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Donut shops using Maine potato as an ingredient. Serves coffee and has vegan donut options. Relocated from Exchange St. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-4:00pm, Sat 7:00am-8:00pm, Sun 7:00am-5:00pm.

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37 Reviews

First Review by kcronin89


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25 Sep 2023

Pretty good

Not really vegan as advertised because of the sugar. I emailed them twice before going and asked if it was bone char-free, but they didn’t respond. We asked upon arrival, but they couldn’t “guarantee” the sugar source. Anyway, on to the donuts…pretty good, but I don’t get what all the hype is about. Dense without being oily, and sweet but not sickly so. The vegan ones were just the plain old fashioned donut with 3 different and tasty toppings. Fortunately, we passed a beggar nearby who took our remains.

Pros: Long but fast line

Cons: Not really vegan



Points +108

23 Jul 2023

Amazing donuts

Tried all the vegan flavours they had when we visited- cinnamon, coconut, lemon, pomegranate.
Coconut in particular was amazing! Also like cinnamon and lemon a lot, pomegranate a bit too sickly sweet for me.

Pros: Potato donuts are delicious, Vegan coconut donut

Cons: Not a vegan business, Has bacon on some donuts


Points +834

08 Jul 2023

Vegan potato donuts

Quite a few options in flavors. Donuts were yummy and fresh but we did have some that seemed to have sat in the oil for a bit too long.


Points +88

03 Jun 2023

Great find!

They had so many vegan donuts and they were all clearly labeled. Interesting flavors too! Great prices: for under $10 we each got a (large, delicious) donut and a large coffee to share. Score!

Pros: Lots of vegan donut options! , Interesting flavors like pomegranate! , Under $10 for two huge donuts + large coffee!

Cons: Touristy area with little parking.


Points +294

20 Mar 2023

Many vegan options

A lot of vegan donut options here. They are perfectly cooked, not too wet inside like many other vegan donuts. Perfect amount of frosting on the donuts and very flavorful. Pomegranate frosted is my favorite donut that I’ve had so far!

Pros: Many vegan options, Perfectly frosted


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12 Mar 2023

Donut miss trying one!

My job’s HQ is in Portland, ME and during a visit they ordered donuts- one box being all vegan options- I tried a bit of each one! All delicious!!

Pros: Great variety


Points +1042

01 Oct 2022

Yes, please!

Today there were 7 amazing vegan options and I picked 4 of them! The line made some inquires turn and walk away, but the staff was attentive and moved the lined quickly…and it was completely worth the wait.

Lemon, cinnamon, old fashion and vanilla! Fresh and delicious! For donut lovers and those any vegan wanting a yummy and unique treat, this is your place!

Pros: Several vegan flavors to choose from, Amazing staff, Close to the ports for east cruise ship access


Points +1112

13 Jul 2022

Must go for vegan donuts!

Best vegan donuts I’ve had! Delicious flavor and super moist! Must try!

Pros: Vegan options, Yummy!


Points +153

29 Jun 2022

Be sure to visit

This place is a real destination in Portland, and they’ve earned it. Don’t go in expecting Dunkin’ Donuts - the signature product here is a moist cake donut made with Maine potatoes.

I really appreciate that they don’t have a “vegan tax” where our items cost more than the “regular” stuff.

Pros: Good vegan options, No “vegan tax”, Walkable area

Cons: Can be crowded


Points +359

Mostly Veg
13 Nov 2021


Honestly I was skeptical of the potato factor, and my original first bites weren’t impressive, but as I kept eating the donuts got better and better! They had about 4-5 vegan options which is a lot for most stores. When I come back to Portland I’m coming back to Holy Donut!


Points +157

06 Nov 2021

Great vegan options

This shop had a variety of vegan options (maybe 6-8 choices). I got the pomegranate and toasted coconut and my husband got original and fresh lemon. They were delicious! Very similar to cake-style donuts in texture

Pros: Many vegan options


Points +24

11 Oct 2021

Good vegan donuts

Purchased half a dozen vegan donuts on the way out of town for a road trip last week and was pleasantly surprised that they were still quite fresh and yummy two days later. This business has been around a while and I do find the limited vegan options get a little boring if you buy them too often; it would be nice if they came up with some new flavors, like who wouldn’t like some vegan chocolate or jelly donuts?!


Points +2218

16 Sep 2021

New location on Commercial Street

Be prepared to wait in a line. They’re delicious and I appreciate the handful of vegan options. I will say they’re a bit dry, but they’re donuts and they’re vegan - I loved them.


Points +34

02 Jul 2021

really great potato donuts

there were atleast 3 or 4 vegan options still when i went around 11am (although many were already out of stock)

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-02

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-02

Cons: frosting is suuuuper sweet


Points +455

11 Jan 2021


Just popped in for a couple doughnuts... this time around. I got a coconut one and a lemon one. Coconut is my go-to flavor and lemon is a flavor I’m continuing to acquire a taste for and both of these doughnuts were so good. I will most certainly be back for all of the flavors on the rack, and some coffee.

Updated from previous review on 2021-01-11

Pros: Vegan doughnuts, Friendly staff, No wait time and not sold out in PM

Cons: Prices of the vegan doughnuts


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08 Aug 2020

Always a Favorite

Tons of vegan donuts and all are delicious. My favorite is the dark chocolate sea salt caramel.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Kind of pricey for a donut


Points +231

23 Jul 2020

Vegan Donut Heaven

Walked in and saw a huge vegan sign with a whole row of vegan donuts! I think if you’re vegan you know that we usually don’t get a lot of options to pick from, so it was tough picking just a few! They were delicious! Highly recommend :)


Points +70

29 Mar 2020

Great vegan options!

Super yummy , offer a lot of vegan options

Pros: Great donuts


Points +275

25 Feb 2020

Road Trip Donut Stop!

I think I'd give them 5 stars if we went earlier in the day, but we grabbed these 15-20 minutes before they were closing while we were passing through Maine. I never had a potato donut before, and I wasn't disappointed! They're pleasantly dense and they have tasty flavors. Some were too sweet for me, but I'd LOVE to try a chocolate one some day. I'd return here.

Pros: Unique, Filling, Great Location

Cons: Very Sweet, Limited Options (for time of arrival), Pricier (than the average donut)


Points +42

29 Jan 2020

Creative & Delicious

Just...YUM!😄I had the fresh lemon...other flavor options were old fashioned, chai, pomegranate and triple berry. Friendly staff, yummy tea...had planet oat extra creamy milk in addition to soy milk.

Pros: Creative & delicious options , Decent amount of vegan options , Friendly staff


Points +34

22 Nov 2019

Great Donuts

A must visit for some great vegan donuts (also non-vegan donuts as well). VERY busy so visit early for the best selection.


Points +821

01 Nov 2019

Vegan Donuts! Need I say more?!

The Holy Donut is off the charts good! It took a few days for us to get them, because every time we stopped in, they were busy as hell with the line out the door. This was over the weekend so I’m sure that contributed to their busyness, plus it’s a small shop so it doesn’t take long to fill up the waiting area.

We popped back in on a weekday and didn’t encounter a line. They had about six vegan options for that day and we picked the chai, cinnamon sugar, pomegranate and berry donuts. The chai was my fav and my husband loved the cinnamon sugar. They’re a little pricey but totally worth it! They’re very filling too.

I overheard multiple people ranting and raving about their donuts while we sat at a small, window bar with stools and tried our selections. The donuts are worth the wait! My hubby also really enjoyed their coffee, which is a self-serve, little station to the left of the shop.

Pros: A variety of vegan options , Delicious , Helpful, nice staff

Cons: Can be very busy , Expensive but worth it


Points +40

10 Oct 2019


I am really disappointed in Holy Donut for the cross contamination.


Points +50

08 Oct 2019

Unique & Delicious

Stopped in and had two donuts, triple berry and cinnamon sugar. Both exceeded expectations. The place is one of a kind and had about 6 Vegan Donut Options foe choose from. The only downfall I would say is the its a little on the expensive side for donuts.


Points +42

24 Aug 2019


Tried every flavor they had for vegans, all were amazing. Lemon, triple berry, pomegranate, coconut, all so delicious I bought half a dozen to bring back home a few hours away. A must try for everyone who loves donuts. Perfect consistency and taste, personally.

Pros: Handful of vegan options, Delicious

Cons: Can have long lines in the morning


Points +125

06 Jul 2019

Amazing, amazing!

These donuts are definitely the best I had! I’m so happy they offer different vegan flavors! :D


Points +1251

30 May 2019

Delicious, filling donuts

These vegan options are worth the wait in line. I personally love the triple berry and the chai. The donuts are super dense and filling and perfect paired with a cup of coffee. Always asking for more vegan options and hoping that more will come as demand increases.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious , Local company

Cons: Not entirely vegan menu, Long wait time

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