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Serves meat, vegan options available. Family-run restaurant specializing in mac n cheese with a variety of toppings and sides. Vegan mac'n'cheese available with choice of buffalo cauliflower, soy chorizo, pickled jalapeno, green chili “queso,” and salsa or vegan bacon and truffle. Has vegan cheese fries. Open Tue-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by turtleveg


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09 Jun 2022

Great comfort food

Absolutely loved it. Had the Vegan queso mac and cheese with vegan chorizo. My wife had the Rainbow Grain bowl. There was nothing left when we were finished. The “small” was still a very generous portion. Can’t wait to come back.



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14 Jan 2022

I wanted to love it, but…

I was disappointed for 3 reasons:

1.) After reading some of the reviews, I was looking forward to interacting with a friendly, knowledgeable staff member, maybe even getting recommendations, but sadly that was not the case. The person who helped me wasn’t friendly at all (even though I really was) and it was like pulling teeth getting any information out of her. For ex., me: “What would you say is one of the vegan favorites?” Her: “They’re all good.” Hmm. Not real helpful.

2.) It took 35 mins to get my takeout order. If I’d known this upfront, I would have made a different restaurant choice. She never gave me any updates (“Just 10 more minutes…”) and was not the least bit apologetic.

3.) I could have overlooked both 1 and 2 had the food actually tasted good. I got the Buffalo Cauliflower, Vegan Queso, and Fakin’ & Truffle mac & cheese dishes. The fried cauliflower was good, but the Mac & cheese sauce itself (in all the dishes) was very bland and mealy (I wonder if it’s potato-based). The Queso dish came with a tiny side of salsa (about 2 Tbsp) and literally 6 slices of pickled jalapeños. It felt very stingy. The mushrooms in the Truffle dish were tough and chewy to the point of being inedible.

To sum it up, a very disappointing $50 spent. Won’t go back. #Veganuary

Pros: Vegan options at a Mac & Cheese place

Cons: Bland and mealy sauce, Unfriendly, unhelpful staff person, Waited 35 mins with no explanation


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19 Nov 2021

Best Mac & “cheese”

I like mine nice & simple because the sauce is so good! That says something!

Pros: Decent vegan menu, All made fresh to order , Hefty portions.


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13 Feb 2021

The best damn vegan mac

i ordered the vegan cauliflower bites and truffle and bacon mac. out of this world. i asked about the cheese sauce and it’s made of beans, daiya cheese, nutritional yeast and cashews. creamy, delicious.

Pros: super cheap, super delicious, options!

Cons: none


11 Mar 2021

I knew they had said they used daiya cheese but I knew they had to have done something to improve it. Makes sense they added that stuff. So gooood


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27 Sep 2020

Great new recipe for vegan queso mac n' cheese

I got the vegan queso mac n' cheese with buffalo cauliflower and both were very tasty. The Mac n cheese came with jalapenos and some chopped onions/tomatoes on the side which I happily added to it. It could be a bit more on the cheesy side but was delicious none the less. The buffalo cauliflower were very tangy and slightly spicy, just right. Will definitely be coming back for this dish

Pros: Friendly staff, Fair price per portion

Cons: Very little vegan options


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18 Jun 2020

Such yummy vegan options!!!

Husband and I are new to town, and eating out is convenient while still working to get the house set up and unpacked. Yesterday we got take out from the mac house. Hubs had the vegan queso bowl, I had the vegan "fakon bacon" mushroom bowl, and we split vegan cheese fries. We got the smaller bowls but it was still SO MUCH FOOD. Definitely 2 meals in each bowl plus another 2 meals of fries. Vegan cheese is really good and its great they have multiple options. Will definitely order from there again.


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06 Jan 2020

Sounded promising ...

I was really looking forward to trying The Mac House and digging into some good mac and cheese - perhaps with some fakin bacon. But, everything about my visit was disappointing. The menu was much smaller than I was led to believe by the other reviews. The atmosphere resembled that of a Subway restaurant - which is fine if that is what you are prepared for - but I was expecting more of a fast-casual type of restaurant (this is not the restaurant's fault but it did contribute to a disappointing experience for me). Our food took forever to arrive - the explanation was that vegan food had to be cooked separately and took longer to prepare. The ketchup dispenser didn't work. But, most importantly, the vegan mac and cheese I had was pretty much inedible. I kept trying to eat it thinking it would get better but it did not; the best description I can give is that it tasted like cardboard with floral overtones - neither of which are appetizing. The cheese fries scored better - but not good enough to ever make me want to return.

Pros: Fries were very good; cheese topping was OK., My friend had their non-vegan mac and liked it.

Cons: Mac and cheese was horrible - inedible., Service was very, very slow.


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01 Nov 2019

Great Mac & Cheese

The vegan bacon and truffle mac & cheese was good. The staff was helpful with letting me know the vegan options. Look forward to trying the vegan cheese fries next.

Pros: A few vegan options

Cons: Bit pricey


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25 Aug 2019

The best

This is so yummy and so many different options. We had the vegan Mac and cheese for our kid and they gave him apple sauce instead of the cookie. My husband had the vegan queso and I had the buffalo cauliflower with vegan cheese , gluten free pasta. Heidi and the crew are just so amazing


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18 Apr 2019

Mac n "Cheese"

This was our second time checking out The Mac House and overall I'm impressed. I had the plain vegan mac n cheese (they have a few vegan toppings you can add but most were too spicy for me) and it was good. Maybe a potato based sauce with daiya on top? Would have loved to be able to add some garlic powder or nutritional yeast lol. Good customer service though and didn't have to wait long for the food.

Pros: Good Service

Cons: Vegan cheese base could use some more flavor


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17 Mar 2019

Screw them

I used to enjoy this place, vegan options taste good but always gave me indigestion. But anyways one time we got an order togo for like $50 and we get home and reheat it and realize that they topped it real cheddar instead of daiya. And I call them to ask if they could make some replacements for us and I drive over and pick them up. But instead the owner was just arguing with me saying that it was daiya and refused to make another order for us. They just kept saying "well you can bring it in and we can a look at it."


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22 Dec 2018

A Few Vegan Options But Lacking Customer Service

My husband and I have dined here several times as it is near our home. We regularly experience exceptionally long waits for our food after ordering (anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour) but never minded because the food was good and they have vegan options. We recently decided to get a take out order and only after getting home did we discover there was a mistake with our order. We called to alert them of the mistake so they could remake our order while we drove back so that we would not have to wait again and instead of being apologetic and accommodating we were argued with and advised "you can come back all you want but we're not doing that". We were going to press the issue further but decided it was not worth it and we took the loss ($23 for two macs and cheese..and that was with a coupon). Unfortunately with this experience and exceptionally poor customer service we will not be dining here again.

Pros: Vegan Options

Cons: Expensive, Poor Customer Service, Long Waits


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09 Mar 2018

Great food and lots of options!

Holy cow this place was great. So many grilled cheese and mac n cheese options. I had the truffle mac n cheese with mushroom bacon and it was delicious. The restaurant offers a soy and mushroom based chorizo, buffalo cauliflower, and mushroom bacon that can be added to any dish.

Pros: Lots of options, Moderately priced, Great food

Cons: Not a ton of vegan options


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02 Jan 2018

Fun, low key, and tasty

I've been to the Mac House three or four times in the past year since it opened, and while I've never been blown away, I've never been disappointed.

Most of the items on the menu can be done vegan style, and every one there speaks knowledgeably about dietary restrictions.

I've had a couple different versions of their mac and cheese, and to be honest, I probably won't eat any of those again. The sauce isn't great (kinda mealy and not very flavorful), and even though the toppings are truly excellent, it doesn't really make up for the base element of the dish being completely "meh". If you specialize in mac and cheese and offer a vegan version, it should be just as superb as the vegetarian/omni versions!

All that said, the Mac House is great when dining out with a group. Everyone I've taken with me has found something suitable to eat - what more can you ask?

Pros: very friendly and knowledgeable staff, lots of choices for everyone, fast casual dining

Cons: bland cheese sauce

The Vegan Chemist

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11 Jul 2017

Good option for vegan cheese fries

I would have never thought there would be vegan options in this local mac and cheese joint in a strip mall. When I went to order, the staff member was excited to explain their vegan options. I got the mac and cheese with buffalo cauliflower and vegan cheese fries with coconut bacon. I wish it came with a few more pieces of cauliflower (mine only came with 3). I didn't ask for any ingredient list but the cheese sauce wasn't super cheese-y (is it potato-based?). I don't mind, but others wanting a more authentic cheese flavor would probably prefer a soy or cashew based cheese.

My only con is that I wish it were closer to downtown Raleigh instead of Wake Forest.

Updated from previous review on 2017-07-09

Pros: vegan junk food option!, helpful staff

Cons: closer to Wake Forest than the Raleigh proper, less authentic cheese flavor


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11 Apr 2017

love that they are excited about vegan options

I visited The Mac House for the first time after hearing they offer a vegan mac. This is a small restaurant, you order at the counter and they bring it out to you. The staff was very friendly and helpful. When asked about vegan options they were enthusiastic and pointed out our choices and also what their favorite vegan option was. I ordered a regular size vegan mac n cheese topped with buffalo cauliflower. The portion is huge (I can't imagine ordering a large!). We also split an order of vegan cheese fries, which came topped with vegan bacon bits and a side of vegan ranch. Both were incredibly delicious! The vegan mac is good but not great - but the toppings, buffalo cauliflower, and fries made up for it. I will definitely go back again when I'm in the area. It will be tough not to order the buffalo cauliflower again next time, but I do want to try the other choices: soy chorizo, pickled jalapenos, green chili “queso”, & salsa, or vegan bacon and truffle.

Pros: unexpected vegan options, very friendly and helpful staff, buffalo cauliflower - 5 stars : )

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