Serves meat, vegan options available. The Green House is a circular, cashless restaurant with a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu. Ingredients are mostly local, and partially from the restaurant's own urban farm. Open Mon-Thu 08:00-23:00, Fri 08:00-00:00, Sat 11:30-00:00. Closed Sun.

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First Review by EmmyVD


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01 Nov 2023

Amazing burger, lousy service

Several vegan dishes: snacks (cauliflower bites were pretty good), amazing vegan burger. Oat and soy milk for coffee. Very bad service though, waited a long time.



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17 Mar 2023

Goed eten, maar aan de prijs

Ik heb nu twee keer prima gegeten bij The Greenhouse. Laat je niet misleiden door de term 'kleine kaart', want het zijn zeker geen kleine porties. Aan een pizzetta (met aardappel en kruidenolie) had ik een prima maaltijd; eventueel kun je dit nog aanvullen met soep. Naast de pizzetta en de soep zijn er meer vegan mogelijkheden, zoals bitterballen, friet (eerder aardappelparten, maar wel erg lekker) en bietensalade. Al met al goed eten, maar wel prijzig. Voor een pizzetta betaal je even veel als voor een grote pizza in het gemiddelde Italiaanse restaurant. Ook is de soep voor een niet-volledige maaltijd vrij duur

Pros: Pizzetta erg lekker, Duurzaam/circulair , Meerdere opties

Cons: Zo klein zijn de porties niet; bestel niet teveel!, Prijzig


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15 Oct 2022

Tasty, but a bit expensive

There were enough vegan options to choose from
We had two small pizza's and a lentil dish which were tasty (the lentil dish wasnt on the menu, but they offered to make it for us when one of the dishes we ordered couldnt be veganised).
The prize you pay for a small pizza will get you a big pizza in other places however.

Pros: Vegan options, Tasty

Cons: Small portions


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30 May 2022

uniek consept

Uitgebreide kaart en je ziet de groente en kruiden groeien.

Pros: heerlijk vegan lunch

Cons: kleine portie


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14 Jun 2021

Good taste

Nice place, with extremely quick service, good food, though small portions and pricy.

Pros: Quick service

Cons: Expensive , Small portions


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28 Feb 2020


I had a main course and dessert. Food was really tasty. Portions were too small for me, but I enjoyed the special taste.


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15 Feb 2020

So bad that it's actually funny

Short summary: not as sustainable as they claim to be, food is mweh, service is hillariously unprofessional. A weird mix between chique and fails. Go here for comic releave and just okay food. Don't go here for your (semi-)fancy night out.

You read a little text online, it's sustainable, local and circular, that sounds pretty cool. You have been warned though by a friend who is a chef. Oh well, probably they have really high standards or it was a bad day the day they visited. So you try for yourself...

Okay first the positive: the decoration is nice. Once you receive the menu, you see that not at all everything is sustainable, just a small part. Okay, bummer. Don't forget to read the small print here, you need to order three main dishes when you are with two (although when seeing the plates, I wonder how you would share this). There are icons indicating which disher are vegetarian, which are vegan and which dishes have a vegan option.

I chose the vegan option of the sweet potato caviar. No idea what that means, but what I got: mashed sweet potatoes in carrot-like slices with a whole lot and more fried onions (which I think were store bought). A weird combo, the flavors do not mix well and you feel like you are just munching away some fried onions. This is not helped by the fact that the slices were cold, not room temperature cold but refrigerator cold, leaning towards icy. Not nice for the "mouth-feel" but also all flavors are lost.
When we are asked if we liked it, I felt a bit awkward to say so but answered honestly. I said it was okay, but the waiter dropped everything they were doing and went for the manager. The manager came by, inquired and here is a summary of the response:
- it's your fold that the flavors don't blend, because you ordered the vegan option and we had to remove half of the dish (ehh what, it was a vegan option on the menu, don't sell it as a vegan option if you know it won't be tasty)
- ‎it's cold because we can't just store it out of the fridge because of the food safety authority (ehhh, how long were you planning to store this? And it's not like every time I eat a cold dish, it's actually almost freezing)
- ‎you have bad taste, that's why you don't like it (maybe so, I don't know. But truly, is this your response?)

So after being blaming me for not linking it and not at all acknowledging anything I said, I was offered a retry. Ehh rather not. They did remove it from the bill though so that's a plus.

The main dish was fine by the way, not very special, but fine and so was the desert.

Than the service: I think there have been earlier complains on this regard, on which they are trying to work. That's a good thing, but in this occasion is not very convincing and more slap stick. For example, they clearly are drilled to ask questions but are so not interested in the answer, that they already walk away before you get a chance to answer. Or they are trying to remember the list of drilled questions, thereby looking away as they are being answered and respond by either: a super quick next question as soon as the other is done talking / a long ehhhhhh before asking te next question / walking away, than running back to ask a question, take an order or clear the table.

It's all just not quite right: very fancy cooled drinks in still hot glasses, not placing the napkins but just throwing them on the table (whilst first bringing them carefully folded on a fancy platter), the waiters having a heated argument in the middle of the restaurant, etc.

Ohw and another funny one. It's 21:55, we are done eating, plates are gone, drinks are gone and we are already waiting a while for someone so we could ask for the check. When someone comes over, the waiter states with an uninterested look "we close at 23:00 so this is our last round for drinks". Than a quick fake smile and before we could say anything, the waiter walks away. We didn't want drinks, but if we wanted them, we surely would'nt get them, nor did we get time to ask for the check.

It's not that I care much for these details, in fact I prefer the more "grubby" places, but the contrast between how fancy they pretend to be and how unprofessional they are, is just, well, funny.

I was warned, but stubborn. For maybe a chef's standards are really high, right? Maybe they are, but this place is so bad you don't need to be a chef to notice. Maybe I just noticed it because I was warned. I don't know. It doesn't really matter, in the end I enjoyed myself. Not because of the food, nor the service, but because of its entertainment value.

Pros: Nicely designed , They did not charge me for the bad dish

Cons: Bad food, Bad service > from uninterested to offensive, Not a sustainable as they claim to be


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23 Jan 2019

Fantastic circular economy hub

This place is amazing!!

It's easily accessible from Utrecht centraal so make sure to stop by and pay a visit.

The whole concept is based on circularity. They are pioneers in the fiels. The food is also partially local grown and the menu is super cool with the indications of health, sustainability and local.
It's very cosy to sit here and have some drinks or grab a bite with the vertical garden in the background.

Pros: Menu indicates vegan and the level of sustainable, healthy and local., circular sustainable concept throughout

Cons: small portions

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