: Use of soy (taste and health wise)


Points +52

06 Jul 2019

AMAZING vegan diner food

This place gives you 50’s and 60’s diner vibes and amazing food!! They even serve diner breakfast which is super hard to come by! Their milkshakes are delicious and the first milkshake I was ever able to order since going vegan!

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Delicious food, Great environment


Points +273

26 Jan 2019


My dad and I LOVE this place. Although it isn't 100% vegan (sadly), it provides us with adequate vegan options in a classic NJ diner setting. The staff is also amazing, as well.

In terms of vegan options, there are plenty. My favorites are the vegan bettys (you can get these with blueberries—and make sure to say no to powdered sugar!) and the TOFU SCRAMBLE. I can not STRESS how much I love their tofu scramble. They also have an amazing seitan cheesesteak sandwich and a good veggie quesadilla. To wrap it all up, you can order either a chocolate or a vanilla vegan milkshake. How many non-vegan places serve THAT?!

(There are also more vegan options on the menu, but I'm forgetting them at the moment).

Pros: vegan milkshakes, yummy diner food, fun ambiance

Cons: loud—lots of kids


Points +48

17 Sep 2018

Great pick for pleasing a crowd

This wouldn’t be my first choice for vegan food but they certainly aren’t bad! It’s a great place if you miss diner food like pancakes. They also have vegan ice cream/milkshake selections!!

Pros: Special vegan section of menu for easy ordering, Good pick for going out with non-vegans

Cons: Always very noisy


Points +44

07 Nov 2017

diner breakfast for vegans!!

I could cry by how happy I am that I can actually get an amazing diner style breakfast! The atmosphere is very crazy so we normally do take out. Get the tofu scramble and blueberry pancakes and have an awesome breakfast for the next 3 days!


Points +338

04 Aug 2017


My boyfriend and I went here. They had terrific Vegan food and the staff was very knowledgeable about the options. I had the CheeseSteak and my boyfriend hd the Burger!

Pros: Vegan Options, Cute Atmosphere, Quick Service

Cons: So cold in the restaurant!


Points +60

20 Jun 2017

Nice vegan lunch

I have to say I was surprised at how vegan friendly this milk shake and burger shop was. I ordered the vegan hot dogs (I believe they were Light Life Smart Dogs) and a vanilla Toffuti milkshake. The waitress assured me that the they alway use a separate scooper to make the vegan milkshakes and she always disinfects the machine between uses. I went back the next day and ordered the tofu scramble with hash browns which was also good. Both times I went the waitresses were so sweet and friendly. Only weird thing was that the entire restaurant had to overhear a woman who seemed like the manager literally berate her entire dinning staff about a mistake someone made in the back of house. It was very uncomfortable for those dinning in and it made me want to apologize to all the young girls working at the counter who were visibly rattled and one was about to cry. It was very unprofessional even if the staff was in the wrong for leaving a lid off of an item in the back. Yes... we heard every word even over the loud music playing in the restaurant.

Pros: Serves vegan dishes , Friendly wait staff, Fun atmosphere

Cons: Higher up staff unprofessional, Serves meat & dairy


Points +128

02 Jan 2017

Fun and Good Quality Vegan Food

The vegan pancakes are amazing. As well as the seitan wrap.


Points +113

28 Jan 2016

Good comfort food, great for omni groups

This is one of my favorite places to go with my husband and with my family. The place specializes in dinner foods. They have lots of grilled cheese, pancakes, scrambles, hashes, hotdogs, and milk shakes. There are lots of vegan options that people can get (note the Medford location has a different menu so there is actually LESS vegan options) You can pretty much get most of the "dinner" foods in a vegan option, with mixed results. There is a tofu scramble, fries, pancakes, and faux cheeses. My favorite is the veganized buffalo wing sandwich. The menu is set up so it is easy to customize things, so staff will be ready to modify things to make an awesome vegan option.

Downsides is mostly there are TONS of kids. This is great for parents, if your kid has a meltdown, no one is going to stare at you. The downside is that it is always noisy, which is partly because the acoustics of the place. The only bad thing that might deter vegans and vegetarians is that I am pretty sure they share the cooking space. I don't care, but I know some vegans get a little irked by this. They might of changed this over the years.

Pros: Hearty portions, Lots of vegan options, Great for kids

Cons: Loud kids (always), Busy, Shared stove


Points +58

08 May 2014

Vegan shakes are great!

they have some vegan options with follow your heart vegan cheese is great.


Points +140

26 Dec 2013

Good pancakes

Really enjoy the pancakes, veg ice cream, and tofu scramble which are all veg. One of the only diners in the area to serve veg options.

Pros: Good pancakes

Cons: Can be noisy and busy


Points +23

30 Jun 2013

Veggie/Vegan Options Hit or Miss

I went to the Pop Shop for the first time almost two years ago with a few friends, one of whom raved about the place. And I have to admit, I was impressed. I loved the 1950's atmosphere and the friendly staff. I ordered a veggie burger and a vegan milkshake. Both were fantastic, especially the vegan milkshake. It's a little pricey, but totally worth it. However, once I moved to Collingswood and had the option to visit a bit more often, I wasn't as happy about the other meals. This includes the vegetarian cheesesteak and the quesadilla. I found the seitan in the wrap to be a bit bland. Seitan itself has a great texture that really lends itself to imitating that of meat, but it does require a lot of seasoning, and I felt that it fell a bit short for me. The quesadilla I liked even less. The cheese used was very chalky and didn't melt enough to allow the sides of the tortilla to stick. By no means would I write the place off, and would still go back to try some of the other options, but I wouldn't try either of those options, or anything with their vegan cheese again. But it's definitely worth the visit just to sit at the bar and have a bowl or ice cream and share a side of their seasoned

Pros: Vegan ice cream, Atmosphere, Service

Cons: Some vegan options not well prepared, Fries don't come with sandwiches/burgers, Vegan cheese chalky and bland


Points +88

14 Sep 2012


I loved this place! I went there with two of my friends (also vegan), and we were thrilled when we realized how many vegan options were on the menu. In classic diner fashion, breakfast is served all day. We got tofu buffalo "wings" (triangles) to start, and the server made sure to tell us that honey was included in the sauce. We thought this was very thoughtful since some vegans do not eat honey. One friend got the tofu scramble with soy cheese and a vegan pancake on the side. The tofu scramble was pretty good, but the hash browns were cooked perfectly. The single pancake was huge! It was delicious. My other friend got a veggie cheesesteak that came on a wonderful baguette. Again, great. I got a vegan grilled cheese on rye with tomato, onion, and avocado. This was a great decision. The rye bread was wonderful, and the sandwich was cooked just right. Overall, the restaurant had food that reminded me of a classic diner. Despite the grease, I was glad to have some good diner food. Would give it 5 stars if I could.

Pros: Diner, Good value, Vegan Options!


Points +82

30 May 2012


I am absolutely thrilled about this! I used to love the pop shop and am so happy they have added vegan options so I can now go there with my family and my friends as I used to when I was younger and not a vegan! The vegan grilled cheese and milkshakes honestly have made my summer. THANK YOU!

Pros: Fun atmosphere, Great food, Friendly staff


Points +70

02 May 2012

Good food, Lots of Noise!

The Pop Shop has quite a few vegetarian and several vegan options. It's a very family friendly place, and the staff is helpful. Just one very important warning - it's NOISY! The accoustics are bad, and the noise level can get painfully high. There's a juke box that adds to the decibels. If you've got kids, you're probably used to it, but if loud sounds bother you, don't go on a Saturday morning! On the plus side, there are blueberry vegan pancakes, veggie sauge, and veggie burgers with lots of choices for toppings. The fries are marvelous and there are a lot of varieties.

Pros: Veggie burgers, Veggie sausage, Vegan pancakes

Cons: Noise, Noise, Noise

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