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The Hogtown Vegan

  • Vegan Vegan
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Contact 416-901-9779

1056 Bloor St W (at downtown), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6G1M2

Vegan comfort food in downtown Toronto, near Ossington subway station. Relocated in 2014 from old location 834 Bloor St. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, Sat 4:00pm-11:00pm, Sun 4:00pm-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Western, Fast food

Reviews (47)

First Review by starla

Deleriously delicious junk food! - Edit

I went all in with the bacon cheeseburger and chilli cheese fries. So good, so rich and satisfying! Juicy burger and crazy rich umami chilli on the fries.

A great once in a while treat!

I would like to bring my meat eating father along some time - I think that even a hardcore meat eater would like this place.

Pros: Tasty, Huge Portions!, Attentive Service

Cons: Decor was more punk than pub

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So tasty - Edit

I have such a love/hate relationship with this food because it's so ding dang delicious I keep coming back and it's pretty sinful. The pulled pork sandwich is absolutely DELISH though messy and deserves a better bun! I also enjoyed the seitan steak sandwich. The apple pie dessert is possibly the best apple pie I have ever tasted, vegan or not. The sandwiches seem to be their strongest options. The venu is also very comfortable and the music is hip. This is a great place to take carnists!!

Pros: Satisfying heavy food, Great sandwiches, Hip venu

Cons: Unhealthy/greasy

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outrageous fried fake chicken with all the southern fixings - Edit

My mouth is watering thinking of how much I enjoyed their fried unchicken, so delicious. Also the waitstaff is very friendly and they put on a fresh pot of coffee for me. Very comfy place, nothing pretentious about it.

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Not so good - Edit

This is a small joint in not the best part of town. I ordered the un chicken and waffles, which comes with a side of mashed sweet potato and collard greens. I think my expectations were too high. Before I became vegan I liked my chicken nice and crispy and I had had some amazing chicken and waffle sandwiches. This chicken wasn't just a slab of tofu, it did have texture and flavor but it was not what I was expecting from reading the reviews. I didn't like the sweet potato,the greens were good and I liked the waffle, though they were sweet not savory. I live an hour away and I rearranged my schedule to go to this restaurant and I do not recommend doing that.

Pros: Vegan food, Isn't mush

Cons: Not as good and it's made up to be, The restaurant isn't pretty , No air conditioning

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Be prepared to be completely satisfied. - Edit

...and overfull! The serving sizes are generous. the food is good. Greasy, fried...mostly unhealthy but it worth the trip if that is what you are craving.

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great place - Edit

I really enjoy hogtown began. Love their chilli fries, and their Mac and cheese. The unchicken was a bit hard but still tasty. My non vegan friends were pleasantly surprised. Definitely recommend hogtown vegan!

Pros: friendly staff, menu

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Not very good - Edit

If you desire Vegan comfort food and don't care about eating refined flour, lots of fried foods and sugar, you might still be disappointed with Hogtown because while it does indeed offer all of those things, the taste does not satisfy. I decided to throw caution to the wind while visiting Toronto and was in the mood for comfort food, vegan style. Somehow everything was a let down taste wise and I was really looking forward to trying this place. The Quesadilla was bland, the BBQ "pork" was rubbery, the fries were soggy and the Reuben had sprouts on it, helping to make it taste soggy and very un-reuben like. It had a little sauerkraut but bland overcooked sliced Seitan. I've had all of these different types of dishes at other places when they were great, but Hogtown missed the boat with every dish. Yet, people were waiting in line to get in. Also it was extremely noisy and hard to hear. The staff was very friendly and helpful but the food just awful and certainly not worth it on any level. The cookie I got for desert was really great but that's it. I don't like writing negative reviews but felt honor bound to let others know of my experience.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Fast service

Cons: Bland food, Noisy, Ugly decor

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Loved the fish and chips - Edit

I am a fried food fan, and a tempeh fan, so their fish an chips won my heart!

My partner had the Philly Cheese steak, which he found a little large considering all of the wonderful "wings" (2 orders) and "oysters" we had to start, but otherwise all was great! Also would have maybe preferred some whole grains in the bun (which is why I didn't order a sandwich of sorts).

Junk (sorry "comfort") food doesn't have to be pure junk (or does it)? Room for debate there for sure. I would personally prefer the sandwiches to be whole grain, but as a pub-grub-eat-like-normal-people place, hey, what's a little sin!

Definitely recommend the "wings", "oysters" and "fish and chips".

Pros: Good 'comfort' food, Friendly staff, Pure vegan (with leftovers)

Cons: Refined grains in breads, Very busy

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Toronto's Best Vegan Place? - Edit

After going to Toronto regularly for most of my life, I've become familiar with the veg offerings in the city. I must admit, Hogtown is one of the best, if not THE best vegan place in the city. Their mastery of comfort food is unparalleled. It aint cheap, but I wouldn't classify it as expensive either. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the city!

Pros: Delicious Food, Located near other vegan places, Good staff

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You don't have to be vegan to love this place - Edit

My non-vegan family and friends love this place. I really, really liked the chili cheese fries. A fun treat.

Pros: Everybody loves comfort food

Cons: Could have more gluten free options, Greasy

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Great place to bring your non-vegan friends - Edit

My non-vegan friends absolutely loved it. I'm allergic to gluten, so I tried the gluten-free options and they were greasy, pretty good (not great), but hey I still had fun. If you're a normal person who can have gluten, I'm sure you'll enjoy your meal. The biggest victory for me was that my non-vegan friends found it to be a really tasty, positive experience, and for that I would definitely come back.

Pros: Cool vibe

Cons: The lady doth request more gf options!, Seriously it's so easy to make things gf, You guys can do it!

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Burnt Burgers and Gross Gravy - Edit

The burgers were burnt and I've definitely had better, the staff were not super on top of things, and the gravy was gross and had too many spices in it. Was really disappointed, but the nachos were amazing!!

Pros: nachos, vegan

Cons: burgers, gravy, staff

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Damn good comfort food...period! - Edit

Sometimes you really crave comfort food, and this place will deliver. The food is not healthy, so if that's what you're looking for, you might want to keep looking. But if you are craving hearty, filling 'soul food' this is your spot.

The place is a bit dark and feels quite comfortable / relaxed. The customer service was friendly and helpful, but ultimately it is the food that will keep me coming back.

One small note - Toronto can get quite warm in the summer, and this place is not air conditioned. You might want to give it a pass on a scorching hot day, but then again, you might not also want hearty comfort food on a day like that either.

Pros: Food, Food, Food

Cons: Not air conditioned

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Good place - Edit

Nice restaurant with many options. tried their waffles with chicken fingers and the dish was very good! they are quite famous for their mac and cheese so make sure youll get that if you go, did not enjoy my dessert as much sadly, over all quite a good experience!

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Excellent - Edit

As others have said, it isn't the cheapest option for vegan/veggie food in Toronto, but the quality is high enough that it's worth the occasional splurge, especially as it's not often that you get vegan versions of southern comfort food. I went for the pepper steak and dumplings with mashed sweet potato and greens, and had no complaints - it was kind of like a less spicy seitan goulash, or some kind of stew. I'd pass on the apple pie though, not really worth the $8.50 they're charging for it - my girlfriend had the mousse, but I'm not really a good judge of mousse...

Be warned:it's not a huge place, and it gets busy on a Friday night, so get there early, or be prepared for a bit of waiting while other people finish their meal.

Edit: Having been back here numerous times since writing the first review, I would add that in tiem this has grown to be by far my favourite veggie restaurant in Toronto, and the first recommendation I give to anyone asking where to get food in that fine city. Every option I've tried here has been great, but the seitan 'beef' sandwich with mushroom gravy was the absolute standout for me. Very worth your time.

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Vegan comfort food in American size portions - Edit

My husband had the the pulled pork sandwich with a side of coleslaw. The bbq sauce was delicious. The combination with the coleslaw was perfect. My son had a tortilla salad and said it was the bomb. It had beans, a creamy sauce and tortilla chips. My daughter ordered the bacon cheeseburger at the advice of the waitress. She had it with a side of poutine which she loved. Both the burger and the fries had Diaya cheese on them. The burger was absolutely huge. She rated it very good.
I ordered the unchicken and waffles. The unchicken was great as was the collard greens and the sweet potatoes. The waffles were too heavy and next time I will just order the souther platter without the waffles.

The total price was just over $70 for four of us including tip and we had enough leftovers for another meal.

The waitress was friendly and informative and the service was very quick.

Pros: huge portions, fast service

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Great, But Heavy! - Edit

My friend (omni) was really excited when I told her about the Hogtown Vegan -- it seemed right up her alley (but maybe not up mine). I thought I'd give it a try, as there's never a harm in trying something, as long as it's cruelty-free! I rather enjoyed the food, especially the unchicken and waffles :) We ordered a few appetizers and our own main, and finally, a couple desserts (my favourite part). The vegan cheese wasn't exactly my favourite, but then, I never liked cheese (vegan or non-vegan alike) ever anyways! She enjoyed the food more than I did, I think, but I enjoyed the dessert the most, of course :) The wait staff were very friendly as well! The only downside is the food is quite fatty and it doesn't sit too well in the stomach. Although I felt okay the next day, that night, I was quite bloated and felt a bit sick to my stomach before bed. That being said, I'm like that with all high fat food, and for a "cheat meal," I think it's a great place to go! It would be fabulous for introducing veganism to the mainstream in a light that would attract the general "meaty" public.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Great Desserts

Cons: Heavy Feeling After Eating

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Comfort Food - Edit

I had dinner here with my Mom, Aunt and Sister (all omni) and we loved it. Especially the nachos.... My advice order at least 2, that cheese sauce is insane.

The service felt rushed, it was busy but we had wanted to have a nice long meal or waitress kept taking out food before we were quite done with it.

Overall we had a lovely time though and it was very delicious.

Pros: Nachos, Very Clean

Cons: Service was rushed

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Amazing Damn Food! - Edit

If you want some great damn vegan junk food come to Hog Town Vegan. Best damn food ever, but don't stuff yourself or you'll be sick like I was. Crazy hours.

Pros: Great Damn food!, All vegan

Cons: Crazy hours!

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Reviewer Avatar

Always a favourite - Edit

Hogtown Vegan knows how to do vegan comfort food right. Mac and Cheese, Philly Cheesesteak, "Chicken" wings, Caesar salad... This place has everything. Their older location was small and needed a redo but they've recently moved further west on Bloor street to a larger and fresher location. Highly recommended.

Pros: Delicious all vegan food, On the Bloor subway line

Cons: Sometimes crowded, Not in downtown core

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worth checking out! - Edit

Great restaurant with great service. Love the vegan recreations of all modern day food we love and miss when switching over. Definitely label it as "vegan comfort food" I visit on my cheat days. Great place to celebrate or catch up with old friends. The vegan Mac and cheese was brilliant!

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vegan comfort food - Edit

I've been to Hogtown Vegan a few times, usually ordering the mac 'n cheese and the un-chicken fingers. Sometimes it turns out great, other times not. The service has never been special, but on a recent visit we weren't even asked if we wanted dessert/tea/coffee! The place wasn't busy and it was still early, so I'm not sure why we were brought the bill so quickly.

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Most Amazing Vegan Food.... like, ever. - Edit

You know how a lot of vegan/vegetarian restaurants have pretentious foods? Overly elaborate menu items that kinda make the restaurants seem like they're trying too hard. The kind of things that most non-vegetarians would never touch... well Hogtown Vegan is the exact opposite of that. We're talking vegan comfort food. Things like Philly 'Cheesesteak', Poutine, Chilli 'Cheese' Fries, and 'Chicken' wings. Like I said.. this is basically the best vegan place ever.

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Sodium & Soy - Edit

Definitely have to agree with the gut rot. This is in no way a healthy place to eat. I'm not a fan of much faux meat and this leaves very little for options here. While the collars greens are food, every dish left my mouth burning with sodium and gut rot later.

I get that there's a place and desire for this restaurant and if this is the type of food you go for - go, you'll probably love it! (Lots of people do!) But this just wasn't a place for me.

I have gone twice and would love to try another time if they add some healthier choices (one choice?).

Pros: All Vegan

Cons: High Sodium, Faux Meat Based, Is It Still Cash Only?!

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Omni meals, veganized - Edit

Update: Return for their brunch. It was much better. I recommend the tofu rancheros (the tofu was odd but the beans were really good). I upgraded my rating to 4 based on this meal.

This resto is still a year old. I figured the lines would have quieted. Nope, this place is still as popular as ever.

This is basically omni meals veganized. Considering I don't really like the omni versions, this is probably why I was less-than-impressed. What I liked: they let you add collards to your meal instead of the bread for the sandwiches and the collards were good!

The fries supremacy were probably my favourite of the dishes we tried. The wings were also very authentic tasting- they really tasted like chicken!

Otherwise, not a big fan of the reuben (the "meat" was very dry) and the mac and cheese was not that memorable. The fried apple pie was not that exciting-too cornstarchy for me.

And biggest peeve of all? CASH ONLY. Who does that anymore for a sit-down resto?
Updated from previous review on Friday May 03, 2013

Pros: chicken wings

Cons: busy, not healthy, cash only

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Pub Food for Vegans - Edit

I am in love with this place! Their phish and chips rock! Definitely a favourite for all my non-vegan friends. I recommend both their lunch and dinner menus.

Pros: Amazing food, Great decor, Friendly staff

Cons: Seating can get a little crowded

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Reviewer Avatar

Oh my gosh this place rocks!!,!,!,!,!,!!!!!!!!!! - Edit

This place is great! Better when it's quite but has a lot of food you can miss as a vegan, poutine , chilly cheese and their waffles and chicken is AMAZING!

Pros: Wide option , Cute looking, Eat in or take away

Cons: It can get busy at nights

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The Hogtown Vegan - Edit

I had the hogtown burger with fries and much of the add ons.It was amazing,definitely made it in the top spot among the best burgers i have ever had, oh and the fries, havent had better ones, looking forward to exploring the rest of the menu.

Pros: Price, Service, Super Tasty

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Fun, fattening, fried - gut rot inducing - Edit

Don't get me wrong, this place is tasty. I was curious to see what it would be like to eat beer battered "phish" n chips - good but gut-rot inducing. A very interesting experience. Just be prepared to work off all that fried food and carb action going on... I went twice. The first time I had Unchicken & Waffles because again I wondered what all the fuss was about in meat eating land.. This was over the top heavy... tasty and sweet, but too much. Maybe I'll go back to share one order with someone and then chase it with something that is healthy... otherwise no thanks. Hey the collards are great, perhaps they can even add more sides that are focused on health to balance this gut-rot issue out?

Pros: fun, atmosphere and service, location

Cons: fried, gut-rot inducing, cash only

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Worth going there - Edit

Nice cozy restaurant. I had the Southern Combo with delicious Mac'n'Cheese, crispy "chicken" and fresh greens and it was totally worth its money. The apple pie was good but a bit overprized. The staff was friendly. I got my food very quick and they even "warned" me that the apple pie would take 8 minutes until it's ready.

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Best food I've ever had - Edit

I went recently with a group of friends and we were all so impressed. They have great, long hours. It is a bit pricey but well worth it!! I had the unchicken sandwich and the fries supreme, best food I have ever had. My one friend had the phish and chips and they were absolutely amazing, tartar sauce and everything. My other friend had the mac'n'cheese and pulled un-pork sandwich. Again so good!! I am glad I don't live in town or else I'd go every week!

Pros: amazing food, best food, huge portions

Cons: cash only

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All Vegan Fun Food. - Edit

Hogtown has fun food in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I had a meal of country fried chicken with BBQ sauce, macaroni and cheese (Daiya - not soy), and collared greens in a garlic sauce. Then I finished it off with a hot hand apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

The texture of the soy chicken was somewhat softer and much easier to chew than what I've experienced any where else. The use of Daiya instead of soy for the cheese makes a vast improvement in the macaroni.
Updated from previous review on Thursday May 17, 2012

Returned here in September and had the Cheesecake for an appetizer (great), the Unchicken and Waffles with collard greens, sweet potato mash and maple butter (also great), and Chili-Cheese fries with salsa, guacamole, black beans and sunflower sour cream (too good to describe).

The wait staff is the best. The only problem which management should address is the method of payment. They state "cash only." They should be more specific. They actually mean "Canadian cash only." They do not accept U.S. currency. They have an ATM machine inside. However, that machine didn't accept my VISA credit card. The error message said that the card didn't have the "chip." So, I used my debit card. Then, I was informed that there was a $1.50 charge for that transaction. BRING YOUR CANADIAN CASH.

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Good vegan eatery - Edit

Went here with a local friend of mine and had the unchicken waffles. Servings were generous and was quite cheap considering the quality of the food. Classic sort of American style food (not super healthy) but would eat here again.

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Vegan Comfort Food - Edit

Our table of three had a great, decadent dinner at The Hogtown Vegan, starting with the mac and cheese appetizer (HUGE portion) and buffalo wings. I prefer a more firm and less liquid mac and cheese, but one of the other diners liked it very much. The buffalo wings had a great crust and yummy dipping sauce, but the "chicken" they use looked like straight tofu; I prefer a denser faux chicken made of seitan for a dish like this. For entrees we tried the fish and chips, chicken and waffles, and pepper steak. The fish and chips were phenomenal--perfect batter, great flavor, yummy tartar sauce, and to-die-for crispy shoestring fries. The chicken and waffles were good, with great crispy batter and fluffy waffles. The pepper steak was fine but not memorable; we liked the collard greens. We absolutely ate ourselves silly and could not even contemplate dessert.

Pros: Fun food, Decadent, Large portions

Cons: Loud music, Cash only

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huge portions! - Edit

i got the reuben. husband got the special of the day (philly cheeseburger). both were yummy. great fries. HUGE SANDWICHES. could not even finish them! started out with the mac n cheese. they claim it's "the best" but i have had better. sauce had a nice flavor, but was very runny. the flavor would have done better with a creamier sauce but was still good. waitress was nice and we liked the atmosphere. we got there at 5 (when they opened) and by 6 there was no seats available! all in all, great price for huge portions and yummy food!

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Tasty - Edit

My previous ventures to the "Hogtown" proved to be unsuccessful due to the fact it was packed and the wait time was far too long (clearly they are doing something right).

Tonight, We got a table.

My partner and I only ordered mains. I ordered the pepper steak with dumplings and my partner had the southern style chicken on waffles. While my meal didn't look very appealing it tasted fantastic. The mock meat tasted great and the sweet potato mash was delicious. The southern chicken on waffles is a great main if you have a sweet tooth.

The customer service was ok. They seemed under staffed so I can understand not providing better service.

Overall.... It may not come out pretty, it may take a while to get a table but it tastes great and I'll be going back again.

Pros: food

Cons: very busy

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Brunch for Carnivores and Vegans alike - Edit

I have been meaning to visit here for some time. I didn't plan on making it for brunch, but given I ended up there on Sunday at 2:30pm, I was within their brunch hours.

The menu seems to change with time, as I didn't see the unchicken and waffles (which I had wanted to try) so instead I ordered the Full Monty, which was a big breakfast platter.

Containing scrambled tofu, sausage patties, home fries, bakes beans, fried mushrooms and a fried tomato slice, it overloaded the plate and was a good value for it's $13, comparable to other dinner offerings.
I found the sausage patties too meat-like, but I'm sure that's exactly what gave them such a good review recently in a local paper. The scrambled tofu had a lovely mild curry flavour and the baked beans were delicious, but too dry. The mushrooms had too much dried herbs sticking to them, and the tomato slice was tasty but breaded with a spiced breading I wasn't expecting. The home fries were exactly as advertised.

Oh, and toast, but I forgot about the toast, as it was served dry and they had no jam available to put on it.

An even better deal was the homemade lemonade, which was absolutely delicious and a good value. They also dropped a full jug of water off at the table before I even ordered.

I didn't like the decor at all... trying for a casual throwback style but ending up way too spartan and cheap looking. The benches were very uncomfortable.

And weirdly enough there was a major wasp problem. I had to escort two out, and saw 7 dead wasps at the picture window. Invest in a trap perhaps?

It wins out on good, large portions and vegan food you can share with obligate carnivores, but not the second vegan nirvana I was lead to believe. Still, they have a small menu they do well and overall the food was a great value and I'd happily return. If it wasn't for the decor and uncomfortable seating, I'd happily give it 5

Pros: Good food, Big portions, No quibble free water

Cons: **Decor**, Uncomfortable seating

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Very impressed - Edit

I really enjoyed my two visits to Hogtown Vegan. It's a restaurant, but feels like a laid back cafe. It serves an interesting range of appetisers, salads, sandwiches, burgers and desserts. Most mains cost about $11. The ruben sandwich is recommended, as are the excellent fries. No problems with the service.

Pros: interesting menu, good atmosphere

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yummy, interesting and affordable - Edit

Despite the lifeless pictures available online, Hogtown Vegan has some atmosphere (mood lighting and music at night go a long way). The menu is on the small size, but it seems like what they make they make well. My friend and I shared the reuben and po boy sandwiches, the former with a side of ceaser salad and the latter with collard greens. It was all so delicious and flavourful. Although our meals were based on meat entrees, they did not feel so much like fake meat that it was difficult to chew or too realistic. The menu has a nice mix of unique (i.e. po boy) and more traditional vegetarian fare (e.g. chickpea dishes). There is a decent amount of seating, and you can easily go with 4 people (maybe more, I don't know how busy they are at peak times). Near Ossington station. Definitely recommended!

Pros: flavourful, cheap (under 25 for 2 entrees), unique options

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Best vegan brunch spot in the city - Edit

My partner and I came here for brunch a week after it opened and were happy to see it already busy.

The tables were quite close together, but it was a happy-mellow, if sleepy, crowd.

I ordered unchicken n' waffles with collard greens (of course - what else would you order with that dish?), she ordered the sliders.

The unchicken n' waffles came drenched in maple butter. The chicken breasts (possibly Gardein) were deep-fried in a crispy yet light batter, and the waffles were perfection. Together, with the exception of the collard greens, it was the tastiest and most seemingly unhealthy (yet relatively healthy compared to the carnist version) brunch I've had in recent memory.

My partner's sliders (mashed potatoes, beefy patties and buns) came with a lovely gravy. There just wasn't enough of it, and it was therefore pretty dry and carby overall.

I am looking forward to returning and sampling everything else on the menu, and I urge you to do the same.

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Pretty awesome - Edit

Our trip to Hogtown Vegan came exactly as advertised. Yummy food. Very comforting. Fair prices. The Reuven Sandwich was, while not the best I've ever had, extremely good, and the MacNCheese may well have topped the vegan charts. My only food related concern was that the fries - tasty - were really oversalted. In any event, I'll be back to this little gem, which is a welcome addition to Toronto's scene.

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Will try again - Edit

As everyone else in the downtown core I was psyched for this place to open. I have been hearing stories about good food and lousy/rude service. My experience was slightly different. I got take out and got the Sweet Potato Sandwich and the biscuits/gravy/sausage. I liked both but found the sandwich a too greasy and the other dish sort of seemed like it had been sitting under the heating lamp too long. I got collard greens and ceasar salad as sides - both were great.
So, a wee disappointed, but even at that I LIKED the food and will go back. I wish it was a TAD cheaper - like competing with Sadie's prices - but hey, vegans need to make a living too. I am keen to try the chickn n waffles and cheesecake next. I think of myself as a vegan cheesecake connoisseur who's tried them from coast to coast and north and south. We shall see... ;)
(OH, and there was no attitude from either of the workers I dealt with :) )

Pros: location, all vegan comfort food, has potential to blow my mind

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Such a Shame - Edit

Tonight was unfortunately, the first and last time I will ever eat at Hogtown.
Id like to point out first, that the food was amazing (even finding steel wool in the mac n cheese didn't take away from the awesomeness that was the food!), we were just severely let down by customer service.
We had made a reservation for 10 people at 7:30, and 9 of us showed up, and ordered at 8pm. Our starters showed up without a hitch, however It took over an hour for us to get our mains. It was extremely hard to get the waitress's attention, and when we did, we found her to be rather abrupt and annoyed. I understand that as they were closing at 9pm, it could be a little frustrating, but we couldnt help the fact we didnt even get our meals until 9:15! 5 minutes in to eating, we finally got our first table check, by a nice guy who wasnt even our waiter. He was nice, we like him!! Afterwards we asked if we still had time for the Key Lime Cheesecake (solely the reason we went) we were told by our original 'waitress', "Well yeah, I would like to get to bed, but sure you can". Again, food was great, service, fail. It took us 10 or so minutes to sort paying arrangements and as we left, I popped over to give some feedback, NOT criticism to the small blonde girl with black glasses. When asked to explain, I was instantly cut off mid sentence, by her telling us that we were in the wrong because it took us too long to order, we mentioned the fact that 8 other people/groups had come after us and left before we even got food and we were told that was because there was only 2 chefs in the kitchen etc etc. I stressed the point that all we wanted was a little bit of communication from front of house staff, not to be extradited, simply because they were annoyed at us. The conversation was very unprofessional on her behalf, and having been in Customer Service for over 10 years, I would NEVER yell at a customer the way she yelled at us. As we were leaving, my friend mentioned that because of her attitude, they had just lost alot of customers, and she replied back "Well I don't really care about that". So we left, totally shocked and appalled, and as we waited outside for our taxis we happened to look in to see the girl mimicking and taking the piss out of us. Never in our lives, have we ever been talked to, or had an experience like this. Clearly this girl has ALOT to learn about customer service, and her sole efforts, have not only put us off permanently, but every other vegan we know.

Pros: good food, awesome cheesecake

Cons: customer service possibly the worst ever, more drink options needed

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Awesome vegan diner food - great service - Edit

I enjoyed a dinner at the Hogtown vegan 1 day after they opened. They food is very high quality diner-style grub - i.e. waffles and "fried chicken", sausages with biscuits and gravy, but they also have healthier options such as a chickpea salad substantial enough for dinnertime.
Service is excellent and prompt, and prices are very reasonable.
Plus -they make their own vegan ice cream!

Pros: yummy food, home made quality, great service

Cons: short menu, bathrooms: in basement, low ceiling, only open 6 days a week!

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