Donut shop that's open all hours pf the day. Also operates a food truck - check webpage for schedule & location. Offers both regular / traditional as well as daily selection of vegan doughnuts. Sample flavors include vegan maple, sprinkles, coconut, chocolate chip, cinnamon and sugar. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am.

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First Review by spiceislandvegan


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18 Sep 2023


so many vegan options, the donuts are very tasty and soft.
They work 24 hours!

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03 Sep 2023

Vegan Donut Heaven

Große Auswahl an veganen Donuts.


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25 Aug 2023

Vegan AND gluten free 😍

If you’re unable to have gluten and you’re a vegan, eating out can be difficult. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever have another doughnut- which isn’t the worst thing ever, but sometimes you just want one.

It turns out not only does the Donuttery have amazing vegan ones (I remember them from a few years ago) they have gluten free ones, AND Vegan gluten-free.

I damn near cried when I had their matcha, and I got a vanilla bean with sprinkles. What a delight! Five ⭐️ in my book!

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Pros: Price, Variety, Texture (not dry or dense)


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25 Mar 2023

Wide Variety!

I tried these donuts in San Diego at a vegan pop-up event, and they were delicious. There was a wide variety of donuts, some that are harder to find vegan, at least in San Diego. The donuts themselves were fluffy and flavorful.


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05 Jan 2023

favorite local vegan donuts

tons of vegan options and open 24/7! their donuts are always fresh and so so good


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20 Nov 2022

Donuts good- service blah

We were visiting HB and looking for vegan donuts, there isn't a lot of options in the area. We've been to this place before. They have a great selection, most of the common choices made vegan also. It gets busy during the morning rush but they move along pretty quickly.
I ordered online and went in to pick up my order and asked for confirmation that my order was correct, the employee said "Yes, it's all there" as if I shouldn't question her. Got home, no apple fritter. Yes I should have checked before I pulled away. Went back down there and second employee seemed bothered I asked for my fritter. She got it but no apology or any type of acknowledgement they made a mistake. Seemed like a mixed group of employees, some seemed very happy to be there and others seemed bothered.
Overall I would return again but the expectation of getting good and friendly service would be questionable.

Pros: good selection of vegan donuts, good pictures on website- can order online

Cons: 2 employees I dealt with were not pleasant, pricey


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14 Sep 2022


They have a ton of vegan options. I tried them at the Vegan festival. The faux bacon donught was awful, but the chocolate chip one was amazing. They are a little pricey but not too bad. $6 or 7 for a donught. Would eat here again if I was close enough


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03 May 2022

Variety and open 24/7

The Donuttery offers a wide variety of vegan donuts that taste identical to non-vegan donuts. I had an original glazed yeast donut and a blueberry cake donut! 🍩


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13 Mar 2022

Took these on our 6 hour flight home they’re that good

These are some of the best vegan donuts. Super filling. I’d say you have to try them all!


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21 Feb 2022

24 hour vegan donuts

I'm in love with their donuts! Many vegan donuts are missing the magic, but not this place. Purely magical, and so so many options
The vegan donuts are separate from the animal abuse donuts, so you don't have to worry about confusing them.
Be prepared to wait in a long line out the door. It's totally worth it! Highly recommend the apple fritters

Pros: Tons of vegan donuts, Freshly made all day

Cons: They unnecessarily still abuse animals


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02 Feb 2022

So damn good.

Unreal!! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe how freaking good these donuts are. Huge portions and generous toppings. I tried them at Vegan Exchange in LA. I wish I lived in Huntington just to be closer lol.

I had to come back the next week. I still wish they had a brick and mortar out here. Until then I’ll continue to seek out their truck lol.

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Pros: Lots of options, Generous toppings, Huge portions


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02 Jan 2022

ALWAYS open!

This spot has a HUGE selection of vegan donuts. They range from apple fritters, to blueberry cake, to sprinkles or just plain glazed donuts. The selection is huge and they taste pretty great. Something about them doesn’t always sit well with me but they’re always open if you’re looking for a sweet treat. #Veganuary

Pros: TONS of vegan options, Affordable , Always open

Cons: Limited parking


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23 Dec 2021

A must visit when in SoCal!

Love this place! They even have Malasadas 😍

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Pros: generous portion sizes, Hours - 24/7 , So fresh


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01 Nov 2021

Amazing donuts!

We tried these donuts at the Vegan Exchange Market - all of the donuts were so fresh and delicious! Would give 5 stars if they would go completely vegan!


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31 Oct 2021

Donut Miss Out!

I chose a cinnamon roll from the food truck at the Vegan Exchange market in North Hollywood. It was fluffy and not too sweet.

Pros: lots of flavors

Cons: a little pricey


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23 Sep 2021

Original donuts - but vegan

Like the classic donut we all had before being vegan. Completely proves that donuts just don’t need to involve animal cruelty.


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04 Sep 2021

Decisions, decisions

Many vegan choices to choose from. I’m a chocolate fiend so ordered solely chocolate donuts. Not sure if it was because it was fresh or how it typically is but I really like the breading on these donuts.

Pros: Many choices


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27 May 2021

Mind Blowing Vegan Donuts

I love this place the vegan donuts are better than any non-vegan or vegan donut I've ever had. The quality of their donuts are superb. I go out of my way just to go get my dozen of donuts from here. The vegan breakfast burrito was spot on. The staff is nice and was super helpful. This place absolutely blew my mind.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly Staff, Open 24 hours


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20 May 2021


Reminds me of the your local corner donut shop which is a nice change from the fancy donut shops in L.A. Nice surprise how many vegan options they have. I’ve had them before at a pop event, but the shop was 100xs better. The staff were slightly on the rude side and kind of rushing you along which was very uncomfortable and felt forced to just grab whatever instead of taking your time to choose, but the cheap (in a good way) taste of your local mom n pop shop was spot on! Would recommend stopping by if you’re in the area.

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Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Slightly rude/rushed staff , Uses animal products


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13 Apr 2021

vegan donuts

very kind people, great donuts, socially distanced for the pandemic, plenty of options! what’s not to love about this place! a little pricey but that’s fine

Pros: all the donuts but vegan!

Cons: $20 for a dozen vegan donuts WHAAAA??, Vegan donuts are more expensive than non-vegan


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03 Mar 2021

Tons of vegan donuts !!!

So many options including 10 vegan flavors. The vegan glazed tastes just like a regular glazed — highly recommended!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Reasonably priced

Cons: Nuts around if allergy


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22 Feb 2021

Hubs said: Best vegan donuts he’s had

Open 24hrs, tons of donuts....18 types of vegan donuts! The variety here is unbelievable. The entire back wall is filled with trays of donuts and they constantly have customers coming in - so the donuts are fresh.
We got 3 vegan donuts: raised glazed, raised coconut and chocolate/peanut.
I’m not really big on sweets but I had a bite to try it. My personal preference is raised, not cake. The vegan cake donut had a nice flavor and a hint of nutmeg which reminded me of those little donuts at the fair. I thought the raised were good! Light, airy. Could’ve been a bit more moist on the inside but they were still super good. I liked it.

My husband loved them...he was so close to going back in for more lol. He said they were the best vegan donuts he’s ever had and he has a huge sweet tooth and has tried many vegan donuts. When back in town - we’ll be back :D


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29 Oct 2020

Top 5 best donuts I’ve had

Was in and out with some amazing donuts. Just go you won’t regret it!

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Good price

Cons: Serves regular donuts


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31 Jul 2020

Fantastic vegan donuts

My favorites are the Apple fritter and the PB&J. They can be a bit pricey but when you want it you want it!


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29 Jun 2020

So many vegan options!

They were friendly & helpful as soon as I walked in. They even gave me a complimentary bonus vegan donut with my order. I wanted the chocolate with custard originally but they didn’t have any. He offered to fill it with custard & it was amazing!!! Definitely a must!!!


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20 May 2020

Vegan options EVERYDAY

Currently still open 24/7 but only 5 people in at a time and after a certain hour it’s delivery only. Staff sometimes is not the nicest due to them being busy all the time but can probably still do better. When ordering vegan TRIPLE check. Some of the staff members try to go so fast they mishear you. However don’t let any of that stop you because hotdog these are the best vegan donuts.

Pros: Many options

Cons: Cross contamination


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14 Apr 2020

Finally discovered this amazing donut shop!

So glad there is a donut shop that has vegan choices. And it’s open 24 hours a day. Huge selection. Never seen so many donuts in the afternoon. Most donut shops close in the afternoon or have just a few left. Delicious donuts. My non vegan family couldn’t tell the difference with the vegan donuts.

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