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Moved into this larger space in 2015 from 715 S Grove St. Co-op market with deli inside and has seating. Socks many organic groceries and vegan food items plus household cleaners, natural health and beauty care products, large selection of fresh produce, freezer, and cold food section. Also find hot food and salad bar, grab and go case of prepared foods, baked goods and desserts counter, and soups. Vegetarian and vegan foods to eat. Open Mon-Sat 7:00am-9:00pm, Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by NatashaPopkin


Points +583

05 Jun 2022

Great Selections

This sweet Community Co-op was filled with wonderful Vegan friendly options. It had Tasty & Local Kombucha’s, Snack Bars, & Treats perfect for our Road Trip back to the DMV.

I’m also told they have Vegan options at their Hot Bar, a rarity for most stores - definitely a great perk!

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-05

Pros: Lots of Vegan Options, Supports the Community, Organic & Eco Friendly Products

Cons: Not Fully Vegan



Points +96

28 May 2021

Quick Vegan To-Go Options in Deli, Cold case, & Bakery

This co-op is one of my favorite places to pick up a quick bite. Tons of yummy items in the deli case (pasta/noodle salads, roasted veggies, black bean patty, etc). 'Grab-n-Go' fridge has many tasty pre-packed vegan sandwiches/wraps/hummus/dips/dolmas/& various salads (also canned/bottled drinks). Hot bar has pre-packed vegan items. (They had a soup & salad bar before COVID). Several flavors of sliced cake, energy bars/balls, muffins/cupcakes & BIG cookies in bakery case.
The store carries many vegan canned/boxed dry goods and has an extensive wellness section with vegan vitamins & homeopathic supplements, natural body care items & household cleaning supplies/soaps. Great organic produce & a nice bulk foods section for nuts/seeds/beans/grains & spices/herbs!

Pros: Many ready-to-eat items, Friendly/helpful staff, Have Organic/Natural/Eco-friendly products


Points +735

11 Apr 2021

Best co-op in the area

Well stocked, lots of fun vegan goodies.


Points +182

10 Jan 2021

Great local co-op with all the vegan staples

Support local and co-ops while treating yourself to the hot bar, extensive beer selection and ample bulk section.

Scott Grenerth

Points +394

23 Dec 2020

Excellent selection of vegan items, store and deli

One of the best run co-op grocery stores I've ever been in!
They have loads of vegan items in the grocery store as you'd likely suspect, including local/regional produced items. They also have many great options in the large deli area. Ready to go sandwhiches, salads and much more. They always have very good desert options too. The folks are super nice as well.

Pros: Many vegan options in grocery, Many vegan options in deli


Points +343

17 Oct 2020

my favorite grocery store

well-stocked store, great people & delicious grab & go.


Points +131

29 Aug 2020

Super clean, great vibe

Beautiful and well stocked produce section; bulk dried goods as well. Everything we would want. We’ll be back.


Points +24

02 Aug 2020

Refuse to enforce the mask law put in place by the governor!

Way too small of a store to social distance! You need to ENFORCE the mask requirements! Its a HEALTH food store! Whats the point of eating right if you can catch a deadly virus from other customers?


22 Nov 2020

You do realize that it violates HIPPA to question people because, if they have a health exemption, the person doesn't have to disclose anything. The store has a huge sign clearly encouraging people to wear a masks right at the entrance. They even offer masks for free to anyone that asks. Also, since it is a HEALTH food store as you say, perhaps the concept of simply taking care of yourself and having a healthy immune system shouldn't be lost on you. This "deadly virus" has a 99.96% survival rate. If you spent even 5 minutes thinking for yourself and doing some simple research you would find ample amounts of research and legitimate studies that point to the ineffectiveness of masks. Pubmed is loaded with them. There is also even information showing that masks (specifically cloth masks like most people adorn) are harmful for our health. They create a perfect, moist environment that allows bacteria to proliferate quite easily. So then you're just walking around with that shit strapped to your face, breathing it in. Respect the fact that there are people who prefer to do their own research instead of blindly following advice that has remained inconsistent and has yet to provide legitimate evidence of the efficacy of masks. If you don't like it when someone chooses not to wear a mask then simply don't shop there, but don't blame it on the store. I have been in a lot of places and every place I have gone to there have been people not wearing masks. So basically, if you're that concerned about a "super deadly virus" then you could always use the pick up service that the co-op also graciously offers. That way you don't even have to get out of your car.


22 Dec 2020

🙄 ugh, there’s always someone throwing their “health issue” card. It’s exhausting to be an essential worker and to have to hear so many people whine about masks. Nobody *wants* to wear a mask. But lecturing someone who posted a review of a grocery store (months ago) on HIPPA laws is some next-level Karen sh*t. But it sounds like you’ve really done your research...on Pubmed. 👏🏼


15 Dec 2021

I would have told them to piss off because they can’t force me to wear a mask or show a vaccine card


Points +24

04 Mar 2020

Epic veg and hot bar

The best salad bar and breakfast bar!!


Points +70

02 Aug 2018

Yummy grab and go

I came in search of vegan marshmallows and lunch and was not disappointed on either front.


Points +31

08 Jul 2014

community co op

The deli counter here is amazing. The soups and pastas and veggie dishes make me want to come as often as possible! My personal favorite is the spanikopita. Friendly staff, and the rest of the co op is a fabulous grocery with many options and some bulk foods too.
I'd give five stars but the maximum rating for a non vegetarian restaurant is four stars.

Pros: friendly staff, delicious deli counter foods, bulk and freezer food options

Cons: has meat options

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