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Serves meat, vegan options available. A comfortable, casual cafe in downtown Reykjavik, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plenty of vegetarian and a few vegan choices including vegan sausages, tofu scramble, granola, and more. Reopened May 2019.

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First Review by scout75


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12 Sep 2023


First thing the host says when seating you is you can order with your phone -no human needed - or order at the counter. Humans need jobs to survive yet it amazes me how readily and thoughtlessly we give them away to new technology. I prefer a dining environment where people actually interact with each other and take a break from their phones, so it kind of sucked having people all around me sit down and pull them out at the encouragement of the wait staff. That said, the food was awesome! And there's an actual laundrymat in the basement which is cool.

Pros: great food

Cons: on a super touristy street , enough with the phones



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09 Aug 2023


Nous avons pris un brunch vegan et un burger, et tout était très bon, copieux.
Le brunch comportait pain, fruits, légumes, houmous, pancakes, chia pudding et saucisse vegan.
A deux, nous en avons eu pour 49 euros.
Le lieu et le service top également.

Pros: La nourriture , Le lieu , Le service


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04 Mar 2023


I got the vegan burger which was a sweet potato with unique toppings instead of an actual burger. This was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had and super filling. I liked that it wasn’t the standard “beyond burger” and I felt a lot better after eating it. I also got a chai latte with oat milk and it was to die for.

Pros: Lots of options , Delicious , Healthy options

Cons: A little pricey


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03 Oct 2022

Vegan breakfast

I had a vegan breakfast plate that was very good. Tofu scramble, vegan sausage, fruit, and chia pudding. Cute place.

Pros: Vegan options


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15 Feb 2022

Two delicious options

My husband had the burger - used vegetables to create the flavours and textures of a patty rather than using a “fake meat” patty.

I had the vegan breakfast which was really nice, especially if you can’t choose what kind of breakfast you want - this has it all: chia seed pudding with peanut butter and coconut flakes, fresh fruit, bread and hummous AND a cooked breakfast of tofu scramble, spicy sausage, grilled tomatoes and potato wedges.

Only wish is that there were one or two more vegan options, and a vegan dessert option!

Pros: Both vegan options were delicious, Great atmosphere, Fantastic service

Cons: Expensive, but where isn’t in Iceland?, Limited options, No vegan dessert


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02 Jun 2020

Fab Lunch

Really enjoyed lunch here, great atmosphere & good choice available


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25 Oct 2017

Better for Lunch or Dinner

This place might have once been a more budget friendly option, but my husband and I did wind up spending a pretty penny here (like most places in Reykjavik). I was nervous to try this place now that the vegan toast is off of the menu, but was pleasantly surprised to see a plethora of choices. I had a veggie burger (beet patty made in-house) with fries and it was pretty tasty. My husband had a vegan salad called "the amplifier" and it looked fantastic: tri-color quinoa and mixed greens with crispy soy strips, avocado, tomato, onion, and chili salsa.

There were also several other choices on the menu including a vegan soup and several smoothie options. It's not terribly extensive (and you'll definitely struggle more during breakfast), but there are a few good, solid choices here.

Pros: choice of burger, salad, soup, juices, and smoothi

Cons: almost no veg breakfast options


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09 Oct 2017

There are absolutely no vegan options here.

Please stop wasting people’s time by telling them there is anything vegan on the menu.


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06 Jan 2016

Seriously, that vegan toast though..

It's a brilliant little diner/cafe in downtown Reykjavik which serves some veggie/vegan dishes. Unfortunately you do have to occupy the space with some carnivores as they do serve meat and dairy. That said, the decor excellent with a 1960s feel, the staff were brilliant and quick, and the vegan toast was out of this world.. Though clearly I'm not alone in this as other members of team vegan have mentioned that too! Ohhh and if you fancy any of the vegetarian options without the dairy just ask.. The poor waiter had to get "a veggie burger, without the cheese, creme fresh, mayonnaise and while you're writing this down.. Could you swap the normal bread for the vegan toast?" The bloke was a star and totally earned his tip lol. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


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12 Dec 2015

Not really veg-friendly

This is one of the places where I don't really understand why they are listed on Happy Cow. It is a restaurant that sells a lot of meat-burgers and is not really what I would call "veg-friendly". In my understanding "veg-friendly" means that they also try to satisfy vegan customers, which they clearly don't.
I once ate there in the evening - I had the vegan toast and some chips, the only vegan items on the menu.
At another time we wanted to have breakfast there. My friend is not a vegan, so there was lots to choose from, but I wanted to order the vegan toast again (remember: the only option) but was told that they serve that only after 11 AM. So there was nothing I could eat, and they did not care at all.
2 stars, because the vegan toast is really yummy.

Pros: "vegan toast" tastes good, location

Cons: not veg-friendly, expensive


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05 Jun 2015

Solid Choice

Like many restaurants in Reykjavík, the Laundromat Cafe is a one stop shop for all your drinking and eating needs. It's a coffee shop, a restaurant, and even has a bit of a bar feel to it as well. It's a fun place to eat or drink, although I would concur that the restaurant is a bit pricey and generally a lot better for vegetarians than vegans. Still, the central location, fun atmosphere, and free wifi make it a solid choice.

Pros: Location, Atmosphere


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02 Apr 2015

A tad pricey but makes up for it

I've tried out the vegan toast that everyone's raving about and was not disappointed at all. A big hearty serving of toast, hummus spread, grilled eggplant smothered in pesto, date spread and cashew nuts.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, kind staff and large portions

Cons: A bit pricey

Shel Graves

Points +262

30 Mar 2015

For something different try the vegan toast

A fun, busy bright pub-type environment located a bit further down Reykjavik's popular Laugavegur street (just keep strolling down it past Harpa to Austurstaeti). It's a nice place for a drink with helpful, friendly staff. The only vegan item (other than those fresh juices) is an item under This & That called "Vegan Toast," but this is worth a try - very unusual grilled aubergine open faced sandwich topped with wasabi sauce and toasted cashews and a beetroot chutney. It all sounds very odd, but comes together nicely for an interesting and unique meal and very filling. There's also a nice homemade veggie burger. Big portions. Help yourself to the citrus or berry flavored water by the bar.
Updated from previous review on Monday March 30, 2015

Updated from previous review on Monday March 30, 2015

Pros: Good portions, Fun environment, Fresh juices

Cons: Boisterous (busy/loud), Not much vegan


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13 Mar 2015

Causal/hip bar/cafe

It would be interesting to know how much of those who are using the laundry facilities actually are eating and drinking in the café as well. I would guess that people mainly go to sit in the café and the laundry area is frequented to a lesser extend, but I may be wrong.
In fact the Laundromat Café is somehow a fancy and rather expensive venue. Whereas you usually would expect a laundromat place to be more modest. Of cause it is nothing wrong in having a more noble place to go, other than an old coin laundry with a rotten coffee vending machine somewhere, yet it is more expensive. My point is, that there is a gap between going to the laundry and sitting in fancy café; but maybe that's only me.
The coffee is great though; also there is a notable range of beer and it is easy to socialize with others. Yet, everything is expensive in Iceland.

Pros: tasty, good to mingle, great concept

Cons: rather pricy, lots of meat on the menu


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26 May 2013

Great atmosphere, reasonable veggie options

Visited this place several times while in Reykjavik and really enjoyed it. The interior is really fun, with several photos of laundromats, and hundreds of books in shelves around the bar. The menu is fairly extensive, and offers several veggie choices (and a couple of vegan ones). Apparently at the weekend in the evening it swaps coffee for beer and turns into more of a bar, but we were jet-lagged lightweights and went home early so we didn't see that side of it :-) Great coffee, my partner had the Dirty Brunch on the weekend and said it was exactly what he needed, while I enjoyed the pancakes. It was good to see several healthier/lighter choices as well for those who didn't feel the need to stuff themselves silly! As seems to be th case is most places in Reykjavik, there were were jugs of help-yourself water on the bar: here you could have plain, or flavoured with raspberries or citrus.

Pros: Good variety, Fun atmosphere and interior decor, Free water

Cons: Slightly more pricey than some other cares


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04 Nov 2012

Cute Place to Hang Out

Loved the atmosphere, it's a cute place. The staff is very friendly. They offer free wifi. I had a pineapple and mint juice that was really delicious. The bread was pretty tasty too. Not too many vegan choices.


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05 Jul 2012

Loved this place!

Great vibe! Just like the review below said. I had the vegan toast and it was BOMB. Went back there for that twice. So so good. And a big portion, comes with some salad on the side. Have chai tea, have soy milk too. There is laundry downstairs as well that you can use, and a large kids play area.


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30 Apr 2012


The food here is amazing! Lots of vegetarian choices and a few vegan options. We ate here four times in eight days! Favourite things on the menu: the "vegan toast" -- rye bread piled with hummus, greens, roasted eggplant, pine nuts and an amazing beet/caramelized onion chutney; and the mint-mango juice, with fresh mint, blended mango, and elderflower. A busy yet comfortable spot with friendly staff. When we were there, they had big pitchers of water with strawberries and lime for customers to help themselves to. Highly recommended! A great spot, and open late.

Pros: vegan options, casual/cheap, good quality ingredients

Cons: busy (if that bothers you)

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