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Tea room know its hot chocolate, which you could get with plant milk option (like almond, soy, or coconut). Open Mon-Sun 10:00-18:00.

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First Review by VickiWanSlattery


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01 Aug 2023

Great vegan options. Good classic hot choc experience

Loved this place, cute tea room upstairs. Yummy hot chocolate and vegan milks.

Pros: Vegan options , Plant based milks, Cost atmosphere



Points +168

07 May 2023

Great vegan hot chocolate

Several choices of chocolate - all the dark ones and a mylk. Three plant milks on offer. Would recommend Costa Rica chocolate with coconut milk - much thicker than their house blend dark chocolate. Beware little biscuits are not vegan - my veggie husband had those.

Pros: All dark chocolate choices are vegan, Mylk chocolate available , 3 plant milk choices

Cons: Biscuits are not vegan so ask to be removed, Extra cost for plant milk


Points +86

25 Feb 2023

Authentic hot choc experience, wish it were fully vegan !

There are about 6 dark chocolate options (all vegan) and 1 dairy free milk chocolate options to choose from. You then combine with a mug of hot plant milk (soy, coconut or almond) and whisk in the chocolate until it is melted. A wonderful experience and I bought some of the Costa Rican chocolate discs for myself!

They make you pay an extra €1.50 for plant milk. Which is pretty pricey, hopefully they will go vegan in the future.

The tea room is very busy at peak times and you will have to queue to get in if there are no seats available. But well worth it whilst in Bruges!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-25

Pros: Authentic hot chocolate experience, Tasty

Cons: €1.50 for plant milk


Points +548

21 Nov 2022

Classic hot chocolate experience

Three kinds of plant mylks on offer with a range of dark chocolate to mix them with. Well worth a visit.


Points +1921

08 Nov 2022

Cozy Choc Retreat

Out of all the chocolate tearooms in Bruges (and there are many!) I would recommend visiting the Old Chocolate House the most.

The preparation of the Chocolate is one of a kind and had been our little highlight of the day.

You can choose from an adequate variety of different chocolates and if that's not sweet enough for you, there are even toppings like salted caramel or whipped cream to add on top.

You then get the chocolate chips and toppings in a small chocolate cup, dump it into the hot plant milk and stir the hell out of it.

Our chocolate with the salted caramel topping had been way too sweet - so you may want to keep that in mind when ordering.

The Aztek one though had the perfect combination of sweet and spicy with a touch of cinnamon.

One cup can be quite filling though. I used all of the chocolate chips and couldn't finish drinking my hot chocolate in the end. Also, the milk hadn't been hot anymore when I got my serving. Which was a downer I should've reported but I was way too excited about the choco to pay it any mind.

The atmosphere and the intérieur had been on point and is a highlight in itself.


Points +30

24 Sep 2022

Nice place

The Café is in the first Story above the Shop. All the dark hot chocolates are vegan if you order them with a plant based milk (Soja, almond and coconut).
Unfortunately the tables outside are only for take away and there are no vegan options available.
Friendly staff.

Pros: vegan options are possible , Cosy Cafe

Cons: For me to busy and to limited space , Not enough fresh air for me


Points +29

30 Sep 2021

Cutest place

Really the cutest place with the most delicious hot chocolate milk! The waffles were also very nice.

Pros: Delicious chocolate milk , Cute interior , Lovely staff


Points +3389

24 Aug 2021

Cute shop, nice options

Essentially any of the dark chocolate options on the hot chocolate menu are vegan. We ordered two classic darks with almond milk and they were very tasty. They do charge €1.50 for plant milk per cup though which was a bit nuts. Two hot chocolates came out to €11. Was a nice treat to have once.

Cons: 1.50 for plant milk...


Points +1169

31 Oct 2019

Not really impressed

Well, I guess that most other reviewers didn't have had a hot chocolate made out of real chocolate before in their life - otherwise, I really don't understand why they are so impressed by this place.
Don't get me wrong - it is a good place to warm up, the hot chocolate is alright (but not more than that). You can get the same or better results if you prepare this at home (using your favourite chocolate, even more than they give you, and your favourite milk or just hot water).
They also served me a non-vegan free biscuit even though I clearly indicated that I am vegan...


Points +164

21 Sep 2019


Such a great experience. Advised me on what vegan options I could have. Delicious. It’s a must if visiting Brugge.


Points +170

18 Mar 2019

Loved this place

The upstairs chocolate room is delightful, quiet and cozy. The waiter is friendly and both the chocolate (with plant based milk) and waffle are delicious

Pros: Plant based milk options, Lovely place, Shop downstairs


Points +101

19 Dec 2018

Awesome hot chocolate

Very unique way of serving the hot chocolate; in a chocolate cup full of chocolate chips which you can put in your hot milk in total. Choose from soy, almond, coconut or oat milk. Would recommend to anyone! It's expensive but the portions are huge.

Pros: Almost all drinks on the menu can be made vegan

Cons: Sides are not vegan (maybe the piece of chocolate), Pricy


Points +1395

12 Oct 2018

Delicious hot chocolate with a twist

Never had hot chocolate presented in this way before! The soya milk was warmed first and it was served with dark chocolate buttons in a dark chocolate cup! You drop the buttons in, stir and voila! It was beyond good! My only regret is not getting a photo, they kindly charged my phone in the kitchen while we were there. I found Bruges to be difficult for vegans so I recommend to go there even more! Enjoy.

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