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Serves meat, vegan options available. In June 2011 this pizzeria, established in 1975, started offering an extensive vegan menu. Vegan options include a variety of salads, pizzas (with two different vegan cheeses to choose from), sandwiches (chicken philly, veggie burger, vegan melted cheese), calzones and all the other typical Italian fare vegan-style. Also offers gluten-free dishes. Large space with private banquet room available. Previously at Woodland Hills, relocation here reported June 2019. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by Colinski


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07 Oct 2023


We've been trying random vegan options at other restaurants (chipotle and sharkys), but this place actually caters to vegans! It's a treasure trove.
We ordered the margherita pizza and it was DELICIOUS. Sadly, when we asked for a side of chilly flakes, they gave us packets of Parmesan cheese D;
Only downside: the prices are quite expensive😒$20 for one 11" pizza)



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02 Aug 2023

This place is awesome!!!

The service is amazing, they give you a ton of food, and an entire menu with vegan food! 5/5 love this place!


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28 May 2023

Huge calzone!

It was a good dinner, breakfast, and lunch.. tofu ricotta and daiya, plus tomato and veg pepperoni. So good, and they have an entire page dedicated to their vegan options. A little pricey but large portions.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Serves animal products :(


28 May 2023


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12 Nov 2022

Full vegan menu

Everything that is vegan is labeled and is super delicious!! If you're eating in the restaurant you get a tiny American flag in your food. If you're ordering pick up, they stick a vegan sticker on the container so you can be assured it is vegan. I love the whole patriotic vibe too.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Vegan pizza is amazing 👏 , Parking lot with handicap accessibility

Cons: NA


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25 Jul 2022

Vegan Italian

I would’ve never expected a full vegan menu here! There’s not only a ton of options but they’re good! I tried the vegan chicken Philly sandwich! Besides the yummy vegan chicken, they used Daiya cheese! They gave me vegan ranch for my fires and even vegan butter for their famous dinner rolls(vegan version)!
Love it!


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10 Jul 2022

Terrific vegan pizza

The vegan pizza is remarkable. Terrific crust.

Pros: Outstanding vegan pizza, Garlic rolls can be made vegan on request


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24 May 2022

Delicious Vegan Pizzas & More!

The Original Pizza Cookery is a long-standing pizzeria and cafe that has created an entire vegan menu filled with delicious Italian delights and generous portions. The staff are pleasantly friendly and the restaurant is a great place to meet with friends and family.
I’ve always enjoyed coming here for many years and supporting this local and independently owned small business. This particular location is actually the original establishment.

I highly recommend the vegan bread rolls, vegan chinese chickun salad, meatball sandwich, lasagna, southwestern pizza and the margherita pizza.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-08

Pros: Full vegan menu , Two vegan cheese options (FYH, Daiya), Gluten-free menu


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10 Jul 2021

Huge Vegan Menu

Very impressive vegan menu including a vegan version of their famous rolls and many of their other classic menu items.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Very accommodating staff


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22 Dec 2020


It's so awesome to have an Italian place with so many vegan options, and some great vegan/gluten free options! The complimentary rolls are so yummy and the staff was friendly. I had the vegan/gluten free lasagna and it was delicious! Can't wait to go back and try the rest of the menu!


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10 Jan 2020


So impressed! The menu has a FULL page of vegan options & also a full page of gluten free options! The free cheesy garlic rolls they bring to your table are to die for and you can request for them to make them vegan along with vegan butter! They brought us two plates full and asked without hesitation if we wanted them to bring more. So surprised they don't charge for these! I got the vegan southwestern pizza and it was so good. They give you an option of either Daiya or Follow Your Heart cheese which is a major plus. I also had the Chinese chicken salad with vegan chicken and it was so good! They have a whole list of vegan desserts from local bakery Karma Baker. Will definitely be going back to try more menu items :)

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Lots of gluten free options


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20 Nov 2019

Welcome to Thousand Oaks!

PC moved into a hotel site that has recently been a revolving door of restaurants. I hope they stay! Extensive vegan menu (for me) and gluten free (for my mom) makes it the ideal place for us. The much talked about rolls are as delicious as everyone says! My most recent order was a small Chinese BBQ Chk’n Salad. Portion so large, took half of it home. Wait staff are friendly and accommodating.

Pros: Menu choices, Flavorful food, Portions

Cons: Prices, One hour closed between breakfast and lunch


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21 Aug 2019

Great vegan options

Had lots of pizza and other Italian dish options

Pros: More than one vegan cheese, More than one vegan meat, Vegan rolls and deserts.


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25 Jul 2019


Very extensive vegan menu of classic Italian food and they also have the most delicious garlic roles (make sure you ask for the vegan ones)

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Classic Italian

Cons: I always consume too many carbs when I am here 🤣


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25 May 2019

Great options!

I was very pleased with my order! It was super flavorful. The staff were friendly and delivery was quick. I will totally order here again.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Very flavorful


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21 Mar 2019

Excellent Pizza!

Beyond happy that this place has acknowledged the demand and they delivered! I love the options of either Follow Your Heart or Daiya cheese. Most places use Daiya which I find absolutely disgusting, so it’s great to have the FYH option. The complimentary vegan rolls and butter are excellent. I had the bbq southwestern pizza with artichokes added and a side of vegan meatballs. We also got a vegan brownie which tasted great. This place is iconic in the valley and I’m thrilled to be able to dine here again. Their vegan menu is a whole page of goodies and I can’t applaud them enough for all the great options instead of the usual lame cheeseless pizza with veggies like other places. Can’t wait to go back!


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08 May 2018

Complimentary vegan cheese rolls

Complimentary vegan cheese rolls are just one of the highlights of visiting the OPC. They have huge portion sizes, a separate all vegan menu and great food. The atmosphere is a little strange (lots of wood decor and wood chips on the ground) compared to the rest of la but it is fun and family-friendly. Just remember to notify them that your vegan asap so that they can for you the vegan cheese rolls and not the regular ones. Although, if you do get the regular ones, they’ll happily switch them out for you.


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28 May 2016

The Best Vegan Lasagna

We decided to come here while visiting from out of town and we were SOOOO glad we did. Everyone loves the food...I'd give this 5 stars if I could! The portions are gigantic!!! The vegan gluten-free "side salad" was huge and delicious! I had the vegan gluten-free lasagna and it was AMAZING!!! So big that it could be split or take half of it to go. The vegan tofu ricotta was tasty, as was the marinara sauce throughout the lasagna. My husband had the vegan chicken parmesan sandwich and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a great place to take non-vegans as well. We went with my in-laws and brother-in-law and they all loved their meal. Save some room and go to Tutti Fruitti next doors and get some vegan soft serve after your meal (on the day I went, they had peanut butter- yum!!!).

Pros: Vegan Gluten-Free Lasagna, Vegan pizza and calzones, Huge portions

Cons: A bit pricey, No location in Las Vegas :(

Traveling gal

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Mostly Veg
14 Aug 2013


Had this on my list to visit because of the vegan cheese/garlic rolls. We have a great pizza place in Boca Raton, Fl that uses daiya cheese, but we don't have vegan rolls. The pizza was very good, but the rolls were off the chart. Had a great salad that we shared with 5 people, and we still had leftovers.

I also ordered the sauce from their new oil-free menu. Next time will order something vegan from that menu.

would have given 5, but not allowed since they also serve meat.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff


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12 Apr 2013

Excellent Food!

Went there today for the first time with my sister and had a great time. The vegan options on the menu were plentiful and clearly marked. I had the Margherita pizza with Daiya cheese and it was very good. Even my non veg sister really enjoyed the vegan meatball sub. Everything tasted great and there was even vegan rolls and butter available upon request. Plus the service was friendly and helpful.

Pros: nice vibe, sawdust floors, yummy

Cons: big portions (not necessarily bad)


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01 Jul 2012

nice place

For Vegan Pizza Day, we finally went to check out Pizza Cookery. So glad we did. Their interior is vintage with sawdust on the floor. Their menu has two whole pages of vegan items so it took us awhile to decide. While we waited, we were served vegan cheesy garlic rolls with Earth Balance that were fantastic and right out the oven. For a pizza, we got a large with two different custom halves. On one side was artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic. On the other side, fresh tomatoes, basil, olives and meatballs. Both tasty. We also got calzones to take home for later: a Southwestern BBQ and a smoked chicken, jalapeno and mushroom. The service was very attentive and friendly as well. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Pros: large vegan menu, nice atmosphere, easy parking

Cons: serves meat and dairy


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15 Apr 2012

Everything Vegans Want in a Pizza

I finally picked up a pie tonight from their Encino location after an appointment nearby. It was 6:30 and pretty quiet when I arrived and I was able to snag a meter on the side street easily. I told them I was vegan at the counter and was promptly handed the vegan menu with a smile and even given suggestions on toppings by the lovely woman behind the counter. I was very hungry so I ordered a medium for my husband and I with whole wheat crust, Daiya cheese, vegan pepperoni, sausage, artichokes and roasted red peppers. While I waited, the place started filling up with families and couples. Everyone was greeted warmly and seated right away. My pie came out steaming and heavier than expected. A nice man (the owner, manager?) even helped me shove it in my insulated Trader Joe's bag so it would stay hot on the way home. It arrived safely and was well worth the wait. It had to be one of most delicious pizzas we had ever eaten. My husband kept stopping between bites to say, "This is really good pizza!" The crust itself was a masterpiece. It was medium thickness with a crisp bottom and a chewy-yet-crispy side crust that even had those lovely "crust bubbles" not often found in whole wheat crusts. The sauce was a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet and it was just the right amount to go with the cheese, which wasn't overly glopped on. The sausage was perfectly sizzling without being too dry and had a nice, slightly spicy flavor with even a few authentic fennel seeds. I appreciated that the red peppers and artichokes were sliced thin and melted in our mouths. I could have done without the pepperoni, but it wasn't bad or anything, just not that flavorful. I'm guessing it was Yves brand. I had asked the lady behind the counter if she knew what brand they used before I ordered it but she didn't know. I didn't really care; I was just curious, so I let it go. Anyway, the pizza had all the elements I was looking for: crispy, chewy, melty, spicy, a little sweet, a little salty and not too greasy. And we have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait to go back and try their baked vegan eggplant.

Pros: many vegan options, delicious pizza, whole wheat crust


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25 Jun 2011

Vegan food tasting event June 2011

This Italian restaurant held a complimentary vegan tasting recently to introduce their very extensive new vegan menu. Lots of hungry vegans enjoyed the array of delicious dishes they offered!! I will be back!!

Pros: Nice decor, Good food, Huge variety


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21 Aug 2010


The decor is interesting to say the least and it is a bit loud, but it was fun and the waitress was knowlwdgeable and very attentive. The food was amazing if not a bit pricey. We had a small Vegetarian Deluxe pizza, comes with tomato, mushroom, green bell pepper, onion, and black olives...they had no problem substituting fresh garlic for green pepper, base price is $15.75+$2.25 for vegan cheese and and additional $1.75 for extra toppings the prices go up with the size of the pie so you can see how it can add up quick. Price aside the pizza was great, not greasy at all, lots of veg, and very fresh tasting sauce. The free vegan garlic rolls were the highlight of the meal, piping hot fresh from the oven filled with vegan cheese and garlic oil. We also had a side salad $6.75, big enough to split with extra to go home, the vegan honey mustard dressing is delicious and I am not a big fan of honey mustard salad dressing so that is saying something. Definatly a place to stop if you are in the area. on a side note they also have vegan cookies, all natural, sugar free, sodium free, no artificial flavor, color, or sweetener root beer, twist, orange, black cherry, and cola as well as all natural organic lemonade, grape, and tropical punch. I had unsweetened ice tea, if you like lipton or sun tea you will like this

Pros: Vegan Options, Daiya Cheese, Super Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Cons: Price


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21 Jul 2010

Vegan Philly!

I ate here with a group of omnivores, who all shared a pizza. I got the vegan philly cheesesteak, which come with vegan chicken and Daiya cheese and was amazing comfort food. I haven't tried the vegan pizza but I'm sure it's greasy and delicious.

Pros: Vegan friendly, Tasty, Good place to take an omni

Cons: Unhealthy (duh)

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