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Vegan bbq restaurant serving hogless sandwiches, mac & cheese, smothered hash browns, cracklings and more. Also serves fudge and ice cream for dessert. Open Mon-Thu 12:00-21:30, Fri-Sat 12:00-22:00, Sun 12:00-21:30.

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24 Jul 2023


I loved it. The burgers were delicious. The mini hash browns were delicious. The outdoor seating area was cute. Highly recommend.

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06 Sep 2023


Truly delicious fake pork roast with “crackling” and apple sauce



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17 Aug 2023


Had this for breakfast at vegan camp out and it was soooo goooood!


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04 Aug 2023

Delicious burgers

Very good burgers, location in Hackney Wick, close to bars and the tube.

Pros: Tasty food


Points +418

24 Jul 2023


I loved it. The burgers were delicious. The mini hash browns were delicious. The outdoor seating area was cute. Highly recommend.


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23 Jul 2023

Amazing food

Found this business at a vegan market and loves the food - the hogless burger and tator tots were delicious


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18 Jul 2023

best vegan burger

The burger was so amazing and the price reasonable!!
We loved the fried potatoes as well 💜


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18 Jul 2023

Amazing hogless roast!

Came across these guys selling food in a van at an event and were blown away by the taste and texture! Really friendly service too!

Pros: Good food, Friendly service


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05 Jun 2023

Delicious food 😋

I popped in whilst working in the area. Bit of a walk to get there but that's fine given how much I ate! Had the mac and cheese and the hash browns (crispy potato tots) and both were superb and huge sized portions. Rather full now. Gluten free options too.

Pros: Decent choices, Gluten free options , Portion sizes massive

Cons: As with everywhere, bit pricey


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20 May 2023


Had the pulled burger, my partner the hogless roast burger, both were nice but I preferred mine. The truffle Mac and cheese is great too and the tater tots/hash browns were an absolute highlight! Really really good, we’re considering asking them to cater for our wedding!


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02 May 2023

Packed with flavour!

It's quite tricky to find - the actual kitchen is in a shipping container in some underground maze, but you don't need to go there. Just scan the QR code with a table number and the order will arrive. The food was great and we were so hungry I forgot to take a picture😅
The facilities are quite bad though, there was a padlock on a disabled toilet (also a huge step to get there) which no one seemed to know the code for, no soap in the toilets, no baby changing facilities... The lady working in the kitchen was super helpful though.

Pros: Flavour

Cons: Facilities


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23 Apr 2023

Hogless roast burger was amazing! A Must get if you come here.

Had a junkyard vibe. Hogless roast burger was exceptional

Pros: Decent vegan options

Cons: Only outdoor seating.


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Mostly Veg
23 Apr 2023

Great junk food

Delicious and very quickly served. I had mac and cheese which was great but my partner had a hogless roast burger which was just AMAZING and made me jealous I didn’t get it too


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25 Mar 2023

Sooo gooood!!!

Incredible food! The talent that has gone into creating this food is incredible. My go to for any occasion

Pros: Delicious food , Amazing service , Many options


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20 Feb 2023

Awesome BBQ

Had a Hogless Roast Meal delivered, which included a burger of "hog" pieces and some tater tots. Very good BBQ and the "meat" had a great texture. The tater tots were also good. Very salty though.

Pros: Tasty and good texture

Cons: Very salty


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18 Jan 2023


I had a roast with trimmings bun and tater tots (incorrectly called hash browns) and particularly liked the almost Chinese seaweed reminiscent seasoning on the tots.

The bun itself featured some yummy bread but the filling, for me, was a bit vegan 1.0 - the crackling not quite flavoursome enough or 100% there texture wise, the soya a little too obviously vegan to fool anyone in terms of taste, texture and sight. It was good, fine, and filled a hole - but at £10 a pop, I did expect it to be better and have had better elsewhere at lower prices. Worth going to if you're in the area but not worth a special trip in my opinion.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-18


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01 Dec 2022

Great burgers

We tried the standard hogless roast burger and the BBQ one, both great! Mini hash browns were amazing too, and it was £12.50 for a burger and a side. Beware it’s outdoor seating only and all the heaters were broken so we were freezing but at least the food was nice!

Pros: Fully vegan , Burgers among the best I’ve had

Cons: Mac and cheese didn’t taste of anything , Cold outdoor seating as all heaters were broken


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08 Oct 2022

Needs new location

We first had this at vegan camp out, enjoyed there so went to the colour factory just to have again. Food was excellent. Very tasty burgers. Getting takeaway was a bit confusing as to where to collect or if food was delivered.

Pros: Excellent food , Full of flavour

Cons: Poor location, no atmosphere , Expensive given not very nice seating


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26 Aug 2022

Tasty vegan 🌱 junk food in Hackney Wick

Went after going to the cinema in Westfield. You order at the table and they bring the food out as there are various containers with kitchens tucked away in the warehouse nearby, tidy concept.

Food was tasty and prepared fast. Amazing area to wander round.

Pros: Tasty junk food , Great outside space , Great concept


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29 Jun 2022


Genuinely some of the best food I’ve ever had, everything they offer is so so tasty. Ive ordered from Hogless Roast many times and am never disappointed !


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01 May 2022

Epic vegan food

Absolutely delicious fusion of a roast dinner in a burger! Mac and cheese is particularly amazing too.

Pros: Nothing else quite like it! , Next door to lots of bars and The Yard Theatre

Cons: Slightly out of the way to get to


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19 Apr 2022

Absolutely delicious!

Hogless Roast is part of a food court in the Colour Factory. There was no access to indoor seating when we went but I’m not sure if it was just closed that day or if there just is no indoor seating. We were there on a sunny day anyway, so we were happy to sit in the outdoor area. The Colour Factory is a pretty cool venue, with a variety of pubs, food options and seating areas. Food was ordered via a QR on the table which brought up a menu for all 4 food vendors at the site. 2 of them are fully vegan (Hogless Roast & Chickenish), 1 has vegan options (Pi-Fi) and the other isn’t vegan-friendly. We went for the BBQ pulled Hogless burger, BBQ Bacon Hash Browns and Smoky Bacon Vegan Mac n Cheese. The burger was amazing – the ‘pulled pork’ was crispy, giving the burger a great texture along with a delicious all-round flavour. The mac n cheese was also good, but not as good as the other parts of our meal (the bacon was amazing though – I would say it’s the best vegan bacon I’ve tried - salty and meaty and just really tasty!). For me though, the star of the show was the BBQ Bacon Hash Browns – hash brown tator tots slathered with vegan cheese and ‘bacon’ bits. They were just insane! Soooo tasty and a really good portion size. I want to come back to Colour Factory to try Chickenish fried chicken, and when I do I’ll be ordering the Hogless Roast’s Hash Browns to go with it! I thoroughly recommend this place, the food is amazing and if you wanted you could easily mix and match with the different vegan vendors and build a super meal!

Pros: Absolutely delicious, Good portion sizes, Easy ordering from table


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22 Mar 2022

Everything is amazing

From the sandwiches (both are amazing) to the chips (by far the best chips I had; crispy and well seasoned), everything in this place is top notch. Nothing more to say.


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20 Mar 2022

The Hogless Roast

I had "The Classic" with mini hash browns and loved it, especially the "cracklings" on the burger. The hash browns (really tater tots) were flavored so well!!!


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18 Mar 2022

OMG soooo tasty 😍

I'm not one for processed food, but when you want a meat alternative you can't get better than the Hogless Roast. You'd never know it wasn't the real deal.

Pros: Tasty 😍

Cons: Expensive


10 Apr 2022

When you mentioned the burger (Hogless Roast) is expensive is the cost in £15 to £20 range ?


12 Apr 2022

I honestly can't remember the cost, but I'm sure it was less than £15. Definitely not more


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Mostly Veg
11 Mar 2022

The one and only cracklings

I didn't even like roast or cracklings before I was vegan but Hogless Roast changed my mind! Just delicious. Highly recommend it!


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29 Jan 2022

Hogless roast at st food market

Had the hogless roast burger and hash browns at a vegan street food market. Food was delicious!


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29 Jan 2022

Wow!! Tastes so good! And the hash browns rock! Much recommend 💥

Really yummy, what can I say?!!! #Veganuary

Pros: Yummy hogless burgers!, Friendly staff, Fast service

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