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CLOSED: The Forest Food Lounge

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Contact 07-38466181

124 Boundary St, West End, Brisbane, Queensland,

Brisbane vegan restaurant serving simple meals with salads, hot food, desserts, and pie; some gluten-free. Relaxed atmosphere. Vegan except dairy milk for coffee and smoothies. REPORTED CLOSED, OCT 2016. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, International, Western, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Reviews (39)

First Review by Petesternz

could be so much better - Edit

I really wanted to rate this highly but both times I've been there, the food has been lukewarm and just ok, plus today I bought a cupcake to take away which is so stale I can't even get the wrapper off. It's probably been there for a week.
If you have a big sign saying 'vegan food' outside, please lift your game because you are not representing it well!

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Cheap and filling - Edit

I have been going to The Forest for years. I always enjoy the food and like the selection. The cheesecake and potato salad are a personal favourite. Service can be rather slow and there is sometimes a bit of a language barrier.

Pros: Cheap , Good selection, Nice food

Cons: Slow service , Sometimes hard to order, Basic decor

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Appaling - Edit

Went in for a drink because it was the only veg food establishment open at 10:30am in that area, and we wanted milkshakes. The decor was tired though tolerable. The staff member serving us had English that was only just good enough, looked bored, was unhelpful, and treated us as if we were idiots for wanting options that were on the menu but weren't available, and he made no apology for those options not being there.

Considering how busy the place was (read "not"), it took a very long time for our drinks to arrive, as we sat and listened to the hum of various electrical appliances. When they finally did arrive, we were greeted with a mediocre chocolate milkshake and a downright terrible iced chai. The chai was made entirely on water, was extremely bitter, and had a little pathetic scoop of So Good on top. I didn't finish it - even with lots of added sugar, it was nasty.

Would give one star if I could.

Cons: Terrible service, Nasty drinks, Not a nice environment

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Poor all round - Edit

Terrible decor, chipped crockery, tepid food, worst ambience I've ever experienced.
Only good thing about the place is its name.

Pros: Central

Cons: Not hot enough, Run down, No presentation skill whatsoever

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Quiet, Mediocre, Pricey - Edit

I've been to The Forest 3 or 4 times over the last few years. There's no music in this small restaurant, which makes things feel super wrong. The staff are pretty blunt. The food is very expensive for what you get (although it's not terrible). Not my favourite place to go, I've only been there recently out of desperation.

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Decent, simple vegan food - Edit

This isn't the most exciting place to eat, but it has quite an extensive menu and the quality of the food is pretty good. The pies are nice but are not cooked fresh (same goes for the curries and some of the other hot food). The salads are excellent. They can make sandwiches, burgers and fresh juices to your specifications. The cakes looked great but I didn't mange to try them. All menu items are inexpensive by Australian standards.

Contrary to the information in the listing, Forest Food Lounge was open when we visited on a Monday and we were told that it was open every day.

Pros: Quick and convenient, Good value

Cons: Not the most imaginative menu, Lack of atmosphere

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Vegan Food - Edit

Yummy food! It was a bit dead as it was early, should consider some brekky options. Food took a while with no customers and it was really hot. There were air cons but not on!

Pros: Yummy Vegan Food, Good Prices, Good Location

Cons: Too hot - turn the a/c on, No Breakfast menu, Average customer service

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Average everything - Edit

This joint could be so much better. The food is nice though nothing special. I've always eaten here when I'm super hungry and it would easily leave me satisfied.

The Forest would be nicer if the place was less drab. Music? nope. Forest? not in the slightest. Fresh? was.

Pros: Quick fast food, Good value, easily accesable

Cons: Lacks life and vitality, some meals bland

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Flavourful and filling - Edit

I've been travelling for a week and cobbling meals together so was excited to find this vegan only cafe.

It's a simple set up and lacking atmosphere but it makes up for it on the food side. I grabbed a few takeaway items and wished I could have gotten more.

I had the Forest Wrap with both the vege pattie and tempeh. The satay sauce went surprisingly well on this fresh and very filling combo.

The samosa was easily the best I'd had (why did I only get one?!) and the vege patties a handy takeaway for my substitute at a friends BBQ that night (held together well and lots of veg and flavour). These items are also incredibly cheap which was a bonus.

Tip: convenient, simple, recommend takeaway rather than eat in

Pros: Cheap, Convenient, Flavourful

Cons: Atmosphere

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Great Ginger Dahl! - Edit

I am a sucker for the ginger dahl and detox salad as part of the forest plate. Good options available with the certainly that the food is completely vegetarian with no hidden potential animal products! The fresh juices are definitely worth a whirl too!

Pros: Great Food, Great Value, Good Location

Cons: Cash only

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When there is nothing else available... - Edit

the forest a good choice for a quick forest burger and chips and well that's it really. I think the forest burger for $4.50 is really yumm and the chips are pretty good everything else I've tried there so far was more or less pretty disappointing. We had the big breakfast for two once and the beans were so salty that we had to return it. If you want a quick curry for take away or crave a quick burger it's fine but I wouldn't recommend this place for a great dinner/breakfast experience. Staff doesn't really care and it's not really a place that makes you feel comfortable and cosy.

Pros: Cheap burger, Good chips, Cheap

Cons: Atmosphere, Staff, Food is of poor quality

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They're like... whatevs.. - Edit

As many are already saying - those running the store seem to have a lack of interest. The place looks grubby, they are on their phones all the time. If they spent that time looking after the joint it would be much better.

I got a burger which was still cold inside. The kind lady immediately offered to replace (accepted) and even refund the cost (refused) but, still, why should this happen?

Some option do taste good though.

Also, they do have cow-juice for milkshakes / coffee, so not fully vegan.

Pros: Some decent options

Cons: Unkempt, Not fully vegan

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very disappointing - Edit

it's bland, looks like the food has been sitting there for a week, the waitress served me 2 nights in a row while she was on her phone, and the restaurant is a disappointment. When these guys cater at other events the food is great and fresh....but the service and food is very disappointing, and has been for some time.

Cons: disinterested staff, crusty food, lose the bay marie

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Good food, boring venue - Edit

The food is awesome and cheap and even offer some gluten free options but the cafe is dull and a little grubby, staff is less than welcoming. A place to stop for a quick and delicious lunch but don't bring your friends or family here if you are looking for atmosphere.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Boring

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Food is good, everthing else not so good! - Edit

I have liked everthing I have eaten here. It is not gourmet stuff, as a cafe though, it is what I would expect!

It is nice to have a vegan place in the centre of Boundary Street, but it is missing a great opportunity. It is so uninviting, dark gloomy looking interior with bored listless staff.

I will go back, because I live just a few minutes walk away, but I wish, oh how I wish it made just a little bit more of an effort!!!!!

Pros: Good tasty food, Selection of different dishes

Cons: Uncomfortable , Bad atmosphere, Bored looking staff

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Bland - Edit

This was the first vegan eatery I went to when I first went vegan 3 years ago. The atmosphere was average with dying plants in the corners, but the Jamaican red bean stew (takeaway) was amazing. Went back last night with the family and was so disappointed. Was hopeful when I saw the new cushy bench seats, but there was no-one else in there, no music, no plants (dead or alive) and a bored looking girl visible in the kitchen sitting on the bench. Service was uninspired (I believe it was the same guy who served me 3yrs ago). My 4y/o son had the veggie bake and a samosa - both were very spicy and the veggie bake was overloaded with oregano. He usually eats anything but left most on the plate. My husband ate the 'soy fish' and a salad and said both were rather bland. I had the veggie burger which was the sloppiest burger I've ever eaten. It was caked in sickly-sweet relish and the burger tasted like it came from a supermarket. Uninspired. We all shared their vanilla cupcake for dessert and it was HORRIBLE!! Worst cupcake I've ever eaten, vegan or otherwise! It was rock hard, had chunks of mixture in it that obviously hadn't been mixed properly, and the icing was a lovely soft consistency but tasted FOUL. Like a sickly-sweet fake icing from a tin. Will NOT be giving them a 3rd chance. So unfortunate for a vegan restaurant - it gives vegan food a bad name!

Cons: service , food quality, atmosphere

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great food - Edit

really dillicious food - the atmosphere is as in a takeaway-place though.
we had rice with two dishes, samosas and an ice coffee (with soy milk ice!) - everything was very tasty!

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Good old fashioned vegan tucker - Edit

This is the second time I've been to the Forest, as a visitor to Brisbane. It's really good, and really inexpensive, ready-to-serve (bain marie) food, with generous portions, and a selection of cakes for afters. All the food is vegan, and there are also select beers and ciders available. A great night was had by all!

Pros: Large servings, Inexpensive, There's cake

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wow so sloppy and gross - Edit

we went here about 3 times when we first arrived because we are too optimistic. it is dreary, unfriendly, the people behind the counter were coughing and snivelling, couldnt smile or pretend to look happy. the food was tasy of course becasue very very greasy.

it is shameful to have the name and slogan that it does. Not a good representation of loving, fun, fresh vegan food or people/

we wont be back unless they can add a bit of life to themselves and cuisine

Pros: not too dear, vegan/vegetarian, easy to spot and visit/park etc

Cons: unhappy/unfriendly, greasy delux, sad

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a shadow of its former self - Edit

The Forest used to be an icon in west end. Amazing all vegan gourmet delights at a very reasonable price. The was character and culture abundant, the music was hip, the art was loved, and best of all the food was sensational. It was never huge on size or the biggest serves, but oh my it was worth the visit for something special on your vegan diet - often to the sounds and flavours of the local bohemian fusion.

With gentrification came the loss of oh so much soul. Sure the place looks tidy. But it's slowly devolving into a pretty typical indian veg restaurant. Nothing really wrong with that, but there's thousands of them and they all seem pretty much the same. No longer a centrepiece of locale love, it feels a little cold and deserted.

The food now is nothing special, chefs have been replaced by cooks, salads replaced by grated vegetables, and the hotbox filled with soggy ol' slop. The food now is totally unimaginative. I might be sledging the place out, but you would too if you knew what brisbane has lost.. WHHHYYYYYY????????????

Still, go there if you stuck for options. it's edible. just dont get yer hopes up..

Pros: veg, free water, friendly enough

Cons: slop, slop, slop

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great experience overall - Edit

Yummy food, variety, friendly service, fair prices and very filling. Pretty happy with overall experience. Would visit again if in the area.

Pros: tasty, fair prices, friendly and relaxed atmosphere

Cons: parking difficult, minimal outdoor eating

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Forest Food Lounge - Edit

Another veg place which has gone downhill a bit since we first visited (2008).

Last time we were there the guy on the counter didn't seem to understand how to use the till, and spoke far too quietly, we had to ask several times for him to repeat himself.

The food is OK, nothing flash, the salads on display looked a bit tired, as did some of the food in the bain-marie.

We were of the impression that ownership had changed since we first went there, we have decided not to go back for the time being. Maybe we'll give it another go in the future, but for now there are better, more vibrant, veg places to go to (Vegerama in the Myer centre is one).

Pros: vego

Cons: tired looking food, staff, vibe

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Very uninspiring - please try harder! - Edit

I've been to The Forest several times, each time hoping that last time I'd mistakenly ordered one of their less inspiring options, and that this time I'd really enjoy my meal.

Sadly that didn't happen.

It's a shame, because I really wanted to like this place.
I've tasted about 8 meals (sharing with friends), and each one left something to be desired.
The flavour just wasn't there, the portion sizes were often too small and I felt they did a very poor job of showcasing just how diverse and tasty a vegan diet can be.
I was actually embarrassed because I'd brought some omni friends for lunch and they were less than impressed.

I find it frustrating and incredibly disappointing that one of the only restaurants in Brisbane that I can bring friends curious about veganism to has such mediocre food.

It's perplexing they don't try harder.
Perhaps it's a lack of competition?
Whatever the reason, I hope more inspiring and creative vegan restaurants open in Brisbane soon - the more down right tasty and well made vegan options people are exposed to, the better for the cause - this half hearted approach is counterproductive.

Pros: Vegan Cakes, Vegan Pies

Cons: Uninspiring taste, Chalky chemical tasting vegan cheese , Small sizes

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nice vegan food - Edit

I hadn't been here in a few years and on my visit a few weeks ago I got a tofu burger and my friend had a toasted sandwich. Both were nice but I would have liked them to have been more interesting and different to something one could easily make at home. The curries I had here a few years ago were very nice and served with brown rice. If you want to eat out or aren't in the mood for cooking then this is a good option. They have a nice healthy selection of burgers, wraps, salads, curries and cakes, as well as shakes, smoothies, juices and coffee. My friend and I shared a slice of vegan cheesecake which was dense, rich and delicious. Sometimes they have a chocolate beetroot cake which I'm told is amazing too. Their shakes and smoothies are also really nice but the small glasses left us wanting more. The mains are about $10, cakes $7 and drinks $5, roughly. I found the food to be very nice but a little expensive for the small servings we received. Although HappyCow lists this cafe as vegetarian I was told it's all vegan. I remember seeing aioli on their menu though, maybe they have a vegan version but double check when ordering.

Pros: vegan, nice healthy food

Cons: small portions, more creativity needed

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Another disappointment - Edit

I too read the menu off the website thinking I would be able to order dosa - one of their so called "specialty dishes". However the man at the register obviously had no clue about the website and was adamant they don't sell dosa's.

Customer service is also quite poor, staff members seem to stand around and chat amongst themselves while serving customers. And the curries are quite bland. Overall not a pleasant experience.

Cons: Lack of customer service, Website needs to be upgraded, Needs tastier food to suit prices

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Disappointment - Edit

We excitedly read the website for The Forest. It stated that they cater for onion and garlic free vegan meals. When we called to ask about availability tonight which is a big night for restaurants, we were told that they had space. However we then discovered that they do not cater for no onion no garlic diets despite what the website says. I spoke to a staff member but they were adamant that I had it all wrong. Interested to hear about anyone else's experience. Also any suggestions for future nights out.

Pros: Vegan, Gluten Free

Cons: Does not conform to what website adverti, Staff not that friendly

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really friendly place! - Edit

I wasn't sure what to expect at the Forest Food Lounge, the standard indian hot food bar didn't make a good first impression, but I had the fortitude to ask what they could do healthy w/o added oil. The super nice owner pointed out all the salads that didn't have oil and gave us a GENEROUS taster of them, but to top it off he made us the Tempeh wrap w/o oil and it was FANTASTIC. We went on a Sunday and went to go back the next day, but realized it was closed on Mondays! We really want to try their soy shake. I highly recommend this place!

Pros: lemon potato salad, tempeh wrap, friendly

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New owners - Edit

The hotbox has improved a lot, but the salads are a bit oily sometimes now, and some of the cakes aren't as brilliant as they once were. The atmosphere has changed, Indian pop music now! which I love, but others don't. Friendly family staff. The customer base has shifted a bit. Still a great place, but a bit different. Not as noisy and busy as it used to be lately.

Pros: Healthy, Friendly staff, Good value

Cons: Decor/padded seating needs updating

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Vegan haven in Brisbane - Edit

The Forest is a real haven for vegans who want basic and tasty food. There is a caferteria style selection (including salads) each day and also a limited menu. Try an LSD (Latte soy dandelion) 'coffee' with one of the many desserts.

Pros: tasty food

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A yard or two off the pace - Edit

The food is good, but the prices have crept up inexorably enough that it can no longer be called cheap, exactly. The service is sometimes mystifyingly slow - especially when the food that you've ordered is sitting there, right behind the counter. Everything is vegan though, so its one of the very few places that you can relax and just eat whatever.

Pros: Good food, vegan wine, etc

Cons: Okay value, Middling service

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don't miss it !!! - Edit

this is one of my favourite places to eat in brisbane. on my top list of things to eat and drink are the pesto panini, iced coffee soyshakes, vegan cheesecake and the tempeh wraps. so delicious and healthy and affordable. nice laid back atmosphere where you can relax and chat with friends for hours!

Pros: all vegan, cheap, central

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Great place in a great area!!! - Edit

I live in the Gold Coast and finally found a place in Brisie that i luv!!!!! The Gold Coast only has 1 vegan place and its only open for dinner!!! The atmoshere on the street is great and there are Indian,Krishna,Chinese,Mexician,Thai etc all along the street with veggie and vegan options as well.This restaurant is really laid back,guitar playing and huge portions!!! The cheese cake and wine is a great snack and the hot plates are piled high at $11 for the big one.I'm going back a few more times to try the vegan pizza and tempeh burger!! Worth the trip to Brisie from the surrounding cities that don't have much to offer!!

Pros: huge portions, resonable price, nice atmosphere

Cons: slow staff,like volenteer, needs more decor

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