The Good Karma Cafe

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817 W 34th St (at USC), Los Angeles, California, USA, 90089

Open only when school is in session (autumn & spring classes). All-you-can-eat lunch. Encouraged to bring your own reusable eating ware and to-go container. Prepared to Vaishnava Hindu standards. Venmo okay. Open Tue-Thu 12:00pm-2:00pm.

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40 Reviews

First Review by mcelwee1

Amazing! - Edit

I love good karma for a quick but filling vegan lunch on campus. Just $10 for a meal (Venmo is available) and you can take some to go as well! I love their salad dressing and my favorite is Tuesday’s Kicchari Indian curry dish, followed by Thursday’s Mexican 5-layer dish.

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Amazing food and vibes!! - Edit

This is my favorite place to eat lunch because the people are so kind and the food tastes homemade. It's also all you can eat for only $10 and the salad dressing is sooooo good. I wish they were open more often or could get a permanent location but right now its a makeshift buffet underneath the church on usc campus. Definitely try it if you havent!!

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Bet Lunch on Campus - Edit

This place ROCKS. $10 for all you can eat vegan food, consistently excellent, and the almond dressing they make is incredible. Bring some Tupperware for a take home portion, and if you're a hot sauce fan you're in luck - Justin makes a mean one.

Pros: tasty, cheap considering portions, healthy

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BEST EVER!!!!! - Edit

Don't go to Parkside or EVK when you can come here and actually get good healthy food! Bring a container and they'll let you take some food home. This place needs to replace all the dining halls and fast food places around SC. It is simply the best. Bring your friends and family.

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First, I must admit that I love to eat meat. Despite this fact, I ate at the Good Karma Cafe EVERY Wednesday last semester because their food is delicious, healthy and affordable. No meat required.

Honestly, $7 for just one plate of this stuff would be a good deal, but Sarvatma and Justin will keep feeding you until you explode. They actually ENCOURAGE people to bring to-go containers (to be eco-friendly) so I usually eat a big lunch and then take some home for dinner!

Besides the food, the staff and clientele are always friendly and the music is pleasantly eclectic (usually a CD player, sometimes they have live performances).

Anything else I could say has been said by other reviewers... just check this place out; you won't regret it. Whether you're a vegan or a full-on omnivore, you will get hooked.

Pros: Tasty and Delicious, Amazing value (portions), Atmosphere

Cons: Only @ USC twice a week!

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Amazing - Edit

I have been a vegetarian for 9 years and I have never had such amazing, fresh, and wonderful food at such a good price. I ALWAYS go back for seconds, and the salad dressing is one of my favorite parts of the meal. The desserts are amazing...

I have been on both Wednesdays (Indian) and Thursdays (Italian) and I can say that both days are equally yummy and well prepared.

I went to USC for 4 years and I'm sad i just discovered this. I would have been coming here all four years if I had known. I more than definitely recommend this!

Pros: healthy, yummy, great staff

Cons: none, none, none!

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Best Veggie food ever! - Edit

I've been a vegetarian all my life and I must say, this place has one of the best foods I've ever had in various restaurants (including veggie restaurants in India). Amazing vegetarian food, their tomato pasta is simply divine. Try out the salad and specialty almost sauce. But their top hit must definitely be their Halawas (chocolate, blueberry, almonds the list goes on). For the more adventurous, there is always the green chili hot sauce. ;) And who can argue with a $ 7 all you can eat?

Pros: Excellent, Healthy, Friendly staff

Cons: Sometimes run out of food

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Reviewer Avatar

Another Ode to Sarvatma - Edit

If you're hungry on Wednesday or Thursday for lunch,
Good Karma Cafe is the place you should munch.
Our dear chef, Sarvatma, has talent to spare.
You really should try it. You'll like it, I swear!

What Sarvatma serves up is truly auspicious.
It's organic, it's scrumptious, it's even nutritious!
And it's just $7 for all you can eat -
Now that is a deal, and that deal is sweet!

On Wednesdays it's rice, with veggies and spice -
Maybe veggies you won't even know, but they're nice!
On Thursdays it's pasta in all shapes and sizes,
Marinara or pesto, and other surprises.

The salad's green-leafy. The dressing's divine.
Go get your own seconds! I will not share mine!

The chef calls his hot sauce Chernobyl runoff -
Wherever it's from, it'll blow your head off!

To drink you'll have juices of various sorts,
Maybe ginger or guava - you'll want to drink quarts!

Dessert is halava, so rich and so creamy,
In a rainbow of flavors that are simply dreamy!
Chocolate or peanut or blueberry-Vishnu -
You'll think you're in heaven. You won't know what hit you.

The setting's just charming, with fountain and flowers.
You'll be tempted to sit in the courtyard for hours.
And with music eclectic - tango sung by a Finn!? -
You'll find yourself smiling, whatever mood you are in!

I urge you try it. No need to abstain.
Once you eat there the first time, you'll eat there again.
Go visit Sarvatma, and do not delay!
Take your good appetite to Good Karma Cafe!

Pros: healthy cuisine, tasty food, good value

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Good Karma Cafe @ USC - Edit

Man...the food here is good.
I've had the Wednesday food before but due to class on those days, I normally only come on Thursdays.

Thursdays cycle between Italian (marinara) and Pesto days. While both are amazing, the Pesto is ... ultra amazing.

As others have said, entry is seven dollars and it is very worth it. Eat until you're full (or even after you're full), and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the place. It is a good area to get out of the hustle and bustle of thousands of students rushing to class.

The salad dressing is just as amazing as everything else here, it is seriously made of some highly illegal addictive substance...too bad we don't get to know what it is.

You can also buy the salad dressing to take home, which I've done, but somehow it just tastes better while there.

Moving on to dessert...the halava is awesome! I'm normally not one to like sweet stuff but I had never had this type of dessert until I first came here. It's not overly sugary or sweet but it just hits the spot whether during or after eating up all that pasta and salad.

The drinks are very unique but most days I just prefer water.

Also to note: the hot sauce may look friendly but it can seriously kick your butt, use with caution. That said, it is a great addition to both the pasta and the salad, adding a nice kick!

I really didn't want to write this review as the lines at Good Karma have already been getting way too long but that's the price you have to pay when your food is really that good.

P.S. Sarvatma plays a MEAN game of table tennis!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 13, 2011

Pros: Pesto., Dressing., Everything else, too!

Cons: Lines., Only 2 Days a Week.

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Good for the Body, Soul, and Wallet - Edit

As a graduate student at USC, Good Karma Cafe is a much-needed on-campus food option for students who want to eat healthy food at a price that's kind to the wallet. Their $7 all-you-can-eat lunches come complete with an entree, salad, dessert, and a drink. Some friends introduced good Karma to me a couple of weeks ago, and I've started to invite more friends to join me for lunch. The UUC's little courtyard is also a great spot to meet up with friends and enjoy a nice outdoor lunch together. The folks who run the cafe are really sweet, and it's evident that they put a lot of thought and care into the food they create and serve. Thanks!

Pros: delicious food, good value, convenient location for USC students

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My Ritual - Edit

I go to Good Karma Cafe every week that I possibly can. I'm not even a vegetarian, but if I could eat like this all the time I might consider it. They have a helluva halva and that dressing is just pure goodness. I usually eat a light breakfast so I can circle back for a full plate of seconds (or on special days, thirds).

Pros: So tasty, All you can eat, Dressing

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Wonderful Lunch - Edit

The Good Karma Cafe offers a fabulous lunch on the USC campus. When they say "all-you-can-eat" they actually mean it. The vegan/vegetarian fare is extremely satisfying. One of the few places at which I feel supported by my adventures in vegetarianism. So delicious! I hope they stick around for a long, long time.

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Best part of my day - Edit

I work and go to school at USC and the Good Karma Cafe provides the healthiest, most delicious, best value food on campus and in the immediate area. My lunches there are the best part of my day! The food is always tasty and fresh and served with a smile (and a few jokes). It's a great way to get a vegan or vegetarian meal and still get protein (especially from the Indian food on Wednesdays). They often serve pesto on Thursdays and it's the best vegan pesto I've ever had. The food (which is unlimited and you can take to-go) can be enjoyed in an outdoor courtyard or in the cooler indoor seating. Be sure to try the freshly made beverages, too (usually mint or ginger with fruit juice or tea). I cannot highly recommend this enough!

Pros: fresh, healthy, tasty

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Hidden Vegetarian Jewel! - Edit

I never expected to find such an amazing little place when I walked past the United University Church on USC. The Good Karma Cafe is tucked away in a "Secret Garden"-esque nook, with amazingly friendly service, and delicious food. I had the pleasure of coming on Wednesday's Indian cuisine day. The salad was amazing, and so was the apple-spiced cumquat dessert. The Good Karma Cafe is a must try healthy alternative to other, lesser USC eateries.

Pros: excellent service, delicious cuisine, amazing atmosphere

Cons: a little hard to find

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The Best - Edit

Good Karma Cafe is always a treat- open two days a week right on USC's campus (but right on the perimeter to be accessible to street parking and the general public). Wednesdays are Indian food days, and Thursdays are Italian. This little lunch line style, all you can eat buffet WILL have you coming back for more. The food is always fresh, healthy, and delicious. There is plenty of family style seating with interesting USC faculty, students, and people from the community. The only part of the meal that is not vegan is dessert, thought when the owner remembers I'm vegan or I tell him, he always goes and gets me some surprise dessert from the kitchen!

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Fun atmosphere

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Amazing Vegan Lunch at USC - Edit

I first tried Good Karma Cafe a few weeks ago and I am hooked.

Sarvatma and his team prepare an absolutely delicious (and all you can eat!) array of prix fixe Indian or Italian entrees, served with mixed greens and halawa. I don't understand how Divya's Almond Dressing can be so good, but it is absolutely fantastic every time. If you like your food with more of a kick, add a spoonful or two of the homemade spicy hot sauce. Topping off a fantastic meal is the always-interesting drink of the day, which ranges from grapefruit juice to barley/ginger/mint brew.

If you want a great meal at bargain prices, Good Karma Cafe is the way to go. On most days, musicians from the USC Thornton School of Music give live performances during lunch, enhancing the ambience.

Pros: Delicious and Healthy, All You Can Eat, Divya's Almond Dressing

Cons: Only 2 Days/Week

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Support good food in USC! - Edit

So I made an account just to spread the word about the AWESOMENESS of Good Karma Cafe!

"Awesomeness" to me means:
1) Healthy, filling, and satisfying food.
2) Lots of variety (Salad w/ the Chef's secret Almond dressing, really good Chef-created spicy sauce, a different new Halawa dessert every day, a different unique homemade juice-blend every day, annnnd the main entree)
3) CHEAP! $7! (If you know any other place close to USC to get completely full on 7 bucks, pleeeease let me know)
4) Really friendly and personable Chef. He's a great guy and as you come more he'll get to know you and have interesting conversations with you. (Also, he's really good about any food allergies/concerns you may have. Hygiene/Food safety is also very good.)
5) Great vibe and atmosphere. You get to eat healthy food with trees and vines giving you shade in a "private" courtyard and a cool selection of groovy music playing in the background every time.

Also, as far as parking goes if you're not on the USC campus usually.. Check out:

Your best bet would be to park on the street (metered) on Jefferson, Figueroa, or Hoover (in order of preference).
Also, if you check the map in the link, you can park in Parking Lot 1 without a permit (between Entrance 7 & Entrance 8). It's metered, so like a dollar/hr (cheapest on campus). From the lot, it's only a 3 min walk..

On the map, Good Karma Cafe is at E3 (University Religious Center).

Good luck, and I really do hope you try this place. This sounds like an ad, but after 4 yrs of being at USC, it honestly is the best food within a 14-min drive that I've found. :)

Pros: Healthy, Filling, & Cheap Lunch, Friendly and Comfortable Atmosphere, Almost always fast/quick

Cons: Cravings on days they're not there!, At certain times, the line is ~5min

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Oh so good ... - Edit

really tasty food made with love and served with a smile at a very reasonable price. And the salad dressing is out of this world.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly

Cons: parking

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Nothing but Good Karma from the Good Karma Cafe - Edit

I was introduced to the Good Karma Cafe in early August 2010, and have made it a point to go twice a week every week. The food is great, the atmosphere is awesome. Whether you bring a bunch of friends or eat by yourself, this is definitely the place on campus to get vegetarian food. Sarvatma is not only a great chef, but remembers who you are, where you're from and makes small talk while serving you the best food on campus. 5 cows.

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Good eats, chill location - Edit

Title says it all. Mellow little spot to get some tasty grub and chill out.

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Best Food at USC! - Edit

As a vegetarian and someone who tries to be conscious of what she consumes, I found the Good Karma Cafe to be the perfect eatery on or off campus in the USC area. No longer am I reduced to "grilling" some sad, flavorless tofu on the panini-maker at EVK amidst the questioning stares of my classmates!

This dishes at GKC are a true delight. There is usually an Indian dish with rice on Wednesday and an Italian dish (tomato or pesto) on Thursday. Both days there is a salad with AMAZING almond dressing and the chef, Sarvatma, is inventive with the different flavors of the desert (halva) and the juice (my favorite combo is the orange juice and mint tea mix, so refreshing!).

Additionally, the atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly. The staff are amicable and sometimes there are a couple students from the jazz band playing. Whether I go with friends or solo, I always have a good time, and I feel like I can really relax here.

In summary, visiting the Good Karma Cafe for lunch is definitely worth $7 and I would recommend it to non-meat eaters and meat-eaters alike!!

Pros: friendly atmosphere, amazing food, good value

Cons: limited hours, limited selection

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tasty healthy and charming lunch setting... - Edit

indian style veggie biryani on Wed and italian pasta on Thurs. Yummy mesculan salad with the best almond goddess style dressing this side of the Mississippi. And a creative fruit and nut halva sweet treat on the side. most guilt free and yummy meal available on USC main campus.

Pros: taste, quantity, never rains

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Reviewer Avatar

Food made with love - Edit

I love The Good Karma Cafe at USC! We are so fortunate to have a place where you can enjoy good healthy cuisine knowing that it is prepared fresh daily. The atmosphere also lends its self to a tranquil experience that is not found anywhere else on campus. The only down fall is that they are not on campus permanently, and I'm hoping that will change someday.

Pros: Great Food, Good Value, Healthy portions

Cons: not enough days on campus

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Love the good karma cafe - Edit

Every week I look forward to my veggie Indian cuisine and am very disappointed if I don't make it over there. LOVE the SALAD DRESSING and the chocolate dessert.

Pros: Great taste, Fresh, Inexpensive

Cons: Only twice a week, Cash only

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Delicious irony - Edit


when i need resuscitation
or just taste bud jubilation
this is always where i go;
for food that makes you want to gobble
food that makes willpower wobble
food i dare you to eat slow;
see the lines of hungry scholars
holding out their seven dollars
licking lips with wild gusto;
come and join us as we wallow
come and join us as we swallow
you'll be glad and SO mellow.

Pros: Taste, Music, Intellectual Atmosphere

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Delicious - Edit

I have been going to Good Karma cafe every Thursday for the past couple of years. Granted, I miss a few weeks here & there because of busy schedules but it's always such a joy eating here.

The people, food and atmosphere are always something to look forward to. My friend and I love the Halava dessert (with always a new flavor every week!) The green mixed salads with delicious dressing make my mouth water and I can't wait to go again this week.

Give it a try! For $7 all you can eat, it's a great steal.

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Tasty, Feel-Good, All-You-Can-Eat Bliss - Edit

The Good Karma Cafe is, hands-down, the best lunch spot on the USC Campus. Not only is it the cheapest option (all-you-can-eat!), but it is also the healthiest with fresh, natural ingredients that don't leave me guessing what I just ate. Divya's salad dressing is TO DIE FOR--I could eat this salad dressing on literally everything (I personally like to mix it with the pesto pasta served on Italian days). The best secret? You can buy your own online! Also, I love The Good Karma Cafe because vegetarians and omnivores alike will find satisfaction here (no, there is no meat, but I wonder if your meat-eating friends would even notice). I promise, no one will leave hungry. Lastly, the chef is very innovative with his Halava and Juice flavors, so that these are always a tasty surprise. Please come support this vegetarian cafe!

Pros: Healthy Cuisine, Good Value, Delicious Salad Dressing

Cons: Only open two days a week, sometimes there is a line

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