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Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafe tucked away from the main street. Offers choices in vegetarian, vegan, and raw food. Has smoothies, fresh juices, raw desserts, and a menu for detox and Ayurvedic rejuvenation. Rice field view dining overlooking the terraced lawn and amphitheater of The Yoga Barn. Free Wi-Fi and newspaper. Open Mon-Sun 7:30am-7:00pm.

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First Review by Moix


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27 Sep 2023


You'd have to be Australian or some other kind of nonce to not think this place is utterly pretentious, overpriced and underwhelming.



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15 May 2023

Nice Vibes and Good Food

Lush little cafe and space in the heart of the yoga barn. Perfect spot for a drink/food after a class and is a nice cafe to work in. Food didn’t blow us away but they had some good options. Like other reviews, don’t get why this place isn’t fully vegan or at least meatless.


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30 Mar 2023

Agree with previous reviews about it being weird this place serving meat

I feel like they serve meat, dairy etc just for profit? And a lot of people get those dishes. Also staff seems confused when asking about dishes being vegan (and mixes it up with gluten-free), so I really don’t feel they are engaged in it. Too bad cause there aren’t many places close to the yoga barn for a quick bite in between yoga classes. I really do hope they change it to fully vegan soon enough!


Points +164

15 Jan 2023

Nice place after yoga

I ate there after my yoga class and the food was nice. Nothing really special but it was nice and healthy!

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked , Nice staff, Not that expensive

Cons: Regular food, nothing special


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28 Nov 2022

Good options, bit upsetting.

I'm still confused how a restaurant which is part of yoga center, in a place like Ubud.. can be non-veggie. The food was okay, we had a balinese curry and a rainbow bowl. I added coconut bacon as a side and that was pretty great. Prices were average-high. I don't know.. it was fine, but I wouldn't go again, I prefer supporting vegan places (since there are so many to choose from over here!).

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26 Sep 2022

Delicious meals and snacks

I’ll start by saying I’m disappointed that a restaurant at a renowned yoga school is not vegan.

The food is good though. We had the Pad Thai and the Reuben Tempeh Sandwich. Both of which were delicious. The portion size was good for both. The Tempeh was fantastic, but would have been better if the vegan coconut bacon was added the the sandwich instead of being a side.

The drinks are super refreshing and the caramel coconut cake is fantastic.


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06 Sep 2022

nice restaurant

- really nice restaurant to chill and hangout between the classes
- Have lots of vegan food
- best raw vegan cheese cake

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09 Aug 2022

Pleasant cafe for a bite after yoga

We had the pumpkin soup and the sesame tempe bowl. Nice but the service is lacking a bit. They forgot to bring us bread for the soup and we had to ask numerous times. It arrived eventually but it was so dry and slightly stale. It was just plain bread and not garlic bread as described on the menu (which is marked as vegan, perhaps this is incorrect). The sesame tempe bowl was nice though and I would recommend.


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21 Jun 2022


Had a lovely and healthy meal before a sound meditation at the Yoga Barn! Everything I tried was delicious, and while they had lots of clearly marked options, at a place like this you’d think the menu would be fully vegan. Really cool space tho!

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-21

Cons: Not fully vegan.


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21 Jun 2022

Good vegan options

Lots of tasty vegan options at a reasonable price for the location (I expected it to be more expensive).

It's a shame this place isn't fully veggie or vegan, it's the kind of place I'd expect to be! That said, the vegan options are clearly marked and plentiful.

The red rice and Ruben sandwich are both delicious.

There is a great atmosphere here, and the staff are lovely.


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26 Jun 2021

Great ambiance and good veg options

The Garden Kafe at The Yoga Barn is another great place to eat in Ubud. Although their menu is not completely vegan or vegetarian, there is a huge variety of delicious options. The Garden Kafe is also part of The Yoga Barn which is the ultimate Mecca of yogis.

I have been to The Garden Kafe a few times during my visit to Ubud. They do a nice vegan Rueben sandwich with tempeh. They also great tofu dishes, juices, smoothies, salads and raw desserts.

Pros: great vibe

Cons: not fully vegan, always busy


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16 Feb 2020

Why not completely vegan?

The curry I had was very tasty. But I don't understand why this place is not fully vegan. Even one of the yoga teachers started her class with reminding everyone to be compassionate with every human being and thinking about their milk consumption.
Please change that. Everyone would appreciate it.


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02 Nov 2019

It's a shame...

Given that "ahimsa" - not being cruel - is a main principle of yoga it really is a shame to see what they have or have not on offer. In my opinion a café within a yoga compound should always be 100% vegan - this place isn't even fully vegetarian! On their "normal menu" (for breakfast/lunch/dinner) are quite a lot of vegan dishes, though. But I just wanted to have some cake. There was only one item that's really vegan - a gluten free brownie. All their so-called raw-vegan cakes are made with honey.
The brownie was edible, but not really good. The juice I had was good, but very expensive for Indonesia/Bali/even for Ubud.


02 Nov 2019


Points +1402

20 Oct 2019


Comida sana y lindo lugar! Algunas buenas opciones, pero nada muy rico. Por el precio yo esperaba algo mejor.


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26 Aug 2019

Please take some dessert there

Nice place within the yoga barn. Food for every possible diet.


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07 Aug 2019

Peaceful space

Beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, very friendly service and a huge menu with lots of vegan options, including raw and ayurvedic dishes.
Try the vegan cakes, they are delicious!
A bit pricey compared to the small local warungs but the menu is very special and something else so its worth spending your money here every once in a while!

Pros: Huge variety, Friendly service and atmosphere, Delicious food

Cons: A bit pricey but worth it!


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22 Jul 2019

A bit disappointed

After a great yoga class, we went to grab some food at the garden kafe. Unfortunately the food wasn't as great as we thought it would be. The vegan burger was okay, but the vegan cheese was missing and the whole thing didn't really taste like much. The falafel pita was quite good, but small for the price.

Pros: Expensive


Points +170

14 Jul 2019

Great vegan food

Great vegan food located by the yoga barn. Extremely good atmosphere, nice service and many vegan options!


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06 Apr 2019

Yoga and great food all in one place

I love the Yoga Barn for yoga, dancing, cool workshops and the yummy food at the cafe

Pros: Big salads , Lots of seating areas, Charging points for laptop and decent wifi

Cons: Slow service so allow enough time


Points +27

04 Jan 2019

Great and healthy yumminess!

The Garden Cafe is a must if you ever go to Ubud.

Updated from previous review on 2019-01-04


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27 Jun 2018

Great vegan options, wheatgrass shot and desserts

A bit pricey after the 15% tax and service charges are added on, but I always feel like the extra cost is worth it because of the quality of the food. The raw vegan menu is ample and very, very good. They also have cooked vegan dishes that are delicious. I’m not a juice or smoothie person, but the wheatgrass shot here is fantastic and possibly the cheapest you can get in Ubud. Also, they have a nice range of raw vegan desserts that aren’t that expensive compared to other vegan restaurants. Lots of mosquitoes in the evening (ask for repellent!).

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Conveniently within the Yoga Barn complex, Yummy desserts

Cons: Serves meat, Pricier than other restaurants, Closes around 9 p.m.


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11 Feb 2018

Handy option before or after yoga

Set inside the famous Yoga Barn, this cafè has a large menu of food and drinks. It comes in handy if you are already there for some yoga class or workshop. Like someone has already pointed out in previous reviews I also think that the place should be at least vegetarian. The thai curry I ordered was good but I had to order rice on the side (and you have to pay for it), which is weird because you would usually eat a curry with rice. Prices are on the high-end. Quality is good but there are better places (vegan and vegetarian) in Ubud.

Pros: Good quality, Handy if you are already at the Yoga Barn

Cons: Should be at least vegetarian, Pricey


Points +917

18 Nov 2017

Delicious Yogafood

Yogabarn Kafe offers a big variety of vegetarian and vegan meals, perfect as a snack or main course. They also have really good coffee. During our stay in Ubud, we ate much more at Yogabarn than planned, but vegan & glutenfree is not easy to find in that area, but this place is worth going


Points +18

27 Jul 2017

Delicious smorgasboard menu of healthy yumminess!

We love coming here - it's a favourite every time we visit Bali and come to Ubud. So many different kinds of meals and plant-based dishes to choose from. I love all the fresh juices, superfood boosting drinks, both hot and cold. The menu really caters for so many different food and dietary preferences which is great. And the ambience and setting is as always, beautiful! I wish there was a cafe like this in every destination we traveled to, so that life as a traveling plant-loving, Clean Eating Coach would be even more enjoyable! Enjoy!


Points +38

29 Apr 2017


Was surprised at how little vegan options they had here, and the prices are ridiculous. Was really keen for their chai but it's premixed with cows milk.

Rosa veg

Points +2060

22 Apr 2017


The place is wonderful , in the peace of nature in the Yoga Barn complex . Food is good and also the Sunday buffet is tasty and almost all vegan . The point is that they serves meat ,fish, dairy products and honey in the cakes . A yoga place must be at least vegetarian and this is so sad that they serve that kind of dishes . Only business . So sad about it


Points +2021

13 Sep 2015

Very yummy!

A lot of rawfood options available here. Very good in taste! Nice and spiritual location and friendly staff.

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